The emancipation of @DavidArchie

Let freedom reign! (Source: The amazing @nareejo)

David Archuleta is Freebird, baby! He’s shrugged off the big-label shackles and (to quote Jonerz) is gettin’ down with his bad self! Shakin’ his groove thang, jammin’ with his band and lettin’ it rip like never before. (This David 3.0 is SO fine, he requires no “g”s at the end of words! 🙂 )

It's like zeeeerooooo gravityyyyyy! (This pic & below:

Why is this happening so far away from home? Isn’t that always where we go to feel truly free? Whether it’s backpacking across Europe, hitchhiking from Ottawa to Toronto ( 🙂 ) or performing to a packed house of 35,000 people … especially when it crosses your mind that nobody might turn up … then you realize every single person there bought a ticket to see YOU and only YOU … so they could scream and shout and sing all the words to your songs.

And before the tour even started, they bought your record in droves, played it like mad on local radio, put up huge banners all over town and showered you with love, love, pure LOVE as soon as you stepped off the plane.

Other performers might take all that adoration and start strutting around like they were entitled to it all and expect even more.

David? As if. … As we well know, he’s all about what he can give, not what he can get. So he soaks in all that love showered upon him at each Asian tour stop, no doubt whispers a prayer of gratitude, then commandeers every fibre of his being into giving as much of himself back as he can to his fans … both onstage and off.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason and David learned what he needed to from Jive. When they started to cramp his style and limit a talent that knows no boundaries, he decided it was time to declare his independence. And wow, has he ever.

The David who sang this Heaventhis ending to GGTT and Elevator and who boogie oogie oogied his way through this EWTRTW has been there all the time, of course.

A little fresh air either snuffs out a spark or fuels the burning flame. And as we clearly see on this Asian tour, David is on FI-YAH, baby!

P.S. Hanoi vids being added to the Vietnam video page (see Tab up top) as they become available! (Hanoi pics above from HERE.)

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26 Responses to The emancipation of @DavidArchie

  1. TOfan says:

    From end of last thread, from Kizzi:

    Exclusive David Archuleta’s interview(with Tuoi Tre Newspaper – the Youth newspaper, Vietnam) on July 21st, 2011
    -Many people said that American pop is too “sexy” for the time being, what do you think of that?
    -David: Really? I usually sing pop music, so am I sexy? (Laughed) Well I think it’s not a big problem. There’re still songs that have positive meaning.
    -You came to Asia for your tour this time, so according to you what are the differences between the American listeners and the Asian listeners?
    -David: I think we’re already born in differences, aren’t we? We are the individuals and of course our music hobbies are not the same. Maybe the American teenagers like to listen to dancing music more than the Asian teenagers. But what I realize through the tours I’ve had is that the music passion’s what we all have in common. No matter where you’re from, how you look like, what kind of language you use, the music through it all has the power to connect people together.

    One more thing…well two:
    Livestream of Malaysia arrival tomorrow & July 26 concert: Malaysia! Arrival – 12:50 AM EST; Concert – 8 AM EST or so (main) (back up) (thank you to kristian at FOD)
    If you want to order the MoTab, CD and/or DVD go here —–>
    Free shipping if you order both but it won’t show as free til the end of the order. Thanks to FOD for posting info and link.
    Happy Sunday SAz. It’s kil-la weather down here in Florida today. The humidity is like a sauna!

  2. River says:

    Every concert it seems to me that David amps up his movement and joyful involvement with the songs. Inhibitions??? what???? I think back to his first solo tour and this is not the same performer. The voice and the core are the same but the performer?? Not!! I LOVE it!!

  3. Heidijoy says:

    Clark Kentchuleta for sure!!! Love it. I went back and reviewed those songs you highlighted and yes David is feeling his groove,connecting with the musicians,soaking in all the love and giving it back to the fans and it is spreading worldwide. It is such a pleasure to not only watch this unfold but to share it with each other!!
    Thanks Tofan and Kizzi for keeping us updated so we can squee right along with you. Its HEAVEN I tell ya! and yes David we will STAND BY YOU!!!!!!!

  4. Kizzi says:

    I can feel your glee TOfan. Yes and yes and yes. To all that you say.

    David emotes his songs louder and clearer than ever before with music and performance. These Asia performances surpass DTLSGDOM and LMT. They approach and at times, touch the beauty and majesty of the Top 20 “Imagine.” The “Heaven” performances belong in that category of “Imagine” Top 20, IMHO. The joyful David, dancing & singing his way through “Shop Around” is back and better than ever. 😀

  5. NorthCarolinaGirl♥Marylee says:

    “A little fresh air either snuffs out a spark or fuels the burning flame. And as we clearly see on this Asian tour, David is on FI-YAH, baby”! <<< Love this!!!!

    This tour has been a blessing for David & ALL his's been a pure joy for me to observe him so free~so happy~so relaxed & so dang content with his life. It just couldn't happen to a nicer person…we all know that. Thank you David…for everything & more! ♥

  6. archiesfan4life says:

    TOfan – YES to everything you said! This tour has been beyond words! It is wonderful to see David so happy and free to be who he is. He gives so much to his fans – he so deserves all the love shown to him.

  7. abanana77 says:

    Like like like like this post! Totally agree with everything you said! TOfan, you have a talent for putting thoughts a lot of us have been thinking into beautiful words. Thank you 🙂

  8. betsy says:

    We are so lucky to be able to read such great writing. It’s a privilege to read, from the title to the body. ♥
    I’ll just say that I am so happy for him. And the thousands of people he has touched across the world.
    Thanks for this.
    Clark Kentchuleta, lol.

  9. bleubird19 says:

    AHA! So you hitchhiked yo bad self from Ottawa to Toronto, huh? You go girl! Thank you for this post. You always have such good perspective.

    Ahhh, the freedom when one is young … and young David is getting better and better. I have always maintained that some people just had to wait for David to get a little older to appreciate him. David said in an interview in Asia “I decided to make good music, music that I enjoy and feel and hope that those who listen, who are ‘willing’ to listen will enjoy it, too”. That “willing to listen” was an important statement from David. That is what is needed; for those who looked at him as too young to take another look and really listen to his music. If they can set aside their previous “issues” or “bias” or “self-consciousness with what others think” and really hear what David is singing, then they’ll be hooked. When I hear “Notice Me”, I not only think of it as a love song, but also as an appeal for an audience to take another listen to him. I tend to find double meanings in all of his songs though. Okay, I’m rambling here now. No more hitchhiking, though, TOfan … it’s a different world!

    • TOfan says:

      bleubird, really interesting that David used the words “willing to listen” … you’re so right that as soon as that happens, you can’t help but be hooked. And I like your take on “Notice Me,” never thought about it that way but really makes a lot of sense. (And don’t worry, my hitching days are over … unless David’s driving by of course, lol.)

  10. silverfox says:

    Clark Kentchuleta, eh? I KNEW IT! I knew he was a Superhero! I knew I wasn’t crazy! There really are TWO David’s?! And after each performance he goes to his room & reverts back from the LARGER THAN LIFE stage presence who manages to bring down thousands to their knees with one swoop, to just David, the “Little Prince”?! I’m so relieved! I confessed on The Voice that I was in need of “professional Help”, cause I could swear the David on stage is NOT the David off & it makes me crazy! 😉


    “Other performers might take all that adoration and start strutting around like they were entitled to it all and expect even more”.

    That in a nutshell is what makes David in a league by himself. He is a giver, probably has been all his young life. I believe what he does, the joy & connection he sees in his audiences is what makes him happy and worth everything to him. Up on the stage, no matter the size of the stage or venue, he gives his all & with every drop of sweat, he just leaves his heart & soul on that stage. He is incredible!

    • TOfan says:

      {{{SF}}} You were right! 🙂 And this interview after the Manila SM Megamall signing shows both Davids! 😆

      From the lovely and amazing Abrra! Download mp3s from the Asia tour HERE! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. TOfan says:

    Wow, another incredible EWTRTW (from Hanoi)… I’m with abanana, gotta hear this live someday!!!!

  12. TOfan says:

    David presented with a traditional “wau” by SonyMusicMy at KL press conf along with his 6 times platinum certification!:
    PHOTO: @DavidArchie was presented a wau by @SonyMalaysia at t... on Twitpic

    Must see: Check out David dancing a little bachata at 0:18 🙂 and also 1:43 after intro’ing the band… more ArchuImprov, wooooot!

  13. refnaf says:

    Oh wow, this is so great, the vids, the vids, the vids!!! I think there is enough material to watch to keep me going until Winter Tour 2011 (love seeing that tab on his OS)
    Been spending most of this hot weather at the cabin so I am not around much, but NEED to come home to catch up on The Archuleta> and just wow some more. The improv at the end of Elevator, want more of that…..
    TOfan thanks again for your post> love your writing> you nail it every time. IMO you are the David of fansite writing jsyk. 🙂

    SF >”Up on the stage, no matter the size of the stage or venue, he gives his all & with every drop of sweat, he just leaves his heart & soul on that stage. He is incredible!” >> YES!!

  14. TOfan says:

    Great pics from the KL Farenheit88 signing on their FB page … love the fan signs, adorbs!

  15. peppertara says:

    Crazy good post TOfan, you said it so well, for all of us, you always do! There is definitely a sense of freedom surrounding David and it shows in every expression we see from him. As a fan, couldn’t be happier and for David, couldn’t be happier for him. Wise young man he is, think he is making the right moves at just the right time in his life (not to mention his moves on stage)! and he is really coming into his own. A consummate artist in his own right and we better hang on tight because I have a feeling he has only touched upon the ‘Arch” in Archuleta (or Kentchuleta)! Mercy, if he is still discovering himself and what he wants to express…..all that is David, well look out world. His “boogie oogie oogie” and that glorious voice could move mountains (of fans). 🙂
    Love this post, love this awesome tour for David and the band, love his adoring, supportive fans, the incredible videos and love all the comments here. Still catching up on all the epicness!

  16. refnaf says:

    Impromptu SBM at a Jakarta restaurant>> interesting watching David sing without a mic!! Wonder if he is worried he has food in his teeth, or if he just needs the feel of a mic???

  17. peppertara says:

    Aw, love that video of David singing at the restaurant, was hoping to see that one, thanks. I have a feeling David is very conscious about having food in his teeth, haha. So sweet, loved that little awesome number with the little band! I would love to be dining at a restaurant and have David stand up and start singing, what a treat! Beats any dessert I can think of.
    Love the honors David is receiving in KL, he deserves it all and six times platinum!

  18. TOfan says:

    Ref, love that restaurant-SBM (almost as much as restaurant-Ribbon in the Sky, lol) …peppertara, I think you’re right! Wish someone had let him go check his teeth first so he could just let loose! 😆 Still sounded great tho’ of course … and so cool to see him get those plaques for 6x platinum… I also saw on Twitter that TOSOD is the #1 selling album in the Philippines! Woooot!

    Here’s a short but sweet interview from the KL press conference … love how thoughtful and sincere David is with his answers, especially when talking about Amy Winehouse’s death in particular and drug addiction in general:

    …and adorbs recap from @kat_ap about her “DA Live in Manila” experience HERE … I had to laugh reading through it and realizing that David fans the world over (regardless of nationality, age, even gender) respond in pretty much the same way LOL.)

    Fave bit:
    “no words can ever justify the feelings you feel when you hear david live. he is just simply amazing. his voice is awesome! and when he sings, you feel like he’s singing for you. it’s like an out of this world experience. haha. he’s better than his own cd. i don’t know how those people who get to work with him everyday ever get used to his awesomeness. i know i won’t. haha”

  19. TOfan says:

    …the beginning of this vid repeats some of the one above, but I think it’s worth watching to see D’s interaction with the hostess (off-camera) and what he says about his fans right at the end (4:00):

  20. Kizzi says:

    Kuala Lumpur: David Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and some Q&A at Sound Check

    Soundcheck Part II: “Crazy”….chills, crazy chills….

    Both videos from: rusharr

    Concert Venue from currynana via Twitter
    At @DavidArchie #ArchieKL live with @DerrickLewkai. Expecting a good show yo! 😀

    Live stream link —–> (note at 824am ET, not started yet)

    Live stream backup link: —–> (note 8:48am ET, just started broadcasting on this link)

    Set List: (dark slacks, light tee, redtone jacket – from UStream View 😀 )

    my Ustream is on and off….spotty…but still so cool to listen in real time 😀

    SBL – but I missed one I think….

    Singing along, screams, “David I love you” – pure joy

    EWTRTW – David’s message paraphrased: if you have a dream…you should go for it! I had a dream, I went for it and now I’m here in Malaysia

    Elevator – he took off his jacket and twitter went wild – lol
    Introduces band
    ZG – feel the bouncing love!!!

    Heaven ….ly

    UStream is off line but some Twitterites are reporting “Crazy”???? Is that a joke? jsya – yeah it must be a joke, lolol…WAIT!!!! It is TRUE!!! Oh my, 3 encore songs…WOWZA.

    CRUSH???? – gotta be – yep, confirmed

    What a wonderful show – jumpy, freezing UStream and all. Just to get to experience it half way round the world is still a load of fun. Next stop, Gilbert, AZ – 19 songs, no make that 20 with 3 encores, right!!??? 😀 😀 😀

    Pix from Concert:

    It’s Confirmed – DAVID GLOWS!! Pure white AURA! 😀

    Concern End Tweets with a Beat!!!——->
    Pinoy Archies
    We heard that David went out of stage and played drums and hs joy filled the whole Stadium Negara according to sources. Congratulations David Archuleta and thank you for performing in front of your Asian fans. Thank you!

    galaxiemag Galaxie magazine
    Oh wait he comes back for a last wave and to playfully bang on the drums. Haha #davidarchuletakl

    Salamahafifi Salamahafifi Y
    He played the drums hahahaha

    ecachan ecachan
    He did 2 hands flying kiss and played drums with 1 stick while Steven was still playing. <—-this I gotta see :O


    So the Asia tour is coming to a close. What a fantastic trip for all fans. Half a world away and we got to enjoy it too! That heaven-ly salsa sweating crazy drummer! Hahaha – who woulda thunk 2 weeks ago that woulda been appropriate words to end this concert tour with!

    Emancipation and then some….let freedom ring and ring and ring….

  21. TOfan says:

    Kizzi, LOOOOOOOVE your liveblog so much I just put it up in a NEW POST for its own thread!!!! ♥♥♥


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