Be afraid, be very afraid

Who scares you most, the cat on the left or the one on the right?

David Archuleta frightens me. Don’t believe that aww shucks exterior for a minute. He is as fierce as it gets. I can barely look at the picture below … the look in those eyes? … lasers are less lethal.

And when he yells out “Go!” and orders the crowd to sing along to Elevator?

You do not DARE disobey. Lately, he’s even been scaring the guys into belting it out!

Exhibit A: David’s not only putting together an ace band but introducing them with style.

He’s the boss. No doubt about it.

Exhibit B: TOSOD and Falling Stars at the Majestic Theater in Dallas Friday night.

Saw this comment on hazeleyd71’s YouTube:

“What a great night it was.  I felt like we were seeing the NEW David – he is ready to go forth and conquer!”

Here’s the thing. I don’t think it’s new at all. I think he’s always known he could slay any dragon any time he wanted to. Boy has plans. He knows exactly what he wants and is willing to kick up one foot in front of the other in order to get it. Watch. Out. World.

Exhibit C: Yesterday’s a cappella Heaven. He fearlessly tries to noodle it out on the keyboard, then just goes for it and belts it out sans accompaniment.

Ya, sure, disarm us with that dorky exterior then just when we feel all cocky and like we know what to expect, BAM!, knock us flat and rifle through our pockets*. And we fall for it every time. Dang, he’s good.

*okay, no rifling… but he could, couldn’t he?

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71 Responses to Be afraid, be very afraid

  1. pabuckie says:

    Love it! He’s not pulling any stops and he certainly knows how to tease. He’s a master at the art of “surprises”!

  2. --bianca says:

    I would give David the contents of my pockets, the contents of my purse, and my laptop if he looked into my eyes and asked. The Stupor, it is a defense mechanism.

  3. barbs says:

    He frightens me too, intensely. Has since the first time I thought I would go up to shake his hand at the AI concert barriers, and CHICKENED OUT. Totally not like me. I don’t scare easily. That power unleashed, used on purpose, will probably explode (or maybe implode) the universe. Oh, yeah, and that dorky, awkward, painfully normal side is totally an unfair weapon. Clark Kent got nothin’ on David Archuleta. *shivers*

  4. betsy says:

    That faker.
    “Oh, I’m just a dork.” “Oh, I’m so awkward. ” “Oh, I am weird looking.”
    I dare not say anything more.
    I can’t.
    (yes, that was a nod to your delightful tag, lol)
    Ok, yes I can.
    A little. 🙂
    That picture up top. I just know he is hypnotizing someone at that very moment. Mr. laser eyes, indeed.
    I’ll say no more.
    p.s. I always say that and I always say more.
    He’s fiercely beautiful.
    p.p.s. I am in a post Heaven/McAllan state. That may explain the bizzarro comment. Or maybe it’s just me. 🙂 I know better than to comment at 1 in the morning.

  5. embe86 says:

    Well, I think it comes as a shock to nobody that I’ve been scared of David for a loooong time. I often find myself frightened trying to figure out how so many incredible genes have found their home in one little guy. Of course, the “little guy” remark is just my attempt to disguise David as something harmless, when in fact the most horrifying thing about him is that one minute he can appear shy, awkward and cuddly… and then suddenly he’s slaying people just by looking at them. Sometimes it’s enough if people just look at HIM. Either way, David is something painful.

    BTW, today it’s Independence Day in Finland, so I bring you the original Finlandia Hymni and David’s Be Still My Soul. Both so beautiful ❤

    • refnaf says:

      Happy Independance Day Finland!!!
      That tune is so moving, and well, David singing Be still my soul, needful at this hectic time of year. Thanks (((embe)))) How you feeling??? eeeeee

    • TOfan says:

      *sniff* beautiful, embe, Happy Independence Day!!!

  6. refnaf says:

    oh my heck…. TOfan, I was thinking about this very thing over the weekend…. how scary he is!!!! I felt the fear during my busy weekend, when I kept thinking about the new vids that would surely be up, how Mr. Adorkable has me at his mercy…. I will do anything to hear that voice sing some new notes…. And HE DOESN’T DISSAPPOINT!!!! He can keep doing this to me…. like forever????? yikes….

  7. YJfanofdavid says:

    Who sings like that at a pizza parlor?
    And who looks like that in a parade?
    From now on proceed at our own peril…

  8. Marylee says:

    I love this Deb! “he is ready to go forth & conquer”…I believe that with all my heart!

  9. TOfan says:

    YJ & Marylee, ditto!!!

    And for anyone who’s already watched the Orla Fallon Christmas Special, is this true?
    “Overall, the concert is pitch-perfect, a bit too perfect as it seems the audio was overdubbed in post-production with studio recordings of the performances. Therefore as gorgeous as Fallon and Archuleta’s live singing voices may be, fans of theirs won’t find them here.”

    Just curious, it’s from the otherwise awesome review HERE.

    • awestruck says:

      TOfan, I saw the special on Sat. night and I didn’t notice anything to suggest that it was dubbed over and I never heard any mention of any studio recordings being done…

      • TOfan says:

        I checked back and they’ve removed comments from the article … probably because they were all pointing out there’s no way you overdub The Archuleta!

  10. embe86 says:

    fefnaf&TOfan, Finland thanks you 🙂 There’s a tradition here called “Linnan Juhlat”, where the president invites all of the greatest Finns to a ceremony held in the presidential residence (yes, I know what you’re thinking – why am I not there?!). There are athletes, singers, people that represent different cultures and embassies, artists, you name it. The president and her husband shake hands with all 1800 guests, which is the most anticipated part of the occasion. I do realise how booooring it may sound, but for most of us the reason for watching are the DRESSES. Here’s one that I was most interested in this year (worn by cross-country runner Minna Kauppi).

    Aaaanyway, refnaf, I’m doing well. I’ve been very tired though, and this weekend I’ve been having these really odd pains in my stomach and upper back. I think it’s because the doctor switched my reflux medication to a pregnancy-safe version and it doesn’t really help like the old one. So I’ve been lying in a fetal position for most of today. But other than that I’m feeling good. “So good!”

    • embe86 says:

      About the dress; I meant I was interested in seeing what Minna was going to wear – not so crazy about the dress. Last year’s was so much prettier.

    • abanana77 says:

      embe – your President is a woman? That’s so cool! (sorry oblivious to the world. haha) And Happy Independence Day!!

    • TOfan says:

      Beautiful gowns! Sounds like the social event of the season … maybe they’ll invite David one year! 🙂

  11. djafan says:

    I’m shaking in my boots! I was scared enough before but now you’ve laid out some terrifying exhibits.

    Great job Tofan, I love your wit!

  12. rox says:

    Hey, it’s snowing in here 🙂 Archu-stomp and swagger FTW!! His next tour is gonna be on a new level for sure!!

    See ya soon!

  13. awestruck says:

    embe – beautiful hymn and Happy Independence Day to you! A charming tradition to that they take the time and effort to shake hands with everyone. ps I liked both dresses…

    TOfan, I don’t know that David frightens me BUT he definitely intimidates me!. When I was fortunate to meet him before a concert in Santa Barbara last November his face was a blur as I marched up to him with such intensity – because I just HAD to tell him how much he has done for me. I think that, even if I were able, to keep his face in focus and I was the recipient of his ArchuGaze I would have been struck dumb. So, was that a blessing in disguise? I must have looked like a mad woman as I approached hem… yet it didn’t faze him and I could feel his intensity as he really paid attention to what I had to say.

    David look what you make me doooooo!

    There are many sides to this… this… creature named David – and I believe that we have just seen the tip of the iceberg!

  14. TOfan says:

    oh my heck, if I was afraid before, I’m terrified now … check out these Dallas vids from pandasmom:



  15. peppertara says:

    TOfan, great post! Ha, yes I think David shall go forth and conquer too…just a matter of time! He definitely commands your respect and attention. There is something about that gaze too that seems to transform those (who dare take the challenge and meet that gaze)….into a puddle of mush. Someone once said he is scary great, I kind of like that, haha. What can I say…I bow to the power of the young prince. 🙂

    embe…Happy Independence Day! Very lovely videos, thanks for posting those.

    Wow…I am still listening to that gorgeous rendition of ‘Heaven” that David shared A Capella. David and that song.. truly Heavenly. First song I heard him sing live and this latest video just takes me back to that wonderful time. Still in awe of how he does that. Truly unearthly.
    Thanks for the MP3 link, had to have that one!

  16. TOfan says:

    “scary great” lol, LOVE that, peppertara!

    … maybe Steven Archuleta’s the one who frightens me. 😆

  17. bluebird19 (Pattie) says:

    That’s funny, TOfan. I chuckled when you said he orders people to sing when he yells, “Go!”. I can’t decide if he’s aware of the effect he has on fans when he sings “Barriers” in Del Mar and “Works for Me” in Reno or “Heaven” in McAllen, TX or not. That’s scary all right!

    Just a note about the singing for the Orla Fallon Christmas special. David sang live. They performed for the audience twice; once for distance camera shots and one for close up camera shots. If anything doesn’t look normal, it’s because they spliced the performances together and the audio was probably taken from just one of the performances. They also did a dress rehearsal before the audience was let in and it was probably also recorded. Some of the songs by Orla did seem like she lip synced during the live show, but we weren’t ever completely sure and she definitely sang live to some songs. Some people have checked the cd against the performance to see if, as was stated in the article, the studio recording was used and they determined it was not because there were substantial differences. I can tell you for sure that David’s performances were live and extremely well rehearsed. I’m very sorry that they didn’t put the “Melodies of Christmas” song on the cd or dvd, because it was the best performance of it that I’ve heard.

    • TOfan says:

      That is really interesting to know, Pattie, thank you!!! So wish they’d included MOC at least on the DVD *stomps foot*

      Before they took comments down, I posted one that said something like, “Thanks for the great review. I haven’t watched the PBS special yet but I highly doubt Archuleta’s vocals were over-dubbed. Critics often make that mistake because he sounds so amazing live. Can’t wait to see it!”

      I’m sure they got a whole bunch of comments from peeps who actually saw the show too. 🙂

  18. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, y0u are a marvel. I have no earthly idea how you continue time and again to gift us with your amazingly dead-on, witty, insightful and sometimes tearjerking articles, but please, never stop.

    This one makes me lol, “I think he’s always known he could slay any dragon any time he wanted to.”…and I agree 100 percent – how could he not, he probably has had some type of noticeable reaction from just about every single person he has ever met in his whole life!

    peppertara, “He definitely commands your respect and attention.”…fascinating.
    How many other teen pop stars are there that you can say that about.

    betsy, you didn’t say anything in your post, yet I understood and loved every word!

    embe, Happy Independence Day, love that gala and dresses. And keep hangin’ in there!

    (that second picture, KILLER! )

    • TOfan says:

      {{{{emme}}}} gahhhh, thanks for that Crush vid, I was so hypnotized & mesmerized by her MKOP & FS vids that I completely missed it. I think I enjoy watching that ovation and the crowd’s tsunami of love wash over David almost as much as the performance itself. *sniff*

  19. emmegirl says:

    bluebird, I have wished we were able to see that MOC, and now you tell us it was the best ever, dang it!

    Oh, and if you all haven’t seen pandasmama Crush video, do not miss it! It shows the ovation after the show, his Crush encore (which was great) and his gracious exit and the audience’s show of love!

  20. peppertara says:

    Gee I wish we could have seen MOC on the special too, too bad it was cut. What a lovely Christmas special though, all sounded live and wonderful to me. David was just perfection, he just seems to adapt to any situation beautifully, whether it be a TV taping, live show, small promo show, even random singing, he’s a natural all the way (and scary great)!
    TOfan…… “maybe Steven Archuleta’s the one who frightens me.” Haha, yes… is it Steven, Ricky or David? We may never know. 🙂

    emmegirl…I have been watching the amazing videos from Texas, love David’s encore and the crowd response, filled with love most definitely. Loved it all. Some great videos from pandasmama, so grateful we get to see these! It seems each time I see the latest videos of David, he just seems to get better and better. I think he has always been phenomenal but with each new performance he just seems to reach down and pull out a few more ounces of brilliance from his being.

  21. awestruck says:

    emmegirl – I only listen to the occasional Crush video and this one was one of his best. David starting out on piano, then a full band backup and David exploding with energy to SING. I am really liking the drums on this too… a different vib with the entire band after listening to almost all the videos from Dallas.

    Yeah Peppertara, David seems to dig deep and find that soemthin’ somethin’ extra

  22. Tawna21 says:

    TOfan!! I am afraid–very afraid! I am unarmed and defensless where David is concerned. (or is it Steven?) I am at his will (and love it)!

    Dang, if he’s not campaigning for children’s causes and natural disaster aid, or reminding and encouraging us to do good deeds, he’s going to the front for aid for wild cats. Does the guy ever sleep?–we know he eats.

    I can’t wait for MoTab– IT’S NEXT WEEK! I hope to see lots of you there.


  23. TOfan says:

    Did someone say hush wild cats? 😆

    (thanks, JR! … yay for Sarah, Cdn content!)

    and here’s Good Day Sacramento from this a.m.:

  24. embe86 says:


    For heaven’s sake please someone make a MGR of David roaring. I’m begging ya.

    P.S. Totally drooling over the glance&the shirt opening as well. My poor hormones.

  25. TOfan says:

    lol, emme

    Here’s David with L.A.’s mayor after tonight’s tree lighting … lol, his wings are showing! 🙂 :

    David with Mayor

  26. emmegirl says:

    lol, what a terrific shot! Love the sweater, he is quite a nappy dresser these days!

    (the mayor wants to hug him too!)

    Missed the livestream, did he sing MOC and PAP.

    • TOfan says:

      He did sing MOC and pat-a-pan … livestream was choppy but what I did hear was aMAZing … & lots of fans are tweeting they got vids! *drums fingers*

      Cute discussion among the 103.7 LiteFM DJs about David before his Dallas show Friday night (only up until the 1:54 mark) HERE.

  27. peppertara says:

    I really lucked out and got to watch the livestream in Sacramento. David was fabulous, boy, I think he has perfected MOC! Pat A Pan was incredible too. He was wonderful, love how they introduced David as a gentleman. That he is! Great close ups of David too, he looked amazing.
    Love the photo with the mayor!
    I’m kind of thrilled that David is a supporter of ‘Cause An Uproar”. Love those cats, good for David…guess he does sleep (probably does a lot of it on airplanes). 🙂
    Yes embe…..a MGR of David ‘roaring’ would be a classic, ha.

  28. peppertara says:

    Aw, I loved the talk on LiteFM about David, very cute. The Elf (or whatever he was) was pretty funny, lol.
    Well, I guess I am a little slow…just noticed the ‘wings’ in the photo of David with the Mayor! Yes, his wings are showing, love that.

  29. jackryan4DA says:

    TOfan – so true… so true… that’s why I have this as my sig in IDF

    JR sig

  30. jackryan4DA says:

    BTW, was able to record the whole Tree Lighting Event but I had to work so I wasn’t able to check why what I uploaded this lunchtime only completed later afternoon – weeeeird!

    Anw, this is a complete footage of David’s performance, inclusive of the host’s intro and very nice comment at the end of his performance.

  31. jackryan4DA says:

    Eerrm, has EMBE seen the Cause the Uproar vid? Where he literally (and I think that am using the over-used word properly here, haha) rips open his shirt?

    I hope she is getting enuff sleep… ya know with the baby and all… That boy can really be lethal if he chooses, geesh!

    1st ripped pants… now he is into ripping shirts… what’s next


  32. jackryan4DA says:

    2 more Tree-Lighting related vids



  33. KT says:

    As you may have already seen, WEG’s site is up at here:

    Johnny Wright has a project to find the next super group and airs a spot on Cambio at here:

    It is interesting to hear him talk (editorial note: why are you searching for anything when you have all you need and can handle).

    Then click here to read his bio:

    That is the first time I have seen him linked with David in print. I’m happy to see it and I think that they can do an great job for David.

    *hope all this inserting of links works or I’ll be directed to remedial blogging 101 by the lovely ToFan*

  34. KT says:


    • TOfan says:

      LOLOL, interesting stuff! I’ve heard good things about Mr. Wright and although David’s music def. has more substance than some of WEG’s other acts, imo, he certainly knows the pop scene inside and out and can hopefully do great things for our guy.

  35. embe86 says:

    I think I actually howled when I saw that.

    • TOfan says:

      oh geez, embe, me too! Way to cause an upROAR!!!! 😆

      In fact I posted it up top right under “Be afraid, be very afraid!”

      And I’m also spazzing over this little tweet from our Joannie to David (I hope she’s skating to one of his songs again! 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

      Joannie tweet

    • awestruck says:

      uuummm embe that twitpic is what TOfan has at the top of this blog, did you know?

  36. embe86 says:

    Joannie and David sitting in a tree, S-K-A-T-I-N-G.

    My gawd, I don’t think the government is prepared for this. DAVID ARCHULETA IS UNARMED AND DANGEROUS. Lock up your daughters – that way David will only have eyes for you 😉

    I think David would be an awesome weapon for the military. He’d sing and make the enemy weep and everyone would hug and no more wars. And apparently no more internet for embe tonight as my writing has turned into a series of random sentences. Good night ❤

  37. awestruck says:

    KT – thanks for those links. Good to know a little more about Mr. Johnny Wright.

  38. TOfan says:

    lol, embe, good night!

    Here’s a twitpic from @kariontour of the Kaleidoscope soundcheck … a wonderwall of stars! 🙂

    Kaleidoscope soundcheck

  39. refnaf says:

    Hey you guys are cracking me up again!!! JR thanks for the vids, I was able to watch the livestream with crappy audio but it was great to see D perform his own Christmas song again… can’t get enough.

  40. silverfox says:

    TOfan, you are too much! make me LOL! I love how you describe all the ways David affects you & your hormones! 😆

    Also, not all David’s fans are “Very afraid” like some of us…read below:

    Ran across this great “Close Encounter With David” story from Sacramento by one of David’s most devoted young & very pretty fans,@Sarah13Bellin. Another example of “Good things come to those who wait”. Check out the photo of her & David , but the link is at the bottom.


    Story From Last Night, When I Met @DavidArchie, Both Postings Are The Same Just This One Tells You How I Met Him & Not The Whole Day:

    My dad & I decided to walk around the building. We found some other girls waiting outside a door with a security guard so we waited 20mins or so then continued walking. We got to our car & my dad asked “Do you want to leave or walk around again?” & something inside said to walk around more. Also because David hadn’t tweeted yet & he usually tweets after he has left the venue or as he is leaving & he hadn’t tweeted yet so I figured he must still be there.
    So we walked back to the front of the Capital & the same security that was on the side where we were before was now at the front still talking to the girls. He actually was friends with the girls, the girls were also waiting for David. Well they left about 15mins later & my dad & I are still standing there. The sercurity guard comes up “Are you waiting for David?” Me: “Yeah.” Security: “That’s fine you can wait how long you want.” Me: “I’ve waited 12 hours to meet David before so a little longer wont hurt..” Security: “Wow your a dedicated fan.” Me:” I sure am all I want is a picture with him. I think he still might be here because he hasn’t tweeted & he normally tweets when he is leaving or has left.” Security: ” *smiles* Let me go look around”
    I’m waiting there just lalala & 2 mins later he comes back & opens the door & does a little nod for us to come. We walked up to him & he said “Your very lucky, those people I was with were my friends.”
    I’m confused right now. I look over to the stair case & I see David through the slits tweeting!!! Then 15 seconds later buzz buzz..
    I looked over & saw Davids aunt & she had a huge smile on her face & told me to come to her. So I walked over grabbing my book out of my bag. Right now David walked over to the statue in the middle of the Capital & took a picture of it. Then Davids aunt pushes me a little & says “Go say hi!” I was timid & was like uhhh & she told me “Go say hi!” then David turned around & with a big smile on his face “HI!!!” *walks fast towards me* David had lots of family with him & they were all around us just smiling at me.
    I showed David my book & told him “So I already had you sign this in Fresno but you know how crazy it was” David: “Yes it was crazy!” Me: “Well I was wondering if you can personalize it for me?” David: “Yeah sure, sorry I didn’t do it in Fresno.” Me: “Oh gosh don’t worry about it, there were tons of people, I understood.”
    *Davids writing me name & then draws musical notes* Me: ” *smiles* Can you draw you piggy!!” David: “Yeah!! *Smiles* ”
    Me: ” Can I have a hug?” David: “Yeah sure!” I wrapped my arms all around him while he was gonna give me a one armed hug but then he brought up his 2nd arm & did a proper hug. =]
    My arm is still around his waist & his arm is on my back because I wanted a picture of us two hugging but it didn’t happen. Still having are arms on each other I asked if I could have a picture of course he said yes. We scooted over to the staircase *arms still on each other* then Davids cute little 4 year old cousin walked up & I gave him a high 5. That’s why in my picture my arm is at my side also before I cropped the picture you could see the top of his cousins head. Then I hugged him again & told him “I will cherish this day forever!”. My dad told him “Thank you!” David: “Oh no problem, thanks for coming & nice meeting you.” Then I said bye to David & his family. =]
    As I was walking out I was texting I just met David & so tripped!! I hope David didn’t see!! xP
    My dad told me while I was talking to David my dad was talking to his aunt & my dad told his aunt “See that necklace around Sarahs neck?” His aunt: “Yeah.” My dad: ” it says Sarah Archuleta.” His aunt: “Aww how cute.” My dad: ” Sarah also covered up her school ID & put a picture of David there.” His aunt: ” Ahaha that’s funny.” Best day of my life! =]

  41. TOfan says:

    {{{{SF}}}} that is the sweetest story, esp. her high-five to David’s little cousin… nice to know he was surrounded by family there … I’ve been catching up on the vids from last night (love the great intro he got from John O’Hurley) and just saw this gem (love the whistling!)… don’t mess with Soundcheck David! 😆

  42. abanana77 says:

    Quickly stopping in. TOfan – the whistling is adorable! ❤ And I love how at the end you can hear the backing track without David singing. Usually I am too distracted by, you know, him to pay much attention to the backing track but I like it! 🙂

    Anyone know of any clips of the Governator saying "Archuleta"? I heard it in the live feed and thought it was amazing and wouldn't mind hearing it again. 😛

  43. peppertara says:

    What a lovely time in Sacramento, great vids, great performances and appreciation of David! abanana I didn’t see the Governor say David’s name, would be interesting!

    Great video of David skating at the Kaleidoscope event! Who knew? I love this and love the blue skates. Vid from HushCatsTX:

  44. jackryan4DA says:

    Abanana77 – Oh I have that clip cos I recorded the whole event. Let me snip it and will post it 🙂

  45. jackryan4DA says:

    Gov Arnold thanks David ArchoooooLEta (enter scream here)

    Abanana77 – it comes at around mark 1:00 to 1:07

  46. TOfan says:

    New post/thread dedicated to those crazy blue skates!


  47. jackryan4DA says:

    HD VID of David Archuleta’s Interview Orla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas Special

    See this? How could he be disarmingly adorable with his chicken cluck-cluck, then be fierce with any of his performances?

    David Archuleta redefines “disarmament” for sure.

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