David Archuleta: No, no, nothing’s gonna break his stride

Beautiful collage of the David/Allison screencaps from HanneDenmark.

I’m actually not in any condition to write articles right now. I’m flying hii-ii-ii-igh. Images of a black-haired, denim-clad ninja climbing the walls have made me climb the walls. There are actual footprints on my ceiling if you want to see. I’m being force-fed optimism, happiness and messages of love and I can’t complain.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re having a bad day, and the only thing you want is to soak in the filth of negativity, when suddenly you hear a joyful song or see a picture of a smiling baby? Well, imagine the bad day as your life and the smiling baby as a smiling David, singing about elevators (isn’t it ironic, though, that such a spokesperson of exercise doesn’t sing about stairs?).

The Archuforce doesn’t care how miserable you might be — you can be a hit man on a mission when you start streaming TOSOD, but by the time you’re bawling your eyes out to My Kind Of Perfect, you’ll want to embrace whoever it was you were planning to slay.

The lyrical depth of The Other Side Of Down is unbelievable, not to mention oxymoronic. Amazingly romantic love songs to a faceless dreamgirl by a guy, who is grossed out by hand-holding.

Snarky remarks to the bigshots by a guy who is too nice to raise his voice to a woman holding him in a headlock desperate to be his first kiss.

Every lyric is like an aphorism just waiting to be engraved into a tree of hope and faith. “Paint it over if your world is grey,” he sings, and even the shadows start glowing an orange light.

David Archuleta wants to show you the other side of down. What kind of a stone-hearted moron wouldn’t want to take his hand and let him lead the way?


P.S. from TOfan: Embe, I challenge those stone-hearted morons to watch this epic ArchuHall of Fame video and not feel their heart melt. I’m adding it to the end of your post in case anyone missed it. THIS belongs in that Memory Box!!!!!

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83 Responses to David Archuleta: No, no, nothing’s gonna break his stride

  1. abanana77 says:

    embe – love it! 🙂 His optimism has always been what attracts me to him the most. I have never seen another person who “shines” like him – I did not even know it was possible to shine like that, until I discovered him.

    That memory video is ridiculously amazing. Love how he talks bout how he gets distracted and then gets distracted. Hahahahaha. Amazing. Also – “I’ve never been this close to a squirrel before”. He really needs to get himself to Canada. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but Ottawa and Kingston pretty much have infestations of them.

  2. happy says:

    “chemistry…it was so confusing to me…” bwhahahahahaha 🙂

  3. TOfan says:

    {{{{embe}}} love the way you write about David, I can’t believe English isn’t your first language! And you’re so right, he turns your frown upside down… I know that’s cheesy but that’s exactly what he does.

    This video is a perfect example … had a tough week and them bam, David works his magic and I laughed so hard, I missed half the video and had to rewatch. (tough, I know)

    You’re right abanana, he totally needs to come here to bond with our gazillion squirrels … but if he’s gonna start naming each and every one, he could be here a while. 😆

    “as long as the squirrel doesn’t attack me or somethin'” *dies*

  4. peppertara says:

    Embe….what a great post, you really do have a unique and wonderful way of expressing yourself and and your relationship to the “black-haired, denim-clad ninja” ha.
    “The lyrical depth of The Other Side Of Down is unbelievable”. Isn’t it though! I am still absorbing how David manages to combine a great feel good, get you moving song like Look Around and give it such incredible lyrics. It’s like dancing to the wisdom of life! Who else out there does that, looove that.
    Great post Embe and I can’t understand anyone not wanting to go the other side of down with David either.

    That video, David and his memories….oh my goodness. I laughed and smiled until my cheeks hurt and yeah..my heart melted a little. He has to be the epitomy of everything sweet, real and true.
    The squirrel scene was too adorable to me for words….and he named it Almond!
    I agree, David needs to come to Canada and be immersed in squirrels, ha. Heck, I get them all the time scurrying on my balcony and burying their nut and nutshells in my plants. David would get a kick out of all the squirrels here. He could go through the entire nut family, naming them all, haha.
    Another epic, too sweet for words video.

    • refnaf says:

      “It’s like dancing to the wisdom of life!” Well said pep…. his lyrics are light and dark, which is exactly what life is.

  5. peppertara says:

    Woops, bad spelling…meant “epitome of everything sweet…” Late in a long day, ha,

  6. jackryan4DA says:


    SBL, Elevator & Crush


  7. awestruck says:

    embe – I smiled though your entire well written ‘tirad’ and I love this especially “The lyrical depth of The Other Side Of Down is unbelievable, not to mention oxymoronic. Amazingly romantic love songs to a faceless dreamgirl by a guy, who is grossed out by hand-holding.” bwahahaha

    Another example of David’s upbeat nature and how it affects others around him – this is an exerpt from AmyV who wrote a recap of her Roanoke experience

    “… As we pulled into Roanoke, after traveling in heavy rain all morning, the sky opened up a bit, and we saw a line of blue sky on the horizon. It was so cool and we took it as a statement of “All’s well! David’s in town!”
    David was AMAZING! His voice was really strong and he sang six songs instead of the prearranged four! whoohooo! Thanks David! The last two songs (Elevator and Crush) the two little girls got to sit on stage with him, and he was just so sweet to them. He asked them their names and asked them if they’d ever been on stage before. When they said “no” he said he was “honored to share the stage with them.” awwwwww. He looked at them and smiled a bunch while he sang and included them by trying to get them to sing a little. Really genuine, sweet moment to raise some bucks for Susan G. Komen Foundation. David even adlibbed a little on “Elevator” at the end, soliciting crowd participation where he usually does on “hhhiiiiiggggghhhh!” So he says “if you are parent, you sing!” So all the parents sang “hhhiiiiigggghhhh!” Then he asked all the guys in the crowd to sing it and he was hilarious as he dropped it an octave. He was having fun working the crowd. haha
    I was also proud to be part of David’s fans who generously donated about $700 in his honor last night! I know there was more, but that’s the number we have documented. Thanks everybody who donated, and to Deb and Catherine who worked hard to pull all those donations together! Great team work! David seemed really happy last night. He was very sociable at the meet and greet and relaxed. I was told they had 80 people for the VIP. It didn’t seem too big, and the funny thing was, nobody really wanted to go hang in the VIP room before the concert. Lots of people decided to just stake out their area in front of the stage, while me and a few buds hung out with Danny (dj from K92 who did the lovely interview with David) and Mike and met some new friends. I was very impressed by Danny and how friendly he was and how highly he spoke of David. We let him know how much we appreciated the respectful interview. Shontelle was very sweet and personable as well, and seemed to connect well with the crowd. It was a really nice event!
    Amy (in VA)”

    Squirrels abound here in western Canada too – there aren’t enough names, LOL. Oh my, what a clip of adorablishisness!

    • refnaf says:

      Thanks for that awestruck>>>love to read recaps, different experiences but always the same theme> DAVID IS AMAZING

  8. joymus says:

    Embe – Really, REALLY Great Article! 🙂

    Hi Tofan and Co. – *waves*

  9. Bluebird19 says:

    Embe, I enjoyed your post … great writing.

    One of my favorite lines “(isn’t it ironic, though, that such a spokesperson of exercise doesn’t sing about stairs?).”

    “What kind of a stone-hearted moron wouldn’t want to take his hand and let him lead the way?” … remember David is grossed out by that holding hands stuff, so they’ll just have to hold on to that stick in his hand … lol.

    I even learned a new word “aphorism” … so thanks! 🙂

  10. abanana77 says:

    peppertara – “It’s like dancing to the wisdom of life!” YES! I’ve never thought of saying it like that but that’s tottaly what it is!

  11. refnaf says:

    Embe!!! Love the way you write!!
    “The Archuforce doesn’t care how miserable you might be — you can be a hit man on a mission when you start streaming TOSOD, but by the time you’re bawling your eyes out to My Kind Of Perfect, you’ll want to embrace whoever it was you were planning to slay.”… lol, I am no hitman but I can sometimes be a mom on a rampage, and it is too true that listening to D calms me and puts life into a “better” perspective.

    I love the way you love him **heart**

  12. refnaf says:

    Need to thank you all for the awesome last thread… no time to get involved but catching up is a hoot!
    You guys rock!

    Okay, the latest vid…. OMGosh>>> David being David > I could watch 24/7.
    “maybe because my brain couldn’t focus and function properly …. oh hi squirrel”

    “Any way back to what we were doin’…. what were we doin??”

    lololol what a lift!!!!

  13. embe says:

    Thanks you guys for all your lovely comments ❤ I can't believe the amazing feedback 'cause I seriously wrote the post in like 5 minutes with my dad and fiance arguing about chimneys and fireplaces in the background.

    That video of David explaining how easily distracted he is… after watching it there's no need to explain lol 😀 He must have such a hard time concentrating at meetings and stuff. Maybe that's how they got him to do the Guitar Hero commercial in his underpants.

    AI people: So David. The two finalists will have to shoot a commercial for Guitar Hero.
    David: Oh, okay.
    AI: There's just one thing that you might wanna know.
    David: I'm listening. -starts looking out the window- * *Oh hey, that cloud looks like an almond! I like almonds. Hey, there's an European songwriter called Almond! Well, it's not exactly almond. It's spelled differently. Isn't it funny how words can sound the same but have entirely different meanings?*
    AI: …. and so we thought you'd like to know that, since you are so modest. But if it's not a problem for you then great!
    David: *Dang it…. what did they say?* Umm… uhh… no… I mean yeah… that… sounds awesome!
    AI: Cool! So if you'll just sign this agreement here then we're all set!

    Poor spacey David.

    • abanana77 says:


    • refnaf says:

      Bah hah eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • TOfan says:

      hahaha, I bet that’s EXACTLY how it happened, embe! 😆

      What’s amazing to me is that David can be spacey & get distracted but yet be so uber-focused at other times, like on stage where he notices exactly what everyone’s doing & how everyone’s reacting.

      In New Albany, I spoke to a great lady who had brought her two young grandsons to a CFTH show in the VIP seats. She said they were dying to stand up when everyone else did but Ray had come out earlier to tell people to stay in their seats so they did, even though she told them it was okay to stand.

      … then at the VIP, David said to them, “Didn’t you guys enjoy the show, I saw you sitting down?” So she explained & he laughed. (also, when she attended the following show and came up for her picture, David immediately said, “Where are the boys?” 😆 )

      … hope she doesn’t mind me sharing her story, I just thought it was a great example of how hyper-aware and focused “Spacey” David can be. 🙂

      • awestruck says:

        TOfan – I love truely love hearing stories like that (I’m sure she won’t mind, lol)

  14. awestruck says:

    You know what just struck me about the Squirrel vid? As he is trying to EXPLAIN how spacey, easily distracted he gets using an example from the past, we actually get to see in an ‘in this moment in time’ distraction when the squirrel appears. Trying to explain is kinda hard for him, but then – like a light switch – he morphs into real David, right then, right there, on the spot…

    love his expression and comment at the very end of the video. Also love the videographers response.

  15. peppertara says:

    awestruck.. you are right, we get to see an “‘in this moment in time’ distraction when the squirrel appears. So true! David knows how to live in the moment, with everything else that is being thrown at him he wants to appreciate it all, even a little squirrel.
    Love the last few seconds of the video too, lol, when he says people will think he’s crazy, aw.

    Love the fan stories, amongst the “spaciness” David really is one very focused young man, about as focused as they come….when it comes to family, friends, fans, music, other people, animals, the state of the world…etc. etc.

    Embe….you make me smile, grin, laugh. Yes, love the way you love David too!

    TOfan….forgot to say that your karaoke vid was great! Wow, you’ve got that song mastered I think, hit all those notes, right on key, good job!

  16. TOfan says:

    Just got in and catching up on the news of the amazing show in Grand Rapids (dang, should’ve jumped in the car, only 5 hrs from here!)

    Here are some highlights from Betsy’s tweets!
    He sounds so good guys! His voice just rang out over the city:)
    Aww he didn’t want to take up all the time “i’m good”
    I thought people would leave after soundcheck but they know better:)
    There must be 80 million people here slight exaggeration:) but it’s insanely crowded
    Omg thf screams for david
    Chantin “daviid”
    Moshpit texting
    20 thousand jumping
    Hes getting hot i bet the scarf comes off
    Hes making the girls cry next to me
    Crush omg the screams
    Omg they wont let him leavd
    Has back
    Haha i am trying to remember where i parked
    I have never in my life heard this so much “omg i love him”
    He’s loved guys <33


  17. refnaf says:

    David was fierce tonight>>> awesome cellcast, GR adored him!!!!


  18. jackryan4DA says:

    Someone very special sent me THE fanpack and it is on its way to me – weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Now where can I get some paddles…

  19. jackryan4DA says:

    And did I mention that the CD will be available tomorrow here in Manila, that goes w/ the 2011 archie calendars?

    SonyBMGPhils ordered only 150 calendars – wth?!

  20. emmegirl says:

    A little Sunday morning pick me up

    • TOfan says:

      praise be, emme!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!

      That rockin’ stomp/growl at the beginning???? Fierce Stompin’ David FTW!!!!!!

      Here’s an mp3 of STR from last night from @ahecht25! Dowload HERE.

  21. refnaf says:

    l0l, Thanks emmegirl, I was just whizzing by to drop off that exact vid, so I embedded it… flippin’ awesomage 🙂

    JR eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  22. refnaf says:

    gosh now I can not get that pic to embedd, rrrr 😦

  23. TOfan says:

    LOLOLOL, Ref! Congrats, JR!

    LOVE this encore chant from Grand Rapids!

  24. TOfan says:

    MKOP with awww-intro:

  25. TOfan says:

    Betsy just tweeted that they taped the whole GR concert from the stage … with 2 cameras!!!!

    • awestruck says:

      Whoever taped the concert needs to SELL those babies – all money to support next year’s Art Prize Event…

      TOfan, don’t want to get your hopes up BUT take a look at David’s feet at 3:37 till ??? OK, so I went back to click on the video – Zero Gravity – to watch it again to get an end time and clicked on the lower right of the screen and ended up changing the video to TBWY, Grand Rapids from last year!!!

      SORRY! When you do change it back notice what I think are on David’s feet… TOSOD boots?

  26. TOfan says:

    oh my heck the ZG encore jumping!!!!!

    • awestruck says:

      Oh My Heck… it fixed itself, LOLOLOL

      Do you see what I see TOfan??? Are those THE BOOTS?

      • abanana77 says:

        WOW the jumping is intense!

        And awestruck – how on earth did you notice that?!?!?! I can not confirm or deny it because even looking really hard, I can not tell. Hahahaha

      • TOfan says:

        lol, awestruck, no unfortunately not the boots (I saw some other shots of that day) … looks like his SBL video sneakers. 🙂

  27. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, the mp3 in the link is for MKOP. Do you know if there is an StR link anywhere? Thanks 🙂

  28. TOfan says:


    David to be interviewed on Oct. 7th at 1:00 p.m. on Goom Radio (http://www.goomradio.us), you can tweet your questions to @ZangRadio

    Short interview with D. in Grand Rapids on this page:

  29. peppertara says:

    David was fantastic in GR, what a show, what a crowd! They loved him and the encore was….extra special. He was on fire for sure and his performances…amazing! I know he gained some new fans from that concert too. 🙂
    I wonder how many questions are accumulating with all these Q&A interviews coming up. Knowing David’s fans….must be in the many hundreds, at least, lol.

    Another sweet, short interview with David in GR with Jillian Langford and John Gonzalez:

  30. Abrra says:

    My goodness! You are becoming a multi-talented singer,writer!

    “very lyric is like an aphorism just waiting to be engraved into a tree of hope and faith. “Paint it over if your world is grey,” he sings, and even the shadows start glowing an orange light.”

    This song is in my top 3 favs. I spent days pondering the line, ” Cut the ribbon if it starts to fray.” We all have situations in our life that we ought to “cut” before it gets unmanageable! The man can write a lyric so well!

    Love you and this place, even if I am scarce on posting (guilty face). So much love to go around for David. May he have a long prosperous career!


    • embe says:

      Abrra, you know that I love you too. So much. And I’m so thankful for everything you’ve done and probably WILL do, since your kindness shows no signs of drying up ❤

      Thanks for the amazing compliment. I love to write but it's only because there are such beautiful people reading my rambling 😉

  31. awestruck says:

    A close up with great audio of MKOP from Grand Rapids. Sorry to do this to those already at work, but Oh My Stars it is a thing of beauty.

    It is quite amazing how silent the crowd is considering how many people were there (I’ve read anywhere from 15,000-20,000)

  32. abanana77 says:

    Oh my heck. That MKOP video is ridiculously amazing! Great audio and video! All I want to do is watch it again but I’m already late for class! Hahahaha

  33. TOfan says:

    awestruck, look what you made me do??? *sniff*

    That MKOP is simply stunning … and you’re right, you can hear a pin drop, David had all 20,000 hypnotized and mesmerized. oh my

  34. refnaf says:

    Good morning Angelz….
    MKOP vortex here I come..

  35. jackryan4DA says:

    David was fierce at Grand Rapids! Goodness – u guys better prepare for the tour en pronto, lol

    Manila id a bot quiet today, u know why? Cos the Pinoy Archies who got their TOSOD albums are all contently DAID. Tomorrow will be your turn, yay!

    Here is the YT version of that vid from Grand Rapids, if you can still handle more adorableness

  36. TOfan says:

    TeenView interview (again with the eating! :lol:):

  37. TOfan says:

    Best. Interview. Ever.

    {{{{Brian Mansfield}}}}


  38. Angelica says:


    Sorry I’m late to comment on this awesome post of yours. You write so well! Isn’t he too much? He’s like the opposite of himself and the attraction for us of those opposites is so powerful! They should put a new edition out of Webster’s dictionary with this change~

    fas’cinate” – v. attract irresistibly; bewitch; enchant. n. David Archuleta.


  39. refnaf says:

    hahahaha TOfan!

  40. TOfan says:

    I was going to quote my fave bits, but basically the whole interview is amazing.

    That dream??? I almost cried when I read that but then I realized that fear of not making a difference must help keep him grounded and explains why he tries SO hard, gives 2000% to everything he does.

    And yet he never gets all super-Deepak-Chopra-serious or preachy on us … he manages to be deep and thoughtful and inspiring one minute and frolicking with Almond the Squirrel the next.

    gahhhhh, love him to bits.

    • abanana77 says:

      “he manages to be deep and thoughtful and inspiring one minute and frolicking with Almond the Squirrel the next.” BAHAHAAHAHAH. Yes.

    • awestruck says:

      ‘but then I realized that fear of not making a difference must help keep him grounded and explains why he tries SO hard, gives 2000% to everything he does.” From this stems his humility I’d be thinking.

      David seems to really open up to Brian Mansfield heh? A great interview and after reading it TOSOD would mean more to David than I ever would have thought.

  41. awestruck says:

    Ah David, you may never live your squirrel encounter down. JambaJim tweets:

    “My interview with @DavidArchie was rescheduled for later today. Perfect! Gives me more time to find Almond the Squirrel and bring him to MTV HQ”

    • TOfan says:

      LOLOLOL. thanks, awestruck, I missed that one! I ♥ Jim (& Brian Mansfield 🙂 ) … Melinda from WEG, on the other hand, tweeted yesterday to a fan who mentioned Almond … “Who’s Almond?” 😯

      • awestruck says:

        TOfan, I imagine that some kind fan has probably sent Melinda the video clip. After all, if she is going to represent him she should get to ‘know’ him a little dontcha think? That was, seriously, the best – who am I – David moment ever, imo.

  42. TOfan says:

    David added to the lineup for the Q929 Charity Qball Tues., October 19th in Pittsburg!

    Also on the lineup is Scarborough, Ontario’s own Steven Page (former lead singer of The Barenaked Ladies)!


  43. abanana77 says:

    I seriously can not keep up today! Too much! It’s amazing and I love it but I have 3 assignments and a test I need to finish before I go home on thursday for Thanksgiving. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

    OK I am actually leaving the internet world to do some legit work now. haha

    • awestruck says:

      Hope you get all your work done, can keep up with David this week and have a SAFE trip home for Thanksgiving!

      • abanana77 says:

        Thanks! What you wrote actually made my stressful day a little bit better 🙂

        {{{huge hugs}}}

  44. awestruck says:

    The complete articel from Billboard http://www.billboard.com/news/david-archuleta-kids-around-on-the-other-1004118826.story#/news/david-archuleta-kids-around-on-the-other-1004118826.story
    (I think we saw the first part of it earlier this week):

    My favorite bits, but a good read as to how Jive is marketing David…

    In fact, past appearances on shows including “iCarly” and “Hannah Montana” in 2009 notably broadened Archuleta’s reach to teens and tweens. “So many kids now recognize me from that,” he says.

    YES – DID YOU READ THAT LAST SENTENCE – this is the demographic that BUYS music is it not?

    and this

    “Archuleta has been doing a radio tour that will carry through the release, where he’s been performing rather than just hitting the interview circuit. “We picked markets he could perform in, because that’s one of his best assets,” Bilzerian says. “He gets onstage and sings and gives everyone chills.”

    AGAIN THAT LAST SENTENCE, yes market what he is strongest at, chilling everyone when he sings live.

    • awestruck says:

      Should have added to those that questioned David’s appearances on iCarly and Hannah Montana, it looks to have payed off.

      Again, a great article with words from the mouth of Jive.

  45. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Awestruck, so interesting!

    Here’s the AP interview on YouTube in case anyone missed it on the site:

    Part 1 (thanks to MaggieFOD!)

  46. TOfan says:

    Part 2

    Part 3

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