He’s got that pressure, that David Archuleta

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Even before David Archuleta’s St. Patrick’s Day vlog, where he talked about planning, organizing and laying a foundation to build … a tower? … the fandom has been speculating like crazy about David’s next career move. Are major labels fighting over him? Will he go the indie route? Does he still not care if Jeff Fenster is calling?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about all the options open to artists these days. Signing with a major label — once the only path to success in the music biz — may offer bands and solo artists many advantages, but it’s certainly not the only route anymore. In fact, there are so many possibilities open to David, I can’t even begin to imagine how much pondering he’s been doing lately.

One thing that’s crystal clear is the most valuable asset that both artists and labels are chasing is a loyal fan base. That’s David’s secret weapon right now — along with his unparalleled talent. So — not that I was worried or anything, because I have moved on to excited expectation for whatever the future holds — but it’s reassuring to know.

Here are two videos I found fascinating and I hope you will too. Both feature Owen Husney, a musician, artist manager, and concert promoter based in Minneapolis. He was Prince’s first manager, and the person who arranged a (now famous) contract with Warner Brothers that allowed Prince nearly unprecedented creative control over his music.

In this video, Husney explains the pros and cons of signing with major label versus an indie label. That indies can offer artists more individual attention than major labels but less money to make a record and for major airplay. He explains that major labels are basically bean counters and if they feel you aren’t making enough money, they will drop you quickly. He feels the ideal situation is a major label with an indie offshoot, which can offer the best of both worlds. (If the video doesn’t show up below, check the top vid at right in “Must See” sidebar or watch HERE … sorry, I fail at embedding.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In this next video, Husney explains the duties of a manager — such as understanding, communicating with, fighting for, and protecting the artist. Husney also advises managers to surround themselves with the right kind of people.

Interesting stuff … what do you guys think about what he has to say?

Source (and more clips) HERE.

P.S. These Goodyear blimp pics are just too amazing not to post! Full. Of. Win. Source.

“This past January, American Idol favorite David Archuleta posted a blog on YouTube stating that his biggest New Year’s wish was to fly in a blimp. We thought it would be great fun to make his wish come true, and last Friday it did as David and five of his friends took to the skies in the Spirit of America. Pilot-in-Charge Jon Conrad flew them along the scenic route up the California Coast along the Palos Verdes peninsula, and for over an hour he was rewarded with a private performance from David and his friends as they sang a medley of hit songs a cappella. A highlight of the once-in-a-lifetime flight for David was watching a pod of dolphins playing and chasing the SOA’s shadow on the water as it passed overhead.

“Thanks for riding with us David! We enjoyed having you!”

Group shot! David, five of his friends and Pilot Jon Conrad just after their flight above southern California's beautiful coastline.

David takes the co-pilot's seat on Spirit of America.

David gives the SOA a boost as it prepares for it's next flight.


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41 Responses to He’s got that pressure, that David Archuleta

  1. Victoria says:

    Thanks for the informative post. I think David would appreciate knowing he has such caring and loyal fans!!

  2. pastelpastel says:

    Loved the second video (can’t see the first one). Thanks Deb!

    I thought what he said was interesting in that you have to really understand the artist and work to protect him/her in some way. For example, determine what to tell him and what not to tell him. And he really explained how an artist feels when their work doesn’t sell – that the public is rejecting them, since they put their heart and soul into it. I agree with that to some degree, if people have had the opportunity to really hear (and feel) the art. Accolades and comments from those who have had the opportunity to experience it also should shape and influence the artist, and propel him/her to continue.

    You are so right that David has his loyal fanbase firmly in place. Other artists are envious of that position. The rest of the ingredients just need to come together 😉 They will! Totally confident of that….

  3. peppertara says:

    Thanks TOfan, very interesting post, certainly leaves lots to ponder. Seems there are pros and cons with Major labels and with Indie ones. David is already a well known and established artist, which makes his situation interesting. Guess it all comes down to what David really wants and I am sure that he has some trusted, friendly advisors helping him make some important decisions.
    Good videos…Owen Husney is an interesting and bright fellow who obviously knows his stuff pretty well (couldn’t see the first video either but looked it up, no prob).

    That established and loyal fanbase that David has along with his tremendous talent, already puts him ahead of the game!
    Whatever decisions are made, I know that David will do what feels right to him and even if those decisions do not lead to the top of the financial stockpile, they will be the ones that David is happiest with. Most importantly we know he wants to make music and affect people in a positive way with that music, first and foremost.

    That said, I can’t help but feel (from my gut as David would say) that musically, the world is David’s oyster and the shell has only slightly opened to give us many precious glistening moments of that beautiful pearl. With time I think the shell will open completely and that pearl will beam across the world with it’s radiance! To me David’s future is limitless and I think he will astound people even more than he has in years to come. I’m hanging in there all the way, getting older ain’t gonna stop me either! I’m just very excited about David’s future, whether his next steps be small or big, I know one will lead to another and another and another. 🙂

    Oh and love the poppies too TOfan….and happy spring everyone!

  4. awestruck says:

    Very Cool TOfan – David’s unparalleled talent and his devout fan base, the best combo to start building that foundation!

    The Indie route – yes to someone ‘making bigger than life’ David’s strengths – performing LIVE would be one, imo. David needs someone(s) to help him take the time to grow within himself and a good manager seems the place to start. HMM wonder if Owen Husney is interested? Surround yourself with good people – I’ve heard this from David himself? or in reference to David…

    David has ‘revived’ a method of songwriting, seems to me he is edging in the direction to rely on himself more. He NEEDS full artistic control for his musical complexities to emerge. He made reference to TOSOD being about the lyrics and that the melodies were ‘simplistic’ (paraphrasing here) so GLAD to hear that he is doing his own thing and songwriting by himself.

    Yes TOfan I imagine David has had a LOT to ponder on…

    Sorry if this is disjointed, but writing on the run – so much more to say too.

    One last thing, a question: Because David already has an avid fanbase that will go anywhere to hear him perform – and will fill up the smaller venues that he may decide to play in – how does he build NEW fans? except through promotion? Seems to me like David is betwixt and between and Indie label and the Major label in terms of the kind of support he needs.

    • TOfan says:

      awestruck, “David has ‘revived’ a method of songwriting, seems to me he is edging in the direction to rely on himself more. He NEEDS full artistic control for his musical complexities to emerge” yes!!!

      It is exciting that we will get to hear songs that are 100% David, and it seems as though he is taking the time and control he needs to pursue this new direction of his. Sounds like he didn’t get this kind of “breathing space” when he was signed to the label.

  5. Heidijoy says:

    Very interesting information Tofan!! Hope David can get with a manager like this guy.
    I can see why David is saying he has to first build the foundation. Many of us have committed to David for life and want what is best for him. No wonder he is excited. He has learned so much in the last three years! …….and thanks for helping us learn too.

  6. Kizzi says:

    Good info TOfan.

    Husney relays some solid advice like “…understand who that artist is and make that artist happen by not exploiting that artist or turning that artist into something else…”

    David relayed ??something?? about his plans for the future in the St Paddy’s Day vlog; what those are is anyone’s guess. Sounds like he is starting at the bottom with a metaphorical “foundation” and then building up. He has some building blocks already in place (name recognition, fans, connections, networks) so how much more to make a solid foundation before he begins to build up will be interesting to see unfold.

    I think one building block to get firmly embedded in the “foundation” is who is his target audience? Another, what is his genre? Things that will bring a strong identification of who he is and who he appeals to besides the “kid” from American Idol and that tweens & grannies are his core fans.

    • TOfan says:

      It will be important for his manager & whoever does his marketing to figure out his target audience, but that sounds more like the business side of things (important, of course, especially, as awestruck points out, to reach new fans).

      As he said in his “decisions” vlog, David is right to focus on creating music he connects with and expresses what he wants to share, then, after it’s finished, figuring out who the audience for it might be. And if he does go the indie route, it can be an advantage to not fit neatly into any one genre but to have your own unique sound (I’m thinking of who I’m listening to right now, The Civil Wars, Adele and Mumford & Sons) … it might take him a while to shake the whole Idol thing though.

      • awestruck says:

        I’m really thinking he can have more that one target audience, but perhaps not until he establishes himself???

    • Kizzi says:

      I agree, he needs to create his music, his way and the genre and the target audience will then materialize.

      I’m thinking, imho, pure speculation here, and even though many cyber fans see the low sales of TOSOD as primarily a lack of promotion by Jive, that David is describing that he is going back to square one, and creating the building blocks of his craft, the foundation, and then he can build the tower, i.e. sales which fuels future music production which creates more sales….the cycle we want to see in perpetuity.

      If I wanted to speculate further, I’d surmise that the success of Crush and the good sales of his freshman album were not repeated with his sophomore album has lead to the going back to basics strategy. I’d further speculate, pure speculation for sure, that “Crush” and the freshman album sales were due, in part, to AI exposure.

      I’d also have to speculate that the roll out of SBL/TOSOD wasn’t the same as “Crush/freshman album…I think if they premiered SBL on z100 like they did “Crush” and continued to roll out SBL/TOSOD as they did “Crush”/freshman album then there would have been a lead single and a wider awareness of TOSOD. Certainly a lack of representation by a manager at such a critical time played into it. All water under the bridge now. 😀

      So the “foundation,” imho, is getting all the “right” building blocks into place before “selling” or releasing new music. I hope building the “foundation” includes a tour or two or more.

      Again, all pure speculation, 99.9% speculation for sure.

      • TOfan says:

        yes, please let the foundation building include tour plans! lol

        Re the rollout of SBL as the 1st single, I remember hearing (can’t remember where) that the production of the song happened without David’s input and in interviews he kept describing it as “radio friendly” (which sounded like Jive’s words) and actually laughed and said “No” when one interviewer asked if it represented what the rest of the album sounded like … which, of course, it doesn’t. It always seemed strange to me that he never sounded all that excited about SBL, the way he did about Elevator or TOSOD, and one of the lessons he might be taking away from all that is to make sure he only releases songs he’s 100% excited about, including the production.

        A week of meetings, hmm, lots of foundation work going on … put on that hard hat, David! 😆

  7. abanana77 says:

    Thanks for the vids TOfan! This guy totally knows what he’s talking about!

    Loved in the second video when he was talking about how a manager really needs to “get” their artist and not try to make them into something they’re not. That’s what I really want for David in a manager. I want someone who “gets” David the way we the fans “get” David.

    As for the indie vs big label question, that one’s really tough. I can see the pros and cons of both for David. He really does fit in the middle somewhere, doesn’t he? He seriously does have lots to think about!

    • TOfan says:

      abanana, that was my favourite section too, and I couldn’t help but think of the contrast with Melinda, who never seemed to “get” David or we fans at all.

  8. SandyBeaches says:

    TOfan, I stopped by very early this moning and admired your new border keeping the red, awesome.

    The videos are what we need to watch as most of us know nothing that is going on or why, in the industry that we are trying to follow.

    Oh my who would have thought that we ever would even want to know?

    Hmm, red and gray, peaceful…


  9. refnaf says:

    Great job TOfan! I find this info so interesting, never gave much thought to music as an industry before but we all know why that changed! I agree that David needs someone who `gets` him and and his fans and also how the industry has changed. This dude seems to understand the difference between how an artist may view their music as compared to the number crunchers, that an artist put his or her heart, soul and mind out there. I think David will choose what works for him and believe that he has learned a ton in last 3 action packed years.

  10. jackryan4DA says:

    Hi everyone!

    This is another fly-by and OOT. I just skimmed the last 3 threads and just want to convey my condolences to TOfan.

    My thoughts & prayers go to you & your family, esp your Dad.

    Work always helps me get by when I don’t want to feel pain from my Dad’s passing. Work and David’s voice 🙂

    TC everyone. Don’t forget to hug your loved ones. Got to go home now 🙂

  11. Amb4dja says:

    Tks for the research & interesting videos, TOfan~~

    2nd Video~”You have to take what is central to that artist and make it bigger than life…not try to change them or imprint your sound or do anything like that..” Bingo.
    THAT is what I’m waitin’ on to change in David’s world. And I believe it will. Man, if I were a mgr/producer/music type I’d be scrambling to get the likes of David and let him just beeee & shine, shine, shine. …heck what is “central to this artist is already bigger than life”…in and of itself.
    I think the music biz is rife with, (not just the bean counting execs), creative types who “get” the artistic soul and know how to work with & showcase them…David needs one of them in his camp. Though I bet it still is complex and complicated communicating it just right in this tricky business. Still I trust the POD. Power of David..to emerge.

    “Getting David”…it’s a term invented by his adoring fans…it seems we noticed the need for that early on. An obviously quirky, artistic soul, with a command of his musical sensibility. No cookie cutter model for this artist. The need to let him just BE…as he is BRILLIANT, and very adept at “being David.”
    I’ve thought about that often how the fans, in this aspect, seemed immediately to be ahead of the curve there…
    ex. Simon finds David’s choice of “You’re The Voice” as odd & tells David he’d be surprised if he even picked that song. The fans roll their eyes to Simon, as they see & hear David’s passion for why he chose that song, and already understand this is a kid with eclectic song knowledge & interests.

    Andrew Lloyd Webber tells David not to shut his eyes when he sings, the audience needs to relate to him through his eyes. True..but..an astute fan says and all understand: “When David closes his eyes he opens his soul.” The fans were right there with David…going deeper with him every time he closed those eyes.

    There’s a ton of examples like this…it is time for David to have a team that “gets” what his fan base does, and let that BE…in all it’s gloriousness.

    Tks for the chance to rant a little… 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      Amb4dja, rant away! Yes, yes & yes!!!!

      I’ve thought about that a lot too, how we fans are all so different, ages, walks of life, countries… yet we all “get” David, we speak the same language when it comes to him and his “quirky, artistic soul” as you put it so perfectly. And I so love that David gets that we get him and I really think that’s helped give him the confidence to know we’re behind him on this new path he’s taking and foundation he’s laying. Maybe he’ll find that dream team who gets his “gloriousness” in his meetings this week!

    • awestruck says:

      Love these comments!

      Fans coining the term ‘getting David’ and his understanding his “obviously quirky, artistic soul, with a command of his musical sensibility”.

      And this ‘Simon finds David’s choice of “You’re The Voice” as odd & tells David he’d be surprised if he even picked that song. The fans roll their eyes to Simon, as they see & hear David’s passion for why he chose that song, and already understand this is a kid with eclectic song knowledge & interests.”

      And THIS “When David closes his eyes he opens his soul.”

      Beautifully said Amb4dja

  12. Amb4dja says:

    LOL…Hi TOfan!
    Maybe he’ll find that dream team who gets his “gloriousness” in his meetings this week!
    “Yes, yes & yes!!!!” 😉

  13. TOfan says:

    LOL, hi back Amb4dja! 🙂

    Off-topic, but just added amazing photos from Goodyear’s FB page of David’s blimp ride to the end of the post … an hour of a cappella singing a medley of hit songs??? In a blimp???? *dies*

  14. canarchaudry says:

    What a great article and Husney video is quite informative. Thanks for the post, Deb:)
    Awesome pictures of David and friends blimp ride too! finally his wish came true haha…

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks, Audry! It’s so cool his wish did come true, it’s beautifully written all over his face! lol And the singing … on a blimp!?! Forget Glee, he LIVES glee! 😆

  15. emmegirl says:

    Tofan, thanks for the videos, very interesting stuff, and a timely post based on his tweet today.

    Agree with the consensus, he has yet to find a manager that has wholly understood him. I think he will take as long as it takes to find the right match. Wouldn’t mind if one of those “good” major labels Husney was talking about is looking for an extraordinary talent with unlimited potential and just as a little bonus, can charm your socks off.
    I think he is already beyond what an indie label can really do for him, unless his writing results in something completely different from what he has given us to date. And after all my gibberish, it doesn’t matter, I will be at peace with whatever he chooses.

    As far as a genre, indie could be a good place for him. I think that is truly who he is. Loved this awestruck, “David has ‘revived’ a method of songwriting, seems to me he is edging in the direction to rely on himself more. He NEEDS full artistic control for his musical complexities to emerge.”

    peppertara, love your wonderful pearl analogy.

    Kizzi, the marketing strategy was flawed from the very beginning.

    amb4dja, loooved your entire comment.

    As Heidijoy said, we are committed to him for life. And yes, hoping forming that foundation involves touring. I can’t help but think about how much he misses performing. He was born to be on that stage.

    • TOfan says:

      emme, I was thinking about that too, how much he must miss performing… too bad that Goodyear pilot didn’t have a pocket recorder! lol

    • awestruck says:

      emmiegirl – yes, perhaps he is beyond what and Indie label could provide for him in terms of building a fan base, but to me they may be the ones who have the managers who will allow full artistic control and this is where he needs to be able to take the time that an Indie label may give him to further develp his own songwriting and producing? skills. With a major label they seem to be more about the now money with not so much patience in actually allowing the artist the time he needs to develop and grow.

      • emmegirl says:

        Good point. And maybe also allow him more time for the life experiences that provide the base for that reservoir of musical genius that flows in and out of him.

  16. Angelica says:


    Thanks for a really informative article and the Owen Husney vids. I watched the two you posted twice and then followed your link to view the rest. Fascinating stuff. I hope David can find someone who believes in him = gets him, and knows how to really manage the real David. There is so much at stake and so many details that have to be attended to, whether he goes with a label or goes indie. Really sad what an abysmal state the music industry/radio has come to. I know exactly what he means by the groups and artists on the radio today, (he wanted so bad to name names but refrained) who are not going to leave a mark on this earth. It was powerful the way he talked too, about what it feels like to write and have your song, which is your mind and soul, rejected. Well, it’s a tough business and I just hope and pray that while David is planning and organizing this week and in the weeks to come, he gets the right people on his team. That will be crucial.

  17. jackryan4DA says:

    Sorry in advance if this has been posted but aside from HEYA, two more DA-penned song came up @ HFA but not yet in ASCAP

    HFA Song Code: W4725I
    Publisher Represented By HFA
    Artist Album

    (2) NOTICE ME
    HFA Song Code: N42385

    And most of the TOSOD trax are registered under HFA



    3. LOOK AROUND L68026

    4. NOBODY KNOWS N4022Z


    6. HEYA H49930


    8. GOOD PLACE G3767F



    11. NOTICE ME N42385

    12. LAST THING (IF ONLY), THE L7102Y


    14. FALL DOWN F4177E

    15. PARACHUTES P5888T

    See, our man has been busy! Or perhaps, inspired? 😉 Oh what a blimp ride cum chaperoned date (alleged) would do! Tee-hee

    • MunkFOD says:

      Do you have any background on “Fighting For You” ? When it was written and with whom? just wondering. I love that song.. and thanks for all the great info!

      • jackryan4DA says:

        Fighting for You was written by Mike K, Steve Diamond, Guy Roche and David. It was done two weeks prior to the completion of the debut album, along w/ ALTNOY, SOT, & ZG.

        If I remember correctly, Mike said they wrote the 4 songs in a span of 4 days while the AI Tour was on-going. At times David would do the recording at 2am so most of the time David was dead tired completing his debut album.

  18. refnaf says:

    “Maybe he’ll find that dream team who gets his “gloriousness” in his meetings this week!” <<<< That is my wish for his meetings this week **prays**

    Glad the Goodyear peeps posted pics!!! Would be cool to read his journal entry for that day!!

    Hey ((JR))

  19. TOfan says:

    Angelica, so true what you say about “leaving a mark” … more than fame or money or smash hits, that seems to be what David wants to do most with his music (which is the opposite way around for the big labels, it seems).

    JR, thanks, had not seen those titles! I did hear “Heya” was picked up by Big Time Rush but didn’t make it onto their latest album, and I see “What I’m Livin’ For” lists Pat Green? Must be so exciting for songwriter David to have other artists want to record his songs (which could be another important income stream for him… Owen Husney mentions that in THIS VID).

    Interesting that Pat Green is a country artist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bsj_mwQrpA

    • awestruck says:

      Oh yeah TOfan – songwriter David would allow him an ‘outlet’ to all his different musical style… and yes provide another source of income.

    • Kizzi says:

      That’s one of the upsides of TOSOD when looking at the big picture. Critics rated it better than the freshman album. Comments on the lyrics were very positive and the songwriting skillz were given a big nod. David has a storytelling knack not only in interpreting others songs, but in writing, imho.

  20. TOfan says:

    So someone just tweeted their boyfriend is auditioning for David today … whether it’s for recording or touring, yay!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. peppertara says:

    Someone auditioning for David can only be a very good thing…recording or touring!!
    What great pictures of David with the Blimp. Must have had a fabulous time, he looks very happy!…and all that Blimp singing too. 🙂

  22. TOfan says:

    So cool that the Children’s Hospital Gifting Campaign is up to 800 gifted CDs (And a Newfoundland hospital has been added to the list)! Details on AFS HERE. Love these messages from the gifted hospitals!

    1) One hospital said there is a nun there that goes the Child Life “ward” . She is a huge fan of David’s. She voted for him on AI and would talk about him “all the time”. The staff said it would mean alot to her to share this music with the Children, or provide a CD as a gift for comfort.

    2) Many hospitals many comments about the music today and how appreciated David’s music will be because of the positive message. One woman said “Oh, I know who he is..We can play him here” LOL!

    3) One Child Life Director said that they had 3 teenage girls in the hospital now with Cancer that would love to hear David’s CD.

    4) One director voted for David on AI, exercises to his music but didnt know he had a new CD out. She was so excited that they could use the CD with their patients..full of uplifting, happy, positive music.

    5) Many said they are going to use the CDs in their Music Therapy rooms, where children can go and relax to music and how music is so healing in many ways to the spirit of people.

    6) One director had never heard of David but the more we told her about him and his kind spirit and his music, we created a fan!

    7) One hospital said they would play David’s music in the chemo room, where the kids come in as outpatients and get their treatments. *sniff*

  23. TOfan says:

    New post / thread!


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