@DavidArchie BEGIN. song news leaks (not really)

Thanks to the lovely @kariontour‘s #throwbackThursday tweets yesterday, we learned some valuable clues about David Archuleta’s next release, BEGIN.

Clue #1: You won’t find it in Target’s “gospel” section. (Since we don’t have Target here at all yet, but it’s coming next year, I’m just thrilled to hear they carry CDs and that they actually have a “gospel” section!)

Clue #2: The album will feature original songs, but mostly covers (including BOTW), and possibly songs David’s covered before. It won’t include any of the following, however: GGTT, Bubbly, Hey, Soul Sister, Gotta Be, I’ll Be, Man in the Mirror, Fields of Gold, WOTWTC, Heaven, Dream Sky High, The Riddle, God Bless the Broken Road, EWTRTW, and no Spanish songs. (No word yet on Happy Birthday, Kayla & Jenna or his classic Erhu instrumental.)

Clue #3: If you look carefully, David actually left some clues himself:

Gosh, where do I BEGIN? … “begin,” get it?? heheh

There’ll be trombones, of course…








And the melodies go ’round, like this… I’m pumped!

…then there’s the Tai Chi tribute…and random frogs











…more clues….

No socks per se… but some notes go up like this…

And, um, the CD itself will be round…











…and finally


…and there’s kinda some dubstep/rap fusion that loops around like this…

…and builds to a crescendo of awesomeness…with LEGO








…& part of my magic is… Hawaii… so, you know, the usual.


So there you have it folks. I, for one, can’t wait.

What previously done covers would you guys like to see on BEGIN.?

p.s. And since D. seems to like oldies, what do you think the chances are for a Joni Mitchell cover? πŸ™‚

p.p.s. all GIFS from HERE.

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24 Responses to @DavidArchie BEGIN. song news leaks (not really)

  1. VeeBee says:

    I wouldn’t mind a CD with just trombones, as long as David plays them!
    As for covers, GBTBR and Heaven are on the top of my list. The way he sings them is just so special.
    I would love to see Blackbird in there, too!

  2. Rox says:

    As long as it’s 76 trombones, I’m good. Perhaps he’ll throw in 110 cornets as a bonus πŸ˜‰

  3. collegemom says:

    Great post! I, as always, will always hope that “Crazy” is on the new cd but I don’t want to ask Kari because she will probably say no.

  4. supergrandjudie=judie miller says:

    HaHa.. Well we know one thing for sure. If David didn’t become a singing star, he could have been a traffic cop, an airport guider or a conductor of a symphony orchestra.

  5. janey says:


  6. Tofan, You are the greatest and you have great material!! Speaking of which “Maybe I’m Amazed”
    Too many………Looking forward to it. another hint was something he was playing around with in Episode 20 of Nandito Ako.

  7. archugeezer says:

    Oh my heck! Classic TOfan fun! Did you notice that after about the 4th or 5th time scrolling through these GIFs, you can almost hear his voice?

    I would go for some Joni Mitchell covers, and even older oldies. After seeing what David did with “This Christmas,” I would love to hear him interpret some Jackie Wilson music. I really don’t care what David covers. When “BEGIN.” is released, I will be there, all ears and tears.

  8. abanana77 says:

    Haha love this! After reading Kari’s tweets, I started thinking of all the songs he has covered (there’s a lot!) and started to try to make a list of them (not really bc I wanted to figure out what might be on the album, but more because I like making lists. lol). Does anyone know if a list like this already exists somewhere?? I am sure I am missing some and would like to compare haha

  9. RamblingDA says:

    Another epic post!
    David covering a Joni Mitchell song would be amazing! I’m really hoping that Sounds of Silence is one of the songs that he’s covered before that’s on BEGIN.

  10. sweetonda says:

    TOfan, I made a quick drive-by and had to park and enjoy this post. You are so amazing. I love it!

    Rox, love your comment too!

  11. bookaholic2 says:

    Can I get a link to that interview? I love that one! Particularly, the part where he states that it takes a while for him to process what we’re saying. All along we’ve thought that he really zeros in on us when we interact with him when in reality he’s trying to decode what we we’re saying. lol Like, “do you want a carwash?” He’s hilarious!

    I need it because my laptop got STOLEN a while back. At the same time, my external hard-drive DIED, plus my thumb drive DISAPPEARED that had most all my David pictures and links on it. Pretty much all at the same time. Arghhh!! What a setback. Help if you would.

    • TOfan says:

      eeek, your latop got stolen??? hope they listened to your tunes & are now David fans! πŸ˜† … I’m so sorry I don’t have that link but I’ll try to look for it!

  12. bookaholic2 says:


  13. penciltopaper says:

    You kiiiiillll meee Deb!!! “No socks per se…” How do you even come up with stuff like that? I mean the whole thing! And the rest of the “Not Really” series! David is so frickin expressive with his hands I just love it! Ok, song ~ how about Let It Be?? That would be awesome! Or Maybe I’m Amazed!

  14. TOfan says:

    love all your suggestions, guys! Like Archugeezer said above so well, I too will be all “ears and tears” no matter what D. covers… was thinking though that he covered U2’s “One” before, but only a snippet… just sayin’ πŸ™‚

  15. oliveoil says:

    This is just too hilarious !!! I LOVE how your mind works. I miss him.

  16. emmegirl14 says:

    tofan, you are flat out, out of your mind, lol!
    Thanks for writing this thread, I wasn’t aware of the tweets/hints about BEGIN.

    abanana, was wondering the same thing, would love to see it.

    Just watched Episode 20 (the song he is playing on the piano sounds like BOTW to me)
    …..and 21,22,23,24,25. I’m emotionally exhausted. And how on earth did Jasmine survive all those looks. That is one strong girl.

    One, aye yiyi, Let It Be, ooooh myyyy, I’ll Be There, couldn’t take it, Maybe I’m Amazed, we would be, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, any one or all would be amaaaazing!

  17. peppertara says:

    TOfan this is so good and so hilarious and David’s adorable hand gestures, too funny. The clues have me in stitches, honestly. LOL. You have a great mind!
    Anything that shows up on Begin…I am sure I will be thrilled with. I would love any of the suggested songs to be on the album….Let It Be, oh, would absolutely love that! Or anything else he puts his voice to. Great anticipation. πŸ™‚

  18. Kizzi says:

    Deb – So hilarious! The gifs are way beyond a thousand words and that smile is more than a million gigawatts bursting out from each one…need sunglasses to read this post. πŸ˜€

    My favorite Joni Mitchell song is “Help Me” with it’s jazz background. I played it incessantly on the “Court and Spark” album way back when in my early college days. I just took it out today and played it on an ancient record player (which still had a needle!!!!)…sweet memories. Her songs are super rich poetically (remember “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot” from “Big Yellow Taxi”) and she addresses ideals and feelings of we “regular” people in many of her songs. I am going to look for more of her music and download…thanks. And yeah, her lyrics are most definitely in David’s wheelhouse.

    A cover of something Sara Barielles wrote would be awesome. I really enjoy her “King of Anything” and the lyrics are so fun and full of punch.

  19. emmegirl14 says:

    *sidenote, Love Pride and Prejudice, book or movie. Colin Firth, one of my fav actors but haven’t seen his Pride and Prejudice. Must.

  20. refnaf says:

    **bows down** to TOfan> Queen of the “not really” posts. This one just had me smiling sooo much my face hurt… the captions are perfect and David himself is hilarious!!!

  21. refnaf says:

    I have been into Leonard Cohen again lately and would love David to cover one of his…. Hallelujah perhaps…

  22. TOfan says:

    NEW VLOG!!!! & thread!


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