Happy Valentine’s Day, David Archuleta!

To David Archuleta, love Almond. β™₯

This post is intended to embarrass the ohmyheck out of David Archuleta. How? By listing all the myriad ways we love him. Scratch that. LOOOOOVE him.

I’ll start things off, and feel free to add your own list in the comments.

1. Voice of an angel’s guardian angel.

2. Heart as big and open as the sky.

3. He’s only assaulted our senses with this shirt once.

"What?? ... It was on sale!!"

4. He’s got stretchy cheeks.

6. He wields a mean megaphone.

Credit: pabuckie


7. He writes soulful pop songs that make me feel enriched and alive.

8. He’s just David.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Your a rambler and a gambler and a sw…“, posted with vodpod

9. Oh, and this….

So, what do you guys think … have I missed anything? πŸ™‚ Please share!

*Card up top from HERE.

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46 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day, David Archuleta!

  1. peppertara says:

    TOfan, just love your Happy Valentine’s Day David wishes and everything you’ve listed. I especially love the card from Almond, lol…..too sweet! So many things to love about dear David (and yes…so many things to embarrass him with)! Something else I love are the very sweet Valentine’s wishes in song that he has done via phone for the fans. Last year’s lovely example:

    • TOfan says:

      aww, love that, peppertara! Wonder if he’ll do Sinatra for this year? *hopes*

      Should add to the list: Best. Tweeter. Ever. (even when it’s not him, lol)

      jazzy tweet

      …and also on the Valentine theme, Miss Bianca & AnnieDAFG created the cutest David-themed cupcake toppers HERE.

  2. Astrid says:

    OMG! “The Shirt” No you didn’t! LOL Love the list and the suggestion by peppertara. Didn’t that just make our hearts melt when we heard that on our phones?!
    I like this one too:

  3. Astrid says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m talking specifically about the part where he asked if the little girl who was crying was OK. Awwww…

  4. Pastel says:

    I think u got it just about right Deb. A nice mix of serious and goofy.

    The only thing I might add is that he is honest to a fault, and would include the ENTIRE Q92 concert in Canton, Ohio in October 2010. But I don’t want to clog up your comments section.


  5. Becca says:

    AWESOME FRONT PAGE!!! Happy Valentine’s day to our favorite sweetheart πŸ™‚

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks, Becca!

      Pastel, *waves* yes, that entire Canton “extra credit” show was a Valentine in itself … sigh

      Astrid, love that moment where he checks the girl is okay … I saw a comment posted a while back from someone who said that seeing his concern in that vid is when they became a fan!

  6. bluebird19 says:

    Well I did think of this one more thing to add πŸ˜€

    The dancer that he tries to hide from us!
    If I come up with anything else I’ll let ya know πŸ˜‰

    • abanana77 says:

      Amazing! I love love love love love love love this video. Oh my gosh I forgot how much I loved it until I just watched it again! Hahaha

      • TOfan says:

        me too, abanana, thanks, bluebird! Tonight, I saw someone tweet that they had just watched the Somos el Mundo video and hadn’t realized David sang in Spanish … so I tweeted them a link to Contigo … could’ve sent this one too … salsa FTW!!!!

  7. Marylee says:

    Love this! Looks like you guys have it covered! I had forgotten about the moment he took at Hard Rock to ask the little girl if she was OK..melted my heart as he has so many times since then. I think my overall favorite thing I love about David is how he “keeps it real”..he’s just David & that makes him VERY special…our sweetheart..our Valentine for life.

    • TOfan says:

      he does “keep it real,” doesn’t he? And watching that Hard Rock vid (when he’d just turned 18), I couldn’t help think of everything he’s accomplished since then …touring, the Christmas album, COS, the TOSOD album, MoTab … I’m glad he’s taking some time to rest & recharge at home!

  8. abanana77 says:

    Awesome list TOfan!

    There’s so many reasons we Love David, impossible to list them all! I would like to add I LOOOOOOVE his love for his family <333

    Also I've always thought this video does a good job of summarizing so many reasons why I love him: it's got his dorkiness, awkwardness, enthusiam, randomness, fun-ness, beautiful voice and his "I think that's more important than my birthday anyways"

  9. peppertara says:

    Love all the videos here and the comments, I agree…they are all pretty awesome. The cupcake toppers are extremely adorable too.
    And TOfan….David singing a Sinatra song, yes….would be pretty wonderful! Actually anything he sings would be pretty wonderful come to think of it. πŸ™‚

    I don’t every remember seeing this little interview with David from Readers Digest, Philippines. I imagine it must have been from his last Asian visit.
    Some sweet responses to questions…David has written songs about his family that didn’t make the album? Gee, I would sure like to hear all the unrecorded songs that David has written.

    • TOfan says:

      I’d never seen this interview either, peppertara, and it’s a very revealing one … LOVED his last comment *sniff*

      I’d love to hear all those extra songs too … maybe an EP or two … or three? πŸ˜†

      This up-close Crazy vid from Greenville, SC, just got posted (thanks @janey79 for the find!!!) … incredible audio *chills* *tears* … (turns out it’s ArchuletaAvenue’s vid … still amazing…)

  10. betsy says:

    All of the above <33
    His endless fascination with other cultures and their food.
    He says things like "Also, to Abraham Lincoln."
    "I've been more open to prawns."
    He holds up dogs and cats in his vlogs. "One moment"
    He is forgiving and tolerant.
    He not only knows who she is, but likes Joni Mitchell.
    He sings to airport ladies.
    He inspired Jambajim to favorite 10 of his tweets.
    He doesn't jump on any bandwagon – he starts it up and others hop in.
    He sings the word grace, and I now I know what it means.
    Tofan, I could do this all day and still not be done. β™₯

  11. emmegirl says:

    Tofan love the lovelist! This is a great topic.

    I haven’t had a chance to comment on {{kizzi’s}} incredible article and am hoping to
    find time to make my list. Have been very busy lately welcoming a new addition to the family (first grandchild, sweet baby girl, I can’t stay away! Uh-oh, I’m one of those!)

    Betsy, loove your list too!
    “He sings the word grace, and I now I know what it means.”

    A quick one, last vlog, “this is David, reporting to you from…”

  12. TOfan says:

    Got an email request to post this … if you’d like to see David open for the big Backstreet Boys/New Kids on the Block tour, tweet your reply to @bradwavra (who I believe works for the tour broker Live Nation):

    @bradwavra:NewKids/Backstreet Boys…every concert on sale…except last 4 cities. Who should we take out as the opening act? UK…coming next!

  13. peppertara says:

    Love the video of Crazy…..crazy good! Love soulful David.
    Betsy, just love your love list….wonderful, love what you wrote, the list could be endless.
    Congrats to you emmegirl….how very sweet and how very special!

    I’ve been seeing so many tweets about NKOTB/BSB and the possibility of David touring with them. Haven’t tweeted a reply yet but have mixed feelings about this. This would be a big tour and stadium size venues.
    1. The bad news for me….I would much rather see David as a co-headliner with someone or do some solo shows in smaller venues (a little selfish here). Darn, I would love to see that. The tickets would also be expensive (over $100.00 for any not so decent seats if you can get them) and I have no interest in the two boy bands, lol. Some shows are already sold out. I would probably never convince anyone to go with me to a show like this, especially when David would probably only be on for about 30 or 40 minutes or so and considering the price of tickets.
    2. The good news for me…..would still be a chance to see David in concert, even if not a full show (may need binoculars). They are coming to my city (2 shows, one of which is already sold out it appears). It would still be great exposure for David. Stadiums full of new possible fans watching David work his magic.
    Even though I have mixed feelings about this idea, David comes first.
    If this is the best way he can tour right now and something he would want to do then it would a good thing, lots of exposure too…..this is a huge tour.
    The thing that gets me about him being an opening act… thinking back to the David/Demi tour, they didn’t even have the decency to put David’s name on the tickets. I still haven’t gotten over that one, lol.
    Well, who knows what will happen with this. I could be rambling on for nothing (sorry for my rambling)! One way or another David needs to tour and do what he does best!

  14. TOfan says:

    I’m with you, peppertara, if it would help David bring in new fans & get more exposure for his amazing album, I’m all for him opening for … well, practically anyone.

    I’m not a BSB/NKOTB fan but I know lots of David fans already have tickets for their tour. They’re huge here in T.O., their upcoming show sold out so fast they added a 2nd.

    Not sure if his opening for Demi helped his career at all, but at least he was able to squeeze in some solo shows in between her shows … and maybe he could do that again. *hopes*

    I personally think a tour of solo shows (even acoustic) in intimate venues would be the best bet ‘cuz his core fan base would make sure attendance was high (if not sell out) and, as you say, if we each brought a “new” fan, and he sold CDs at the venues, buzz would grow about him in no time. … but what do I know? lol

    As an aside, I loved some of the Grammy performances last night (the opening tribute to Aretha Franklin, the roots-rock Mumford & Sons/Avett Bros. jammin’ with Bob Dylan, even Eminem’s rant) but I just kept picturing how amazing it would be to see just David at a grand piano — no smoke and mirrors — blowing everyone away with a simply beautiful MKOP. *sniff*

  15. lurker says:

    David Archuleta CHUM FM Toronto, vocal warm ups priceless πŸ™‚

  16. Abanana77 says:

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!! I love you all <3333

    Is this BSB/NKOTB thing an actual possibility??? Because I kinda just thought Melinda tweeted them for fun or for jokes or something…? Not to actually organize his tour over twitter… That seems weird to me. I dunno I didn't take it seriously at all but I've seen alot of people talking about it since. I dunno.

  17. peppertara says:

    abanana….I think this tour thing with BSB/NKOTB is only a possibility at this point, who knows what will happen. Nothing is for certain. It all does some a little strange(taking place over twitter). But then anything is possible!
    TOfan, of course you are right….any exposure for David is good with the chance to attract new fans, always a helpful thing. πŸ™‚
    I caught some of the Grammys too. Same with me….I kept thinking how fabulous it would be to see David performing, wowing everyone and just blowing them all away!
    A very Happy Valentine’s Day to all you wonderful people! ❀

  18. TOfan says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!!! Peace & love to you all, lurkers and hoverers too!!! πŸ˜†

    β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

  19. betsy says:

    Happy Valentines Day to all. β™₯

  20. TOfan says:

    ohmyheck, another must-have item for the merch table! David playing cards from @HanneDenmark (click 2 enlarge) ! πŸ˜†

    Today I got a very special gift from @HanneDenmark I LOVE my ... on Twitpic

  21. emmegirl says:

    peppertara, you make some really valid points on the possible BSB/NKOTB tour. I prefer the solo tour/intimate venues too, just not quite sure if it is as perfect for the career. $100 is alot for a ticket, especially when you are not going to see the headliners, but I could stay and watch them (I didn’t Demi.)

    I think it would give him some much needed exposure, exposure that would bring him a slew of new fans. People that have noooo idea what they are in for – buy a ticket to BSB/NKOTB with that kid from AI opening a mere incidental… then BAM! He comes out with that voice and his own sweet style of swagger, doin’ his thang… yep, their toast.

  22. TOfan says:

    This is a very snarky (but hiLARious) spoof article from 2008 …but I totally missed it & in case you did too, I thought I’d post in light of David’s tweet yesterday about Adele (looooove her new album, have been streaming it at npr.org HERE):

    American Idol’s David Cook singer of “Light On” has a girlfriend, the semi-talented singer Kimberly Caldwell, well apparently the 2nd place winner of Season 7 American Idol has is own warbling songstress.

    Reports are coming out that the diminutive crooner David Archuleta has been seen canoodling and holding hands with UK’s own Adele.

    Adele is the singer of the hit song “Chasing Pavements”. It is reported that Archuleta has a serious ‘Crush’ on the plus size singer. The two met at Teen Choice Music Awards in Los Angeles California where Archuleta was accepting an award. Archuleta had wandered away from his father’s constant eye to buy a soda in the lobby. While there Archuleta met Adele who was eating a large fried chicken sandwich, a slice of pizza, with a small diet Coke. He was reportedly suddenly star struck with the large lass. He told an insider that it was ‘love at first sight’. “I never saw anyone eat a sandwich that fast” Archuleta was quoted as saying.

    Adele, whose full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, is a native of Tottenham, England, is two years older than the pocket sized Archuleta and twice his size in stature. Adele, who also appears on Xtra Factor, recently had broken up with her boyfriend and some speculate that it wasDavid Archuleta’s doing. The pint size Romeo allegedly swept Adele off her feet.

    The couple has been seen dining at McDonalds in London and also at the Arby’s in Murray Utah. People who have seen the couple have commented. “It is weirdest thing I have ever seen” said the manager ofLondon McDonalds who was carting a large tray of Big Macs to the couple’s table. “At first I thought it was a mother with her asthmatic child”.

    In a related story David Archuleta has taken out a restraining order against his father Jeff Archuleta who has been stalking the couple.

    Also reported was a large mass suicide plot by the Arch-Angels, David Archuleta’s fanatic fans, who held out hope that they would be the ones to marry the diminutive singer.


  23. Abanana77 says:

    LOL “I never saw anyone eat a sandwich that fast” hahahaha amazing.

    Also just found out yesterday that BSB/NKOTB is performing in Ottawa, except there’s no way I’d be able to go. Realistically, I probs won’t be able to make it to a summer tour at all but how sad would it be if he was in Ottawa and I couldn’t go? Haha well I’m still a skeptic on the BSB/NKOTB thing so it probably doesn’t even matter…

    • TOfan says:

      They are already sold out here, I think, so wouldn’t be able to go here either, but ya, probably a long shot … 😦

  24. emmegirl says:

    tofan, rofl, that article!

    Thanks for the Adele link, she has such an interesting quality to her voice. Really like it!
    Wouldn’t they sound dynamite together! WOW!

    • TOfan says:

      they would, emme!!! And as much as I love TOSOD, I hope his next record showcases his voice the way Adele’s puts her voice front & centre … Also, I left a comment on her website saying that I’m looking forward to her Toronto show (which I am!) and that I heard about her through David & would LOVE it if he opened for her! (shameless D. promotion FTW!!!)


      • emmegirl says:

        tofan, nice work, lol…I was hoping somehow someone let her know how much he loves her (and secretly had the same crazy dream of them touring – and singing together!)

        I too am hoping the same for the next album – to totally exploit that voice and let ‘er rip!

  25. refnaf says:

    Sticking my head out from under my blankets to say what fun this thread is!! TOfan, you are brilliantly funny> I adore your humour. I’ll be back when I am done being under the weather, bah. πŸ™‚

  26. peppertara says:

    Really do like the “David playing cards”, a great item for the merch table I would say.
    TOfan, that ‘spoof’ you posted about David and Adele was hilarious, lol! Laughed at that one, too funny. Some creative writing there by someone!
    Oh, would love for David to tour with someone like Adele.

    emmegirl…..”buy a ticket to BSB/NKOTB with that kid from AI opening a mere incidental… then BAM! He comes out with that voice and his own sweet style of swagger, doin’ his thang… yep, their toast.”
    So true, definitely toast and there’s nothing you can do about it except enjoy it to the max! David can wow an audience like nobody’s business. πŸ™‚

    Am getting a kick out of David’s fans speculating about David in LA, getting ready to ride a blimp, ha. Hey…who knows…Kari, Melinda and David all in LA and Kari tweeting about the weather and how it has to be a good year (good year blimp)?
    Now I’m speculating, are they all ‘blimping’ together? πŸ™‚
    I must need some David news, my mind is wandering, lol.

    refnaf….I hope you feel better soon. I just got over a pretty mean virus and had my head under the covers a lot (usually with my laptop and my cats on top of me).

  27. Kizzi says:

    Hi SAz. I’ve been out of cyber land for a few days. Happy belated Valentines Day. Ref hope you are on the road to recovery. Had the flu in January and it took a few weeks to shake off all the yuck that went with it.

    I’m in for a concert…on a blimp…Yessirree…

    And I would hear him in a car.
    And I would hear him in a tree.
    They are so good, so good, you see!

    So I will hear him in a box.
    And I will hear him with a fox.
    And I will hear him in a house.
    And I will hear him with a mouse.
    And I will hear him here and there.
    Say! I will hear him ANYWHERE!

    I do so like
    @DavidArchie songs!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!

    Fan. I. Am.


    Love ya’ll. πŸ˜€

  28. Kizzi says:

    Off Topic: I was pleasantly surprised by the Grammy Awards and surprised that JB didn’t get Best New Artist. Surprised, alot.

    Not b/c I have anything against JB. I don’t get into the if so-and-so promoted David he’d be as successful in sales as JB b/c they are as about as different as musicians as it can get…walking different paths and motivations so different. I pretty much think David is creating the path he wants, the way he wants, within the rules, contexts, and confines he wants.

    I took my 3 granddaughters who are JB fans to his biopic movie over the weekend. He has charm and a compelling smile. They LURV him as only a tween can and it’s loads of fun to see them in their throes of tween lurv. He didn’t talk much AT ALL in the movie though.

    And if you want to know how social networking can create exposure and sales to target audiences, the movie highlights that as an (unintended in my opinion) subtext. It also was patterned somewhat after Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” documentary…ack and double ack. The JB machine is savvy and smart. The sad thing to me was that it reminds me of Macaulay Culkin and the “Home Alone” craze in the 90’s….successful, much, at that point in time…but ultimately not a sustaining career that faded with age for many child stars.

    I hope not for JB but he will have to create another style and persona to move from teen heart throb to adult musician. Maybe Usher, as his mentor, can make that happen for him…time will tell.

    Makes me appreciate David’s path and measured pace, his focus on being himself and real.

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