Acoustic David: View from the front row

I’d like to bring you all an “Acoustic Sunday” and the first guest on our inaugural session is none other than David Archuleta!  How excellent!  Umm…come to think of it, he is our one and only guest always and forever.

Well it may be 2011 before we have a full concert tour but who says we have to wait?  We have options!  Come re-live the full concert from York, Pennsylvania, from the front row … complete with David ramblings,   B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L singing and G-force hunkerdowns!  Pull up a seat, grab your Sunday afternoon coffee and enjoy!

— KT

Acoustic Session 1



Whole Lotta Pennsylvania love

Marriage Proposals

“Getting to Know You”

Dang Pedals

Acoustic Session 2


In the Eye of a Hunkerdown

Acoustic Session 3



Birthday Fakers

State Birthday Celebrations

Homecoming Rejections

Dating Woes

Dating Readiness

Rose Giving not Stomping

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51 Responses to Acoustic David: View from the front row

  1. TOfan says:

    Thanks, KT!!! Your vids are the best!

    That My Hands is one of my all-time favourites!

    (love your tags, too, lol … “Rose Giving Not Stomping” :lol:)

  2. silverfox says:


    Great Videos! David at his best vocally, even though he may have still been feeling not quite 100% no one would never have guessed by his outstanding vocals that night. And his My Hands was simply fabulous. The ending to end all endings. He just amazes me! No one can do “Hunker-Downs” like David! 😀

    Happy Halloween KT & Snow Angelz!

  3. Kizzi says:

    KT – your videos always have a certain something special. Thanks so much!

    BTW, Mr K has on his David A tee and the trick/treaters calling at our door are commenting on it 50% of time this evening. Very encouraging. All girls – one group starting singing “Crush.” 😀

  4. emmegirl says:

    KT, great vids, “In the Eye of a Hunkerdown” lol,
    no place I’d rather be…except maybe at Kizzi’s while Mr K hands out treats in his David tee! 🙂

    (hope to someday meet both Mr and Mrs K)

  5. silverfox says:

    Kizzi.. What a great guy you have there!

    So sweet about the girls singing Crush! 🙂

    Good night Snow Angelz, & thanks again for the great videos KT.

  6. emmegirl says:

    That hovercard thing is pretty cool!

  7. KT says:

    TOfan, SF, Kizzi and Emmegirl,

    I’m glad you are enjoying the videos. It took me a while to get them up there…lol.

    A couple of interesting stories from that concert…when the girl yells out: “It’s my birthday!”…she was standing right next to me. She and her friend were such nice girls. They were probably David’s age and so excited to be at the concert. The birthday girl was determined to get a high five from David. So if you fast forward to the end of the concert where David is collecting the roses, he high fives her and you can hear her scream in the video. He made her night and her birthday.

    Before the concert started we noticed two guys sitting in the 3rd row. They looked liked they were in college probably in their early 20s. We wondered, who were they there to see. So with each group that came out, we looked at them to see if they were fans. Hot Chelle Rae first and the guys sat in their seats and watched. Next Ready Set…nope didn’t seem to care. Then came Runner Runner…they barely clapped. Shontelle and her band member who did everything possible to rev up the crowd barely got a blink from these two guys. So we concluded that either they are the most passive concerts goers ever OR they were there to see David. We soon got our answer. David walked out in his unassuming way and these guys were on their feet and pushing towards the stage. They got their cell phones out for the first time and started filming. They sang and they danced. Yep…they were there for David.

  8. emmegirl says:

    KT, thanks for the great stories about the concert, loove hearing those! Especially the one about the guys!

  9. peppertara says:

    Such great videos KT, I adore acoustic David. It’s always been the next best thing to being there, sitting back and getting completely absorbed in those wonderful videos and forgetting where I am for those moments, love it!
    Love the stories about the guy fans! Thanks for sharing acoustic David…from the front row, what could be better.

  10. awestruck says:

    Ah KT I am just getting to your loverly – yes I meant loverly – videos and well worth waiting for! Great for an early Monday morning. I agree with peppertara an all others that acoustic David is the best. You are a tag master like TOfan!

    So cool about those two guy fans – “the most passive concert goers ever!” showed the love for our guy.

    Go MR. K!

  11. awestruck says:

    Oh, the things you miss on the first go round… the Happy Birthday song ending with “and many more”

  12. refnaf says:

    Morning!!! KT, love these vids, a good start to my week and ditto to what awstruck says> you are a tag master like TOfan, lol
    I remember the guys who where there for David,,,,fun to see them, thanks for sharing that story, brings back that awesome evening. David’s voice live ,gah, but also the banter when he is relaxed and has some time, you never know what he will say next. What the random FTW!

    Kizzi,,,, Mr K in a David t handing out candy?? He is some kind of wonderful!!

    Mr refnaf and I had a fun halloween… out dancing like the king and queen of somethin, My daughter twitpic’d us…. lol, with some cute background decor!

  13. abanana77 says:

    KT thanks so much for your awesome videos!! I am always so grateful for people who are willing to take concert videos for the rest of us who couldn’t make it 😀

    Love how David laughs off his little mistakes during ATM. Wish I could do that too. I would probably end up beat red and then embarassed that I got embarassed. Laughing off mistakes is something I wish I could do better.

    And love your tags! <3333

  14. Kizzi says:

    Thanks all for the kind words about Mr K. He had a blast. He loves Halloween and looks forward to it every year. 😀

    Oh, and *sniff* I just got an email and I didn’t get selected for MoTab tixs. Good luck to all of you! I’m still hoping TOfan goes so I can read about it through her eyes!

  15. TOfan says:

    I am spazzing here (no, not MoTab related, lol) … look what David song made MTV’s Jim Cantiello’s initial list of favourite songs for 2010 (click to enlarge) … *sniff*

    Woof - I'm working on my submission for MTV News' T... on Twitpic

  16. embe86 says:

    Hello all ❤ ❤

    Had an interesting weekend – I guess that's what you get when you combine your fiance and best guy-friend bonding, your Spanish teacher being so drunk he starts talking stuff worth censoring, cleaning up Pete's stomach's content off the living room carpet AND waking up with a cold. "Fun stuff."

    I haven't had an opportunity to watch those videos yet, dang it. I intend to do so tomorrow at school though – I'll find a quiet corner, plug in my headphones and ignore all requests to stop singing along outloud.

    Refnaf, I just got that same poster in the mail from Ray. It is such a good picture of David, and definitely deserves to be framed – don't listen to your kids ;D

    • refnaf says:

      So glad you got the poster, mine is off the dining room wall, and now upstairs in my “studio”!

  17. peppertara says:

    Live chat with David? Apparently there is! This Friday at 7:00 eastern time on Cambio (have no idea what or who Cambio is, ha). Unfortunately I will be at work at that time (4:00 my time, too bad).
    You can check it out here: 🙂

  18. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, thanks for the Jim Cantiello list. He is a super supporter of David. Obviously, he knows talent when he sees it.

    refnaf, what a dapper looking couple. The pic is hysterical! Love the part about your kids flipping, sounds familiar!

    Thanks peppertara for the chat info. Think I’ll sign up this time. Even if I don’t chat much, want him to have mucho viewers.

  19. Angelica says:


    So cute in your medieval attire. It isn’t as fetching as my swimsuit and boots but you look MAHVELOUS! So does Mr. Ref. And I adore your decor! haha!

  20. betsy says:

    Thanks for such amazing videos, KT. And the best tags ever.

    birthday fakers, lol

  21. Angelica says:


    Sorry for the drive by last night and no mention of your lovely vids and awesome tags! Will try to make the concert tonight when I get home. “We have options!” haha

    Bit distracted last night. 😉

  22. refnaf says:

    lol, Angelica I was distracted last night as well!!!!!!!!
    Yes, I won tics to the MOTAB!!!!!!!!
    is all I can say for now!

  23. refnaf says:

    So David is doing another live chat here

    on Friday night Nov. 05 at 7:30 est!

    Maybe Melinda won’t be there now that he knows how to do it??? just sayin’ 🙂

  24. Abanana77 says:

    Congrats Refnaf!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!!!! 😀

  25. TOfan says:

    I am LOLing over D’s last tweet:

    @DavidArchie So some kid who apparently likes my sister gave her a cutting board as a gift. He made it in woodshop. How interesting… haha.

    “who apparently likes my sister” lolol … oh, David…

  26. TOfan says:

    And Orla Fallon’s Silent Night duet with David is going on her CD (& his Pat-a-Pan from the Christmas special on the DVD!):

    From @AnnieDAFG:
    Preorder Orla Fallon’s Christmas special CD/DVD -listen to a sample of her duet “Silent Night” w/ David Archuleta

  27. silverfox says:

    Refnaf!! Congratulations! Hope to see you there!


    Well, of course, SandyBeaches, my sis Theresa & I WILL see you there! 😀

  28. refnaf says:

    Awesome Possum!!!!!

  29. peppertara says:

    Haha, gotta love David’s tweets! I have a feeling that he will be the big brother who screens (nicely) his sisters’ potential dates. Lol.
    Yes….”awesome possum” is right refnaf…for those of you who won tickets to MOTab events, how fantastic! I’m afraid I was one of the many losers.

    Orla Fallon’s Christmas special on CD and DVD, nice!
    I’ve already ordered mine. 🙂

  30. KT says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments and am glad that you are enjoying the videos and tags :).

    TOfan, I agree that tweet from David had big brother written all over it. Cracked me up.

    I liked the “It’s not that bad of a cutting board.” comment too… So David what’s not that bad the board or the boy?!

  31. FG says:

    SWEEEEET MERCY the end of MY HANDS! SERIOUSLY? I think I tried to break my PC replaying that part. Genius he is. Dang it!!! I wish every nonfan and our families could see him live. Maybe then they’d get it. The voice fills the venue. These peeps sure were lucky at this small show. gah

  32. TOfan says:

    And here’s the picture from Snarkies of David and his sisters at the Lady Antebellum concert:

    David and Lady A

    imo, David & Lady A would make an awesome tour combo … I know he’s not country, but they’re cross-over artists now with great songs, harmonies & musicianship … it could help expand their fanbase to a younger demographic and vice-versa for him … win, win & def. WIN for us! 🙂

  33. embe86 says:

    “So some kid who apparently likes my sister gave her a cutting board as a gift. He made it in woodshop. How interesting… haha.”

    Sounds like David’s nice way of saying “Huh. So a boy likes my little sister. I don’t know this boy. And he gave her a gift. Okay. No biggie. I’ll tweet my thoughts about it and throw in a “haha” so no one can tell I’m a little irritated.”

    The way the tweet is worded sounds exactly like David’s trying to act cool about it 😀 “How interesting” is something I say when my fiance tells me some girl came up to talk to him. I’m like “Oh. Well how interesting. Haha. Excuse me while I look her up on Facebook and send her hatemail.”

  34. TOfan says:

    “Excuse me while I look her up on Facebook and send her hatemail.” rotflmbo, embe you srsly crack me up like nobody else! 😆

    Here’s David before today’s concert (Twitpic from @Y101Miggy):

    Posted using

    And the young man who looked so big & tall next to his sisters looks so tiny next to this guy!

    Posted using

  35. TOfan says:

    So this is a show that got minimal promotion (David only tweeted about it yesterday & it’s not listed on his site) … and look at the crowd (from @ck_foto)!!!!

    WOW!!!! GOING TO THE DOOR! WOOT!!! on Twitpic

  36. TOfan says:

    Unplugged TOSOD Twitvid from Shelley! ohmyheck the runs! woooooot!

    And pics from the event:

  37. awestruck says:

    Oh My Heck is right TOfan I got no vid but the audio was great on that twitvid! A bit of an archugrowl too.

  38. emmegirl says:

    Love that My Hands too! FG’s right about that genius part! My Hands allows him to showcase his brillance, and I sometimes wish that he would eliminate the audience participation, “hold on”, and just let everyone experience solely his amazingness and genius. I do love the audience participation on YEDL and some of those though.

    Just watched the TOSOD twitvid. These songs acoustically… how he does this and produces such amazing results is beyond me. How many singers could do these songs (incl My Hands, Crush etc) acoustically and have them sound like that? Am I just out of the loop (maybe, because I follow no one else but him), but do other singers do all of their songs acoustically like this, and if they do, do they sound like that? Just wondering…

    I am in the “if it ain’t about David I don’t know and I don’t care” genre.

    embe, think you might have nailed the tweet thing, lol.

  39. TOfan says:

    New post thread!


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