Random Davidness….

I heard that Brandi Carlile just got married and I remembered David blogging about her waaaaay back and sure enough…..

From Benton Paul’s MySpace: “Hanging out with David Archuleta and Brandi Carlile this past weekend.”

Hey everyone. It’s Daaavid here. This last week I went to Cleveland, Ohio to make an appearance at the IX Indoor Amusement Park. I got sick while I was there, so I unfortunately didn’t get to ride any of the rides. I did get to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame though! I really enjoyed looking at all the different things they had there, like outfits, notes, guitars, and other things of iconic figures in music. They have the jacket Michael Jackson wore in Thriller! Pretty insane. You can’t take pictures inside though, so I don’t have any lol. But while I was there, they had an event going on after it closed I guess. I’m not exactly sure what was going on, but I know that the guy who did the Evolution of Dance on Youtube was there!! I saw him from a distance, and he had the classic orange Crush shirt. I was thinking, “…He looks familiar… but why?…… oh my gosh! It’s the Evolution of Dance guy!” So I got to meet him and take a picture with him haha. So yeah, Ohio was pleasant.

I was in Utah for a couple of days after Ohio, and had the chance to go to the Brandi Carlile concert! I really love Brandi’s album The Story, but wasn’t really familiar with anything else. I listen to that album all the time though. She has such a powerful, emotional voice. It’s like you can feel her pain or how she feels for the songs she’s singing, and it draws you in. It has a westerny, folky vibe to it, which brings the music really down to earth… if that makes sense… lol. But we were able to talk to her for a little bit afterwards, and she was a totally sweet gal with a cool edge to her. I put her song The Story as song for the day a while ago, but she has a lot of other really good songs. I thought her voice was amazing on the record, but it is seriously breath-taking live. Her albums were released just a few years ago, but I honestly think she must have improved so much already because it really is sooo good live. Then again, everything pretty much sounds better live haha. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you all. I’m going to head out here now, but I’ll talk to you all later!

P.S. I am loving Britain’s Got Talent right now! Just… wow… That’s all I can say lol.

So instead of songs for the day, I’m going to mention youtube links of 2 performers from Britain’s Got Talent that you HAVE to check out if you haven’t already.

The first one is Susan Boyle, and the 2nd one is Shaheen Jafargholi. I freakin’ love these! lol. I think both of them are such cool stories and performances. It gives me chills.

Susan Boyle – I still can’t get over this.

Shaheen – He sounds like he’s Black lol. It’s incredible.

And to Jordin Sparks:

“@TheRealJordin Oh also #musicmonday THE STORY-BRANDI CARLILE this song is incredible” Oh my Jordin, You hit a home run!! One of my favs!

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8 Responses to Random Davidness….

  1. betsy says:

    1) and other things of iconic figures in music.
    2) “…He looks familiar… but why?…
    3) It’s like you can feel her pain or how she feels for the songs she’s singing, and it draws you in
    4) and she was a totally sweet gal with a cool edge to her.
    5) This makes me quite content.

    Thanks for reposting this blog.
    All of these thing are so David, I miss this guy.

  2. emmegirl14 says:

    tofan, love your “memories” posts. Just went to itunes and bought The Story.

    and everything Betsy said. Some days the miss is alot.

  3. peppertara says:

    Love “Random Davidness” too TOfan! Brandi is very talented. David always knew how to pick em’, didn’t he? I could see him one day, not only singing and recording but possibly producing, arranging and who knows what else, working with other artists.
    I love this too “I freakin’ love these! lol” haha, sure do miss those blogs and tweets but what great memories they bring back and we have many in the Archuleta vault to go back to, thankfully.
    In the spirit of sharing DA’s way (hope no one minds) thought I’d share one of my favourite newly discovered songs by David Hodges (he was the songwriter that wrote DA’s big hit Crush). A sweet, sweet song and some of the words made me think of DA and his fans for some reason. Could also picture D singing this song. Love this beautiful little song:
    David Hodges “A Song For Us”
    (written by David Hodges & Jason Mraz)

  4. Kizzi says:

    yep, randomness reigns….how’s this for random? I clicked on the “brain on david” tab above in the SAz header here; the picture is still apropos if we change the left brain caption to “Your brain while David is on his mission” and the right to “Your brain on Random Davidness.” LOL and we do get randomness to occupy the right side every now and then….sweet memories.

  5. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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