@DavidArchie puts the PYRO in Pyropalooza! He’s on FIYAHHHH!!!!!

Twitpic: the lovely @nareejo: "In a sea of peoplllllllle"

I can’t get enough of “Wherever You Are”…. David Archuleta’s version needs to be on the radioooo!!!!! It shows off every ounce of his soulful goodness and lets him run and play and frolic through those notes like a kid at a water park. And Jay Durias???? Awesome!!!

Wherever You Are (thx. superduperbuknoy for vids!)

up-close WYA from JR4DA … wowza!!!

Nandito Ako

up-close NA from JR4DA!

SBL (killer ending)

up-close SBL from JR4DA

Brought over from end of last thread, from lani:

Wherever You Are is one of the songs they say is included in David’s OPM album (rumored album title is “Feels Like Home” ) Composer of the song is a Filipino boy band called Southborder of which Jay Durias (David’s keyboardist in this video) is a member. 

Wherever You AreI love to see the ocean’s beauty
And the moon that shines above
Alone in the sand lookin at the stars
Wishing someday I would find true loveWouldn’t be nice to see the morning
With the one you love the most
Wouldn’t be nice to say goodnight
To the one you hold so close
To your heart, to your heart…

The wind that blows the dove
Is the wind that blows my love
Hoping to find its way to you
Wherever you are

I love to sit in fields of green
Looking deeply thru the sky
Watching birds as they flap by
Hoping someday faith will bring me true love

Wouldn’t be nice to hold someone
So dear, n near your heart
Wouldn’t be nice to hear those words
I love you, from the one
That you love, that you love

[chorus repeats]

I love to see myself one day
In the arms of someone
Who will share her life with me
Selflessly, someday you will find your way,
To me . . .

[chorus repeats]

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8 Responses to @DavidArchie puts the PYRO in Pyropalooza! He’s on FIYAHHHH!!!!!

  1. Heidijoy says:

    Thanks for the Updates. David was definitely on Fiyah!! Love Wherever You Are, NanditoAko and
    The ending to Something About Love was something else.

  2. abanana77 says:

    Loving Wherever You Are <333 Like so much! Hoping it was recorded!!!

  3. abanana77 says:

    Also LOVE that top photo!

  4. emmegirl says:

    3:25-3:42 of that SBL….woooh is right baby! LoVe iT! More, more, more of that!
    As many times as he does it (ok, practically every times he sings),
    don’t think I will ever get over his genius in his ability to change things up.

    Love Wherever You Are too. Hope the recorded version has all the goodies!

    Jay Durias, wow incredibly talented. Go figure, it’s a foreign musician that comes up with these amazing tailor made arrangements that fit David like a glove.

  5. TOfan says:

    Just added JR4DA’s amazing up-close vids to the post…wow… almost looks like D. was getting verklempt at the end of WYA! *sniff*

  6. joujou579 says:

    re SBL……seriously, who is this guy and where did he come from? The stage presence……..gah!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If you want to view the PyroPalooza performance in one seamless vid, here you go –

  8. TOfan says:

    Thank you, JR!!!! Brought over to

    new post/thread!


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