ArchuConspiracy Theory: A little too not over you

You seriously thought you’d get away from me for two years???

It’s a losing battle, people. David Archuleta may have left the building for two whole years … but good luck trying to move on with your lives. The dude is everywhere.

Just when I think I’ve finally banished him from my brain (which desperately needs all the RAM it can get for other topics… like my actual job), he creeps back in like a hushcats burglar in the night.

Everywhere I turn, I see Bench tote bags on the subway and Bench billboards where I’ve never seen them before. The movie Camp Rock comes on TV and I get a Demi-tour flashback (even though I left before her set… sorry, Demi). Even in church, I am not safe … the lyric “I am your song” pops up in one of the hymns. *grabs tissues*

Beware, folks. Even the most innocent looking items can be hidden land mines of Davidisms … look what lay in wait for me in an Ontario golf flyer Mr. TOfan brought home last week:

Do not let your guard down, my friends!!!!!!!!!!!

Listening to D.’s music doesn’t help, of course. While playing “Rainbow” on my iPod one day, I thought about his note to his Nandito Ako driver, thanking him for playing the song so much. I swear, as soon as I heard “there’s a rainbow always after the rain,” I turned and saw this fountain:

Crazy, right??

I thought getting out of town for a work conference might help clear my head. Then, at the airport book store, I spot this paperback:

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I silently screamed. (Full disclosure: I resisted buying it, and still haven’t read it btw.)

Then, in Minneapolis, I met up with the lovely @suttygal for dinner and we asked the hotel doorman to recommend a restaurant … this was his suggestion:

I mean, puh-leese!!! We looked at each other and burst out laughing. Resistance is clearly futile when even hotel doorpersons are in on it. (Whatever “it” is.)

The next day, shopping at the Target flagship store (a big thrill for me, since we don’t have Target north of the border yet), I’m confronted with this T-shirt:

The world is just one big Archu-conspiracy, I swear.

I try to get busy with other things, focus on actual non-David real-life matters, but like some sort of virus that never entirely leaves your system, it creeps back in when you least suspect it.

How about you guys? Do clouds in the sky spell out “YAMS”? Does your grocery checkout person look like Volta? Do random squirrels in the park start to Dougie???

Please share so I know I am not alone….

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34 Responses to ArchuConspiracy Theory: A little too not over you

  1. roxfox says:

    It’s part of his evil two year plan. Like arranging his music to be played loud and clear on a football field upon arriving at a school celebration, then to have our teacher randomly tell us of his gracious ‘yes’ upon a request from her 5 yr old grand-daughter to have her picture taken with him while skiing in UT, because she loves him. Next day while attending a party, friends performing ‘For Good’ from Wicked. Pretty certain they advised him on that. Teen fangirl whispers “oh, one of David’s fav songs!” –coming from a girl who was just talking about she was sure her brother was getting his mission call to Chile this week 😉 I’m afraid we are seeing everything through Rainbow-colored glasses. It’s a good place and you’re not alone <-cheesy song with this title but I'll spare ya.

  2. emmegirl14 says:

    Lol tofan! I think I might enjoy seeing those squirrels Dougie as much as I did him!

    Wish I could think of something clever, but I got nuthin’.
    I do know one thing – he has become a part of my DNA. There is no such thing ever again as life without DJA. He will be a part of me forever, regardless of what could, would, or should happen in his life or mine.

    • dangitdavid says:

      re: DNA Geez emmegirl14 … nailed this right on the nose!! And I want to know how the heck he does it…..I was only watching a silly singing competition 4 years ago for fun bc I was told I had to hear this young kid sing…..wasn’t looking for a life long commitment to some young kid from Utah that I didn’t even know!!! And now he has me hooked…never to be the same again….and I love it 😉

      Deb…you did it again!! That opening pic of D with that caption had me in stitches…..bahahahahaha!!! Seriously, did we honestly think life would get back to normal after he left :O That guy has some type of magical powers and he’s definitely giggling to himself right now!!

  3. JONERZ says:

    Hallelujah! I can cancel that appointment with my therapist! I was beginning to think I was the victim of some kind of alien implant and expected to see Scully and Mulder around every corner! It’s like I’m living in a virtual “Six Degrees of David Archuleta” video game that there’s no way of ever winning! It’s a conspiracy all right! He’s probably over in Chile with a twinkly-eyed grin on his face just thinking about the control he has over all of us.

    He’s such a punk.

    • TOfan says:

      hey, J.!!! *waves* have missed your yellow whistling face! 🙂 … and thanks, for the X-Files reference (loved that show!) 🙂

  4. betsy says:

    ♪ Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. ♪
    Yep, it happens everyday. And some things are such a stretch that only a true fan would get it. I was returning the unsold Gaga cd’s to the vendor the other day. Why does Gaga remind me of D? Oh, she OPENED for him at the Jingle balls. 🙂 And they had the cutest conversation.

  5. abanana77 says:

    Well I guess if you listen to Rainbow over and over enough times, eventually you are bound to see a rainbow while listening to it. 😛 lol jk (although it is a *little* bit true hahahaha)>>> love it though!

    I know what you mean though, so many random things remind me of David.

    If any song he ever covered comes on the radio in a store or something, I’m always like “David sang this” haha. Like Bubbly. or Apologize. Last week actually i was in Chapters and Fields of Gold came on! And I of course think of D everytime.

    Also this is the randomest connection with David but everytime the Blue Jays are playing the Tampa Bay Rays I think of David (cause he sang Gold Bless America in a Tampa Bay Rays jersey that one time). And I don’t even follow baseball but my grandfather and brother watch it, and they seem to play the Rays alot! lol

    PS I actually have that Orange Crush t-shirt. Hahahahahahaha. My mom thought she was cool and bought us all different pop brand tshirts when she was at Target one time. Hahahahahaha

  6. gotye’s hit “somebody that i used to know” reminds me of D… it was recently covered by someone else (but i can’t remember his name now) and he sounded like he’s singing “some bunny that i used to know”. david wore a bunny costume in nandito ako so… *sniffs*

  7. TOfan says:

    ms. @cowboys4 unfortunately couldn’t log in to comment so I’m posting her hilarious tweet here:

  8. archugeezer says:

    What? You too? Let there be strength in numbers!

    David spent days—PLURAL—days here in Boise, so I see reminders everywhere. If I don’t see them, I invent them. One day last week, I had lunch with a friend at Café Rio, and then I drove past the LDS temple on the way to our little clothing business which sits right next door to Deseret Book, and where we tend to see lots of missionaries. Like, that is more than enough, right?

    Well, my husband was waiting on someone when I walked in. He turned to me and said, “This young man is going on a mission. Guess where?” Yep. The very place.

    It’s crazy. I hear voices, and most of them are David’s. Glad I have soul mates in the sanitarium!

  9. Harold Weinstein says:

    To fan
    It ‘s going to get better I am certain. Sit down
    And have a drink or two.. You make me cry tears of joy and laugher. And btw it is now less than two years! Sounds like you need a serous
    Vacation maybe south American . Take an airplane and don’t forget your parachute ! There is simebody out there thst can help ya!
    I hope this helps !

    • nanaweize says:

      Hey Harold…I keep saying “things are gonna get better” and someday (maybe in 2 years) they will. LOL!
      Actually I think I am doing pretty good. David has given us much to enjoy!

  10. janey79 says:

    I never, i mean NEVER listen to the radio. Turned it on last week and heard A 1,000 Miles, I’ll Be and Apoplogize all in a row. What even, universe?

  11. janey79 says:


  12. janey79 says:

    Oh, and one more thing. Was wondering through a mall that I never go to last week and Something ‘Bout Love was playing on the screens in Foot Locker. i was walking by the door and herard his voice and was like, what? what? Took a peek in the door and there he was 🙂

  13. janey79 says:

    Sorry for spamming your comments, Deb, but tbh, I was actually thinking of taking a break. Like, a real break: No twitter, no blogging (hush cats, I haven’t told Doc), nada, nothing. I’m not good a this day counting biz and it’s everywhere. No matter how hard I try, someone RTs it, or it’s blasted out in a comment somewhere, it’s just unavoidable. I want to be as gone as he is. Somehow, I feel silly hanging around when he’s off “working” elsewhere. I don’t know if I will, or if I can. I’ve been toying with the idea for a couple of weeks, but then it occurred to me that he has an album coming out in less than 3 months, so what’s the point? Lol.

    • refnaf says:

      lol, no point indeed!!! A entire album to discuss!!!

      • dangitdavid says:

        Rotfl….I agree!! Absolutely no point now 🙂 I couldn’t make it through these 2 years without all of you guys!! I need this….it’s like a drug to me. I know, it’s sad but true…..and I also agree with you refnaf….if I lived in Utah, I would get absolutely nothing done in my real life!!

    • TOfan says:

      LOL, Janey, thx. 4 your spamming, made my day! rotfl … “he has an album coming out in less than 3 months, so what’s the point?” hahahahaha … what did I tell you, resistance IS futile! 😆

  14. Kizzi says:

    Too funny Deb. Being an uber David fan brings definition to the most unexpected things.

    I’ve heard David’s songs, beyond “Crush” played in Macy’s, The Limited Express, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, restaurants and airports and like everyone when I hear originals being played that David covered, I think they are bogus, hahaha. I went to a recent charity fundraiser and the event organizer played “Things are Gonna Get Better” in the background. I asked about the song and he told me he heard it from the national televised MD telethon last year. And he said its an inspirational song for those who need hope. 😀

    Even funnier, everytime I meet someone named David, I am reminded. And ‘Child Fund’ and ‘Invisible Children’ reminders keep popping up everywhere.

    I’ve become very comfortable with the hiatus. Things change, life cycles up and down. Transitions have always been hard for me personally so this is a good lesson in taking it one day at a time and finding joy in the little things. I’ve come to think of it, as you have so eloquently described above Deb, that David has planted alot of seeds, both intentional and unintentional. They are sprouting and blooming all about us and we have the luxury of watching it happen. I really like the “unintentional” seeds that are germinating about me.

    • TOfan says:

      “unintentional” seeds germinating … what a perfect metaphor for spring, Ms. Kiz! Yes, to quote Refnaf (and “Elevator” 🙂 ), I’ve been goin’ with the flow … wherever that goes. 🙂

  15. refnaf says:

    Ack TOfan this is so dang true…. no escaping it (him) Any song he has covered is just not worth listening to any more….and I can not believe how many of his little sayings I try to use on non David peeps and> Hushcats, dang it , oh my heck….and then smile to myself!
    Loving all the comments, you guys crack me up and it is great to be on this ride with you!!

  16. emmegirl14 says:

    “Loving all the comments, you guys crack me up and it is great to be on this ride with you!!”
    me toooo, refnaf!

  17. grammyj says:

    I don’t know if I’ve ever posted here, but I lurk here often. This post really hit home with me. When David announced in December that he was going on his mission I thought, well, in January I will get back to normal and my David ODD will go away because David will be gone. Here it is May and it hasn’t gone away yet. I’m watching Idol and what do the guys do for a number but a medley of Neil Diamond songs and then out comes Neil. Oh for season 7 Neil Diamond week – the memories!

  18. peppertara says:

    grammyj, I know what you mean! Love all the great comments here and love your too funny writings TOfan! I have really been trying to focus on other areas of my life but so far haven’t made a whole lot of headway (a little but not much). Lol. Doesn’t help that with every other store I walk into lately I hear one of David’s songs playing (usually Crush) but also have heard My Hands and ALTNOY, geesh. Not complaining though, at all. Also doesn’t help that the name of the building I live in is called THE DAVID, yep…..a daily reminder, haha.

    • TOfan says:


      …oh, and thanks for de-lurking, grannyj! A Neil Diamond medley? oh geez 😆

  19. emmegirl14 says:

    peppertara, you live in THE DAVID – what a lucky girl you are! I can only imagine your building is unique and beautiful and charming and loaded with character.

  20. peppertara says:

    Yes, I really do live in a building called THE DAVID, lived here since B.D. LOL. The last couple of months especially…..those words just seem to jump out at me whenever I come home. What can you do, it’s hopeless. 🙂

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  22. Whenever I record my midi with my computer, I use Acid Music and it seems to record background noise and the tone seems really low. How do I record using Acid Music to my computer? Whenever I push the record button, it gives me a “audio” or midi” option, but the “audio” seems to be always lit up and “midi” is always grey. How do I change from audio to midi when recording? I need help!! I really would like to start recording my own original music with my midi keyboard. Thank you!!.

  23. I swear, i’m literally crying as i’m listening to your music.. it’s just so beautiful… masterpiece. . amazing…. I miss listening to music like? these. A LOT.. sighh, I miss playing the violin. ://

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