Dale Archuleta: Top 10 live-chat highlights

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It just hit me today that Mr. David Archuleta hosted his first live chat last night … and we got to virtually hang-out with him for a whole hour.

Hmm, not quite Jimmy Neutronish enough yet.

It was almost too much awesomeness all in one go. Like going from the occasional M&M to inhaling an entire six-layer chocolate cake.

My head is spinning with images of David petting a zebra while watching Hoarders, running circuits down hotel hallways, singing “It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green,” styling his hair into a sundae, and … ohmyheck was he really chair-dancing the Bachata???

In trying to process the hour of ArchuMagnificence, here are a few highlights:

1. Hearing David say “sweetiecupcake” — not sure why that made me LOL but I want to officially thank Ms. Cupcake for choosing that screen name (bet she’s made that clip her ringtone!)

k, now we've got somethin' goin' on....

2. Feisty Boss David giving employee Ms. Melinda the trufax: “I’m not yelling. I’m just stating a fact.” You tell her, D.! … Then later, laughing while refusing her suggestion to overtly plug the album: “They know it’s available in stores now.” … (I’m sure she’ll catch on in time that one thing David does not need help from management on is how to relate to his fans.)

3. Q: “If you could be a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would you be?” 100% serious-face David: “I don’t think I’d want to be sandwich. But if I had to be a sandwich, I think I’d be peanut butter and jelly.” … no words.

Now who's got iconic hair???

4. Learning that David’s pet peeve is people taking pictures of him sleeping during flights. “Hey, that’s personal!… not a fan of that.” … That is such an intrusion, so despicable, I can’t even imagine being so rude. (*resists urge to Google adorbs snoozing pics* )

5. Hearing that he’s writing his own Spanish songs. [insert appropriate flailing here]

6. Q. “If you could change your name, what would it be?” David: “When I was little, for some reason I liked the name Dale.” … doesn’t everyone?

7. Loved all the international questions flooding in from Brunei, Argentina, U.K., Peru, Honduras, Phillipines, Columbia. “Hi, Ireland!” πŸ™‚

8. Q. “Your favourite song on the album?” David: “There are quite a few songs that I really like.” … Good to know.

Hmm, what is the closest country I could go to next? (Billboard.com)

9. Enjoyed what must be the longest pause in history as David tried to diplomatically answer the question, “What’s your favourite Katy Perry song?”

and last, but not least.

10. Q. “Will you come to Canada?” David: “I would actually really love to come to Canada. And Canada’s so close, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to plan a trip there. We were just discussing that today again and that was a concern I brought up. Because a lot of those fans come over the border, so I should make the effort to go say hi to them too.” (about the 38 min. mark)

That right there is my Happy Canadian Thanksgiving wish to each and every one of you!!!!

— TOfan

P.S. What are your favourite moments from album launch week?

P.P.S.Β  The Wendy Williams Show

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88 Responses to Dale Archuleta: Top 10 live-chat highlights

  1. embe says:

    I JUST watched the chat and I swear even the photos on my wall started cracking up listening to David’s very unique sing-talk-ramble-laugh -medley.

    I need to watch it again ’cause I don’t remember everything about it yet, and I’m no true Archie if I haven’t got every single one of David’s interviews memorized πŸ˜›

    • TOfan says:

      LOL, Embe! I’m glad you’re still breathing, I was starting to think that live chat had wiped out the entire fandom in one fell swoop! πŸ˜†

      Great news about David performing at Christmas in SLC with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, wow, details here:

      Apparently it will be filmed & aired on PBS (this Christmas and next!) and CDs and DVDs of the concerts will be available!

  2. abanana77 says:

    OK I have not watched this yet, but after reading what you wrote, it has moved up high on my list of stuff I need to watch! Amazing what he said about potentially coming to Canada! His team needs to listen to him! πŸ˜€

    My favourite moment from album launch (out of the stuff I’ve watched, anways) would probably have to be the z100 elevator. That one still blows me away every time I watch it! Ridiculous.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know it’s technically not for like another 4 days, but I am going home tonight so to me it feels like it’s now πŸ™‚ Haha

  3. peppertara says:

    Wow, I obviously missed a lot of that chat. My comupter doesn’t have the greatest sound and had a couple of freeze ups. Didn’t hear anything about Canada so that is so nice to hear!
    Did love David’s sweet rambling/explanations and his random singing (always love that). Guess I will have to watch some of this again.
    Love the engagement with the MT Choir, what a beautiful event that will be! Excited about that!
    So much good stuff going on these days, kind of like:
    “in a whirlwind spinning…yeah some how it knocked me off my feet.” A good whirlwind though, still have some catching up to do.
    abanana….Happy (early) Thanksgiving to you too!

  4. awestruck says:

    There were soooo many

    – off the top of my head was when David looked directly into the camera in the billboard interview and emphatically said “I don’t like autotune” May have been the only time he looked directly into a camera… could be cause he didn’t know which one to look at til 3/4 of the way through when he asked the guy “which camera am I supposed to look at?”

    oh, so many… wish I had time to re-watch everything again this weekend (should havd taken notes, lol), but am getting ready to leave for Ottawa/Brockville in the morning for Thanksgiving and my mother-in-laws 75th birthday. So, if I do not manage to sneak some time on the computer this weekend HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!

    What I wouldn’t give to be able to hear David sing with the MTC – what an honor for him!

  5. emmegirl says:

    lol, TOfan! I haven’t gotten to watch it yet so love hearing some of the high points… lovable, sassy, genuine, honest, funny David.

    I have had time to watch the WW video, another great Elevator. Again, love the look he gets from Mike while he is singing…respect and adoration.

    And that Stephen Tyler thing, so funny, and so telling… you know that he really was wondering about JLo, he promises, (I loved that), but I love how he doesn’t just stand there disinterested, waiting to talk about his album. He is looking at the picture and the people in it and then wants to know who in the heck the other girl is… in the moment, sincere and unfiltered.

    And writing songs in spanish, omg! What a greedy greedy fan I am because I cannot wait (this man is a machine!)

    And boy howdy will there be partying in Canada if it’s added to tour, wooohoo! Am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you because you all deserve it!

    • TOfan says:

      I love Mike’s look of admiration too, emme … & just saw this tweet of Mike’s: I thought @davidarchie sounded awesome on Wendy Williams today! *sniff*

  6. emmegirl says:

    I’m a little slow TOfan.. Dale Archuleta…you crack me up!

  7. TOfan says:

    Just watched that Wendy Williams Elevator… switches it up beautifully once again! It looked like Wendy was surprised at the great response he got, lol.

    Still LOLing at his “Who’s the other girl?” comment at the end … and it’s all over the Internet … way to viral market, D.!!!

    Here are a couple of mentions (& some have even linked to his album!):

    N.Y.Mag / Vulture


    The Daily Wh.at
    (which included this comment: “David Archuleta is even more adorable than I remembered.
    Awesomely adorable.” πŸ™‚ )

  8. lisa says:


    oh please please let me get tickets to this!!!!!!! SWEET

  9. refnaf says:

    EEEEEEEEE this is amazing… Dale needs to do chat at least once per week… sooo much fun. I think I need a mp3!

    I missed the Canada comment as well…. but he is thinking about it?? he said we are close so he should come say hello? so precious!!!! DAVID JUST DO IT!!! i am going to relisten… I must hear it!!!

    Love the way he responded to Melinda…”I’m not yelling…” lol, not sure I “like” her (not that I need too) perhaps I am jellus that she gets to hang with him.

    All the highlights you mention TOfan> so right on….

    I am so pumped about the MoTab Concert… and it will be on CD/DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna love that!!!

  10. refnaf says:

    KKK relistened!!!! Omgosh….. he is concerned about not coming here!!!! That means he will get here!!! This was so sweet to hear…

    and this…” mangoes are so hard here…. but in the Philipines they are like a smoothie with a peel” complete with peeling actions!!!

    On second listen he seems a bit snarky to Melinda, lol, Go David!!!

  11. peppertara says:

    I am so glad I watched again, missed so much the first time and yes….he brought up his concern at the meeting…about coming to Canada! Sounds pretty hopeful to me! You’re a great guy David.

    Gosh, I laughed so much watching this time, he is too genuine and funny. Love how excited he gets about food! So many great moments on this chat, he really does need to do this quite regularly.
    I realized too that he answered one of my questions, nice.
    I think he’s kind of a ‘sweetiecupcake’ himself…or maybe I should say a ‘sweetiemango’. πŸ™‚

  12. peppertara says:

    Tofan, forgot to mention that I love this:
    “It was almost too much awesomeness all in one go. Like going from the occasional M&M to inhaling an entire six-layer chocolate cake.”
    Yes! and it’s a good thing that each Archuleta calorie only manifests itself in awws, ohhhs, gasps, deep breaths, laughter, jaw drops, heart clutches and squeals. πŸ™‚

    Your Happy Canadian Thanksgiving wish is a lovely one and I wish you and everyone the same….may David soon grace your city or make it possible for all to see him on home turf.

  13. betsy says:

    Just saw the chat today. It is pure David. Listening to David ramble, talk, sing random bits of whatever comes into his head for an hour is more entertaining than anything else I could think of. I would’ve paid for that.
    Here is another favorite of mine:
    He’s not a fan of $8 bowls of cereal.
    Not into giving people titles – Catlady. LOLOLOL
    Ok that was two.
    I need to go watch it a second time now.
    Oh ref – smoothie with a peel, I’d forgotten!!
    (with peeling action, you are cracking me up)

    • TOfan says:

      lol, Betsy, forgot about the $8 bowl of cereal … love his, ahem, thriftiness … and the fact that he appreciates those simple pleasures of home, like grabbing a bowl of cereal whenever you want one.

  14. abanana77 says:

    Home now πŸ™‚ I brought my fanpack to show my fam. Haha, they humour me by listening to my rants about David. It was funny some of their reactions to the fanpack.

    My Dad (looking at the cover): what type of boots does he have on his feet?

    My 17 year old brother: I like his cover art more than his last one.. Is he going for a different style of music because the cover looks pretty different? (very wise, that brother)

    And my 12 year old brother humoured me the most by lying on my bed next to me listening to some of the songs through one earphone. He told me to play my favourite one by I didn’t feel like he’d appreciate MKOP so I played TOSOD and STR for him. Boy songs? Haha, I have no idea – it was my attempt at boy songs anyways. It was super cute though. Except I knew the real reason was that he was avoiding getting put to bed but it was still nice.

    Haven’t had the chance to get my mom to listen to it yet. I think she’ll like it.

    Still need to watch the chat! Ahhh I should sleep now though…

    • TOfan says:

      abanana, sounds like your fam is coming around!

      And your Dad noticed The Boots??? cool dad you have there! My dad keeps asking me when I’m going “On Tour” πŸ˜†

      Your littlest bro sounds about as adorbs as D.! “Boy songs” bahahaha, love that … maybe Elevator could be a boy song, all the male radio & TV hosts seem to like it, and it involves mechanical machinery … nvm, lol

      • abanana77 says:

        “and it involves mechanical machinery…” LOL that actually made me laugh out loud! Hahahahahahaha. I thought about elevator actually, but he’s always liked Zero Gravity the best so I went for something more upbeat.

        I have considered secretly putting songs on his ipod because I think he’d actually listen to them BUT I feel like having David Archuleta on your ipod as a grade 8 boy would pretty be one of the worst things you could do (popularity wise). And if someone found out, he would probably never forgive me for the humiliation I would have caused him. πŸ˜›

  15. refnaf says:

    abanana!! What a sweeet story about your family,,, so glad you made it home safely…Boy songs,,hahaha

    You MUST watch the chat… i just replayed the first few minutes and ROTFL…
    “can they see me???
    “Hi David… hi David???
    “Can you see me”

    “Listening to David ramble, talk, sing random bits of whatever comes into his head for an hour is more entertaining than anything else I could think of. I would’ve paid for that.” lol, me tooo!!!

    Love that the Wendy clip is getting David promo…Random promo stuff is the best kind I think>>

  16. refnaf says:

    BTW TOfan…..lol at the pic that you captioned “Hmm, what is the closest country I could go to next?”
    Look at the concern of his face!!!! Awwwww, he reallllly reallly wants to come and “say” hello>

  17. peppertara says:

    “peppertara, which question did he answer???

    (The one about the hamster-sized-hippopotamus? LOLOL)”

    LOL, no…that one didn’t cross my mind, ha.

    One of the questions I asked was….if he had learned to play the piano for MKOP. He answered that and said he had. So one day he’ll be singing and playing on stage when he gets his confidence up.

    I hope David got to feel enough love from his fans about his album, seems everyone was talking about food, totoros, hippopotamuses, etc. lol. Well, I’m sure he did.
    Think David had fun though, pretty epic chat I would say.
    Would love for David to come here and say hello (and anything else he wants to do).
    How sweet that he brought that subject up at one of his meetings, aw..

    • TOfan says:

      Loved that question, pepp!

      I can picture him now playing & MKOP … it’ll be his very own 1000 Miles, in fact, I bet a lot of other artists will eventually do their own cover versions, such a personal, beautiful song.

  18. KathyH says:

    Some favorite moments of the chat:

    “I can see it, Melinda …. I’m not yelling. I’m just stating a fact.”

    “Echo! Think of it as reverb.”

    His laugh at the hamster/hippo question. His laugh in general.

    “Sing! Sing! Sing! I already did! I just did!”

    He runs in the hotel halls?

    David’s hair redo.

    “It’s not that easy being green.”

    “Make a kissy face? Uh. No. I’m not that into making kissy faces I guess.”

    All parts of songs or even just syllables being sung. “Ummmm. Oh-oh, oh! Oh! Oh!”

    Brain fried. My brain’s fried. My brain’s kind of like *insert new David sound effect*!

    The fact that he continually supports musicians he likes no matter what.

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks, KathyH! Great moments all!!!

      And for sure, his support of other musicians, esp. those debuting albums on the same day!, is such a great demonstration of his generous spirit.

  19. Kizzi says:

    What a great hour of David. He does revel in the moment TOfan.

    I especially loved the interaction with Melinda. bahahahaha

    Oh and isn’t this a picture representing the reaction of collective “us” this week:

    P.S. I need to regroup this weekend b/c I’ve missed some interviews. While some of you *cough,cough* are at the Skate for The Heart *cough, cough* lucky someones of Canadian origins πŸ˜€

  20. TOfan says:

    aww, Kiz, can’t see your picture (but I have a feeling I know the expression! :lol:)

    Awesome album review alert!

    Absolutely loved this album review from the often-snarky N.Y. Post:

    “The Other Side of Down”
    HAVING been totally prepared to hate David Archuleta’s sophomore album, “The Other Side of Down,” as being more mush from the wimp, the disc is shockingly good, displaying huge musical evolution beyond the “American Idol”-style schlock ‘n’ roll.

    While Archuleta’s voice is still bright and youthful, the sugar is gone. You hear that in mature lyrics that have emotional depth in songs such as “Falling Stars,” “My Kind of Perfect” and “Stomping the Roses.” After his stint on “American Idol” and his debut record, it seemed as if this kid were pure plastic. This record’s pulse says otherwise.

    Source: http://bit.ly/9D3btD

    What I love most about it, is that he doesn’t just say it’s better than he expected from David, but also better than he expected from any graduate of “the American Idol-style schlock ‘n’ roll”! πŸ˜†


  21. abanana77 says:

    HE SANG DREAM SKY HIGH?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I actually have always wanted him to sing that but I never thought he would. *dies*

  22. jackryan4DA says:

    Am dyyyyyyyyyyyyyying from thrill and pride for him! Fer sure you know all about this already but, am still posting it!

    Have you reserved by now? Guys you’ve got to go. If am there, I will find a way to see it. Please goooooooooooooooooooo

    ps: excuse my exuberance. It has been a deeply difficult week for me and news like this is like manna for people like me who could use some good news πŸ™‚

  23. emmegirl says:

    abanana77, sounds like a very special night. Oh my, videos would be a dream.

    Well, atleast we can hear about it from the fortunate ones who were there.

  24. peppertara says:

    TOfan, loved that review from the NY Post. It says a lot coming from them!
    The gala tonight sounds incredible. Yes, apparently David sang Dream Sky High along with several other lovelies. From what they are saying, very strict against cameras, videos, etc. so don’t know if we will see anything or not. Maybe some audio? What an event to be at though. Someone tweeted that David and Lupe danced the Bachata (is that how you spell it, not sure) at the VIP. Can you imagine!
    Would so love to go to Utah to see David sing with the MTAB Choir! Don’t think I will be able to swing it though. You have to win tickets first of all, a lot of people submit requests, over a million apparently. What a heavenly event to attend though, wow.

  25. abanana77 says:

    I still have crossed fingers for at least an audio of part of DSH. *crosses every finger and toe*

  26. abanana77 says:

    So i am just watching the chat thing now, and noone ever mentioned how he brought out into IICOB! Amazing! I love that song πŸ™‚

  27. abanana77 says:

    TOfan – I just noticed the tag “need to see those promo drop outtakes”. LOL amazing!

    also – I just finished watching the chat and I watched right to the end which I am happy I did because what a gem I found in the last 30 seconds! He said my name! *sqeeeeee* obviously he was not talking about me but it was still amazing because I don’t think I’ve heard him say it before. Looking directly into the camera “Thank you Anna!” *dead*

  28. peppertara says:

    Aw, abanana….that’s so sweet (and special) that David said your name, even if it was for another Anna. Although I know that David would be referring to all of his “Anna fans”. πŸ™‚

    So many good tweets from the Gala. Love these:

    Jerry: Dream Sky High complete with archugrowls
    26. Shelley: Dream sky high!!! Oh my heck
    25. Andrea: I can not even describe how David was dancing with Lupe tonight.Holy wow the guy can MOVE.

    David dancing?? The one event we probably won’t get a video when that would be an exceptional sight to behold. Holy wow is right!

  29. peppertara says:

    In honor of that indescribable gorgeous song MKOP thought I would post this cover of the song (first one I’ve seen) from Advait from India. It really is lovely and he is an excellent musician and a big fan of David’s. You may have seen his other covers of David’s music. This is so pretty:

  30. Kizzi says:

    Desert News article about Mentors International with pictures – I’m trying to embed below here *fingers crossed*



  31. betsy says:

    Ok, back to the incredible chat again. I just watched again. That one line, “No texting and driving” although heartfelt, was a dead on Jim Carrey impression.

  32. betsy says:

    “I’ve actually gotten the hang of shrimp lately”

  33. Abrra says:

    I made an MP3 of Dream Shy High from ziffle77’s video .

    Download it here:


  34. embe says:

    Hey you guys,

    things aren’t going so well for me now. There are relationship issues and my wrists that have been pretty much useless for 2 years got cortisone shots injected in them yesterday and the pain is just now starting to get bearable. I haven’t eaten in 24 hours and I’ve cried most of last night and this day. So basically I’m a mess.

    Trying to focus my thoughts on David and his healing voice, but could really use your prayers. Thank you guys for being there.

    • archiesfan4life says:

      embe – sending {{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}

      • stenocruiser says:

        Oh, embe — so sad to hear of the pain in your heart and in your wrists. May God bless you and heal you. Please know we care and are praying for you to be happy and well. {{{{{{{ more hugs }}}}}}}

    • emmegirl says:

      Just want to echo what has already been said by steno, archiesfan4life, and JR.
      Please know that everyone is there for you you’re in our prayers.

      Thanks so much to ziffle77 for the vids, thus mp3’s from last night…a blessing.

    • refnaf says:

      ((((((((((((((huge hug ))))))))))))))))

    • abanana77 says:

      embe – sending you huge hugs and prayers your way <33333

  35. jackryan4DA says:

    mp3s of Ziffle77 β€˜s vide from last night’s Gala


    Except for CELD, the rest of the songs have 2 versions – one w/ intro, one w/o

    Truly – balm to restless souls & unsettled minds

  36. jackryan4DA says:

    EMBE, hugs & prayers to you sweetie –

    Hope the mp3s from last night help

  37. TOfan says:

    {{{{Embe}}}} lots of prayers and love your way, things ARE gonna get better, just you wait & see.

    And big hugs too to Abrra & JR, I somehow missed those ninja vids last night… I am blown away by DSH. When I heard D's junior version, I thought it was cute but never really listened to it again. Now, it's devastatingly beautiful. As is he. wow

    • emmegirl says:

      TOfan, been listening to DSH and Contigo all morning, incredible performances.
      Looked up the lyrics to DSH , really good and remarkable for someone so young. It really goes deeper than I thought when I heard it a couple of years ago.

      It is so interesting to listen to both of them now. Just love the husky richness of his voice now but also loved the crystal clear purity of his voice pre-paralysis. It is also amazing how developed his styling was at such an early age.

      Dog sitting my Emmie’s sister today… 2 german shepherds laying here sleeping peacefully with DSH & Contigo from last night on continual play.

  38. abanana77 says:

    LOVE the ninja videos from last night. Dream Sky High was better than I had imagined it. I’ve heard all his recording from when he was young, but none of them I really cared for too much EXCEPT dream sky high. No idea why, I always thought it was a beautiful song and his vocals on that one are ridiculous. I used to listen to it every day on the bus on repeat on the way to work 2 summers ago. And I always imagined him singing it again and I am still on cloud nine from listening to it. Ninja videos FTW.

  39. embe says:

    To everyone:

    I’m crying as I type this. Crying for the strength that I don’t have, crying for pain but crying for having such wonderful people in my life. I really feel your concern and thoughts, no matter the distance between us. I’ll try to get through this and remember everything David has said.

    Thank you all.

    • betsy says:

      Awww Embe. Thinking of you. Sending you positive thoughts and vibes. β™₯

    • ray says:

      embe you will fell better when you get the big poster of david if i ever get your email

      • embe says:

        Hello Ray,

        I have sent you 2 emails, and I don’t know why you haven’t gotten them. Maybe they’re in your spam filter?

  40. peppertara says:

    embe….so sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult time. Do hang in there and do know that yes….Things Are Gonna Get Better. Know that you will get through this. Take it from someone who’s older and has been through those painful situations….there really is a light at the end of the tunnel, as David would say. You will find strength to get through, know that. My prayers and hugs to you! Hope you will feel better soon. ❀

    A big thank you to JR and Abrra. Those MP3s made my day…ah so lovely to listen to David's beautiul songs. What a special evening it was for David and those present.

    This is a great album review from the Stanford Daily, worth reading. This is right on. Love this:

    "Forget auto-tune, rap interludes and over-produced beats – all Archuleta really needs to sell his music is his angelic voice."


  41. TOfan says:

    Embe, hope this cheers you up! I’m still LOLing:

  42. betsy says:

    I lOVE that video! They were having sooo much fun! David would love this. πŸ™‚

  43. peppertara says:

    Elevator back up dancers, haha. That video is so cute, those girls made sure they were going to have some fun, loved it. I can just see David watching that and laughing his sweet head off, lol!

  44. emmegirl says:

    Love his last 2 tweets, “well thanks.”

    So I wonder where Dale Archuleta was dining.

  45. abanana77 says:

    Relistening to Dream Sky High and I have to say I absolutely loved his introduction before the song:

    “…how it’s so neat that, alot of you might not meet these people, in this life, but you’re affecting real lives and they’re real people…”

    I love the “in this life”. I dunno, he just has a way of keeping me looking at things with perspective.

  46. embe says:

    I can’t thank you guys enough for your support. Means the world to me.

    Today is a bit better – slowly working things out. I hope one day I can laugh at this. Right now I’m just happy my dogs came and hugged me, like they were saying “Emmi, we know, we understand, we love you”. I guess they heard your thoughts and prayers and delivered them to me.

  47. KathyH says:

    LOVE the Elevator back-up dancer video. So cute.

    Embe, big hugs to you. I’m sorry you’re going through some tough times.

  48. refnaf says:

    TOfan and I have arrived in Ohio!!!! Stoked to see a Canadian hero skate to David!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We plan on waving our Olympic mitts, and cheering them both on…. so cute that Joannie is following David on twitter now, awww!

    We will keep you all posted!!!!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone… Guess what I am thankful for???
    Snowangelz and David!!! eeeeeeee

  49. abanana77 says:

    refnaf & TOfan – Have a blast! It’s going to be so special to see Joannie and David perform AT THE SAME TIME! And the Olympic mittens are such a good idea! πŸ˜€

  50. emmegirl says:

    refnaf and TOfan – “is in Ohio”

    (wasn’t that David’s first tweet!)

    Someday I hope to meet some of David’s Canadian fans, you guys are just, well, awesome.

    ~wave~ those mittens!

    Can’t wait for deets!

  51. peppertara says:

    refnaf and TOfan, you lucky people…I know it will be a very special experience and you will enjoy every moment thoroughly! A special event indeed.
    Love that you took the mitts with you!

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend Canadian Snowangelz.

  52. emmegirl says:

    You know, you’re not gonna believe this, but it had been pretty quiet from you guys the last couple days and I wondered if you had headed to Ohio. But then I logically rationalized that you had just seen David and I was then pretty confident that you were just busy with other things… silly me.

  53. embe says:

    Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that things are finally settling down. I’m still a bit shaken up after everything, but I’ll “walk on”. What’s funny is that today was actually Pete’s cousin’s wedding day (talk about timing), and I put on a brave face for them. It was a surprisingly fun day. Here are pics for you, to say thank you for your support. I love you guys, I really do.

  54. archiesfan4life says:

    TOfan and Ref – have a wonderful time!!! I love the mitts idea – so cute! I sure am looking forward to seeing you both again this year – I miss you:(.

  55. refnaf says:

    New post/thread!


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