Translated Vietnam press conference interviews

Smile always on their lips. (All pics: and all captions Google-translated from the originals.)

Why Vietnam “jubilantly” welcome David Archuleta
Google translated directly from Kê Star

The Little Prince The guy was very friendly informal chat with reporters, and so Vietnamese in exchange conference which took place several hours ago.

Landing Tan Son Nhat Airport at 5.30pm after a long flight than ten hours, had to run right out stadium Military Zone 7 to rehearsals for the show tomorrow, but tonight’s 8:30, “Little Prince” David is matched with a permanent smile on the lips at a press conference held at Riverside exchange Palace. He made everyone present tonight because of the extremely touching as much friendly despite extreme fatigue with heavy schedules.

Only talk in a short time, David Archuleta is still trying to answer questions from reporters. Especially since he sent word: “Hello Vietnam” to people in Vietnamese but really push it! Many commented: “He was easy-going and loving terrible.”

American Idol 2008 runner-fresh laughs in response to feelings of fans.

“Little Prince” will not “forget the” Where the fans, he confided that he felt extremely surprised and happy above all love for his fans at the airport this afternoon. David would like to thank everyone with the good will try to perform well tomorrow there.

When asked about tomorrow’s performance, David was smiling revealed, he will not bring surprises to the “flashing” on stage, the audience that wants to conquer Vietnam in his own voice. It is worth looking forward to right?

A lot of showbiz stars hit Vietnam has to greet and interact with David Archuleta tonight, including singer Britney Hung, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Bao Thy, Uyen Linh, Van Mai Huong, actress Ngo Thanh Van, …

Now watch the latest images of men and the star of tonight’s press conference at City Nhe!


David Archuleta: Many people say my music “clean” too
Google translated from

American Idol Runner He shared his satisfaction with his current music, although many people say it’s too clean, too gentle.

David Archuleta answers questions from a reporter asked what he

Although very tired but just as he appears to offer everyone smiling.

thought about music reviews for the youth of America now too vulgar and makes them become damaged. “Many people say my music is now so clean and gentle too, but I’m happy with my music now. I always try to make the best possible in all your projects and I believe the women are parents have not objected to their children listen to my music. ”

Appeared in Vietnam in nearly 18h on 21 / 7 and at 20 hours the same day,David Archuleta has participated in the launch press conference in HCMCVietnam. Friendliness is the first impression and the most remarkable 21-year-old singer on America. “I found quite surprising and interesting with thewelcoming of the fan frenzy at the airport, thanks everyone.” David openedthe press conference.

When asked yourself what would offer something special for the night last night 22 / 7, David says he does not have a specific song in particular, but healways did everything his best. He also shared his writing some songs just forthe fans in Asia. “I have a plan to tour throughout Asia and I’m writing songsfor the fans here.”

But the show is not happening, but David has received praise from the BTCprogram. “Just not up to the airport and on to the hotel after a long trip, butDavid has the right stadium to sing a song re-examination. He sings with no music and carpentry after a long flight without rest leave, subject to planning ahead. the work of re-examination was very impressed with theprofessionalism of David. that was a lesson for singers Vietnam now. “Hoang Tuan – BTC representative said.

Extremely close.

"I would like to announce that I am changing my Twitter name to @LittlePrince" ... (I really must get my Google translator fixed.)

Press conference videos:

Anyone know what he’s playing at the beginning????

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25 Responses to Translated Vietnam press conference interviews

  1. TOfan says:

    From end of last thread, from Kizzi:

    *sniff* *sniff* *sniff* This is at least a 5 tissue video…to catch the tears of joy *sniff* *sniff*

    We love you this big David Archie

    Description: “In preparation for giving David and his team a very special warm welcome, Vietnamese fans of David Archuleta made this video. He tweeted that he watched it today.”

    I’m no Grinch but my heart just swelled 3 times it size from watching it. *sniff*

    Love will light the way
    I see you waiting for me
    I see you smile tenderly
    Deep in this world we are one
    Deep in this world we can be

    Anything we want to, anything we’ll ever need
    Caring for each other, helping everyone that’s here, you see
    Love will always light the way

  2. peppertara says:

    Wow, another amazing welcome for David by his incredible Vietnamese fans. The welcome video is adorable and so full of love. Glad David got to watch it. Love the photos of David (so many of them out there!) especially with the lavender flowers in front of him…beautiful! He looks fabulous….kind of expected him to look very tired by now but he looks as fresh as those flowers.
    Have to love the translation of the interview and “little prince”, perfect!
    “He was easy going and loving terrible”, haha. You certainly still can pick up all the praise and love for David in that interview.
    TOfan, thanks for your kind words from the last post (and Heidjoy too, thank you). Still catching up on everything and still listening to ”Heaven” a lot…..too beautiful.
    Loving all the love and adoration for David on this tour……just the way it should be. Loving all his Asian fans too. They couldn’t have loved him any biigger!

  3. Art says:

    Seriously, what is going on with the media nowadays? Do they really need to ask him the sex song question? I think David kept his cool and just showed how honest and true to himself as an artist and person he is so kudos for that!

    Anywyas, if you want to take a look at my review of the conference I’ll leave here the link and I would appreciate your comments about this whole situation, thanks!


  4. TOfan says:

    Art, liked your review of the conference and until I read it, I hadn’t realized that when David laughs and says “that’s not really me” in the video, that the question he’d been asked was “Will you ever sing about sex in the future?” Yikes. You’re so right, he handled it beautifully.

    Wow, huge crowd in the stadium already in Vietnam (click 2 enlarge):

  5. Kizzi says:

    Sweet interview. Thanks TOfan.

    Here is a radio interview that David did with Jeremy Ratnam (Singapore radio station) a couple of days ago. David has such free flow of thoughts and effortless speech here. (special thanks to Betsy who posted link on TheVoice.)

    And he would like to have a super mega collaboration with….yes…..with….drum roll…. Stevie Wonder.

    One of his favorite songs on TOSOD, Asian Release is Love Don’t Hate.

    Everything and More is a meaningful love song he says, and, nothing can touch that special relationship with that special someone – you are out in space, like a satellite.

    He loves Karoke!! He gets the DJ to talk about his own love life. hahaha

    He says it was cool to have 2 artists judges (JLo and Steven Tyler) on AI and that they understand the performers on the preparation and pressure level; that their comments were more exact and easier to understand

    He says 5 years down the road he wants a better understanding of himself and what he wants to say in his music for his fans; define his sound and wants people to say when they hear his music that “that is David Archuleta;” wants people to feel the music and connect; not sound like anyone else and connect with the audience.

    It’s 10 minutes but worth the listen.

  6. TOfan says:

    WOW, thanks, Kizzi (& Betsy!!!) Can’t wait to listen to it … Love that he loves LDH, me too, lol, can’t get enough of that song!!!!!

    Here’s a TweetBlog of today’s Vietnam concert from @PinoyArchie:
    Stomping the Roses…waaahhh! David is On. Wearing the same shirt at the Manila concert.
    The Other Side of Down is on! Fans were like hell crazy over David….waaaahh!
    David on Stage singing ALTNOY.
    Something ’bout Love….with the fans clapping so nice.
    Awesome crowd.
    Everybody Rules the World.
    Here is David Archuleta belting Everybody Rules the World.
    Touch My Hand is on.
    David went down the stage and touch the hand of some faaannnsss
    David went down twice while singing Touch My Hand.
    Waaahhh! Some girls went up stairs to give David flowers and gifts..all of them got a hug. Waaahhh!
    David is playing the piano while singing MKOP.
    A Thousand Miles.
    Falling Star…fans are awesome. The stage is fantastic too!
    Stand by Me.
    Everything and More.
    Everything and More.
    Awesome concert! The concert just ended.
    The band is now wrapping up!
    [No other encore, just Crush]
    The fans in Vietnam are the best! They are soo friendly and perky!

  7. Kizzi says:

    TOfan – U doing a Vietnam concert tab???

    I’ll just post my favorite from today – EAM

  8. ray says:

    david we already know when we heare you sing ,that,s david archuleta .nobdy sounds like you .you have your own sound now,don,t nee 5 years down the road

    • TOfan says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Ray. I totally “hear” his sound whenever he sings and in the songs he writes. I think he just wants to develop and explore that further and I hope we are all strong enough to handle the amazingness to come! LOL

      Kizzi, I did set up a Vietnam page! 🙂
      but had to share this in the meantime … ay carumba what was in that goat soup?!?!?! LOOOOOVE seeing D. so freeee!!!!

      • abanana77 says:

        So it just occured to me that I really want to hear him sing EWTRTW live. Like more than other things (you know, because I obviously want to hear everything live haha). This is an amazing performance!

      • TOfan says:

        me too, ab … I’ve been listening to the MB version non-stop and this one, even with his missed cue, is even more amazing…he’s just having so much FUN … yet his vocals are still incredible, plus it is just one GREAT song.

        Saw this comment on the Heaven youTube and had to share:
        “The best live vocals that I have ever heard. He delivers emotions and vocal skills are way beyond his years. So much energy he gives out is contagious, and that’s why the audience said even 90 minutes seemed short. No need for backup dancers, flying objects or anything that covers up an artist’s real talent. Because he does with genius vocals and intense performances that don’t allow space for the audience to breathe.”

      • emmegirl says:

        “what was in that goat soup”, lol!!!!

        I hope he brings EWTRTW to the US tour! He is so insanely talented in changing things up. He’s “like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get”, haha.

  9. Kizzi says:

    Hysteria in Hanoi – David arrives!

    credit to: knorr102

    Watching this was like a roller coaster ride….and we get to see some band members loading up the back of the bus too!

    • TOfan says:

      Wow, hysteria is right! How does he stay so serene amidst all the chaos? Incredible.

      Move over Charice, lol (short interview with Julie Anne San Jose, D’s opening act for the Manila show, thanks Something ‘Bout Archie!!!)

      “David proved to be a cowboy” … read more HERE about D’s jeepney ride 😆

      And this is one of the cutest fan pics with D. I’ve ever seen (@khanhlynk, click 2 enlarge)
      My photo with @DavidArchie - David Archuleta  on Twitpic

  10. peppertara says:

    Wow, another amazing welcome for David by his adoring Vietnamese fans and incredible concert! That welcome in Hanoi was crazy! Wonderful comments, videos, interviews, photos…..fantastic. Still lots to watch, may take me through all of August to catch up! Loving it all, sweet David does seem to stay so composed through all of it and then he turns into a dynamo on stage!
    emmegirl….yes, David is like a box of chocolates, haha and you can’t resist any of it.
    Just watched the video of David receiving the flowers on stage… omg how sweet is that. Also sweet that Mark came out and collected the flowers for David. Hope they are all feeling better now.

    I just watched this video from his first stop in Vietnam and loved it, had me captivated. Gives you a bird’s eye or real audience view and holy moly! That stage, that light show, that performer! The little prince is a mega star on the big stage with thousands cheering him on, wow. Good audio too and covers the first five songs (this may already be posted here so will just post the link).
    I loved this view, kind of like being there I guess. Still a lot more I need to watch…a gulp at a time.

    • TOfan says:

      peppertara, WOWWWWW, thank you!!!! I took the liberty of embedding the vid ‘cuz it hadn’t been posted yet and the perspective and audio are aMAZing! Makes you feel like you’re right there for the opening of the show (STR/TOSOD/ALTNOY/SBL/EWTRTW). It’s as if with the rock-star lights & big stage, David modulates his performance accordingly … into SUPERSTAHHH! 😆

  11. KT says:

    Hi All! Fantastic couple of weeks for David. The comment below was posted of the OS.

    Hope everybody is doing well!

    ericaspy02 / July 23, 2011

    I must admit I was not really a big fan of David.

    And for some reason, I felt the urge to join a raffle by a local magazine in the Philippines just to try my luck, and to be honest, out of boredom. For some twist of faith, I was chosen as one of the winners. (my name was on no. 1)

    I was more excited to meet the people of the magazine than actually watching David live. I brought my mom along with me in the concert because she was also an fan of AI before. Fans patiently waited as there was some technical difficulty encountered before David’s actual performance. But boy, they were bursting with life whenever David sang. You can hear them sang in unison every time.

    I’ve seen other artist perform live but I have seen no one by far, who was more genuine than this kid. He thanked the fans and returned the favor of getting out late (it is a school night in Manila) by giving us a very touching and outstanding performance every single time. Hearing him sing live made me realize how pure talent and a genuine attitude can literally convert a music lover into a David Archuleta fan 🙂

    My phone would always run out of batteries because I keep on repeating all his songs all day and night. And I always watch my amateur videos taken during the concert. Sadly, the first part was accidentally erased when I was updating my files. Anyway, thanks to David’s awesome Filipino fans, his Manila Concert can now be accessed through youtube. I’m looking forward to getting a set of video that captured his messages to all of us and how he introduced each song as if each person in the venue is dear to his heart.

    So from my heart to yours, thank you very much David Archuleta.

    I do hope you will find your kind of perfect real soon.

    You are always welcome to ♫♪ FLY 8,000 miles ♫♪ just to come and sing to Manila.

  12. TOfan says:

    {{{{KT}}}}} thanks so much for posting that comment, love love LOOOOVE that!!!!

    … and check out this Elevator (esp. his improv after the band intros… INSANE!!!!!!!)

  13. peppertara says:

    Aw, just love that comment that KT posted, adore new fan comments! Wherever he goes, wherever he performs….new fans are bound to follow.
    Wow, that Elevator video….and his little ‘improv’ at the end, oh David, you really need to do more of that! Love that kind of stuff from David! Such a natural for….well, just about anything he can put his ‘groove’ into.
    Gotta love that look from ‘Clark Kentchuleta’, haha. I can always count on David to make me smile, laugh, when I need it. He’s like an elixir for ailing hearts, bodies and minds and a daily dose is most beneficial. ❤

  14. Kizzi says:

    YouTube below of fans in Hanoi meeting David in his hotel lobby…..

    His smile could kill everyone there!

    How we met him is a long story. We have waited at the lobby of the hotel for 5 hours, from 5 p.m to 10 p.m without eating, drinking, walking. Just sat the and waited!

    We missed 1 chance to catch him, so we had to wait for a few more hours. Everybody was very tired because we came to his hotel right after he left the airport. We didn’t eat lunch and we even standing under the heavy rain that afternoon.

    But it’s worth the wait!!!!! He was so nice when he saw us waiting for him. When we told him that we’d waited for 5 hours, he was like “Oh really? 5 Hours? Wow…But why?”. “Because we want to meet you”. “Awww”…. David is the sweetest guy on us.

    He signed for everybody, and when we asked for pictures, he was a little confused. I guess it’s because we were so excited that we couldn’t explain for him that we wanted to take picture with him, one by one. But then he said “Oh I guess so… Sure!” and took photos with all of us. Before we leave, he said “Hope to see you guys at the concert tomorrow”. His smile could kill everyone there! This is an unforgettable experience. A perfect ending for a perfect day 🙂

    Especially enjoyed both girl and guy fans squeeeing…the oh my’s and oohs and ahhs were just so spontaneous…they couldn’t believe it!!!

  15. Kizzi says:

    Exclusive David Archuleta’s interview(with Tuoi Tre Newspaper – the Youth newspaper, Vietnam) on July 21st, 2011



    -Many people said that American pop is too “sexy” for the time being, what do you think of that?

    David: Really? I usually sing pop music, so am I sexy? (Laughed) Well I think it’s not a big problem. There’re still songs that have positive meaning.

    -You came to Asia for your tour this time, so according to you what are the differences between the American listeners and the Asian listeners?

    David: I think we’re already born in differences, aren’t we? We are the individuals and of course our music hobbies are not the same. Maybe the American teenagers like to listen to dancing music more than the Asian teenagers. But what I realize through the tours I’ve had is that the music passion’s what we all have in common. No matter where you’re from, how you look like, what kind of language you use, the music through it all has the power to connect people together.

  16. Kizzi says:

    One more thing…well two:

    Livestream of Malaysia arrival tomorrow & July 26 concert: Malaysia! Arrival – 12:50 AM EST; Concert – 8 AM EST or so (main) (back up) (thank you to kristian at FOD)

    If you want to order the MoTab, CD and/or DVD go here —–>

    Free shipping if you order both but it won’t show as free til the end of the order. Thanks to FOD for posting info and link.

    Happy Sunday SAz. It’s kil-la weather down here in Florida today. The humidity is like a sauna!

  17. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Ms. Kiz!!!

    Hanoi vids starting to come in, wooot! Here’s Heaven (whole thing) from hoanganhnguyen … great audio!

    …and cute vid of Hanoi fans serenading David with TMH at the rehearsal before the show:

  18. TOfan says:

    New post/thread! And new Hanoi vids being added to the Vietnam video page as they become available!!!


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