ArchuFrenzy in Fresno

*time out for mini-rant*

Okay, so this unplugged David Archuleta mall show had virtually zero publicity, David only tweeted about it the day before and the event isn’t even listed on his official site … um, NO events are listed on his official site … and yet throngs of people swarmed the mall to see him.

One tweeter reported “I survived! Yikes that was craziness!!! I’m so sorry for those people who were super rude and crazy running after him and laying on his limo” and another “@DavidArchie Im sorry I cried infront of you! 😛 but thanks for saying to not cry & also putting on an amazing concert” … crying girls?? people laying on his limo???

Of course, because he WOWED each and every person there with his incredible awesomeness … I know, I know, as he always does … and yet even this radio station probably is not playing his songs. What gives?

As emmegirl said at the end of the last thread, “Just watched the TOSOD twitvid. These songs acoustically… how he does this and produces such amazing results is beyond me. How many singers could do these songs (incl My Hands, Crush etc) acoustically and have them sound like that? Am I just out of the loop (maybe, because I follow no one else but him), but do other singers do all of their songs acoustically like this, and if they do, do they sound like that? Just wondering…

No, they definitely do not. I happened to be reading an article about Taylor Swift’s huge album sales and the comments from many of her ardent fans included remarks like, “Her voice isn’t the greatest but…” and “You can tell she’s been trying to improve her singing!” … and these are her fans!

Not to pick on Taylor, I think she’s a smart, savvy, talented young lady, but comments like those do make me question whether singing talent even matters anymore in the “business” side of the business.

Well, it matters to us … and it sure as heck matters to David. And everyone else? It’s their big, big, BIG loss.

*mini-rant finito* … back to our good place….


All photos: Fresno Bee

TOSOD (Shelley twitvid)
Vodpod videos no longer available.

TOSOD unplugged, posted with vodpod

End of TOSOD and Elevator (405758)

Elevator closer (ShelleyFOD)

Falling Stars (great audio! / vani166)

Falling Stars (closer w/banter & crowd craziness from ShelleyFOD)

Crush (405758)

Photos from HERE.

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27 Responses to ArchuFrenzy in Fresno

  1. peppertara says:

    TOfan, ArchuFrenzy is right!
    I think it’s time for them to move David past the free mini concerts in malls and just book him….here, there and everywhere. Book him in Canada, book him all over the place (and let him work his magic and make some money at the same time)! Guess these radio things are good promo?

    Boy, the videos of his once again amazing acoustic numbers, (oh how I adore those acoustic sets), the response he received…all add up to one very loved artist.
    Sounds like the frenzy got a little crazy….more than they were expecting possibly?
    I read about Taylor’s sales too and all I could think was…..well, just boggles my mind. Those are the kinds of sales I could understand David getting, honestly.
    Nothing against these other young artists but it seems to be true….it just doesn’t appear to be about the voice, the talent (except to David’s fans of course). Maybe one day it will be.

    I agree, for those who don’t pay attention to David, well, yes it is their big, big, BIG loss! They don’t realize they could have the real thing instead of fool’s gold. Oh that was bad I know, it’s late. 🙂 Thanks for your post and thanks to the fans who provide us with these video gems.

  2. Kizzi says:

    TOfan – I am such a fan of seeing David through your eyes.

    And, yes, David Archuleta.
    Yes, David Archuleta.

    Have a wonderful day SAz’s. 😀

  3. YJfanofdavid says:

    Tofan, I was angsted about this event all day yesterday. He tweeted 3 times to ask if people were coming, as if he was worried about being able to fill a free concert.

    But, of course, leave it to the Archuleta to turn a mall dud into GOLD! Now we have these gems to savor until wherever he decides to turn up next! 🙂

  4. Joner says:

    I, like YJ, was a bit nervous about yesterday’s event. It hadn’t been promoted and I was concerned that only a small group would show up to see him. I was so happy when the tweets and pics started to come in showing the large attendence. I was thrilled for him! He looked surprised and soooo happy! 🙂

    Two things….


    *KNOCK KNOCK* Hellloooooo Jive…YOU make money when he sells more albums too! DUH!!!

  5. momJulee says:

    Jive’s inadequacy on all levels has worn me out. I can no longer even care and certainly not expect anything remotely resembling good promotion for him. Mall shows that don’t increase sales or result in radio play are like an insult to David and all his faithful fans. Meanwhile, as featured guest artist with the MoTab, he drew 600,000 more requests for tickets than was the norm. (Only a small part of those were mine lol!) I wonder if Jive knows.

  6. TOfan says:

    “They don’t realize they could have the real thing instead of fool’s gold.” Bad? That’s brilliant & spot on, peppertara!

    momJulee, I didn’t know that, wow! Not that I’m surprised … it is remarkable to me that David sold as many albums as he did with NO promotion whatsoever … and YJ & Joner is that how Jive looks at it? That they can spend zilch & do zilch and David still brings in sales? sheesh

    I feel worn out too … but I’m also trying my best to look at this colossal Jive fail as a sort of gift (maybe I read COS too many times, lol) …

    … a gift that means David can continue to perform these small acoustic gem shows

    … a gift that he has the time and space to hone his songwriting and stage-craft before going on worldwide arena tours

    … a gift that he hasn’t been sucked into the more intense “star-maker machinery” that the Biebs and the Swifts have

    In fact, Joni’s lyrics seem pretty apt right now:

    The way I see it, he said, you just can’t win it
    Everybody’s in it for their own gain, you can’t please ’em all
    There’s always somebody calling you down
    I do my best and I do good business
    There’s a lot of people asking for my time
    They’re tryin’ to get ahead
    They’re tryin’ to be a good friend of mine

    I was a free man in Paris
    I felt unfettered and alive
    There was nobody callin’ me up for favours
    And noone’s future to decide
    You know I’d go back there tomorrow
    But for the work I’ve taken on
    Stokin’ the star maker machinery behind the popular song

    I deal in dreamers and telephone screamers
    Lately I wonder what I do it for, if I had my way
    I’d just walk through those doors, and wander
    Down the Champs Elysees
    Going cafe to cabaret, thinking how I’d feel when I find
    That very good friend of mine

  7. refnaf says:

    Gah, TOfan every word of your rant rings true….I question all the radio promo, he does all the gigs and then they don’t play him???? And they never have the cd’s available anywhere he is (all 3 should be IMO) this = failure to promote the best singer and live performer out there. The insanity of it can make me crazy, lol, so I appreciate your rant, I like to stay in my good place on this issue and tend to stay away from places where it is all doom and gloom. I know absolutely that David will have a career, so I am not worried, but it just seems strange that his music is not promoted, he could be just what the music industry needs.

    *KNOCK KNOCK* Hellloooooo Jive…YOU make money when he sells more albums too! DUH!!!
    Goood one Joner!!! I shrug it off cause I do not understand it!!! They must be insane to not recognize what David could do with proper promotion…..

    Ditto to this>> “question whether singing talent even matters anymore in the “business” side of the business.
    Well, it matters to us … and it sure as heck matters to David. And everyone else? It’s their big, big, BIG loss.”

    Does any one wonder if he does not get the promo because he “walks in his own two shoes”
    and does not seem very interested in having a lot of added “performance” stuff?? He is an artist that wants to share himself in his music, without all the fluff and hoopla that the “pop” stars get.

    AND we the fans do get these “gem” vids. We are blesssed to have David making his music for the world, and that we can be a part of the fandom that is his!!! ❤

  8. awestruck says:

    Personally, I am not much into getting into a debate about Jive and promo – or lack thereof… but I am going to throw in acouple of ideas about his hardcore fans and whether or not they are hurting or helping David at this point in his career:

    With no promo I might assume that the majority of the fans in Fresno were hard core fans that follow David faithfully oh the internet and would therefore be the majority of the ones to know about this event. However, the idea behind these types of gigs is to garner new fans.

    With large crowds attending, the majority being hard core fans or not, shows the radio statios the love that is out there for David. The DJ’s would be impressed, talk about the huge crowd that showed up for a largely unpromoted event amongst themselves and to other radio station DJ’s and might then play David’s music if they currently don’t and more if they currently do.

    One other thought regarding radio station promo events – should David play only those who already play his songs as a ‘reward’? Should he also play the radio station events where they are not playing his music – in the hopes to spike their interest?

  9. YJfanofdavid says:


    It looks like however the only number Jive knows and cares is 37,000 (album sales after 3 weeks). Jive probably was relying on David’s famously fanatic fan base and counting on the album selling itself. When it turns out the numbers of his twitter fans and YT viewers did not translate into hard sales numbers, it appears Jive gave up fairly quickly and did not want to make additional investment or efforts on the album. It doesn’t even bother updating his OS anymore.

    I understand Jive is just another business trying to maximize profits and minimize potential loss What puzzles me even more than Jive’s ineptness is that 37,000 number. Judging from all the screams at the concerts, all the random tweets expressing their love of David, all the long lines at the malls and radio appearances, you would think he has more than 37,000 legally-purchasing fans. Something doesn’t add up.

    However, seeing last night his delight in singing for the fans and the fans’ joy of seeing him, even in the most prosaic setting, quickly obliterated all my doubts. Trust the Archuleta. Sales schmales 🙂

  10. TOfan says:

    From Alfredo Herz’s MySpace blog:

    First show with David Archuleta
    Current mood: blissful
    Hi, everyone!

    Yesterday I played my first show with American Idol’s David Archuleta, which was the start of a short tour. The dates keep adding, so I am unable to know exactly where we will be. The best source for that information is David’s website:

    I am incredibly excited about this opportunity. David is unbelievably talented as well as a great guy, and his management is overwhelmingly friendly and organized. At this time I consider myself one of the luckiest guys on the planet.

    Hope to see you at some of the shows!


    Start of a short tour? Dates keep adding? oh, then I see “best source of info is David’s website” and I lose all faith in Alfredo as an accurate source, lol.

  11. abanana77 says:

    Hi guys! Just wanted to stop by and say I love this post! Sometimes you need a mini-rant you know?? I have not actually watched any of the vids or anything yet (crazy day) but I am excited to see how many people came out!

    The fact that he has no events listed on his website is ridiculous. Something like that would take so little time to actually do and would actually make a pretty significant difference (especially compared to how much time it would take to update it).

    Sometimes I wonder whether the complete lack of any support on jive’s part is part of a strategy (for them, obviously, not David), or whether it’s just that seriously incompetent people are in charge of him?

  12. TOfan says:

    Good question, abanana … thank goodness for the “fanatic fan” in this news report who held up their TOSOD CD in the crowd … it’s the only time I saw it! (Big thanks to JR for the vid!)

  13. annie says:

    This is a great post. I love reading all the viewpoints from David’s longtime ardent fans. When I read that Taylor Swift’s latest CD sold 1,047,000 copies it’s first week, I immediately thought that David should sign with her label or a label that will do the right thing for him. Two and a half years ago I was so happy to see David at the Glass House in Pomona. It’s a small grubby venue but I was certain it was the last time I would see him in a small place. Yesterday he was AT A MALL….singing FOR FREE!!
    I thought he’d be on his latest world tour by now. TPTB @ Jive should be kicking themselves. They deserve it. Thank you for letting me do my own rant. No matter what direction David’s career goes, I will follow & support him. Just love that boy!

  14. silverfox says:

    Re: Taylor Swift. She was able to sell over a million due to being a crossover Country/POP artist. She is popular with the young teens who are hard core country music fans. She is also popular with the young teens who are hard core POP music fans.

    I have to give kudos to her managers who knew enough to promote her as a “cross-over” artist, who knew enough not to put her in a box. Who distributed her music to country stations and pop stations as well, even though she was predominently a country singer. They had a vision and they were right. And they are racking up the spoils. Does not matter one iota the girl can’t sing, especially live. But she can write those sad, full of angst & sorrow, & even anger songs which is what country music is all about…that & pickup trucks & pick-up babes in the bars & destroying a cheating SOB’s 4wheel pickup with a Louisviile Slugger. Taylor had a great “gimmick” by saying her songs were all personl & about her own life! Even though she’s…what? Barely 21, and started writing about personal heartbreak a few years ago? Brilliant, very brilliant of her is all I can say. And she’s winning AWARDS for her music, which I’m sure must be cute, sweet, & catchy. I wouldn’t know cause I don’t listen to her if I can help it. I prefer Lady Antebellum or Sugarland type country music.

    So I’ve just rambled on making no sense…I guess I just had to write it down so I could understand how Taylor’s album sold over a million & David’s was literally stolen via illegal downloads. It’s just not right. 😦

    • TOfan says:

      SF, another reason she sold so many albums was that the general public actually knew she had a new CD coming out. If I hear of one more person who voted for David on Idol & loved his first CD but had no idea he had a new one out, I’ll screech louder than Taylor did when she dueted with Stevie Nicks.

      Even though she’s already famous & award-winning and all, her label still bought ad space absolutely everywhere to let people know (in fact, I stare at her 15′ billboards in the subway tunnels everyday) … that’s why I find it remarkable David has sold as many as 34,000 and still ranked on the Billboard 200. Wow.

  15. TOfan says:

    Rant away, annie, I felt the same 2 1/2 years ago … that he’d soon not be able to fit his growing following into one of those little clubs …

    … and 2 1/2 years ago I attended a David signing at *gasp* a record store where you had to *double gasp* buy a CD to get signed (much like the book signings) … whoever had that brilliant idea at Jive must have been flogged and shackled in the dungeon along with the “book David on TV” guy.


  16. peppertara says:

    TOfan……”and 2 1/2 years ago I attended a David signing at *gasp* a record store where you had to *double gasp* buy a CD to get signed (much like the book signings) … whoever had that brilliant idea at Jive must have been flogged and shackled in the dungeon along with the “book David on TV” guy.”
    Yes, think you are right about that, haha.

    Yes they seem to leave it all up to David’s diehard fans to promote him. No wonder Jive sends out tweets saying that they love David’s fans, lol.
    If David had received one third of the promo that someone like Taylor gets you can bet that his album would have been in the top three on Billboard.
    Anyway, enough ranting from me for now.

    Gee that’s a nice blog from Alfredo. A very appreciative guy, think he will have a great time with David. Not sure about the little tour he’s referring to either!
    Apparently David is off to the Philippines soon, or so the Manila radio station is saying. I’m starting to wonder if this Asian trip is more about product endorsement than it is about David. Seems all very quiet. As long as they treat David right! I know the fans will, for sure. 🙂

  17. ray says:

    hello all,i dont think the sales of his alumb on his site for the fan pack preorder ,are counter in the 37000 ,and jive does not it let out so we the hard core fans will buy and gift more what do you think about that,

  18. TOfan says:

    I hope that’s not the case, Ray.

    Breaking News!
    David on Good Day LA shortly, livestream here now!:

    (works better using Internet Explorer as your browser!)

  19. awestruck says:

    ray, as with TOfan I hope that is not true!

    David has not yet been on My Fox LA …

  20. ray says:

    then you all think that the sales from his site are counted??? dont think so theres got to be more hard core fans out there,dam i purchesed 3 packe myself some thing not right

  21. TOfan says:

    David was great, as usual, on Good Day LA, but wish he’d been performing (at least they played clips of SBL/Elevator/TOSOD!)

    Hope it’s up on YouTube soon (some lame questions though, “How old is he, 14? / Has your voice changed? / Don’t fight in front of the children! (i.e. David) 😯 😯 😯 )

  22. awestruck says:

    It sure makes you wonder, doesn’t it ray. I too would have thought that the hardcore fans would have purchase more.

    Is there someone who knows more about this?

    As for the FOX LA interview, I thought David did great. Way too bad that they used up all the time on Idol questions and voice change!!!??? Makes me really wonder if these people even think. They knew he was 16 when on Idol and who doesn’t know that a guy’s voice has likely changed by then. What a dumb question – loved David’s answer though.

    OK, done with my rant for the day!

  23. TOfan says:

    haha, love your micro-mini rant, awestruck!!

    Wow, @totoroarchie is fast!!!

    David Twitpic’d the Doobie Brothers:
    Doobie Brothers! on Twitpic

  24. Angelica says:


    Thanks for the rant. I needed that. lol. I know he doesn’t get much promotion. I’m saving how I feel about that for another time and place. 😉

    I saw the sales figures on Taylor’s album this week and was at a loss to explain how this could be when David’s talent, and frankly many other artists who don’t get radio play, so totally eclipses hers. So I spent an hour today on YouTube listening to her and watching her videos for the first time. I understand it better now. SF is right in what she posted. In a way that matters to the world, she is brilliant. TOfan, you said, “comments from many of her ardent fans included remarks like, “Her voice isn’t the greatest but…” and “You can tell she’s been trying to improve her singing!” … and these are her fans!… comments like those do make me question whether singing talent even matters anymore in the “business” side of the business.”

    Watching her videos this morning it dawned on me…it doesn’t matter. What matters is that she relates to people, to the young girls she is singing to. She sings about meeting that perfect boy, getting played, getting back her own, and finally the happily ever after ending. She may be smart but (see all the many boyfriends she’s loved and lost lately) I think she is emotionally immature and on the level with the young girls who identify with her so deeply. They don’t care if her voice isn’t the greatest. They care that she sings about what matters most to them. I read this week a quote from Taylor. She said, “I never want to make music my fans can’t relate to.”

    Bottom line is relating to the masses is more a factor in success than anything else. This is true in literature, art and music. Talent be damned. The vast majority just want there hopes and dreams and the story of their life sung. They want the happy ending and cling to the comfort of the expected and familiar. Most of all, they don’t want to work for the message and they sure don’t want any surprises.

    They’ve got a surprise coming to them.

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