@DavidArchie’s new announcement (not really)

Hey guys, I have an Announcement to make.

I have an Announcement to make… yes, another one!

Hey everyone, it's David here.

Hey everyone, it’s David here.

It's a big one, but um....

This a big one, ummm….

Are you ready for this??

Are you ready for this??

You can see what all those "hands" songs were about.

If you were wondering what all those “hands” songs were about….

I'm giving up music to become a hand model.

I’m giving up music to become a hand model.

Seriously though... it's my dream.

Seriously though… it’s my dream.

I get emotional just thinking about it... all the lives I can inspire... by modelling these hands of mine.

I get emotional just thinking about it… all the lives I can inspire… by modelling these man hands of mine.

It's my destiny.

It’s my destiny… I hope you guys will understand… and support my new charity, Invisible Cuticles.
















I mean, look at these beauties!!! I've got a GOLDMINE here, people!!!

Look at these beauties! I’ve got a GOLDMINE here, people. World peace here we come  … But don’t worry, I’ll be leaving you with new… ish music!


"OUCH! you Crushed them, now everything's broooooken!"

OWWW! you Crushed them, now everything’s broooooken!

"Hold on to my haaaaands ... but not too hard because they're insured ... ooooo ohhhhhh"

Hold on to my haaaaands, but not too haaaaard … because they’re insured … ooooo ohhhhhh








Gifs from HERE.

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28 Responses to @DavidArchie’s new announcement (not really)

  1. annie318 says:

    Once again you are making me laugh out loud. Invisible Cuticles…..hahahaha!!!!!

  2. archugeezer says:

    This startling announcement certainly gives one paws. I hope the fans can handle it.

    Bwahahaha! SORRY (not really).

    Actually, I have suspected this career shift could happen. Way back in 2009, I was on hand to shake handsome David’s hand for the first time. There was no mistaking his prodigious shake-a-hand talent. And then there was that exquisite and expressive breakthrough in the “Forevermore” video. I knew for certain then that David’s hands would someday be among the very elite in the man hand industry.

  3. sunny says:

    Hilarious!! His new charity “Invisible Cuticles”! LOL!

  4. peppertara says:

    So hilarious TOfan, yes….this had me LOLing so much “Invisible Cuticles”! Hand modelling, well he’s got the hands for it! “Seriously though… it’s my dream.” “I get emotional just thinking about it… all the lives I can inspire… by modelling these man hands of mine”. LOL LOL.
    David does seem to have large (and beautiful) hands for a smallish guy. Personally I love watching him sing and play piano, whatever he is singing. Love those hands at the piano. Also love all his hand expressions….singing or talking, he tells a story well! Got his own man hand sign language going on and years of practice now for this new chapter of his life. Ha.
    Archugeezer: ” I knew for certain then that David’s hands would someday be among the very elite in the man hand industry.” Ha, yes they are. 🙂

  5. oliveoil says:

    Soooooooooo FUNNY !!!!! How do you think of these things ??? I really needed the laugh. Thanks !!

  6. KH says:

    Thanks for a nice chuckle. He could totally be a hand model. Or a hair model. Or a complexion model. Or a … (you fill in the blanks.)

  7. Haroldcpim says:

    Deb u never cease to amaze me. This is the topper though. Veery Verrry funny !
    This is one of you best!!!!!!

  8. collegemom says:

    Laughing – getting strange looks from my husband – so funny! Think I will go watch his at-the-piano-Idol-Imagine performance where the camera person who usually focused on his face (remember “Love Me Tender”?) but here is totally showing the hands on a big screen by the piano: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj0R7y1RNVk

  9. robzupdate says:

    haahahhaha,, unaware!!! ——> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnUERsYTd0U (A back story on the song Broken – David Archuleta) i got it

  10. roxfox says:

    You are the Best! I just love you. That is all 🙂 … Oh, and I wish the Elder could read this. Perhaps he would chuckle the loudest of all of us ❤ Dont let gooooooooo!

  11. Kizzi says:

    Hands down one of your wittiest TOfan! 😛

  12. betsy says:

    The first thing I thought of? George Costanza. I’ll just let that be now. 🙂
    Thanks for the laugh. I really needed it.
    “Seriously though, it’s my dream.”

  13. Bychance says:

    Always know I can come here for a lighthearted look at David or life as an Archie! I don’t know how you come up with these things, but they are hilariously and highly entertaining! I’ll never look at D’s hands again without thinking of his “dream” to model them! LOL Thanks TOfan!

  14. TOfan says:

    And thanks to all you guys for humouring my twisted mind! LOLOL

  15. refnaf says:


  16. rooster says:

    tofan. twisted mind,brids of a feather floke togeather,thats why we are here lol

  17. violet4ever says:

    I love it!! Still laughing today 🙂

  18. tammi says:

    me too! 🙂

  19. Why didn’t I discover this post until today?? I must be off my game! LOL

    Girl, you are a HOOT! Hahahahahaha!!!! Love it!

  20. emmegirl14 says:

    Hands down, your best!
    (you and the absurd go hand in hand!)

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