Happy @DavidArchie Day!

Good morning, sir, did you know it was David Archuleta Day today?

*I wonder what's for lunch?"

*I wonder what’s for lunch?*

"wait... what??"

“wait… what??”

"Sorry! haha Focusing now... won't miss... dang, what did you say again?"

“Sorry! haha Focusing now… won’t miss… dang, what did you say again?”

"focus... focus... focus... heh"

“focus… focus… focus” … *this person has huge nostrils, heh*

"First impression parsnips?"

“First impression parsnips?”

"oh ya" *did not actually catch any of that*

“oh ya” *did not actually catch any of that*

Click pic 4 source.

“Memorieeeees, may be beautiful and yet….” *sniff* (Click pic 4 source.)


Apropos of nothing, I just found this hilarious for some reason…:lol:

Source for top gifs.

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6 Responses to Happy @DavidArchie Day!

  1. ray says:

    just love this site you bring a smile to me every day

  2. violet4ever says:

    Hahahaha – love the captioned gifs!!

  3. betsy says:

    So dang cute!
    “Oh look, the Murray cheerleaders are here!”
    Re the tweets on Lays. We had those in our store and most loathed the chicken/waffles combination. The cheesy garlic bread chips sold out immediately. I was on vacation and could never try them, since the entire Lays COMPANY ran out. (in days)
    That is the snack food comment for the day. 🙂

  4. TOfan says:

    I have NEVER seen this! (thx. dja for RTing the link)… love the reaction when the girls try to touch his hand, lol.

    …and Daniel plays a mean guitar for Elevator, wow.

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