TOSOD: My spoiler-free first listen

Created by the brilliant Ms. Beebee ... who else? 🙂

It was finally the day. After months of anticipation, hours spent on various fan sites speculating, and days spent convincing myself not to listen to spoilers  — I was about to hear David Archuleta’s new album The Other Side Of Down … on my birthday.

You know how when you wait SO long for something, eventually the idea of what you’re waiting for actually happening begins to seem more and more impossible? And you can barely remember what it was like before you were in this perpetual state of waiting? And you almost get to the point where you don’t want the waiting to end, because you’re quite comfy the way you are? Maybe I am the only one who feels like that…? Well, anyways, that’s the way I was feeling.

I had prepared everything so my first listen would be absolutely perfect. I had eaten and gone to the bathroom (so those things would not distract me :P), put a note on my door warning my housemates to not disturb me, and locked myself in my room. I had turned the light off (no idea why) and lain on my bed 100% ready to bask in the glory of The Archuleta.

But for some reason, I still hesitated to push play. I don’t know if I was scared of being disappointed? Or maybe it was my fear of change? And I was too used to waiting? I have no idea.

Obviously I pulled myself together and pushed play. And boy, once I started listening, the idea I had had of not listening seemed laughable. What was I thinking?!

I can not properly put into words how I felt or what I was thinking during my first listen. So much new music all at once is quite overwhelming. But I do remember being surprised about a couple things.

Staying spoiler-free, I had unknowingly formed opinions about so of the songs without ever having heard them (entirely based off what I’ve read about them and other people’s opinions).

"No one will ever recognize me in this super-incognito disguise."

I was surprised how overall the album was more upbeat than I’d expected. I was surprised about how much I liked Stomping The Roses (I had judged that one on the title). I was super surprised to realize I recognized the beginning of Falling Stars (in a moment of weakness, I had listened to Eman’s bubbletweet. It took me forever to figure how I recognized it – I seriously thought I was going crazy!).

I was surprised by Parachutes and Airplanes — it was different sounding than I expected. There were things I wasn’t surprised about. though. I was not surprised how “David” each and every track sounded, but I was impressed by how he seemed to do it in a different way for each one. I wasn’t surprised how I positively loved each and every track on the album. If I was scared of disappointment, I had nothing to worry about.

On my first listen, the songs that stuck out the most to me were TOSOD, Who I am and My Kind of Perfect. But by the second listen, I had flip flopped and found myself thoroughly enjoying Look around (That one makes me want to dance!) and Complain. And the lyrics of Good Place really got to me. I don’t even know — I could say so many amazing things about each and every song!

I won’t bore you with all that, but I cannot help but spaz for a bit about My Kind Of Perfect. Neither the debut album nor CFTH had a song on it that I fell so in love with so quickly. It was always just normal amounts of love for all the songs that kept switching between them. I’d have “favourites” until I’d listen to another one and it would switch. And it was more of a love for all the songs collectively, and after a (long) while I would eventually establish some I liked more than others.

But My Kind Of Perfect was different. As soon as I heard it the first time I knew that it was special. I can’t exactly put my finger on why I loved it so much. Maybe it was because his voice was front and centre throughout? Or maybe because I can totally relate to the lyrics?

He amazes me how he takes a song that could theoretically be extremely cheesy and turn it into one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Seriously beautiful is the only word to describe it. Beautiful melody. Beautiful piano. Simple but beautiful lyrics. Beautiful vocals. Beautiful “Bea-u-ti-ful”s. ❤

Anyways, that’s about as coherent as I can be right now. What were your first impressions on the albums? Any favourites yet?


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90 Responses to TOSOD: My spoiler-free first listen

  1. TOfan says:

    Bringing this over from the end of the last thread:

    From embe:
    So photos of the fan edition have been posted on ArchieRX. I won’t spoil anything for anyone, but I have a few comments about that.

    1) David says he doesn’t like to lie. And THAT is the biggest lie of all. He says “I’m not this hunk” – well, hate to break this to ya buddy but yeah, you are, he says “I’m not the most athletic person” – another lie.

    If one can stand on his hands, not to mention WALK, if one can jump like a freakin’ reborn Jackie Chan, if one can dangle upside down and do ALL THAT while smiling for the camera (and have very visible pecs, back-, thigh- and butt muscles)… then one IS very athletic.

    2) Remember that twitpic of David sitting in front of a mirror, looking fiercely serious, wearing a see-through shirt? Well, that’s probably the last thing you will remember before passing out after seeing the version that made it into the cd-booklet.

    3) How can anyone look so darn cute just sitting on a sofa looking confused? Well, my dogs do, but no human should. G-A-H.

    YJfan’s response:
    Embe, Your commentary on the photos are hilarious. “I am not this hunk.” “I am not the most athletic person.” But remember he also says, “I am not a very good liar” lol.


  2. I says:

    TOSOD, Who I am and My Kind of Perfect.

  3. djafan says:

    embe, loving your commentary. One question though. The picture of the vested one on ArchieRX is not the entire picture? There is more to it?

    abanana, TOSOD, GP, MKOP, for now…it changes routinely…lol

  4. TOfan says:

    abanana, love your post! I too avoided all snippets and I was so glad I did.

    I actually kinda wish I’d done what you did and locked myself away to listen from start to finish but I caved when the leaked songs came out… wasn’t quite that strong! lol Listened to a handful with Refnaf, KT and Lorna (which was cool) and my first impressions fell into three categories:
    1) adlfkasfkadaga;kfaldkf
    2) _(**(*)(*_(*_)(*(()*)*); and
    3) ……………………………………..

    Seriously though, I wasn’t actually thinking anything, it was all feeling. I usually go by my gut reaction, not deciding if I like it, but just letting myself respond on a deeper level. I loved everything I heard but some songs grabbed me the hardest right off the bat: STR & TOSOD, and MKofP just about killed me.

    What really surprised me was how much I still loved Elevator … to me it’s still the most “David” of all the songs & even with all the others now available, I still keep replaying it … go figure.

  5. abanana77 says:

    TOfan: “1) adlfkasfkadaga;kfaldkf
    2) _(**(*)(*_(*_)(*(()*)*); and
    3) ……………………………………..”

    Perfectly worded.

    Must have been sooo cool to have a first listen with other fans! Definitely there’s no way you could have passed that up!

    Although I have to say earbuds are a great invention. You can hear so many different levels and textures of the music, that are missed with computer speakers.

  6. TOfan says:


    The ever-cranky Entertainment Weekly not only deigned to review TOSOD but they gave it a B , which is awesome for them. 🙂 🙂 (they gave David’s debut CD a C+)

    … to put that grade in perspective, acc. to @RJ0717 on Twitter, they gave Maroon 5’s new album a C+, Zac Brown Band’s #1 album a B, Jason Derulo C+, Leona Lewis 2nd album C+, One Republic 2nd album B- and Sara Bareilles B- 🙂

    Full review here (I left a somewhat nice comment 🙂 ):,,20430443,00.html?order=ASC&page=2#comment-app

  7. refnaf says:

    “You know how when you wait SO long for something, eventually the idea of what you’re waiting for actually happening begins to seem more and more impossible? And you can barely remember what it was like before you were in this perpetual state of waiting? And you almost get to the point where you don’t want the waiting to end, because you’re quite comfy the way you are? Maybe I am the only one who feels like that…”

    Abanana… I can relate to this. On Sat. evening with TOfan and KT and Lorna, I had this strange feeling that I wanted the waiting to continue…that I could not handle to hear what I had waited so long for. I love the way you got all prepared to listen…lol, I can just picture it!!

    Top three at this moment>Look Around, MKOP, Good Place…. but I seriously love them all. Least Fave… Complain.

  8. YJfanofdavid says:

    Abanan, I am in love with My kind of perfect too.

    Renaf, My top three of this moment: MKOP, Good Place, and Complain. Least fav: Look Around. 🙂

    Embe, I just realized what that fiercely-serious-mirror-looking picture reminds me of. No wonder it looks somewhat familiar. It’s a man’s version of Mona Lisa!

    • embe says:

      Mona Lisa…. Yeah, I get what you’re saying. Though in very few pictures is it less than obvious if David is smiling or not lol. He smiles with his whole body and there’s ever any question about it 😛

  9. ray says:

    embe are you from finland,if so waiting to here from you

    • embe says:

      Yes I am, and I emailed you yesterday. Did you not get it?

      • ray says:

        embe not yet,its9.35 am here ,by the way one of the pic i will send is the i am holding i the first pic.i should have turned it around but was in a dumfouned state

      • embe says:

        Okay, I will send you the email again – check your spam too, if it’s stuck in there for some reason.

  10. TOfan says:

    Can I just take a moment to say how much I love beebee’s Rolling Stone cover??????

    “Rose Stomping: Who does it and why?
    Can you put up with it? Can you? Can you?”

    “Disco with the flow: It’s fun! It’s easy! B.Y.O. Elevator”


  11. peppertara says:

    embe…love your description of the photos…think only you could say it best! Think I will wait until I receive my CD and have it in my hands before I look at Mr. Athletic.

    abanana….really loved reading your post and all the anticipation you felt, think we all felt that and I can understand not wanting the waiting to end. Think it is the thought of wondering if you are ready to take it all in, the awesomeness, the glory, the beauty and everything else he brings us. It’s an epic event and a lovely emotional time.

    MKOP is and always will be one of my faves. Adored it from the first time I heard it…the most breathtaking, pure, loveliest piece of music, full of emotion and sung the way only David could sing it.
    Other faves right now…TOSOD, Good Place, Elevator, Complain (addicted to his vocals and the chorus in that one). Heck, I honestly love each track on the album, they all make me feel so good in different ways. It’s epic!
    Thanks for your post, love the way you set your own sweet scenario to have the first listen…very special I think. 🙂

  12. abanana77 says:

    refnaf & YJfanofdavid – woah picking least favourites already? Haha I don’t know if I can do that yet. maybe Good Place (although I love the lyrics) or P&A? I loved the live version better I think than the studio.

  13. peppertara says:

    Forgot to mention how much I love beebee’s Rolling Stone cover! Yes, this:
    “Rose Stomping, Who Does It And Why?”
    And this:
    “Heart, Soul, Chops and Quirk”
    Love it all, quite brilliant and wonderful, lol !

  14. abanana77 says:

    Hahaha I am also loving beebee’s cover! Haha I love the “Can You? Can you?” 😛 My housemate saw it and thought it was funny even though I am pretty sure she doe not get any of the jokes. Bahaha

    Also SUPER late but I just watched the TAGGB performance from the telethon and Oh. My. Heck. Amazing. The bridge. Oh gosh. Sorry, I realize everyone else spazzed about this like a month ago, but &^%#$%@%^*()_(*&%^%$%@

    • TOfan says:

      hahahaha, I keep forgetting how many “spoilers” you missed! That TAGGB was def. one NOT to miss!

      And does the studio version of PANDA seem slower than the live one, or is that just me?

  15. beebee says:

    abanana, love vicariously living your first listen to TOSOD. Thanks for posting it. How sweet it is. What I find so dang al;jdgljsdja’sjfasjf’alsjf is that with every listen I get to be buh-lown away again in a dozen new ways on a dozen new levels. And this happens evvvvvvery tiiiiiiime!

    *retires to empty box that’s filled with archu_awesome*

  16. TOfan says:

    Finally Madame Beebs posted her Rolling Stone cover creation over at !!!

    Run don’t walk over there to be able to read every inch in all its glory! (the tiny pic up top does not do it justice, trust me!)

  17. abanana77 says:

    PANDA is definitely slower than it was live, you are not crazy.

  18. abanana77 says:

    Thanks beebee <3333 Your artwork is brilliant btw 🙂

    (I tried to post that as a reply but I don't think it's working so hopefully I don't accidentally post it 3 times)

  19. emmegirl says:

    abanana77, loved your article and admire your willpower! How overwhelming it would be to try and absorb it all in one take … I could hardly take it getting it in dribbles!

    Beebee, the master!

    About the photos in the fan edition, uh hem…..
    Tofan and kizzi called it, “he’s a superhuman supercool superhumble superhunk”…
    …and he CAN fly!

    *anyone remember the “Superman wears David Archuleta pajamas” lol

    embe, most succinctly put. 🙂

    refnaf, loved your comment in previous post about the AINow interview.

    Love TOSOD, Elevator, StR, MKOP, Falling Stars, Good Place, Who I am followed by every other song on the album.

  20. jackryan4DA says:

    OOT but this may interest you:

    David Archuleta’s Karaoke Challenge – Sing, Win & Hangout w/ David!

    • TOfan says:

      JR, I am SO tempted to enter … I’ve been singing Elevator non-stop since it came out so why not … I’ll need one of those Witness Protection Program face-blurrers though, so as not to frighten small children.

      • jackryan4DA says:

        Come on TOFan, go for it! Just imagine how many Asians would love to be on your shoes just to be able to enter? If I could join, my entry would be MKOP. Who I Am may be my fave, but MKOP is my heartsong 🙂

        So when do we see your entry? To borrow the words of a great artist —

        Put one foot front of the other
        So nothing will break your stride
        Keep climbing, you’ve got to keep fighting
        Until you make it to the other side of
        Dooooown, dooooown…

        Comeowwwwwwwwwwn girl!;)

      • abanana77 says:

        “I’ll need one of those Witness Protection Program face-blurrers though, so as not to frighten small children.”


  21. Kizzi says:

    abanana – great review. how much fun to listen all at once, no prior hints. 😀

    ref {{{{HUGS}}}} you write what my heart feels

    emmegirl – superman wears DA pjs – lolz

    beebee – great rolling stone cover! 😀

  22. embe says:

    JR, I soooo wanted to participate in the karaoke contest, since I AM a singer. But of course I can’t, ’cause it’s only for people in the US (and was it Canada or…?) 😦 I’m so bummed. I don’t expect to win but I would’ve wanted to sing for David 😦

    • jackryan4DA says:

      EMBE – I was thinking of you when I saw the contest! Have you checked the myspace link, in the remote possibility that the feature is available to you? You are in Europe anw?

      BTW, have you guys seen these pix?

  23. jackryan4DA says:

    Also, this is the archie calendar that will be available in Asia

    I wonder if you guys in the US & Canada will have it too?

  24. awestruck says:

    abanana, I will be back to comment on your article

    for now, this lovely article from

  25. betsy says:

    I love the full on preparation that went in to your listening, abanana.
    My faves are Good Place, TOSOD, MKOP, Elevator, Falling Stars, STR.
    The first time I heard GP, I had no expectations – no leaks etc. I promptly listened to it 6 times in a row. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL.

    • Kizzi says:

      Good heavens, Holy Toledo, Heavens to Murgatroyd, Great Caesars Ghost, Holy Guacomole Batman, what an encounter. Alison looks like Drew Barrymore and what a complete sweetheart and artist. Gaaaahhhh!

      I wish I could meter out all this goodness over time. Too much, too much, sensory overload!!!! *tilt*

      I love you all SAz!

  26. Kizzi says:

    Virginia’s K92 Mornin’ Thang Interview

  27. TOfan says:

    So when left David off of their Hottest 21-under-21 music stars list, fans expressed their, um, outrage is the only word that comes to mind … in the comments, which resulted in Billboard scheduling a live chat for October 5th at 6 p.m. Wooot! More promo FTW!!!!

    Here are the deets about how to send in your questions ahead of time:

  28. embe says:

    Okay so have you guys seen these new screen caps that have emerged from some blessed ocean of gorgeous faces, friggin’ genius poses, illegal dare I say it sexiness and 100 degrees beyond boiling point HOT?!?!?!

    I’m seriously trying to memorize my fiance’s name from my engagement ring ’cause David’s really making it hard to remember. So wrooooong.

  29. TOfan says:


    Okay, I just posted the David/Fine Frenzy interview (two parts) in the “Must See” sidebar … run, do not walk to watch them … adorbs overload … this Crush ain’t goin’ away-eay-eay-eay-ayyyyy

    (In the FF vids I’ve seen, she had red hair, so I thought she looked like embe! 🙂 )

    • Kizzi says:

      You know what TOfan, you know class, epicness when you see it. That is definitely a keeper encounter. Two artists, one love (music/peformance)—what’s not to absolutely be devastated by – heart piercing. 😀

    • embe says:

      Oh gosh, thanks! Though the second you see her face you realize I can’t compare and the similarities end lol 😀

  30. TOfan says:

    Just finished listening to that epic K92 interview, thanks, Kizzi. Those have to be THE nicest djs EVER!

    And if that wasn’t enough amazingness for you, now Part 5 of the Album Preview vids is up at:

    I think I’m officially suffering from Davidarchuoverload 😆

    And now there’ll be concert vids later! aaaaaaaahhhhhh *tilt*

  31. awestruck says:

    abanana – I had the same problem as you! “But for some reason, I still hesitated to push play. I don’t know if I was scared of being disappointed?”

    When I finally hit the play button I wondered why I had waited. Unlike you, however, I could only manage to listen to one – maybe two – song(s) at a time. It is emotional overload for me otherwise.

    You know how you said that My Kind of Perfect could have been cheesy? Well that is my favorite ‘heart song’ (as JR? put it). David sings with such powerful, honest emotion that there is no dairy for me on that one to be sure! MKOP makes me cry, nuff said.

    My favorite ‘non-heart song’ is a tough one. Let me debate that one for a while, LOL. I really do like all the songs on this album for different reasons – yeah REFNAF even Complain 🙂

    The only song that was a non-fit for me on the album was TAGGB. It is not that I don’t like it (I do, especially in the context that I know he sang it in)… it just belongs on his ‘Spiritual Album’ coming sometime in time?

    abanana – Thanks for the write-up, I enjoyed reading it.

  32. awestruck says:

    Oh My Heavens – ArchuOverLoad for sure. Check this commercial, YES I SAID COMMERCIAL, out:

  33. TOfan says:

    I love that commercial, awestruck! Promo FTW!!!

    okay, JR, you twisted my arm … I think I’ve finally gone over the edge … I started out just watching some of the karaoke entries (and voted for Motown daddio Maurice, he rocks!)… next thing I know I was recording myself mutilating Elevator … David please forgive me, yikes.

    You really should check out Maurice though … he did ALL the songs!:

  34. jackryan4DA says:

    How are we all doing? Too much, too soon, LOL!

    Ok, this is not a surprise – YT version of PART 5 TOSOD PREVIEW on Good Place & Complain

    REMINDER: Have the paddles on stand by!

  35. peppertara says:

    Wow, TOfan, good for you…karaoke gal. Have a feeling your Elevator will be very up for David!
    I’ve watched some of them and what fun! Some good ones too and some, well….rather unusual ones, ha.
    So much to catch up on with David! Been at it since I came home from work and still not on top of it all.
    Love the radio interviews, the articles, commercial
    and the David/AFF meet up…how incredibly sweet!
    Ah, that makes me happy for David and she’s a sweetheart too. That was an extra, extra special meeting, like watching butterflies and sunshine, If I may be a bit cheesy.
    Happy about the billboard interview, have to say I was somewhat peeved about that “21 under 21 list”!
    Don’t know if anyone read the album review from Us mag. but it was short and crummy (and pretty ridiculous). The Archies came out in full force of course to defend the album, had to leave my comment too. Someone left this comment for the reviewer which I loved a lot: lol.

    “You’re Stomping The Roses, mate! STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!! Smell it, inhale it, enjoy it! :D”

    That’s what I do with David’s album, all my senses are involved!

    • TOfan says:

      LOVE that Peppertara! Smell it, inhale it, enjoy it … don’t stomp it, baby! (My new slogan!)

      And those 2 videos with David & Allison are like Once meets Cinderella meets Moonstruck meets Annie Hall … now who’s cheesy? LOLOL

  36. TOfan says:

    My Hands TwitVid from Nancy! LOVE the ending!!!

  37. abanana77 says:

    awestruck – hmmmm I’ve never thought about TAGGB not fitting in, but what you said totally makes sense. I love it though. (Although I’m happy I heard the studio first because the live very would have been hard to follow).

    But YES – a “spiritual album” neeeeeeeeeeds to happen. And I actually think it will. But probably not for a while.

    • awestruck says:

      abanana, I know what you mean about the live TAGGB being hard to follow. While I love the studio version in its own right, the emotion that David sang the song on the telethon is just unreal. Of course we know that he is such a sublime live performer heh!.

      I think you are right also about the timing of a spiritual album – not for a while, perhaps a long while.

  38. jackryan4DA says:

    TOfan – I am unable to view them.

    Need. to. see. your. Elevator.


  39. embe says:

    There are more screencaps.

    David’s got thighs like sculptures people. No news there. See-through shirts, laying on benches, painted-on jeans…. WHAT THE HECK MAN?! I’m just a normal girl with a normal immune system that’s really going BONKERS right now and no one has a cure… There’s no immunity against the Arch-FLU-eta.

  40. jackryan4DA says:

    This is a YT version of the uber sweetness meet-up of David & Alison brought to us by Idolator parts 1 & 2

  41. jackryan4DA says:

    EMBE, this is my simple question to David:


    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy—————————————-flatlined after looking at the picspam from TOSOD vids

  42. ai lyn says:

    thank you so much jackryan4DA, I’d been having so much trouble replaying that video on the original site. 🙂

    Great post Abanana! I did the exact same thing as you, locked myself in my room, sat/lay on the bed and turned off the lights lol (it was midnight where I am) but I closed my eyes and took it all in from Who I Am til the end of album haha. Before that, I was like bouncin’ on my bed to the first four songs.

    OH and and and
    “But My Kind Of Perfect was different. As soon as I heard it the first time I knew that it was special. I can’t exactly put my finger on why I loved it so much. Maybe it was because his voice was front and centre throughout? Or maybe because I can totally relate to the lyrics?”
    This. 😀 I’m usually really indecisive and can’t pick favourites but MKOP just stood out. Maybe it’s because it was the only song I hadn’t heard a snippet of before listening to the album (I was saving it because I had a feeling it’d be special lol). but yeah. Instead of repeating the whole album, I’d just repeat that one song because I loved it so much.

  43. abanana77 says:

    ai lyn – Wow I love how you had the same listening “strategy” as me! And I have been replaying MKOP too. When I walk to campus in the morning it’s the first one I listen too. And when I’m lying in bed at night, too.

    awestruck – yes I think it will be a “long while” til a “spiritual album”, too. But I’m pretty sure it’ll happen eventually, and I’ll stil be a fan 5, 10 or more years down the road. We’ll wait for the right time.

    TOfan – Kudos to you for doing the kareoke thing. Amazing.

  44. refnaf says:

    Archu Overload…. not complaining, but I need to read this thread, and watch all the new vids and interviews and stream TOSOD, and only have time right now to give all you snowangelz a big virtual (((hug)))
    I did take the time to view TOfan’s Elevator **bows** Well done! So good to hear your voice!!

  45. TOfan says:

    Here’s more homework for ya, Ref! 🙂

    Short interview (& mini-duet with a fan!) from 1075KZL radio station today:

  46. embe says:

    TOfan. First of all, thank you so much for the compliment you emailed me. Love to hear that ❤ Second of all, I can't access your karaoke video from my country 😦 I'm so disappointed.

  47. Kizzi says:

    Fun story –

    Mr. K. wore his David UK tour tee today.

    He went to 2 different building supplies stores-big box type, grocery store, bank, post office, lunch and then library.

    Every where he went people commented on David. Waiter at restaurant asked him if he had heard “Elevator” yet. Young cashier at grocery said she just loved “Something ‘Bout Love.” Bank teller asked him the last concert he’d been to as she was at the Xmas one. Post office worker said a local station had played “Elevator.” Librarian told him David was her all time favorite Idol.

    He says he had a major “David” day. Small world or what!?!! 😀

    • awestruck says:

      I’m loving that tale Kizzi – Sooo great to hear that he is becoming so well known.

      I just wish that Canada would get with the program in a timely fashion. Only recently has the local ‘top 40’ radio station been regularly playing Crush! I’ve tried, yes I have tried…

    • TOfan says:

      ohmyheck that is so awesome, Kizzi!!!!

      & give Mr. Kizzi a big hug from all of us for actually wearing his David shirt out and about!

      Your story just made my day, TU!!! ♥♥♥

  48. TOfan says:

    I hope embe’s sitting down! 😆

    Pics you get on the new iPhone Archie app (I’ve only heard about this, being iPhone-less myself), courtesy of @omygoshashley’s TwitPics (click 2 enlarge):

    another picture of david archuleta from the archieapp on Twitpic

    picture of david archuleta from the iPhone app on Twitpic

  49. abanana77 says:

    Kizzi – AMAZING story. I love when people know about David 🙂

    In the summer I worked at a hotel (cleaning rooms) and every room had ipod docking stations and we were allowed to play our ipod while we cleaned (which was amazing, btw) so I of course played ALOT of David and I always hoped some fan who was in Moncton for unknown reasons would hear my playing David’s album and talk to me about David. Haha, it never happened though 😛

  50. Kizzi says:

    Awestruck, TOfan & Abanana – can’t believe I forgot the best part…I was rushing too much…young guy at the building supply store told Mr. K. that was the guy with his head in the box on Tosh 2.0 – bahahahaha – “What’s in the box!!!!!!” 😀

  51. TOfan says:

    Kizzi, bahahahahahaaha, toooo funny!!!!!

    More info on the outdoor iPhone pic, apparently David mentioned in the radio interview yesterday that that’s the pic for the back of the CD and the meaning behind it is that it says “Turn Left” but he “chooses the right” … heavy.

    How did I miss this amazing SOT vid from Roanoke?!? *chills*

  52. ray says:

    by the way i just found i have an extra david first cd never opened any one want. who doesent have one

    • embe says:

      Ray, I’m actually without an actual copy of David’s debut album. But as awestruck said, it would be lovely to donate it to a library too 🙂

  53. awestruck says:

    Kizzi – no promo is bad promo heh! LOLOLOLOL

    Ray – with the extra copies of David’s first CD I bought I donated one to my local library, one to the children’s hospital to their library…

  54. ray says:

    awestruck.thanks never crossed my mine to do that will go to the library see if they want it

  55. ray says:

    also i have three shirts never worn ,i from ai tour and two from david demi tour who wants them????

  56. TOfan says:

    Ray, you could donate them next time there’s an auction at one of David’s charities maybe?


    Run, do not walk, over to for the most EPIC video ever.

    If you’re holding a beverage, you’d best set it down somewhere. 😆

  57. TOfan says:

    New post up from Embe!


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