What do the Cowboy Junkies have to do with David Archuleta?

Okay, this is sort of a weird post. No, I haven’t lost my mind (at least I hope not), but when I came across this article about the Cowboy Junkies in The New York Times, all I could think about was how it all related to David Archuleta.

If you don’t live in the Great White North, you may never have heard of the Cowboy Junkies, but most Canadians of a certain age have … I think. They’re one of those long-time bands we sort of take for granted (like Blue Rodeo or the Tragically Hip) — they’ve practically become part of the landscape.

But until reading this, I didn’t realize why they’ve survived so long … their fans. Read on and let me know what you think….

From left, the drummer Peter Timmins, the bassist Alan Anton, the vocalist Margo Timmins and the songwriter and lead guitarist Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies, who have a new album.

Canadians Who Still Have Fun Being Somber
By David Belcher
Originally published HERE.
Haunted songs by the Cowboy Junkies like “Lonely Sinking Feeling” and “To Love Is to Bury” won’t be turning up on “Glee” one day, but this band has turned somber into a mysterious sort of success for 25 years.

The Cowboy Junkies’ music is moody and often solemn, and this Canadian alt-country group is best known for its slow, stripped-down covers of classics by Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling StonesNeil Young and Townes van Zandt, among others, sung in Margo Timmins’s ethereal smoke-and-honey voice. In 1988 the band scored a minor hit, its only one, with a reinterpretation of “Sweet Jane,” written by Lou Reed, from its second album, “The Trinity Session” (RCA), which went on to sell more than a million copies in the United States and two million in Canada.

But while countless other 1980s bands have fizzled out or disappeared after far greater success, the Junkies still pack clubs throughout North America and Europe about 75 times a year, thanks to a cultish, Deadhead-like following that seems to surprise outsiders.

“We never bought into the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle by moving to New York or Los Angeles,” said Michael Timmins, the lead guitarist (and Margo’s brother), who writes the band’s original music and lyrics. He, like his band mates, still lives in Canada. “We’ve just always made music, which is what we love to do. It’s kind of pathetic and really boring. Maybe part of that is being Canadian.”

Margo Timmins.

And now a band whose story seems to define quiet survival has seen its profile expand. Last week it played two sold-out shows in New York, performed at the Neil Young tribute concert at Carnegie Hall along with Patti Smith and the Roots, and recently appeared on“Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” And on Tuesday it released “Demons” (Latent Records), a tribute to the singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt, who died at 45 in 2009, and the second in the band’s four-album Nomad Series being released over the next year or so.

“There’s no other band that can stay that quiet and that dynamic at the same time,” saidRyan Adams, the alternative country singer who performed on 2007’s “Trinity Revisited”(Cooking Vinyl), a CD and DVD package that recreated “The Trinity Session” song for song. “They create tension by not adding tension. I sort of imagine them living in an attic in a library in Canada or something.”

The band’s long-running Web site is a big reason the group is still thriving. It’s a community center for fans and a clearinghouse for hundreds of “bootleg” recordings and Web-only downloads. Fans can stream free online or pay for individual song downloads or entire concert recordings. When they join the e-mail list, they receive three free downloads and for a one-time subscription fee of $150 they receive 300 of them.

The site also features intimate blog entries written mostly by the introverted Mr. Timmins (he wrote last week with mixed feelings about four jam-packed days in New York), early sketches of music and lyrics, and anatomies of albums from concept to finished product. The band encourages (and sells) the bootlegs — many of which are recorded by a fan known as Cookie Bob. (He brought the band a batch of ginger cookies years ago.)

“They really show the fans the writing and recording process, and these are educated fans who know a lot of music and music history,” said Jason Lent of Las Vegas, a fan of 17 years who followed the band around for four months last year after quitting his job. “Whether it’s sneaking a few fans into a sound check or coming out after a show to greet fans, the band genuinely wants to share its music.”

The Junkies had been planning to record an album with Chesnutt, who was partially paralyzed in a car accident in 1983, but he died after an overdose of muscle relaxants. “One of the hopes of this album is that it inspires people to seek out the originals and keep his music alive,” Mr. Timmins said. “We had intended to do an album where he would write the songs, and we would be the band. Now we’re trying to fulfill a bit of that desire.”

Michael, Margo, their brother Peter Timmins (on drums) and the bassist Alan Anton, a childhood friend, grew up in Montreal. Years of playing together as teen-agers eventually evolved into Cowboy Junkies, and the band developed a following on the Queen Street West scene in Toronto. (The band has played for more than 20 years with the solo artist Jeff Bird, who adds mandolin, harmonica, violin and other instruments.)

After “The Trinity Session” the Junkies released a series of modestly successful albums, including “The Caution Horses” in 1990 on RCA and 1996’s “Lay It Down” (Geffen), which speak to the changing of seasons, small-town gossip and tragedy, and an almost Southern Gothic approach to life and death.

After the band left Geffen in 1998, the Junkies moved to independent labels and built their own Web site, message boards and an online store, and they embraced social networking with the arrival of Friendster. Many of their covers — they smooth out the twang on the Rolling Stones’ “Dead Flowers” and pump up the bluesy guitar on Mr. Young’s “Cortez the Killer,” for example — are exclusive to the Web site.

“We are more about relating to our audiences than what the labels wanted us to be,” Michael Timmins said, referring, in part, to the band’s embrace of fan bootlegs. “That’s why we’ve survived. We might have had more economic success, but then I don’t think we’d still be around.”

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82 Responses to What do the Cowboy Junkies have to do with David Archuleta?

  1. TOfan says:

    Brought this over from the end of the last post, from Kizzi:

    Off Topic: I was pleasantly surprised by the Grammy Awards and surprised that JB didn’t get Best New Artist. Surprised, alot.

    Not b/c I have anything against JB. I don’t get into the if so-and-so promoted David he’d be as successful in sales as JB b/c they are as about as different as musicians as it can get…walking different paths and motivations so different. I pretty much think David is creating the path he wants, the way he wants, within the rules, contexts, and confines he wants.

    I took my 3 granddaughters who are JB fans to his biopic movie over the weekend. He has charm and a compelling smile. They LURV him as only a tween can and it’s loads of fun to see them in their throes of tween lurv. He didn’t talk much AT ALL in the movie though.

    And if you want to know how social networking can create exposure and sales to target audiences, the movie highlights that as an (unintended in my opinion) subtext. It also was patterned somewhat after Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” documentary…ack and double ack. The JB machine is savvy and smart. The sad thing to me was that it reminds me of Macaulay Culkin and the “Home Alone” craze in the 90′s….successful, much, at that point in time…but ultimately not a sustaining career that faded with age for many child stars.

    I hope not for JB but he will have to create another style and persona to move from teen heart throb to adult musician. Maybe Usher, as his mentor, can make that happen for him…time will tell.

    Makes me appreciate David’s path and measured pace, his focus on being himself and real.

  2. Taryn says:

    Very interesting article! This is a band who has learned how to thrive in an industry that people claim is imploding. I found this article compelling as well. These may be 2 examples of musical acts who are smart enough to handle the changes that come with technology. Instead of moaning about their music being stolen (I’m not condoning stealing music. I buy mine.), these guys have figured out how to work WITH the technology — not fight AGAINST it.

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks, Taryn, really interesting article! Loved this especially,
      “it’s about the music. It’s not about the outfits, not about the videos, they’re just trappings. It’s about what goes into your ears…
      Music is alive, it breathes, it’s something that gets inside and possesses you.

  3. peppertara says:

    First, I just want to repeat Kizzi’s statement “Makes me appreciate David’s path and measured pace, his focus on being himself and real.” Yes and yes and I think that is exactly what will sustain David in the long run, he’s a smart guy…marches to the beat of his own drum and people will relate to that and respect it. I personally love it.

    TOfan….thanks for an interesting post, I haven’t thought about the Cowboy Junkies for a while. It was interesting reading that article. Just goes to show you that being true to who you are and having a very dedicated fan base who believes in you can carry you in the years ahead….straight down the path you want to walk. I can sure see the similarities with David and his fan base. Over time his fan base will grow even larger and stronger and I know that David will always stay true to who he is. He’s planted some pretty wonderful seeds and look what has flourished!
    You don’t have to be the biggest moneymaker in the business to have a successful, fulfilling music career…..doing just what you love to do. For David, there is so much more to come too and so many others out there to amaze and astound.
    It’s nice to read that Cowboy Junkies are still doing all that touring and making albums, good for them and kudos to all their supportive fans.
    Love their song “Angel Mine” by the way, good stuff.
    You know, I’m certain that us “Archie Junkies” will be around for a long time supporting our man and his music while he follows his own remarkable path. 🙂

  4. joymus says:

    Hi TOFan,
    I have never heard of this group but sure appreciate the information this article provides about their survivability. If David and his team can read this I sure hope that many of the fan options this group offers can be considered. For instance, the fans will willingly pay for web-only concerts and maybe even studio recordings or song writing sessions if offered. More and more thinking outside the box seems to be on the upswing for most musicians due to the condition of the music industry. Isn’t Arcade Fire into that type of marketing as well? I really believe David can and will flourish by forging his own path. We just have to be patient and ‘disco’ with the flow – LOL.

    • TOfan says:

      joymus & peppertara, it is cool to read about these bands who don’t fit neatly into any one category (sound familiar? 🙂 ) and yet successfully forge their own path, as David will surely do, by remaining true and real with their music.

      Arcade Fire is def. one, and the U.K. band Mumford & Sons (who I admit I’d never heard of until they performed on the Grammys this weekend, but loved their unique sound so much, I downloaded their CD from iTunes!) … reading more about them, I found out they toured in small venues & performed their original songs for a while before recording them on their debut album (which they financed themselves, free of label interference).

      I know David doesn’t fit into the “indie” category either … and yet he sorta does. 🙂

    • emmegirl says:

      joymus, I love your ideas. Would I pay for select studio session videos, recording and song writing, in a nanosecond. And the cover idea, gaaah! Can you imagine what he could do with that? And how many times have we all said we wish we could hear every song he has recorded, whether it made the album or not. We need a brainstorming session and then pass it along to Melinda!

      Wish I had more time this morning, great stuff tofan!

  5. MunkFOD says:

    TOfan! Love this article! I tweeted it to Melinda. Great ideas! thinking outside the box…although I never thought of as a “cult” LOL! There are so many things that they have done to promote and increase longevity. It is pure genuis! I really hope Melinda takes the time to read the article! Thanks so much for posting! I know I am into the “David scene, music, voice, smile” for life! 🙂

  6. TOfan says:

    Got this in my Google alerts … a contest being run by Coca-Cola Philippines w/ David on the list of concert choices. A fan tweeted Melinda about it and she said it’s just a rumour … JR4DA, any clues???


  7. Angelica says:


    Great read. Thanks for the articles from both you and Kizzi. It’s clear that unless you are willing to sell your soul to the industry an artist will have to think outside the box these days. I love the attitude these groups have of knowing that it’s the fans who keep them alive and allow them be true to themselves. David has a very solid base of fans. Word. Do you have to go independant to implement these smart, innovative tactics? I’m not sure WEG is up for this as I would think they, like all management in today’s music industry, has a model they work from. ex: banning of any recording of his live show as stealing from David. It is not stealing, it is promoting. Anyway, the times they are a changing and David has come along at a pivotal point.

    • Kizzi says:

      Interesting points Angelica. Stealing vs. promoting in this digital, world-in-the-know-instantaneously age. Hmmmmm…lotsa challenges for musicians to be financially successful and mega opportunities to expand fan base outside of radio and tours. Good questions about WEG’s strengths.

    • TOfan says:

      good points, Angelica, I’m not sure WEG is up to the challenge either judging from their take on fan vids … it tells me they are out of step with the role of social media in general, not only in creating buzz for an artist, but in connecting and strengthening the existing fan base and sharing the David “wealth” with potential new fans.

      I watched some of the Brit Awards last night (U.K. Grammys) and the intros for a number of performers included how many hits on youTube they’d racked up for certain videos … so those do get noticed.

      • Nisha says:

        Ladies, we MUST hold ourselves tothega! lol (Fat chance o’ that) I just popped in to see what’s cookin’ in here today and KIZZI I HEAR YOU re: the Idol Machine Agenda and cannot argue.But more IMPORTANT that whole comment of yours BEGS to be a chart or a diagram!! kikikiki! Adult You/ Fan You. ok just kidding! I’ve got enough stuff (real life.. psh .lololol) to keep myself preoccupied til tomorrow nite. I’m banking on that to help keep my Pat-A-Panic Attack Nerve Centre from overheating without medication. Jonerz, now I wish I’d made an 11 x 17 proportioned version of that thing. So funny you printed it out!

      • Lucia says:

        in his e-book about choosing Imagine in the falnie: For the final song we [Dean and David’s dad] are leaning toward Imagine. We realized this might be risky since people loved it so much that there was a possibility that people wouldn’t think it was as wonderful as it was the first time they heard since the reaction the first time was so overwhelming, but we also felt singing that song would remind all the fans why they fell in love with David in the first place and rejuvenate David’s core fans So I guess it was David’s own choice to reprise it on the falnie night.

      • dyjghzo says:

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  8. embe says:

    Hi all.

    So I’m pretty sure I wasn’t meant to live in temperatures such as -40 celsius. But that happens to be the case. The baby doesn’t seem to like it either for it has been kicking for the past 2 weeks. In conclusion; DAVID, if you don’t arrange a tour soon so I can fly outta here, I swear I will not listen to TOSOD more than two times a day. HA. Yes, that is a threat.

    • TOfan says:

      {{{{{{embe}}}}} have been thinkin’ about cha … & embe jr.

      MunkFOD, maybe his “decisions” tweet is tour related! *hopes*

      • Widya says:

        {{{{happy}}}} he did, didn’t he? abanana, LOLI’ve just rhtcwaeed, ahem, a couple of times and I think what strikes me most is how much he made Imagine his very own tonight. The first version, though stunning, did remind me a little of Eva Cassidy’s this was David all David and nothing but David in all his glory. And how smart and wise and BRAVE to accompany himself on piano on such a big night. And how he sacrificed some of his own volume to turn and connect with the crowd. Love, love, LOVE him.Thanks, Kizzi! Hi Ninaf! *waves*

    • Elver says:

      LYRICS: Los Pasteros a Belen (Eager Shepherds on their Way)Los pastores a bele9n coerrn presurosos(Eager shepherds on their way to the Betlehem stable)Llevan de tanto correr los zapatos rotos(Running onward wth great haste o the infant’s cradle)Hay hay hay que alegres van(Ay, ay, ay, with joy they run)Hay hay hay si volvere1n(Ay, ay, ay, back home they’ll come)Con la pan pan pan, con la pan(With a tap, tap, tap, with the tap)Con la pandereta y las castaf1uelas(With the tambourine tap & the castanet snap!)Un pastor se tropezf3 a media vereda(A pastor stumbled in the middle of the path)Y un borreguito grito:a1este aqued se queda!(And a little lamb cry: This is it, it’s here!)Hay hay hay que alegres van(Ay, ay, ay, with joy they run)Hay hay hay si volvere1n(Ay, ay, ay, back home they’ll come)Con la pan pan pan, con la pan(With a tap, tap, tap, with the tap)Con la pandereta y las castaf1uelas(With the tambourine tap & the castanet snap!)

    • Ilma says:

      GESU BAMBINO, finally thknas to 15263457689Check out the rest of her/his vids – she got the complete set of Dec 18 concertMeanwhile am so happy that this was captured. I was wondering if someone could still capture the REPRISE of the the FINALE number, done after the Choir gifts their guest artists w/ flowers. Thanks to margonui75, we can preview it (Sept is too much, too long!)Aside from Gesu Bambino, I have been waiting for someone to upload this final segment when the guest performers are gifted w/ flowers and a plaque of appreciation, then the segue to reprising the finale number see him belting that glory note, with the flowers! G.A.H.I do hope someone would post the number after this the choir sing their farewell thank you number to the guest performer God Be With You Till We Meet Again

  9. MunkFOD says:

    David making BIG decisions! ummm and he’s excited about the future! YES! If he’s excited then I am too! yippeeeee! 🙂

    • Prem says:

      YJ, I can totally hear David sanyig that! & Delisa, oh ya, I’m happy too not sure how much work I’m going to get done today tho’ my Pat-a-Panic Attack Nerve centre is in high gear!!!!!!SB, wow, that would be a cool part-ay (Note to self: save up for private ArchuJet ). Betsy, LOLOL.Wouldn’t it also have been cool if Brooke, Michael Johns & David had come back and rocked out Let it Be together again for Lennon & McCartney week? Just sayin’

  10. TOfan says:

    @MelindaWEG just tweeted this:

    Attn David Fans- unfortunately WEG and David have chosen not to continue work. We wish him the best in whatever he choses to do. More 2come

  11. refnaf says:

    Wow, wow, wow…… a new future is unfolding….. TOfan this article is very timely, IMO David needs some new and innovative ways to be marketed and promoted and the stuff the CJ are doing would make so much sense for him!!!

  12. MunkFOD says:

    wow…you guys…. tears… got this tweet… 🙂

    Davidsbackpack David’s Back Pack
    by MunkFOD
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DMTMMwmCt4 Wise words. Hang on for the ride of your life.

    • Arif says:

      OK, I found this comment from SLTribune take heed those atntdnieg tomorrow’s event:My son had tickets to this concert tonight, something he was looking forward to for months. He received parking passes with the tickets and arrived at the designated parking lot an hour before the concert. The lot was full. He and his wife drove around SLC for a half an hour before they parked up near the capitol and walked down to the Conference Center. They got in a long line (designated for ticket holders) and after 15 minutes in line they announced sorry, the Conference Center is full. They were not able to attend the concert.If you have tickets for the Friday or Saturday concerts make sure you arrive in SLC at least two hours in advance! That way you won’t waste $20 on gas and be disappointed.

      • Mandy says:

        I think my excitement about seieng David sing in my living room again is gradually eclipsing my distrust and disdain for all things Idol, helped immensely by your great comments, thanks, guys!!! Esp. these excellent points about what’s good about it:KT: We may even have some dates announced on Wednesday in front of the big audience be still my ♥peppertara: It will make him happy that his fans are happy and excited about him performing true, *sniff*Monica (& beebee ): Yay David on Idol!!! Hair!!! And my fave reason of all:{{{Refnaf}}} There must be people out there who need to hear his voice singing this song, and if AI is the vehicle for that, so be it.

  13. comolaflor says:

    I have thought about this situation and wish to believe that David will continue singing but if he is not signed on to another major label it will be because he refuses to sell his soul and has signed with a label who will allow him to explore his music or he’s going indie. Either way, I AM EXCITED!! Please allow me this fantasy because the thought of David singing what he wants and how he wants sounds like AN ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS IDEA TO ME! This is my fantasy and anybody who temporarily wishes to indulge in such thinking is most welcome. A girl can dream even if for a little while. 🙂

    (My crazed thoughts are now on auto being cooled down by massive turbine fans!!! And it looks like I have lost my mind completely. Que sera, sera)

    • MunkFOD says:

      I am with ya! dreamin on!

    • TOfan says:

      LOL, comolaflor,
      You’re absolutely right! David tweeted he was excited for the future, so I say let’s hop on for the ride, whatever happens! That said, we don’t know for sure what’s happening with his label. The rumours flying around Twitter are a result of Melinda’s *cough*unprofessional*cough* tweets to fans after being fired by David, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

      Always remember….

      Trust The Archulator 🙂

  14. abanana77 says:

    Crazy day in the Archuworld. I am waiting to hear from David, but overall I am excited about these changes. I keep waiting for David to tweet, but I almost think his next tweet will be about food or something unrelated haha 😛

  15. peppertara says:

    Big surprising news!….and yet not so surprising in a way. Definitely have faith in David and I am excited for the future too! Could mean new label, new mgmnt or? Who knows but I know that David will follow the right path for himself. Hopefully we will get a vlog from David sometime soon. Lots of speculating again by the fans, lol. Some are worried that David may be taking time off and others speculating other things. Will just sit tight until some news comes our way. Not thrilled about M’s tweets either, gee whiz. Oh well, I’m sure David is just putting one foot in front of the other, he’s a pretty wise fella.

  16. TOfan says:

    okay, off-topic, but hiLARious … & I’ve never seen the short clip at the beginning!

    • Rafael says:

      , You’re going to have to do a song that’s already been caeerld. And so, you know, hey, Imagine — I guess it was meant to be. I guess it was meant for me to sing it again and show what I loved about the song, and why I love music. I think it’s such a perfect song and message, and just one I really feel like I can show people what I love.YJ, thanks for finding that, maybe Dean was talking about his & Jeff’s thought process after David’s 1st choices were nixed.Interesting how those last two sentences apply this time too, hmmm.Betsy, LOL.

  17. Kizzi says:

    Whoa. What happened in Archu-Cyber-Land since I last looked in????? Did the sky fall? Was it Archu-geddon? So David left WEG. Sounds like his contract with them had on out clause early on and he exercised it. And then our sweet, savvy, in the know Melinda (*snideness extremetis*) tweets her, shall I say “disenchantment” with his decision and then kinda-sorta implies he’s gone from Jive?????? Makes me think of what that wise sage, Forrest Gump, said, “Stupid is as Stupid does.” 😀

    Frankly I found her rough around the edges persona difficult to see in action.

    Let’s see what David announces in his own good time as usual.

  18. TOfan says:

    right on, Kizzi! I figure M/WEG were on a trial period only … watching some of the Grammy speeches Sunday night, I couldn’t help notice how many of the artists thanked their management for “believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself” … THAT’s what great management should do for an artist. And the relationship needs to be a good fit, esp. with all the traveling and events and time spent together.

    off-topic, I don’t know if this Impressive Displays company has actually been hired to do anything for David, but they are working away on something nonetheless. Loving their positive tweets, like these new ones:

    @ImprssvDisplays @davidarchie NOTHIN’ STOPS – FULL SPEED AHEAD!! from @ImprssvDisplays Change*is*Good

    immediately followed by:
    @ImprssvDisplays @davidarchie NOTHIN’ STOPS – FULL SPEED AHEAD!! from @ImprssvDisplays Sometimes change is needed and it’s good

  19. TOfan says:

    So it’s official, according to the Hollywood Reporter, David has been set free from the sinking ship that is Jive Music!:
    “After Twitter lit up last night with rumors that David Archuleta had been dropped by Jive Records, his label home since 2008, a Jive spokesperson confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that “David was released from our roster.”

    Read rest HERE.

    • awestruck says:

      David was RELEASED from Jive – sound like a mutual decision especially in light of David’s tweet… hate how the title of the article says Jive DROPS David…

      This actually does not surprise me, Daivd had a 3 album contract with Jive and he tried it their way – and learned about ‘the business’ along the way.

      I have commented before that I thought David would leave Jive then. I have also commented before that I thought David should set up his own label and do it his way. No existing company knows how to think outside the box when it comes to promoting someone as musically diversified as David.

      Maybe David will follow in the marketing footsteps of the Cowboy Junkies – timely article TOfan. Or, maybe David will do it HIS way. At any rate, he will make it work out somehow I have no doubt.

    • Daniya says:

      Am being anal again with the vids am posting but would you beelvie we have 3 sets (2 vids/set) of PRESSCON VIDS?SET A Q&A vids courtesy of KSLNews over 16 minutes[already posted above – see Vids 25-23a & 25-23b in my YT channel]SET B Longer unedited vid cr LDSOrg Newsroom over 24 minutes[still uploading – see Vids 25-29a & 25-29b in my YT channel]SET C RAW footage by Fox13NOW about 30 minutesVid 25-30a Part 1Vid 25-30b Part 2Enjoy!

  20. peppertara says:

    Happy Birthday TOfan (I understand it’s your Birthday today)? Hope it was a great for you!
    Have a lot of faith in David and so do a lot of people out there, I know things will work out just fine for him…he has a brilliantly lit future! Will keep the faith and wait patiently while continuing to support him (felt like picking up another copy of TOSOD today so I did (will gift it to someone).
    Interesting tweets continue to come from Impressive Displays….definitely seem to support David, kudos to them. This was another message they left on one of the fansites recently:
    “Hi everybody. As the owner of a business I share a unique understanding of what David is trying to do. He is a talented artist working his way up the musical ladder and doing it on his ‘own terms’ and sharing as he goes. This is something we all need more of today in this world. As many of you know, we are creating a full graphics theme program for David to show just a hint of what is possible as he continues to tour and grow in his career. We are not looking to gain from this, in fact, it’s a lot of work and will take weeks to complete – but we hope it contributes in some small way to a larger concept of David gaining momentum and touring BIG. David we support you and please don’t ever change. Oh, and by the way – yes, I am serious about the skydiving thing …”
    (seems someone wants to go skydiving with David). 🙂
    Dave K – Impressive Displays

  21. peppertara says:

    TOfan…meant to say “hope it was a great day for you”. Tired this evening. 🙂

  22. Kizzi says:

    Happy Belated Birthday TOfan!!

    • Galina says:

      Beebee> I am all for you doing up a Adult You/ Fan You. diagram . just sayin’.This is a roellr coaster . wanting to seeDavid perform live (even if it is AI), and not wanting him on this silly manipulative show Up, down, all around grrrrrr if he knew what our brains are like he would feel honoured to have such passionate fans. (I hope)All I have learned in the past 2 years boils down to Trust the Archulator . He will make lemonade .

  23. Heidijoy says:

    Happy Belated Birthday TOfan! I appreciate your positive site and all you do for David and his fans.

  24. TOfan says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! Esp. since I put my back out on my big day & now can barely move! Thank goodness for laptops!

    Peppertara, thanks so much for that message from Impressive Displays, it made my day! Reinforces that the goodness and heart and beautiful soul that is David is such a powerful force for good that it radiates out in ways and to places we may never expect. David’s tweets this morning too … that “things are going where I feel they should” warmed my heart … for if things are going in a direction that David’s happy with, then I’m happy too.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{huge group hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Love you guys!

  25. Kizzi says:

    Great to hear from David. He’s a class act. Happy that he’s doing what he wants.

    So here’s a little not so SAz’ish rant: Reading around the web, it brings home the limitations of being a freakish fan. For some are playing the game of “I Know Better Than David” or “Who DunIt: Finger Pointer’s Bliss” or “I Told You So: Jive Sucks and I Said it First” or “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” or even “ArchuGeddon: The Sky Has Fallen and I’m Patting Myself on the Back for Predicting It.” Geeezzz Louizzzz!

    I totally get expressing disappointment, fear, frustration, etc. and taking responsibility that those feeling are one’s own. I don’t get blaming David, his age, his experience, his decisions, etc. because, seriously, the facts in are about 5% and pure speculation is about 95% at this point. Let the guy tell us in his own time. He OWES us nada, nothing, not one single thing. He’s given us his music and his thanks and his time. We’re even.

    Sara Barielles’ latest hit song says it all, “…who died and made you King of Anything?” It’s David’s turn to make his own decisions. Whatever they are, they are his, life goes on, and our life’s journey continues as does his.

    • Abanana77 says:

      ((( kizzi ))) love it! You are so right, he owes us nothing!

      Loved David’s tweets, he reassured us that he’s fine, he acknowledges our support and leading by example by moving on and getting excited for what’s coming up next. All without without saying anything bad about anyone. He could have had huge issues with WEG or Jive but I’m pretty sure he’s never going to talk about them publicly. And I like that, that’s class. As curious ad I am, we don’t need to know what went on behind the scenes.

      David’s said he think his life has a plan and a purpose. He seems to be taking this as just the next step of his life journey and I am excited to support him wherever that journey takes him!

      Won’t be on here probably for the next couple days, off to Florida! Hopefully I don’t miss too much while I’m gone 🙂

      • TOfan says:

        Have an amazing sunny wonderful time, abanana! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Kizzi says:

        Where in Florida abanana? Have a wonderful time. I’m in Florida and its 79 degrees farenheit. Have fun in the sun!

      • Abanana77 says:

        Orlando. Me and some of my friends are going to Harry Potter World 😀

      • Kizzi says:

        Heard it was awesome. If u get a chance go into orlando and eat at The Bubble Room. Its an unusual place. And if u have time Blizzard Beach is a blast.

    • TOfan says:

      I hear ya, Kizz, but hasn’t that always been the case in ArchuWorld? lol

      Armchair quarterbacking isn’t limited to sports, after all. 🙂

      I think part of all the hair pulling comes from real affection and loyalty for David, and the rest is just, well, human nature.

      I agree 100%, it’s his path & he owes us nothing … I do feel personally, however, a huge debt to him & I’ll continue to do everything I can to support him (and I’m sure most of us here feel the same way). You may laugh at how I’ve been demonstrating that support lately. Despite being barely able to move without wincing in pain, I’ve been trying to comment at the different sites that declare in big bold letters that Jive “dumped” David to let people know how awesome the album is.

      Don’t worry, I use different names & try to tone down my uber-fandom, lol. I just figure this is the most press David’s gotten in AGES (in fact, I’ve seen tons of supportive comments on these sites from people saying things like, “Archie’s got new music out? I wish I’d known”) … so if I can do my little part and spread the word that (a) 63,000 in sales in pretty dang amazing for a CD with no promo; and (b) it. is. an. awesome. album. … then even if it has no effect at all, I at least feel like I’m giving something back to David for the incredible gifts he’s shared with us.

    • TOfan says:

      meant to add, loooove it when you rant! <3333

  26. Angelica says:


    Happy belated birthday! Hope your back is better?


    I agree with everything you said.

  27. TOfan says:

    sorry to spam guys, must be the painkillers, lol, but this LA Times profile of Joy Williams & The Civil Wars’ success ties in perfectly with the Cowboy Junkies article:

    “The Civil Wars provide a powerful example of how musicians who can’t afford or aren’t suited for grand pop spectacle can make a mark in today’s changing music industry.

    Read rest HERE.

  28. emmegirl says:

    tofan, Haaaappy Birthday! Sorry about the back, hope you’re on the mend soon!

    Kizzi, love your comments!

    I find it tough to worry about David. He is one of the most pragmatic, intelligent, strong, forward-moving, and I’ll say it again, smartest, people I have ever seen.
    And he will have a myriad of opportunities presented to him.

    • Kizzi says:

      emmegirl ((((waves)))) Read your comment at The Voice: “…Life experience begets growth. And this man never misses an opportunity to learn and grow. I think he relishes in it – it feeds an insatiable desire to become a more complete person himself, and to better understand others. The more he understands the human condition, the more he can help it. I think it is part of what drives him.”


      P.S. I’m at a spa today with friends so have some time to spend on the net. 😀

  29. peppertara says:

    TOfan, really hope your back heals soon. Ouchhh! Yes, I have been there too, know how it feels.
    Lovely, wonderful comments here from everyone. So much love out there for David and so much coming back from him. The world has to be a better place because of it.
    Just loved David’s tweets today, I think the fans are breathing a little sigh of relief now. Also loved his little smiley at the end of his tweet. Have a feeling all sorts of possibilities and opportunities are out there for David, could be things in the works right now. We all just need to be patient….good things are coming, I’m sure of it.

    With David’s latest tweet he sounds like he is having a good time:
    DavidArchie David Archuleta
    Watching monster trucks for the first time at Dodger Stadium, but man has it been raining!
    1 hour ago

    Here is David’s cryptic message in that tweet translated by a fan (LOL):
    FSteven Fuad $teven
    Translated: Had meeting with major labels (monster trucks) in LA (Dodger Stadium). Everyone’s so emotional (raining).
    43 minutes ago

  30. emmegirl says:

    peppertara, love the cryptic tweet lol! And I can see the offers pouring in…
    there is just too much talent in that young, incredibly masterful artist with long term, off the charts potential for there not to be.

    It could be denial I guess, but I have no worries that this is about quitting.
    I think if he had made a major life decision such as that he would be home
    in Utah with family and friends and not in LA. He’s just putting one foot in front
    of the other cause nothin’s gonna break his stride.

  31. TOfan says:

    peppertara, that translation is hiLARious! When I saw David’s tweet this a.m., my first thought was “David’s tweeting about monster trucks … all is right with the world” lol

    emmegirl, I was thinking the same thing, the fact that he’s still in L.A. and not in Utah tells me something’s in the works… something D’s happy about. 🙂

    And I’m so heartened by the positive comments I’ve been reading on all the doom & gloom “Jive dropped Arch” stories … it’s like back when he was on Idol, and the one to beat, most of those sites & their commenters were focused on spewing hate … now mostly what I’ve been seeing is either “he’s a great talent, he’ll be fine” or “he has an album out??”

    In fact, acc. to @AnnieDAFG, “TOSOD has climbed up about 1000 spots on amazon’s ranking, it was somewhere between 2,000-3,000 on Friday, today it’s on 1,368.”

    So maybe some of those peeps who bought his 1st album are only now hearing about TOSOD and actually buying it, wooot!

  32. silverfox says:

    I agree emmegirl!

    I too feel that he would have gone back to Utah after it all went down if he had plans other than continuing making great music. Instead, he brought little sis to LA to spend her B-Day with him there. If he was thinking of taking a leave, would he have done that? I don’t think so.

    David has not yet reached his full potential. We’ve only seen glimpses of what David is truly capable of. Like his performance with the MOTAB Choir for example. We know he can sing a n y t h i n g…it’s been said & he’s proven it over & over again. The experts in the field of music I’m sure, have seen and heard this musical genius as well and know as we do what a gem he is. David is aware of his rare gift and his responsibility to share that gift. I can’t imagine him wrapping his God-given gift & putting it on a shelf to be opened at a later time…like in two years! No!

    I sense a peacefulness in his tweets. I think he may have more than one or two labels pursuing him. He’s right in taking this weekend to have a good time with his sis before getting down to the business of settling down with a label & new manager. I feel David will not take this step & new opportunity to forge a new path lightly. I believe he didn’t have that choice when he was signed with Jive being that he was a minor at the time and with all the excitement, he just went along with it. He is his own man now. He may ask for advice from those he trusts who have his best interests at heart and no hidden agendas, but seems to me David ultimately does what he feels is right for him. I believe he is the kind of man, as young as he is, who will always take full responsibility for mistakes or mis-steps he may make and still be humble enough to give praise to others & to his God when things are going great which he always seems to do.

    I do think also, had TOSOD been a mega hit (with in my book, it is!), Jive would be loving them their gem David and would be renegotiating a long term contract with him naturally. But I think David would still be saying Adios, Sayonara, Revoir, Ciao, Cherrio, So long, & bye-bye! to Jive. I think he was counting the weeks these last few months to be released from the ties that were binding & choking his artistic freedom from being expressed freely.

    Truth be told…I’m a little scared of what David will unleash on his public once he’s given complete free reign to do so which I hope his new label will have the vision & foresight to make happen…..YIKES!

    • Kizzi says:

      SF – always love to hear your perspective! Very soothing and uplifting.

    • TOfan says:

      {{{SF}}} Absolutely, right on! And when I listened to the TOSOD title track today, every word took on new significance:

      Here I am with all these questions hanging from my ceiling low
      One by one they all keep telling me ‘I told you so’
      Everywhere I turn I see red lights flashing over my head
      Oh no, oh no, oh no [insert “HUH!” here 😆 ]
      In a whirl-wind spinning, yeah somehow it knocked me off my feet
      But I know better than to let it get the best of me,

      I could give up, I could stay stuck, I could move on
      So I put one foot front of the other,
      No, no, no, nothing’s gonna break my stride,
      I keep climbing, gonna keep fighting until I make it to the other side of down.
      In the sky, I’m standing under all I see is endless rain
      I think I spot a silver lining hiding in the gray
      I might get tossed around, but I’m always bouncing back, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh
      I could give up, I could stay stuck, or I could move on,
      So I put one foot front of the other,
      No, no, no, nothing’s gonna break my stride,
      I keep climbing, gonna keep fighting until I make it to the other side of down
      On the other side of down, it keeps calling me, where I wanna be
      On the other side of down, it keeps calling me, where I wanna be
      Where I wanna be

      Says it all, eh?!

  33. KT says:

    Good Morning SAz!

    Count me in the camp that says good riddance!

    Actually I think everything is going according to plan and I would be far more concerned if the “big news” was that he compromised his principles in order to increase profits for the label and manager. That press conference during is Asia trip gave a glimpse as to the challenges he faced and for him to talk about the challenges to that extent tells me that there was likely a lot more going on behind the scenes.

    The music industry is fascinating. I think that when industries are in such flux it is innovating thinking that leads the way. Hopefully David has advisors who are innovative thinkers. I found the article below by Jeff Price. He has a worked for a number of years in the music industry. Granted he does have a bias towards independent music since he owns a company catering to the artist. Nonetheless I think he makes some great points. He writes the article from the perspective of a rock or alternative band but the concepts are easily translatable to individual artists.

    By Jeff Price:

    Sometime in the 90’s, “artist development” for rock and alternative bands, got turned on its head. Gone were the days of a major label aspiring to propel an artist over many years to “rock legend” with multiple releases, tour dates, interviews and in-store appearances (Led Zep, Rolling Stones, Springsteen, The Byrds etc). Instead, new artists were given six weeks from the street date of their debut album to have a radio/MTV hit. If the first single from the album failed, the artist would typically get dropped; their career effectively over before it even began.

    This change occurred with the consolidation of the music industry under multi-national billion dollar companies (many publicly traded). Gone were the days of patience for a “return on investment”. Instead, the world boiled down to revenues earned over the last 90 days. Shareholders demanded quick growth, the value of a company lived and died by what was reported and booked every quarter of the year. If the company invested $1 million dollars into a band in January, it cared only about how quickly it could see its money back and how much profit would be made.

    This get rich quick strategy helped destroy the value of labels and the careers (and potential careers) of thousands of artists.

    Before the record label consolidation, an artist would get signed, an album would get recorded, the release would get set up and distributed. The artist would tour as the label promoted the artist/album building up the fan base and credibility. The band would gain experience playing live, learn things in the studio and grow as musicians. About a year later, the next album would be released, this time to some anticipation by the existing fans, and the same cycle as with the first album would repeat – building, playing, learning, touring, gaining new fans – until the next album came out. It was the artist’s later album, built on years of learning and credibility, that would go multi-platinum providing the final piece of the puzzle in defining them as a “legend”. Once at that status, an abundance of opportunities and wealth would arrive for many years to come via gigs, merchandise sales, advances and band and publishing royalties. The label would experience a huge spike in back catalog sales from new fans discovering and buying old albums selling as many copies of a catalog album in a single week as they did over the previous year. There were no label marketing costs directly tied to these catalog sales thereby generating huge amounts of high margin money for their bottom line.

    Or said another way, the value of a major label like EMI (or make that Citigroup due to its recent acquisition) is not from one new Beatles’ album, it’s from the entire Beatles’ catalog. These older albums sell and sell and sell yielding huge financial returns that dwarf income made off of just one hit album.

    In the old music industry, the true monetary value for the record label and artist was in the catalog of created and released works – each song, album, EP selling a little (or a lot) each day, week and year creating a large and steady recurring and predictable stream of income (“recurring and predictable income” is the holy grail for financial institutions). The shift to a new strategy of just six weeks to “have a hit or you’re dead” flew not only in the face of artist development but also in the face of long term financial gain while radically changing the way the game was played.

    A quick financial return strategy in the music industry could only be accomplished in one way, a mass-consumable commercial radio/video hit single. Bands began to be signed not for their current and future value, but for just the one hit they may have written. All label bets were placed on the one single as it was sent to radio and MTV with hopes of airplay, reaction and consumer sales. Radio and MTV gained massive power being the only outlets to allow this quick explosive growth, and the labels were willing to pay them whatever it took to gain the media exposure.

    The music world went topsy turvy – debut albums became an artist’s best selling album with subsequent releases selling far less (Spin Doctors, BloodHound Gang, Alanis Morissette, Hootie & The Blowfish, Third Eye Blind, Better Than Ezra, Marcy Playground etc etc etc). Gone were the days of development, catalog and box sets; in their place came the world of “one hit wonders” whose value dissipated as quickly as it arrived.

    This is not to suggest that these bands or songs were good or bad, nor is this to suggest that the phenomenon of “one hit wonders” was not happening through the entire history of the music industry. What was different was the lack of bands being nurtured, supported and given time to grow and develop at the world’s largest labels. Lawyers, calculators and quarterly profit and loss statements replaced the ears and creative passion of music executives like Seymour Stein, Ahmet Ertegun, Lenny Waronker and Mo Ostin.

    Bloated artist contracts were an additional side effect of this new get rich quick strategy – understandably, artists, lawyers and managers were demanding larger and larger advances on future albums as a major label would only exercise the option due to the previous album being a financial hit. Percentages of these large advances went into the pockets of the managers and, in some cases, the lawyer’s, incentivizing them to take the money and run. Marketing spends went through the roof as the labels tried to hit grand slam home runs. Albums selling a few hundred thousand copies that were previously seen as a success were now redefined as failures.

    As more than 98% of the bands signed were not hits, the labels could not justify nor afford the huge advances previously negotiated and the bands were dropped, their careers stunted and ended before they even really began.

    As this new shortsighted strategy progressed for over a decade, the labels woke one day and realized what they had done – for the past fifteen years they neglected to build up a valuable catalog of work that people would continue to buy over a long period of time. The older “legacy” catalog of Pink Floyd still sold, but there was nothing taking its place, nothing being incrementally added – even rock legends die, taking their chest of musical riches with them to grave. This left only one option, buy even more into the new vicious cycle, do even less artist development, spend more money on marketing, invest more in videos, up advances, swing like mighty Casey at bat for that elusive home run and hope to god something hit.

    Had there been more patience, less greed, less focus on next month’s bottom line the magnificence of the industry could have been perpetuated through its creativity. Not only would these media companies have been reaping far greater financial rewards, but the artists and the music fans most likely would have had a different view of the entire industry.

    The good news is the cycle has been broken, artists no longer singularly need a label to have a career; there is now a choice. The lessons of the past combined with the technology and opportunity of today can quite possibly create a return to the true cultural and long-term financial value of music. Through new media outlets and social networking, bands and fans can connect in more personal and meaningful ways. Fans are now able to more directly and meaningfully support their favorite musicians over the long term enabling the artist to create a significant body of work through their lifetime. The control of a band’s career has shifted from the label to the artist – be it the path of Vanilla Ice or Radiohead, the choice, success (or failure) is the artists to make.

  34. Kizzi says:

    Great article KT. And the last line is so apropos: “…the choice, success (or failure) is the artists to make.”

  35. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


  36. Gurbaj says:

    happy Juliet, forsooth! LOLI, mesylf, like to quote John & Paul and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make so much love in the air tonight does the heart good!oooo, one more from Canada’s own Masterclass Lady (her link’s in the blogroll):Seated quietly at the piano, he performed another inspiring version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, once again reminding all of us that he is a force to be reckoned with. The sophistication and poise he brings to this performance is pretty amazing. How he is able to pack so much into one song and yet make it sound flawless and effortless is beyond me. He is truly a rare and precious gem in the musical world.

  37. qqsfYH says:

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