Cry me a river: @DavidArchie songs that make you weep uncontrollably

DSC_0149Downer title, eh?

Sorry. I found myself listening to Save the Day for the first time in a long time and I remember why I’d put that song on the back burner. I cannot listen to it without bursting into tears. Ugly, nose-running, chest-heaving sobs.

Not even because it’s a sad song. It’s not. But right after the line “There’s more hope than you’ll ever know,” when the chorus kicks in … “So keep breathing, I said that I’ll always be there, Now I mean it more than ever before, There’s a future worth fighting for … So don’t beee scared, I know how you must be feeling, No one to help you carry the pain, I’m coming to saaave the day” … I lose it. Every. Single. Time.

I seriously had to stop listening to it in public, it was getting embarrassing… and I was using up a heck of a lot of mascara.

But when I try to explain the tears, words fail me. It’s something to do with the pleading way David sings it… shaking you with his voice so you won’t give up… getting into your head with that beautiful sound, making you believe you’re not alone.

And that ache, that deep well of sorrow you hear is a kindred spirit… someone who’s been there and come out the other side… and he’s stretching out his hand to help you across that void.

Oh geez, I’m getting choked up just thinking about how that song affects me. And it’s not the only one. Think of Me (studio version) kills me, partly because it’s just so so so beautiful… like when you look out at the most stunning mountain vista you’ve ever seen, or a tiny perfect robin’s egg, and you feel blessed to witness such perfection in the world.

And When You Believe (studio version) slays me during the bridge… “They don’t always happen when you ask, And it’s easy to give in to your fears, But when you’re blinded by your pain, Can’t see your way clear through the rain, A small, but still, resilient voice says help is very neeeeaaaaarrrrr.” Toast. C’est moi. I once wrote David a note thanking him for that song and I told him whenever I hear it, I feel God’s love flow through me like a river. So I cry.

Okay, enough about me… clearly I’m a crier, period, lol. (Don’t even get me started on his Christmas songs… oy.) How about you guys? Which songs open up your flood gates?

Confession: All the songs on this list have made me cry at some point.

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43 Responses to Cry me a river: @DavidArchie songs that make you weep uncontrollably

  1. jackryan4da says:

    Good Place chokes me up, always πŸ™‚ And I remember how I had to stop driving on the highway on my way home when I 1st got to listen to Forevermore…

    In case you want a bigger version of the pic posted in the previous thread… here you go πŸ™‚

    Happy weekend SnowAnglezz!

  2. pastelpastel says:

    Has to be either In This Moment or Broken. I played it on repeat every day for a month after the Idol finale, on my way home from work, and CRIED LIKE A BIG BABY. Without fail. Save the Day is such an emotional song. David sings the heck out of it, pity it didn’t get more attention.

    Broken is sad but optimistic. Definitely evokes tears, but for different reasons.

    If I ever hear the Fighting for You demo, we might have a 3-way race.

    Great poll Deb!

    • TOfan says:

      thx JR & pastel… would LOVE to hear FFY one of these days… and Northern Lights!!! πŸ™‚ And Broken is definitely in a class of its own, so poignant, I literally need to stop whatever it is I’m doing and give it my full attention (and often tears) whenever it comes on my iPod.

  3. betsy says:

    This may be too predictable, too obvious, but I cry every time. Even THINKING about it makes me cry. So raw.

  4. betsy says:

    Also Good Place, Imagine Season 9 return visit, In This Moment, Broken, Somebody Out There Grand Rapids edition for personal reasons. πŸ™‚

  5. Those I find hard to listen to are: Save The Day, Falling, Desperate and I think these are hard for David too. He once said he wouldn’t be singing Save the Day again and it was only on the Japanese version. He only sang Desperate once Live if I remember correctly.
    Jon Hunt responded to fans on twitter that he and David did a Video that will be shown soon. When a fan asked about the line related to the rose, he said “comparing their situation to a rose in the desert”(“little hope for survival”)
    There is also a video about Military families with the song Somebody Out There that brings out a lot of emotion. I worked with the Military and Military families for the Dept of Army.
    Thanks for being here Snowangelz and your creativity. πŸ™‚

  6. jeffr says:

    Great subject for today’s article! Lot of good ones on the list that apply to the subject at hand, Betsy’s suggestion of Falling is certainly at the top, In This Moment was so meaningful especially when David sang it, but let me add When You Say You Love Me.

  7. Marylee says:

    I’m clearly a crier too, Deb. I don’t think a day has gone by in 5 years that I haven’t shed a tear while listening to David’s music. “Ave Maria” is one that brings me to tears every single time & I SO agree with Jeff ~”When You Say You Love Me” will always have that effect on me, no matter how many times I watch a video of him singing that breathtaking song. Thanks for reminding us of all the touching musical moments he has brought into our lives…simply the best.

    • collectorcarguy says:

      Ave Marie Marylee, the one from CFTH tour in Stroudsburg, I can’t even talk about it, it was so incredible.

  8. Kizzi says:

    I think the first one that made me cry was “Love Me Tender” which keeps disappearing off YouTube. Fortunately there were many recorded. Yeah, “Crusher Archuleta!”

    Didn’t make it to the last post but the 2 pictures comparison reminds me of a comment David made on a past blog, long, long ago….”Chubby cheeks be gone!” LOL.

  9. djafan says:

    Tofan, we must be kindred spirits. I can not listen to Save The Day without the ugly crying. The first time I listened I couldn’t stop listening and crying. The exact lyrics you quoted just rip through my soul. I’d love to hear David sing it. The others are Good Place, Think Of Me, Falling and Tell Me.
    Kizzi, I don’t understand why David’s video’s disappear :(.

  10. betsy says:

    How could I have forgotten When You Say You Love Me? Good one Jeff, especially when HE cried singing it.
    Also, Ave Maria. When David sings this, I feel my mom around me. It’s so special.
    One more, then I’ll stop. Angels. He’s done it it so many times. But still. ❀

    • TOfan says:

      Jeff, Marylee & bets, I can’t believe I forgot WYSYLM either… and Angels, esp. Ford Day Angels ❀

    • jeffr says:

      I was thinking of the same WYSYLM Betsy, the one in Utah when he was overwhelmed by the love from the audience near the end of the song and his voice cracked. Gets me every time.

  11. cleeker2 says:

    Things are Gonna Get Better, this song makes me cry.

  12. archugeezer says:

    I have to go with β€œGood Place” ever since a VIP performance in Blackfoot, Idaho, during the MKOC tour. David sang it with such heartbreaking purity, no one could even move to applaud for several seconds after he finished. Tears flowed. I cannot listen to the song now without reflecting on that moment.

    • TOfan says:

      dang, no youTubes of that one, Geez 😦 😦 😦 … I wasn’t at the Verona VIP but that GP/LIB with D at the piano is on my iPod and it makes me both laugh and cry, crazy but there you go.

      • archugeezer says:

        I missed David’s keyboard audition on “Good Place.” David let Mark accompany him at the grand piano on stage while David moved to the front of the stage to sing to me personally. πŸ™‚ He followed up immediately with the “Chestnuts” song (link below), so a lot of us were still boohoo-ing. Merry Christmas. Ha ha!

    • TOfan says:

      WOW! Clearly, along with his pop, Spanish, R&B, acoustic, live concert CD, and other albums πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† David needs to do his own soulful, jazzy Christmas album… and we all need to be there when he’s recording to get THIS!!!!

  13. emmegirl14 says:

    Gotta start with Good Place/Let It Be, I don’t think I am even breathing when I watch those performances. When You Believe, When You Say You Love Me, Imagine Season 9 “a brroootherhood of ma-a-a-a-a-yan” (my absolute favorite of his Idol Imagines. Actually it gives me goosebumps more than anything), have to add Bridge Over Troubled Water and Angel from BEGIN. All of these and several others at any given listen can overcome me.

    pastel, I’m with ya on Fighting For You – gah, would love to hear him sing that!

    tofan, playing catchup – loved your post on David and Aretha, kindred voices indeed! His day will come, I am convinced of that. (he tweeted once about listening to Aretha’s Misty. I remember thinking, aaaaack! how can we talk him into performing that for us someday!)

  14. abanana77 says:

    So I’m not actually a huge cryer. But when I do cry, that means it’s a big deal.

    The first time David brought me to tears was Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me actually. So much emotion in that performance. Also whenever he is near tears, that downright does me in. And actually thinking about it, I think I only ever cry if he cries first! lol

    Next would be Angels. Man I still can not get over that one time in Lancaster when he sang Angels and I legit lost it. All the other times I’ve cried because of his singing, it’s always been like getting welled up, maybe a few tears. But in Lancaster I was legit bawling haha I don’t even know what happened. It was dramatic anyways, and I was so confused about why I was crying.

    Other ones that get me – Be Still My Soul. Oh Holy Night. When You Say You Love Me (wish I’d gotten to hear him sing that one live)

  15. peppertara says:

    Cry Me A River…..can imagine David singing THAT song with his bluesy, soulful, voice….he could cry out that song for sure (maybe a few hears hence). So many songs that can tear at your emotions. Good Place & Good Place/Let It Be…whoa…most definitely. GP is one of may fave songs David has ever recorded. Many others grab me deeply… OHN for sure. I remember when I first heard MKOP….that got to me, yep, it was just so sweet and genuine. Angels has done if for me, BSMS, Imagine, there are many. Even the song Wait…probably because I heard it shortly after a loved one passed away.
    He just has a way of tugging at your heartstrings, it’s been said that he has a way of “crying” out a song and that seems to be the case. His natural ability to emote and tell a story is one of the best I have ever heard.
    Oh….and love Save The Day, always have… can that song not move you and I’m with others on “Fighting For You”! Would love to hear David sing that song, just hearing the demo by a female artist got me imagining David singing it…would be amazing, great song.

    (prayers and peace to those in the recent tragedies). ❀

  16. davidarchiefan4life says:

    yes to all of the above and for me I have to add The Riddle, strange as that may sound

  17. poof says:

    “And the ache, that deep well of sorrow you hear is a kindred spirit…….someone who’s been there and come out the otherside- He’s stretching out his hand to help you across the void.
    Tofan, I think you have come closest to what I have felt for four years but could not even put into thoughts, let alone words. I developed ODD in the course of him singing one song on Youtube, “Crazy”. I cried me a river, and it washed away my pain. Thanks!

    • TOfan says:

      “I cried me a river, and it washed away my pain” … beautifully put, poof … so you didn’t “discover” David from Idol? Would love to hear how it happened! πŸ™‚

      • poof says:

        Hi Tofan,
        I thought David was an amazing talent on AI. But, I never voted for him or even thought about voting. I felt about David the same way I still think about other artists I like. I like them and will buy their CDs and listen to them on Youtube.
        But in the course of listening to Crazy, he changed who I am, taking me away from a place of sadness and even denial of that sadness. I can count on him to do that for me whenever I need help to cross the void. There is David and then there are talented singers; two different types of beings for me.

    • TOfan says:

      wow, poof, that is remarkable… but of course I’m not surprised at all πŸ™‚ … I always wondered if I hadn’t seen David on Idol and just heard him on the radio or on a random youTube if I’d have become as much of a fan and you’ve just given me the answer, so thank you. … sorry to keep after you, lol, but which Crazy was it?

      • poof says:

        Tofan, you must know you are Not keeping after me. πŸ™‚ I found the youtube in January of 2009, so I think it was the July 2008 performance on Good Day Utah. It literally knocked me on my rear and I don’t remember too much about the performance, just the feelings.

      • TOfan says:

        that version is killer, poof! I have it on my iPod still, along with the Waiting on the World to Change that D performed with Dean at that TV station back then… still LOVE them both!

  18. rose says:

    My first love is When you Say you Love Me (Tulsa) but Contigo en La Distancia hasn’t been mentioned yet and it is really beautiful.

  19. rose says:

    I was feeling kind of down and nothing seemed to bring my spirits up. Then I listened to “The Prayer” from David’s Chirstmas Concert on his mission in Chile. I would really like to hear a studio version of that. It is amazing and uplifting.

    • betsy says:

      Rose, The Prayer! I never thought we’d get a song mid-mission from him that we’d never heard him sing before, let alone sob like a baby.

  20. river992 says:

    Kizzi we were on the same wavelength with “Love Me Tender”. It was touching, imaginative and sold me forever on his amazing ability to take a song and make it completely his (at 17!) The first time I heard Falling I was moved beyond words. During the last tour his performances impromptu of Good Place really did me in (little did I suspect what was coming.)

  21. TOfan says:

    Thanks to everyone for your amazing comments, my favourites ever, I will def. be coming back to reread! And interesting that OHN and Broken ended up neck & neck at the top of the “tears” poll!

    New post/thread!


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