Discovering David Archuleta: An Irish fan’s story

Okay, so I don’t really know where to start with this. I was pretty surprised when I was asked to write something for the site. I honestly didn’t think anyone would really be interested in my story, not to mention I’m not a very good writer.

I tend to ramble a lot and get easily distracted so I start going off topic (and I swear I’m not just saying that to make myself seem more like David, it is the absolute truth) but I thought it might be fun to give it a try so here it goes :).

So I guess I should tell you a little about me first. Well my name is Justin, I’m 16, and I’m from Ireland. Music is one of the biggest things in my life, I’ve played guitar since as long as I can remember, and not too long ago I started teaching myself to play piano. My favourite bands are OneRepublic and The Script, and of course my favourite singer is David Archuleta. My favourite David song is definitely Touch My Hand. I just love the idea of the song, and I also love his live cover of The Riddle.

David at Six Flags New England, captured by the one, the only djxox.

I’m a pretty new Archie fan, the first time I actually “discovered” David was when he was being interviewed live on the red carpet for the Teen Choice Awards this year. I had always kind of known who David was, I knew he had been on American Idol, I knew what he looked like, and I knew he had a song called Crush, but that was pretty much it. I had never heard him sing, I had never seen him being interviewed, but when I did something in my head just clicked.

I don’t know what it was, there’s no way to really explain it, but I just couldn’t forget about this random guy. He was just one of the many people I had seen being interviewed and yet he was the one that stood out to me.

So I headed over to YouTube and searched “David Archuleta interview,” (for some reason it didn’t even cross my mind at that point to go and listen to his music), and I chose one of the videos that came up “David Archuleta 108 sec Interview Q A with Kiss 108 FM,” which is now the video I show first to all my friends when I’m introducing them to David’s awesomeness.

At the time, I couldn’t understand it, for some reason this guy just spoke to me. I loved his awkwardness, his down-to-earth attitude about everything, his child-like innocence, and I started watching interview after interview after interview until I couldn’t find any more.

Somewhere along the way I stopped with the interviews and went looking for the music. Like I said before, I had heard of Crush so I went with that first, and I thought “Wow, not only is this guy an awesome person, but he also has an incredible voice.”

So I went and listened to Idol performances, live performances, eventually I was looking for anything and everything I could find about him from his personal vlogs, to fan-made montages of his funniest moments. I became officially obsessed with this guy, something I had never expected would happen to me with any celebrity, let alone a guy!!!

And I have that guy to thank for so much. My love of music has been taken to a whole new level, something I didn’t think was possible since I already loved music so much. I have connected to so many people from all over the world, and it’s awesome to hear their stories and experiences with David and there are countless other things that have changed about my life.

David says: "Well, hello, djxox."

So I guess now I should talk about what it’s been like for me being a David fan in Ireland. Honestly there’s not much to tell.

Here in Ireland, he’s no more famous than I am. Chords of Strength was released here on Thursday, so I went into town to buy it. First book store… nothing, next store… nope, and while there I also checked their CDs just out of curiosity and found they didn’t even have his music!!!

Finally, I found one bookstore that sold it, but you had to send away for it because they don’t keep it in stock. Honestly, I was embarrassed to live here after that experience.

After “discovering” David, I went crazy and started asking everyone I knew if they knew who he was, and much to my disappointment, the answers ranged from “No, who’s he?” to “Oh, isn’t he that guy who was on American Idol years ago or something…?”

The closest thing I got to a proper yes was when I asked an 11-year-old girl (yes, I even resorted to asking children) and she said “Oh!! That’s the guy who was on an episode of iCarly one time!!!” But, sadly, she knew no more than that.

For now I’m okay with that — I like being able to say I like this guy because he spoke to me, not because I heard everyone else talking about him and I just decided to follow the crowd.

But I do hope he will eventually become popular here. I’m often selfish about things I like and I don’t want them to get too popular because it feels like people are taking what’s mine away from me. But I think David deserves to be known everywhere, his voice should be heard by everyone, so that they can find the same joy from listening to him that I have. Not to mention if he never gets popular here, he’s never gonna come here, and he just has to come to Ireland someday!!!

But seriously I do hope to meet him one day, so I can tell him what he’s done for me, because honestly he has already done so much more for me than some people I have known my entire life will ever do for me, and I hope he will continue to do that for many years to come.

— IrishJustin

P.S. Top photo from HERE.

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189 Responses to Discovering David Archuleta: An Irish fan’s story

  1. SandyBeaches says:

    It is wonderful to hear the stories from fans around the world, especially from countries that we have not heard from at all. It gives us a good feel for the geography of David’s world. That doesn’t make much sense but I like it!

    It is great to hear your most interesting story IrishJustin, it takes us there with you. I would love to see this become a series of stories that would make David’s fandom become complete.


  2. Bluebird19 says:

    Well, IrishJustin, you write very well I think! Welcome to the world of David Archuleta fandom; you’ll find David’s fans will welcome you with open arms. Glad you discovered him and took the time to listen to his interviews and music. He will be taping a Christmas music program this week with Orla Fallon (Celtic Woman) so maybe after that he’ll be better known in Ireland (if they show it there). Keep enjoying David’s music and visit some of the websites to keep up with the latest news about @DavidArchie. Best wishes to you with your own music. Luck of the Irish to you!

  3. peppertara says:

    Justin….I really enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing that. Wow, for someone who is just 16 yrs old, you have a maturity about you that defies your age, kind of reminds me of another young man named David, ha. You know, you are a great example of what David wants to do for others…he wants to inspire people through his music and touch people in a positive way (he also does that just by being who he is). Welcome to the world of David Archuleta. A world that encompasses all age groups, nationalities and faiths, both male and female.
    Justin I’m sure one day, David’s presence will touch Ireland as he becomes more well known in your country. Only a matter of time!
    It was great to read your story and I am so glad that David has affected your life in such a good way. He really inspires a lot of people and the numbers just keep growing.
    Love the picture posted above, I know it’s a lovely country!

  4. kh says:

    Wonderful post, Justin!!! Thanks for sharing. I’m so glad I read this tonight, because it has lifted my spirits.

  5. MunkFOD says:

    Hey Justin! You did an awesome job sharing your story! It sounds a lot like what many of us have gone through with David. We just feel this great connection to this great person, with a voice that hits you right in the core and…well I know you “get David”. So thanks for sharing and I think you will be a pioneer for David in Ireland! He is taping this week with Orla Fallon…maybe that will open the doors to Ireland for David! and I will say….”Welcome to the David family!”

  6. Angelica says:


    I just found the link to your article on The Voice by someone who was so touched by it. Thank you for sharing with us your quest to find out more about a young man who impressed you so much just by hearing him speak. For someone who loves music so much, it must have been an amazing experience to then discover his voice is one in a generation. I hope one day you get the chance to tell him all that he has done for you. I love this,

    “…honestly he has already done so much more for me than some people I have known my entire life will ever do for me, and I hope he will continue to do that for many years to come.”

    You speak for many of us and you did it very well!

  7. jackryan4DA says:

    This is a fly by but nobody should miss this one 🙂

    Fabulous FORBES interview is finally here – Moving Beyond AI & What Drives Archuleta (YT verion in HD format)

  8. Jeffr says:

    Justin, you did an amazing job writing up your experience. As a new fan, you wrapped up the experience probably most of us had more than 2 years ago, connecting to the amazing person, and talent that is David Archuleta. You truly do speak for many of us. If anyone can bring David to Ireland, it certainly is you.

  9. HPfanRinnie says:

    I loved reading your story! At first I was feeling sorry for myself because I don’t personally know any fans in my area (i live in Seattle, WA, USA), but then I realized at least more people know him here, since this is the country he lives in and the country where he first exposed himself on TV and YouTube. It must suck to not even be able to find his music in the store! I am glad to hear that you have become a huge fan after such a short time and I hope that you will continue to be 🙂 Your description of your experience is a lot similar to the rest of us you know!

  10. TOfan says:

    Justin, thanks so much for sharing your story.

    You express yourself very well and, as peppertara said, with a maturity that belies your age.

    It never ceases to amaze me how David is making such a positive difference in so many lives around the globe. And I have a feeling he would LOVE to tour Ireland… but Canada first, eh! 😆

    JR, awesome interview. Is it my imagination or was David getting a little choked up there at the end when talking about his fans? *sniff*

    • embe says:

      I think I saw a hint of choking up too, even before you mentioned it, so it must be something. Can you say AWW ❤ ❤

  11. pabuckie says:

    Just want to say I loved reading your story especially because I love Ireland too! I hope one day David gets to go there (and become popular there too)! 🙂

    Anyone who randomly comes across David’s interviews or really listens to his music can’t help but love him. He is so genuine and unpretentious, nonjudmental and has so many great qualities. Then, to top it all off with that magnificent voice of his. He is the kindest human being I have ever met.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.

  12. gemzone says:

    Justin I loved your story. David does have a way to reel us in and keep us coming back for more. We call it ODD. (Obsessive David Disorder) And I think that none of us want to be cured. So welcome to the ODD club. We really are a friendly bunch.

  13. beebee says:

    Justin, I love this post. Your story is so wonderful. So cool David has been a catalyst in ramping up your already-intense love of music to a whole new level. David would just love this. I so hope he reads it.

    That 108 seconds interview is one of my very faves. So is the Entertainment Weekly 3-part interview, the Idol “Final Two” interview, and that wonderfully long and rambly one in DC when he was on Idol Tour and interviewed by the local (Fox?) news channel. All of those are relatively “old” but just so great. As I’ve said a zillion times before, David Archuleta is the GENUINE ARTICLE in every way imaginable. I hope you eventually see every single incredible fan video of him performing live. (There are some un-freaking-believable vids out there. So many! We are so spoiled!)

    Ireland appreciates The Real Deal when she see’s it, especially musically, so I gotta believe David will eventually work his way under the Irish skin. There just ain’t no way he won’t eventually make his way to the Emerald Isle. Hang in there.

    Again, thanks for such a great post! And, BTW, you ARE TOO a a very good writer!

  14. jackryan4DA says:

    I would like to thank the admins for asking JUSTIN to write about his ArchuExperience.

    JUSTIN – I enjoyed reading your story. Am from Manila, Philippines so I can relate with the longing to see him in person. In your article, what stood out for me is this “…I like this guy because he spoke to me, not because I heard everyone else talking about him…”

    It is a testament of David’s strength and gift of connecting & communicating with people, even through the small TV screen or a blurry YT video.

    Am sure David will appreciate learning about your story. So I hope you don’t mind if I twitted him about your article. Of course that is no guarantee that he will see my tweet, LOL but I just want you to know that I believe that it is worthy for our David to hear from Justin of Ireland 🙂

  15. jackryan4DA says:

    TOFan – I just posted this message to Bebe @ TheVoice “for some reason I get choked up listening to that interview. From his soft statement of directness about pushing for more involvement in his craft and not to be known as AI runner-up all his life to what actually drives him… just shows why a whole bunch of us are in this for life.”

    Talk about chokeful coincidences, hehe

  16. awestruck says:

    A remarkable story Justin, in that David “spoke to you” first as a person, then as a singer. For most fans it was the opposite way around, since we were first introduced to him by watching American Idol. Now, for many fans David – the person – is just as important than David – the musician (for me perhaps even more important).
    I don’t think there is any rational, scientific explanation for why he moves us so – just something to be accepted and treasured.
    I think you write very well Justin and thank you so much for sharing this with us. David’s fan community is a very special one – having become friends in the common goal of loving what and how David does what he does. I look forward to hearing more of your perspective!
    What a truly lovely photo of Sligo Beach… makes my long ago dream of visiting Ireland and Scotland come alive again.

  17. awestruck says:

    JR – thanks for YT’ing that Forbes interview… that David, he sure goes right for the jugular heh! It was a non-typical David interview, perhaps because of the source…

    and, yeah TOfan, he choked up, me too along with JR.

  18. Abrra says:

    Awesome article! You are a quick study on David for sure.! Great job.


  19. Tawna21 says:

    Wow! Your article is beautiful! It must be really hard to feel a need for some David ‘stuff’ and not be able to get it. 😦

    You have described the typical ODD that a bajillion of us have felt for over 2 years now–welcome to the family. And, don’t expect it to subside, because it doesn’t. It gets better and better and stronger and stronger. Believe me, we can all relate to how you are feeling. David is pure love.

    I particularly liked what you wrote here: “I couldn’t understand it, for some reason this guy just spoke to me. I loved his awkwardness, his down-to-earth attitude about everything, his child-like innocence..”. That, Justin, is exactly what everyone of us here feels. To quote David, ‘hang in, hang on for the ride of your life’ you’re gonna love it!

  20. Nate says:

    Justin, Thanks for sharing your story of discovering David Archuleta. David is such an amazing person and so wonderfully talented. I am so happy you found him and that he has touched your life in such a positive way. David has changed my life in so many ways as well. His book helped me through a rough time I was having and gave me a totally new outlook on life. Even on my lowest days, David’s music lifts me up. Like you I have also met many people around the world in person and online and listened to their stories about David and I am happy to say that one of those people is you. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.

  21. embe says:

    Justin – your story reminds me of my own, in a sense that I can’t find David’s music or books or anything in stores here either. It is so frustrating – not only is David himself far, far away, but even the product of his soul is almost unreachable to me.

    Luckily, there are many lovely Archies that are willing to help you out (often without even asking), and that’s why this fanbase is so unique – David’s influence 😉

    Lovely post, and you are not a bad writer at all 🙂

    Greetings from Finland

  22. jackryan4DA says:

    BTW, in case this has not been posted, David’s interview with 6Flags Radio

  23. jackryan4DA says:

    Awestruck – you’re welcome 🙂

  24. jackryan4DA says:

    A glowing article from on DA’s AAKD appearance

    David Archuleta sings at the Arthur Ashe Kids Day: ‘American Idol’ contestant sounds awesome

    August 30, 2010 — David Archuleta sang at the Arthur Ashe Kids Day in Flushing New York on Saturday. The event brought in kids from all over the community and gave Archuleta a chance to showcase new music from his upcoming album. The fans were delighted in hearing the new tunes and the new style.

    If you think you have heard David Archuleta sing it all before, you need to hear how he sings at this performance at the Arthur Ashe Kids Day. He has got a strong new sound that is nothing like his previous performances on ‘American Idol’ and he definitely is far more confident than he has ever been – you can just see this on his set.

    We definitely will be seeing more of David Archuleta when his new CD is released until next month. Until then take a peek at the video. It is absolutely delightful!


    Maybe a good idea to leave nice comments?

  25. SandyBeaches says:

    IrishJustin…I missed actually welcoming you to the community of David admirers.

    Please stay in touch and hopefully you will drop by and add your comments as the weeks unfold and David’s new CD is released.


  26. ray says:

    justin ,glad you found david,yes he does speak to us,as he did to me in my time of need.if you cannot get his book or cd,let me know and i will send to youanybody who gets david is a friend of mine good luck ,

  27. Saumya says:

    Hey IrishJustin !!!
    I loved your story and you know what? It has a very strong resemblance to mine. I am an Indian fan of David ! And I don’t get to see or hear much about him. (actually nothing at all). But I am trying my best to spread him all around India. The only difference in our stories is that I saw him for the first time on an episode of Hannah Montana when it was aired in India last year and since then I have loved him like crazy ! The rest each and every word in your article is exactly the same as my experience. Trust me it is ! (except for my name and nationality) because even I am 16.

  28. archangel48 says:

    Justin, I was taken with your story in that you found in an interview what we all found from the VOICE first. My heart was totally affected knowing you “found” the “real” David just by him talking. (I LOVE listening to him speak!) Thanks for sharing and I sincerely hope we hear from you again as David spreads his musical genius around the world!
    P.S. I’ve proudly been a carrier of ODD and have NO desire for a cure!

  29. abanana77 says:

    Justin! Welcome! I really love your story! I absolutely adore stories of “newer” fans and how they come to David. I find it sooo interesting how he “caught” you in an interview! I have also wrestled with the “David the person” vs. “David the musician” and which one touches me more. I find it so unreal that one person can be one of the most gifted musicians as well as one of the most humble, down to earth people.

    Once again welcome to ODD-land. It is great.

  30. @LozUKArchie says:

    Hi Justin
    Just wanted to add my sentiments along with the others .. I too was moved by your post, especially as you are just 16. I am an older fan and live in England and desire so much for David’s personality and music to become more well known in our part of the world .. when the time is right it will happen. I’ve just ordered “Chords of Strength” and pre-ordered “Something ‘Bout Love” on Amazon UK. David toured Scotland & England with McFly last year and a bunch of us went to many of the shows just to see David – he came outside after his set in each place to say hi and chat with us and that was such a nice gesture on his part. There are some dedicated fans here so welcome on board! I’m a big Twitter fan thanks to David so hope to see you on there from time to time!

  31. jackryan4DA says:

    Newly posted interview by Ralphie Radio Show (David doesn’t watch JerseyShow)

    • TOfan says:

      LOL, JR, I think it’s “Jersey Shore” … sounds like you, me & David are a few of the only peeps who haven’t seen it! 😆

      David’s reaction was priceless, after the DJ explained, “They mostly drink, argue and party and you’ll feel better after yourself after watching”… yikes.

      I’m only now catching on to how popular this Celtic Women group is… I think someone already mentioned this up thread, but it’s true, this special should introduce David to a whole new audience … maybe even in Ireland, Justin!

      Update: David just tweeted about rehearsing with Órla Fallon… Justin, she’s from Ireland!!!

      Acc. to Wikipedia:
      “Órlagh Fallon (now known as Órla) was born in Knockananna, Ireland. She plays the harp and sings traditional Irish music, most often in the Gaelic language. She has performed for the Pope, the President of Ireland and at Carnegie Hall. …On 22 September 2009, she released a new CD, Distant Shore.”

  32. archiesfan4life says:

    Justin, GREAT story and very well written! I am glad you were asked to share your story with us. I hope David comes to Ireland one day and YOU get to meet him personally.

    I have been so out of the loop lately – am trying to keep up and just wanted to say how much I miss all of you:(.


  33. bebereader says:

    Hey Justin: Welcome to one of the most heavenly places on earth; the aura of David Archuleta. It was a pleasure to read your story and to see that the magic of David Archuleta is so far-reaching. Although each of us arrived to this place differently, we are all on the same journey now and are a tight-knit family. We can’t get enough of David’s voice, spirit and soul. We are caught in his web and are stuck like glue for the rest of our lives. I hope one day you can experience the joy of seeing him live in concert. There is nothing quite like it!

    *waves to all my fellow ODD-ers out there* 🙂

  34. emmegirl says:

    You did an amazing job on your first article, (I say first because I hope we hear more from you).

    I especially love this:

    “I don’t know what it was, there’s no way to really explain it, but I just couldn’t forget about this random guy. He was just one of the many people I had seen being interviewed and yet he was the one that stood out to me.” … to have felt that kind of connection and not even really heard “the voice” yet, amazing! It shows how his true essence cannot be bound and what a blessing that you were open to receiving.

    I can’t tell you how touched I am by all of the comments here and the new names from fans across the globe who have come to show support for Justin as well as David. I hope we see you all again. And I hope that everyone gets their chance to one day see him live… you don’t forget.

    Justin, you really had some catching up to do!
    How did you ever get out of the David Youtube vortex? We have all been known to go for days never moving from out chair, meager food supplies, no sleep… just one more, just one more, just one more…

    beebee – the interviews you mentioned, my favorites too! These are for you, Justin:

  35. TOfan says:

    beebee & emmegirl, great suggestions for David 101 interviews! lol

    And emme, thanks for THIS! => “I can’t tell you how touched I am by all of the comments here and the new names from fans across the globe who have come to show support for Justin as well as David. I hope we see you all again. And I hope that everyone gets their chance to one day see him live… you don’t forget.” Yes, yes and YES!!!

    off-topic, just saw this on Twitter:
    @rince25: New @davidarchie ascap title “Up In The Air” written by David, Toby Gad, and Lindy Robbins.

    Quite the airborne theme David’s got going there: ZG, Parachutes & Airplanes, Elevator, now Up in the Air … oh, and Other Side of Down (i.e. Up) 🙂

  36. SandyBeaches says:

    SnowAngelz…I just snuck into the Polk Theatre, with permission of the guards, and heard David singing…Pat A Pan..It is so exciting to hear him and he sounds so happy…the music is glorious.


  37. jackryan4DA says:

    Sony Music Global
    Because of some of your requests, today’s video of the day comes from David Archuleta’s forthcoming album and is called “Something ‘Bout Love”! Check out the video and share your thoughts below and don’t forget to let us know what video you want featured!

    Please leave comments 🙂

  38. jackryan4DA says:

    And Justin, may I invite you to check out my YT channel, if you want to check-out some old David videos – before YT finds anothe reason to pull down my channel! hehe

    Here are the available playlists I have managed to put back on as some of them may not be available in Ireland:

    02 AI Solo performances

    03 AIS7 Group #s & Ford Commercial

    04 AI Behind-the-Scenes: Coke, Ford MVs, Style Vids & AIExtra epis

    05 AIS7, AIExtra, Idol Tonight INTERVIEWS<b?

    06 AI Guestings & Red Carpet Interviews

    to be continued….

  39. jackryan4DA says:

    20 SBL PROMO

    21 TCA Appearances

    23 RADIO TOUR 2010

    JUSTIN – I try to get HD format videos so we can fully enjoy David. So I hope these help while you plan on that day to see him perform live 🙂

  40. jackryan4DA says:

    Guys, I have 3 posts under moderation because of too many links in them – so sorry for that.

    But I just wanted to list some YT playlists for Justin and the rest of the lurkers, esp international fans who may have missed some old but great vids on David 🙂

  41. betsy says:

    Great story, Justin. It seems like the truest fans just seem to find him on their own. So glad you did. All the way over there in my ancestral homeland. 🙂

  42. rose says:

    This has been just a fantastic read, from you, Justin, and then all the responses. This totally mirrors all my feelings regarding David. I sometimes wonder though, what is it about David that we all “get”? There are many good singers, humble, lovable, cute, etc. people. There is something more, something that hasn’t been (or perhaps can’t be) put into words. Something that’s actually indescribable. And there are people around me that saw David on AI that don’t “get” him. Why do I? And I’m so sorry they’re missing this wonderful experience. I just want everyone to know him like I/We do.

  43. peppertara says:

    TOfan, I noticed the “airborne theme” too with David’s new songs, ha. Sounds like another airborne song, Up In The Air! I love David’s great outlook on life. Looking forward to hearing the track (Other Side of Down).
    Sandybeaches…how fabulous that you got a sneak peek (or listen) in the theatre. I would so love to be at that taping!
    It is so great to see all the wonderful posts from David’s fans around the world. Have great admiration for his international fans (and all his fans). We all wait patiently for David to grace us with his presence and his voice or find a way to get to him. One way or another it is meant to be!

  44. peppertara says:

    Rose….I guess it’s the age old question (well at least 2 yrs old) ha, why some people just don’t “get” David. Maybe in time they will. He certainly is gaining new fans all the time.
    I know what you mean about wanting others to appreciate and enjoy David the way his fans do. It’s one heck of a glorious experience!

  45. TOfan says:

    “What is it about David that we all ‘get’?” Great question. One I’ve thought about a lot, especially after reading Justin’s story. It’s the first time I’d heard about someone become a fan before they’d even heard David sing.

    We who watched him on Idol were introduced to both David the singer & David the person almost simultaneously. So I have often wondered if I’d have become such a big fan if I’d just heard Crush on the radio. I think yes, because I’ve always gravitated to great voices, but who knows, maybe not.

    And it boggles my mind too that other friends and family who I normally have so much in common with watched him on Idol but didn’t get bitten by the David bug.

    What is that indescribable somethin’ somethin’ ’bout David?

    It’s like trying to explain where music itself comes from. And somehow reminds me of these lyrics from The Riddle:
    There are secrets that we still have left to find
    There have been mysteries from the beginning of time
    There are answers we’re not wise enough to see
    He said, “You looking for a clue? I love you free”

    Does that make any sense at all?

  46. irishjustin says:

    hey everyone, just wanted to stop by and say thanks to everyone who has commented both here and to me directly on twitter, you guys really made my day yesterday and I’m so glad you all enjoyed reading the post, I honestly had no idea so many people would respond to it so well. So thanks a lot everyone, and thanks for all the video links you’ve shared, I’ll be sure to check them all out when I get the chance this weekend 🙂

  47. embe says:

    Ok, so I’m sick 😦 And apparently very emotional, since just looking at the remote control makes me teary.

    I listened to David’s Rexburg concert while driving (I always listen to him in the car, ’cause I have a memory stick full of his songs) and Be Still My Soul came on. OH. MY. GOSH. Like someone opened my chest, ripped my heart out, poked it with a needle and put it back in it’s place. Totally got me.

    “Boy, you really got me now, you got me so I don’t know what I’m doing…”

  48. SandyBeaches says:

    Yes, I am with SF and we are getting ready in our Christmas attire. I guess several are wearing the scarves that David had in the Christmas gift bag. He will know we are here! But then, he will know in many other ways I am certain.


  49. SandyBeaches says:

    I hope that we can be messengers and bring home stories that make you feel that you were all there..


  50. TOfan says:

    Came across this cool blog about Arthur Ashe Kids Day, which included this paragraph:

    “This was the first time that I met David Archuleta. He was a fun energetic person who didn’t mind interacting with his fans directly and giving them all a chance to speak to him. We need more artists like this in the industry. On his way out he was told by security that they needed to move on and he remained to sign autographs for the patient fans waiting for him.”

    Not surprising to us, of course! Read rest HERE.

  51. abanana77 says:

    TOfan – I actually love how he ignores the security people. I dunno, he’s just such a nice, easy to get along with guy, you’d think he would just do whatever someone with “authority” (ie, the security people. They seem to have authority to me anyways) tell him too. But no, he stays and talks to as many fans as he can. Just one small thing he does that shows how he doesn’t let people push him around and stands up for what he believes in.

    Have fun SB!!!!!! 🙂

  52. TOfan says:

    *Spoiler alert* (& also *lower-register thud alert*)

    Bubbletweet from Eman:

  53. abanana77 says:

    So did you guys hear the eman bubbletweet?????

    I clicked on it before I made the connection it was a spoiler. And then there was no turning back. I actually loved it though. Like how can 4 lines of terrible quality, not even near the climax of the song, make me love the song so much already. But I do. October 5th, come soon please????

    Also this is 100% my last spoiler I am listening too.

    • TOfan says:

      “Like how can 4 lines of terrible quality, not even near the climax of the song, make me love the song so much already. But I do.” LOLOL I know!!! … abanana, I can see those fingers crossed! 😆

      Holy ArchuPower! That bubbletweet has 2,418 views already!

      • awestruck says:

        um 85,706 views now… wow

      • TOfan says:

        awestruck, I think that 85,706 number is Eman’s total views … but the David bubble is up to 2,987! woooot!

      • awestruck says:

        ok TOfan, makes WAY more sense, lol

      • abanana77 says:

        Because I like to do math for no reason, 3.5% of eman’s total views is the new bubble tweet. LOL

      • awestruck says:

        abanana bwahahhahah

      • TOfan says:

        cool! well, Miss Math Whiz, it’s now up to 3,693 out of 86,646! 🙂

      • emmegirl says:

        abanana77, David would love it, he’s a stats man ya know.

      • abanana77 says:

        Hahahahaha with TOfan’s stats it’s now at 4.2% Woot. Up by 0.7%!

      • TOfan says:

        0.7%? nice!!! … so I just listened to this one, then Eman’s previous David bubbletweet (4th down on the list) to see if they’re part of the same song but I don’t think so. What do you guys think?

        Also, just saw this comment on one of David’s SBL youTubes & had to share:
        “when hes singing he looks like a badass but when he’s just standing there he looks like a nerd” 😆 😆 😆

      • emmegirl says:

        TOfan, lol! That’s great!

        Sounds like an amazing evening. Love you David.

      • embe says:

        abanana You are SICK. How can you just do math “for fun”?? Oxymoron. I hate math – I always had to have special tutoring to get through it at school lol. Traumatized for life!

        Anyway, LOVE that spoiler snippet. I seriously feel like I’m gonna jump out of my skin any minute ’cause I’m so anxious for the album to come out. And in an interview posted yesterday, David said there will be a TOUR soon after. AMERICA HERE I COME!

  54. TOfan says:

    TweetPhoto from @bartgovers from the Nashville set (click 2 enlarge):

    In the middle of taping of a christmas tv show with American Idol David Archuleta in Nashville :D

  55. awestruck says:

    FOD has a twitter list going and this one made me smile:

    zerogravity1 The lady next to us: “We’re Orla fans… I think Orla is performing w/ some little kid from that talent show”… Haha! If she only knew!! over a year ago reply

    Please oh please zerogravity1 tell us what she thinks after the show!

    • TOfan says:


    • abanana77 says:

      I actually love that so much. I hope he makes new fans tonight!

      • awestruck says:

        Tweets after David’s songs:

        JOHN_AF Standing O after all three songs. Orla said some wonderfully kind things about David after she introduced him.

        zerogravity1 Holy Smokes!!!! D was on tonight!!!! And 3 songs!! MOC … PAP … Silent Night! Orla sang back up on PAP! EPIC!!!!

        Yeah, abanana, some new fans tonight!!!

  56. TOfan says:

    Cambio interview from AA Kids Day:

  57. SweetOnDA says:

    Just had time to read your post Justin and it was wonderful to hear how David has touched you. So glad you found him. He has touched many a soul and always for the good.

    Great to have you among his fans.

  58. awestruck says:

    zerogravity1’s twitvid (audio, as cameras were not allowed)

  59. Kizzi says:

    Irishjustin – Are you sure you are 16? Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience. Very heart warming and inspiring. My grandmother’s family came from Ireland – O’Donahue’s from Kinsale, County Cork area.

    Tofan, abanana77, awestruck – wow what an evening SandyBeaches and Silverfox and all David fans attending must have had, in person, live and a TV show to boot. Woot! Can’t wait for the live show and apparently there will be a DVD available for purchase.

    Been moving about 250 miles from “home” after decades in one community and one house. Lotsa work and lotsa good memories and a great new home and welcoming community. Love the southern hospitality we’ve been shown – someone even mowed our yard for us and we still don’t know who!

    Anyway, I feel like a kid on a grand cross country trip with this album release—‘are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?….’ LOL. Can wait for 10 ‘david vibe’ songs…which one will you listen to first? Is it possible to implode from too much happiness? Well, if so, what a way to go, eh?

  60. TOfan says:

    {{{SweetOnDA}}} * waves*

    Thanks, awestruck, is this a diff one?

    Can’t wait to hear from SB, sounds like it was an aMAZing evening!!!

    And another “leaked” Track List surfaces (strange that the new ASCAP-registered song, “Up in the Air” isn’t on it tho’, hmmm):

    1. The Other Side Of Down 3:13
    2. Something ‘Bout Love 4:23
    3. Elevator 3:24
    4. Stomping The Roses 3:01
    5. Who I Am 3:44
    6. Falling Stars 3:35
    7. Parachutes And Airplanes 3:33
    8. Look Around 3:26
    9. Good Place 3:25
    10. Complain 3:24
    11. Things Are Gonna Get Better 3:14
    12. My Kind Of Perfect 3:37

    LOLing at “Stomping the Roses” and “Complain” … as if! 😆

    • embe says:

      That tracklist appears to be authentic, cause Mike tweeted that two of his songs are on it. I’m excited about “Stomping the Roses” and “Complain”, since I really love “Let Me Go” with David’s attitude, and judging by those titles, they seem like the same kind of songs. I dunno why I love feisty David so much – probably ’cause he rarely shows that side of himself. When he sings “Love Song”, there’s a sort of ‘tude too. “I’m not going to pretend to be somebody I’m not just to humor society.” YEAH!

      • abanana77 says:

        I saw Mike’s tweet too, but I’m not sure if he’s talking about the same tracklist. Isn’t it possible that he saw the “real” one and this one is still just speculation? Although it is kinda a coincidence that he ould tweet that after this got released. Who knows.

        I am excited that P&A is on it. I really really liked that one. But a little disapointed that IICOB is not, although I am still hoping for the deluxe edition or whatever (assuming this tracklist is legit). Also no Northern Lights? As if I could be sad a song none of us have ever heard is not on it. Hahahaha that is just ridiculous to think about. But I wanted to hear it.

  61. Gwen says:

    Irish Justin, What a beautiful story. I am so glad that you have now seen what all of us Archies see in our wonderful DAVID. I only wish that you could see him in concert, it is unbelievable and so heartwarming.I am a gradnmother and I have never been so moved by a singer either.He is an amazing person and a singer that really warms your heart. Can’t wait for his new CD and all of those songs that he has written.Keep checking on all of his sites and so happy that you have joined us. You kind of sound like another David. A REAL person. Thanks for sharing.

  62. jackryan4DA says:

    In case you want to re-watch the Q102 gig in one continuous file – Interview + SBL & Crush performance

  63. jackryan4DA says:

    Orla Fallon Celtic Christmas Special filmed at Nashville’s TPAC PBS: Exclusive photos

    Tennessee Performing Arts Center decked the halls tonight for Orla Fallon and her talented friends for the upcoming PBS Christmas Special “Orla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas.”


    Orla Fallon & David Archuleta
    Candles and a harp were set up for Fallon’s duet with David Archuleta on “Silent Night.” Archuleta performed two more carols for the event. Country singer Mark Wills also performed with Fallon.

    To read the rest of the article:

  64. Kizzi says:

    Ummmm…TOfan delete this if it’s contraband. I don’t think it breaks SAz’s rules, at least I’m pretty sure of that *scratches head* 😀

    proFM92 played the Studio Version of “Elevator” today from angelbecca913

  65. awestruck says:

    MJ’s Blog has it up too – comments are kind of interesting –

    “Listen to the studio version of David Archuleta’s new song, “Elevator”.

    David gave the new tune to the peeps at 92ProFM in Providence RI when he dropped by the studio for a performance last Friday (8/27).

    The new tune is set to appear on David’s upcoming album, The Other Side of Down, due to be released October 5.”

    Do I listen – do I not???

  66. abanana77 says:

    So I kinda broke my no spoiler rule again (I need to stop doing that)… but I figured I already had heard the live performance of the song, so it wasn’t really a spoiler. Terrible logic?

    It’s pretty much the way I thought it would sound. I am weirdly non-opinionated about it actually. I loved elevator already, and this doesn’t make me love it any more or less than I did before. It’s acally exactly how I imagined it.

  67. TOfan says:

    asdsffhfgjkhjkjlklls;sklkjskhjghdf#$#$@%^$*%^( {{{Kizzi}}}

    just got in after a day of priming & painting (don’t ask)

    debated for like 5 secs then caved … it is Elevator after all!!! 🙂 … but don’t want to influence you, awestruck!

    I’m with you abanana, it doesn’t make me love it any more or less… still LOOOVE it and I do really like the David/David harmonies and layers of his voice. I think the studio version does add a certain funky Mrazy grooviosity to it, which I like.

    need another listen…

  68. TOfan says:

    Just remembered that there was an IDF post a while back from someone who said they worked at a radio station and that they were told stations would be getting “Elevator” Aug. 30th… hmmm

    I love Elevator but where does that leave SBL?

    so confused right now. 😯

  69. Kizzi says:

    oh my…I dig this Elevator studio version…a lot, a whole lot. All the nuances and background music & vocals add so much…that echo of “elevator goes up”…that “butterflies”, the 2nd one, mmmmm’mmmmm good! Yep, it’s the “butterflies that keep you feelin’ so alive, so alive….” woohoo

    And I can see dancing to this…very happy dancey dancing. 😀

  70. awestruck says:

    No pressure TOfan, lol

    Abanana’s logic WFM…

    Ok, so not really much influence on me one way or the other. I like both acoustic and studio the pretty much the same.

    Acoustic, because David’s voice is first and foremost – Studio, because of the layers (as Kizzi pointed out).

  71. TOfan says:

    I agree, I also love the acoustic version because I’d basically love acoustic versions of all his songs, LOL!

    Love this YouTube comment:

    This song feels like a Carribbean vacation in my head. :-)

  72. emmegirl says:

    Really liking studio version, ditto what kizzi said.
    This version seems a little more fun and carefree.
    I was really listening to the words in the acoustic, but in this one I pretty much just move to the groove.

    (hafta say… I love his daring-do)

  73. Kizzi says:

    Hello “Elevator.” Where have you been my whole life?

    Me likee, much! Balloon Heart

  74. peppertara says:

    Had to listen to Elevator….and listen….and listen.
    It sounds wonderful, just as I imagined. I love the studio version too and I know that’s what most people will hear and I adore every little nuance and effect in the song. Way to go elevator dreamer! There isn’t another young artist out there who has David’s sound or ‘vibe’.
    IMHO I think he should have fourty of his songs on Top 40 radio. At least for a while:)
    I want to see SBL on Canadian radio too, it’s making the top ten in several far away countries (yay) but we need to hear it on our local radio stns. Has anyone heard it played lately, hmm, still waiting.

    • TOfan says:

      lol peppertara, me too! I was about to leave a comment then went back for one more listen, which turned into like 10! LOL Now I forget what I was going to say in the first place, bahahahaha

      I love the groovy organic feel of the studio version. I mean, those sound like REAL drums, wow.

      He needs to sing this & SBL on prime time TV. Soonish. Maybe that would give SBL the push it needs to start getting played on radio. *hopes*

  75. abanana77 says:

    Woot! Yay for caving awestruck. Now I don’t feel so alone. Hahaha

    And TOfan – I am with you on this. I am super confused. Like ridiculous amounts. I have no idea how radio and stuff works. Crush was the only single before the first album so I had kinda assumed the same would be true of this one. But if they make elevator a single too, I have no idea how that would work. To me it makes sense for someone like Justin Bieber to have a couple singles before the album is released because he’s ridiculously popular and gets tons of radio airplay anyways. But would adding another single mean they’re kinda backing off SBL? Or maybe they will try to sell elevator to a different audience (adult contemporary instead of top 40?) and so they could be working both simultaneously? Like to different radio stations? Confused.

    • awestruck says:

      I’m confused too… seems David is getting great exposure – AAKD etc. and the Jerry Lewis telethon coming up, but is radio play getting promoted a little, a lot, what I don’t know much about it.

    • TOfan says:

      abanana, you could be right about them trying to release Elevator to a diff. audience. I have no clue. More peeps def. need to hear these amazing songs. I was happy to hear he’ll be at least answering phones on the Stand Up to Cancer Telethon. *crossing fingers he gets to sing*

  76. jackryan4DA says:

    I have this small story to share: MikeK pm’ed me last week, wanting to find out if I got the footage of the DJs’ reaction to Elevator. It would appear that the DJs went bonkers wherever they played it.

    That would explain the early release of Elevator from the radio stations themselves. This bodes well for that single then, woo-hoo!

    Oct 5 couldn’t come fast enough!

    • emmegirl says:

      wow JR, that’s awesome! Seems it’s a bit of a mixed bag in the fanbase. I love the song, it just makes you happy – the pop that I do listen to, (and I admit it is not alot, and never before David), this has a little different flavor.

      It is just so exciting. He really is so musically complex and brilliant, and this album is just the first step in him getting to the place as an artist he wants to be.

      He will have longevity in this business for so many reasons, not the least of which being is while he can make pop or indie or whatever-type albums, he also will also be in high demand for the likes of the PBS Specials, national anthems, privileged small events such as Brit Week Gala, charity events with Imagine type songs, Christmas specials, and so on and so on. And we haven’t even gotten to the Spanish songs! Mr Archuleta is never going to have enough hours in the day!

      And kizzi, ooooh, I agree, the more I listen the more I love it and all the background “stuf” is awesome! This is me waving a heart-balloon with kizzi!

    • awestruck says:

      very cool to hear this JR, the kind of thing that makes me proud for David.

      Yeah emmiegirl, fabulous that David is in demand for all these various types of events.

  77. emmegirl says:

    and just a little annoyance – I don’t get the complaints about his falsetto in this song.
    Personally, think he sounds awesome. Could it be a bit of a challenge on a full tour, maybe… but he will change it up and make it work, no doubts.

    • Abanana77 says:

      Yeah I don’t get it either. I think it sounds good too! And obviously David liked it too since he gets to approve the songs I’m assuming.

  78. jackryan4DA says:

    EMMIEGIRL – that’s one thing am happy about. Him being invited to appear at various outings, hitting various markets 🙂 At least he already has ananswer to his earlier concern of “making a living out of it…” expressed during the AT&T presscon.

    But it is never about the money when it comes to TheArchuletor, right? I think Pamela Pike said it best in her latest write on David “Music is his life, commitment, work, discipline, fun, sorrowful, joyful – it’s just all things in one, it’s the rhythm of life. Music is the link to his dreams. Music is also the thing that brings David the closest to

  79. emmegirl says:

    JR, she is terrific isn’t she..and that is one of the best paragraphs she ever written about him. That amazing quote needs to be put permanently somewhere on one of the fan sites.

  80. awestruck says:

    The latest Pamela Pike write-up on David –

    Yes, JR that last paragraph is a keeper.

  81. embe says:

    I am not a morning person. Seriously. I’ve been known to bite people’s noses off for talking to me before 10am.

    But on this particular morning I’m sitting on the couch, grinning (no, not revealing my teeth like dogs do, even though my fiance seems to think so… well, I’ll let him keep believing that so he’ll leave me in peace) because of this amazingly catchy, happy, quirky song. I love the layers, I love the drums, I love the fact that you can hear David’s smiling when singing this song… Just ❤

    Though, I like to think the lyrics go "it's an EMBE'S ride…".

  82. Kizzi says:

    “Elevator goes up…” and up and up. What a fun, happy song…”so alive, so alive.” And lots are either liking it or not liking it around the fan boards. bahahahaha – are we there yet?

    I read “Ferdinand the Bull” last night to my 5 yo granddaughter. Couldn’t help but think a little of the analogy of Ferdinand’s story to David’s path in the Pop music world.

    With David’s talent and vocal chops (like Ferdinand being hands down the most worthy contender in the bullfight ring yet choosing to use the ring for a happy purpose), Ferdinand’s and David’s paths are not about “fighting to win.”

    And so with David IMHO. It’s about being himself, enjoying the Pop music journey at his pace, with his style, with his sense of what Pop music is…what courage and what an adventure.

    Like or not like “Elevator”, one has to respect the path. And, if the other songs on the album are more of the “Elevator” ilk I’ll be one happy camper.

    Reading Ferdinand (like following David’s career) always leaves me believing that goodness is a powerful, unshakeable force. Being true to one’s self and to go on living one’s own life in one’s own way is a force that nothing can alter.

    P.S. The Matadors and 5 men who tried to make Ferdinand “fight” in the bullring in my mind represent, in general, the music executives and/or DJs who currently select ‘talent’ and mold them to the current Pop singer image.

  83. awestruck says:

    very cool analogy KIZZI. As I get older and after what I have been through I find it easier to take baby steps – enjoy the moment – savor the moment as it comes then goes. I am not impatient for Oct. 5. It will arrive in it’s own good time.

    As for David’s career I feel the same way Kizzi.

    • Kizzi says:

      I agree awestruck. It’s amazing to follow David’s career. Seeing the results of his creativity and the choices is a unique experience and a privilege. Also humbling to see someone live in the public eye with such equanimity and grace.

      I also am fascinated by the choices of boundaries and his gentle enforcement of them. His “no” is becoming singularly powerful mostly due, imo, to his gentle application of it. Now that’s an art, in and of itself. I’ve studied saying “no” most of my life gently and I’m still working on it.

      • awestruck says:

        gentle, respectful, considerate – yet with a backbone of steel. An odd combination to be sure. Watching him on AI I always thought he would go far, yet worried that people would take advantage of him. He has shown amazing strength of character.

        Certainly a priviledge to watch and he is teaching me so much.

        “I’ve studied saying “no” most of my life gently and I’m still working on it.” Quite tough to learn heh, same goes for me. It may be one of the hardest messages in my life for me to be able to get across.

  84. awestruck says:

    Is there an MP3 out there of the AAKD performance?

    • TOfan says:

      awestruck, I can make one for you when I get back home (I’d also love to make one of the Good Day NY SBL, great runs & ending!)

      • awestruck says:

        TOfan, what programs do you use? Any that I have used end up causing me computer problems (viruses…)

        I’d also like one of the Six Flags Elevator…

  85. TOfan says:

    JR,wow, love that! I did detect enthusiasm for Elevator from the various DJs but thought maybe I was a little bit biased since I fell for the song pretty much from the first 2 bars.

    I’m a little sad that the “High-igh-igh-igh-igh-igh” singalong refrain is missing from the studio version (there’s a faint hint of it at the very end), but I’ll get over it. 🙂

    emmegirl, I saw those comments about the falsetto too and I don’t get it either. I was fascinated to watch his live performance evolve and how he reworked the falsetto part so he could place his voice precisely where it belonged, where he could get the most power and deliver each note clear and true. From the Knoxville performance on, I don’t think he’s actually in his falsetto, it’s a blend between his full chest voice & “head” voice. Anyways, it sounds awesome & even though it’s not as strong on the studio version, I still love it.

    Kizzi, wow, that analogy with Ferdinand is a good one… but reminded me of David in that Idol Matador Ford commercial outfit. bahahahaha

  86. awestruck says:

    Is it just me or do I hear a very quick evolution in SBL and Elevator – new runs, changed note etc…

    This didn’t seem to happen as quickly with his first album songs.

  87. Cindy says:

    Hi Justin!
    You did a great job on your article.

    Welcome to our wonderful world of being fans of David. You are in for quite a ride! David does have this way of speaking to each one of us and drawing us in. It’s a unique experience that only other fans can describe and understand.

    I truely hope you get to meet David someday. I think everyone of his fans should have the opportunity to get to meet him at least once. It’s an experience of a lifetime!

  88. emmegirl says:

    Just thinking,

    ..if that was the real track list, no IICOB, then hope it makes the deluxe edition.

    ..what will he sing at the telethon.

    ..when will we get another photo shoot leak.

    • TOfan says:

      emme, David just tweeted that he’ll sing #11 on that tracklist at the telethon … spazzzzzing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      @DavidArchie I’ll be singing a new song Things Are Gonna Get Better tomorrow night in the 10 PM PST hour for the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon.

      That’s 1 a.m. ET, btw. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  89. emmegirl says:

    Omg TOfan, this is exciting….looks like they may be gonna reveal the songs one at a time. I really haven’t watched the telethon in years, can’t think of a better time to start – and it really is a great cause.

  90. emmegirl says:

    I posted my query 5 min before his tweet, lol!

    • TOfan says:

      I saw that!! Do you get these premonitions often? LOLOL Do you get any vibes that it could be the Eman bubble tweet song? 😆

      I didn’t even know it was still on, tbh, but used to watch every Labour Day waaaaay back when.

  91. peppertara says:

    Very excited for another new song from David!!
    I don’t think the telethon is aired in my area but you should be able to stream it online here:

    That’s if anyone can’t tune in to it. (Can’t find it listed anywhere here for me).

  92. TOfan says:

    Thanks, peppertara!

    I’m getting a huge kick out of some of the YouTube comments for the Elevator vid kizzi posted above, here are a couple of faves:

    Morrisseys7thFriend I LOVE this version! The acoustic version sounded kind of folksy and made me want to square dance, but now I hear the full….Davidness of it! I can’t stop listening to it! I like it a lot better than SBL too.

    retroviolet @mondaysbite yeah – watch out – this song has been stuck in my head ever since he first sang it live acoustic. I finally managed to make it let my true love Parachutes and Airplanes back in too and now my head has a 2 song setlist. Haha

  93. peppertara says:

    Haha, loved those comments about Elevator, especially the one with the inclination to square dance, lol.
    Wow, love the fact that some of the DJs are liking the song… that makes me happy!
    Getting my fix of Elevator every day, best Elevator music I’ve ever heard. Those who don’t seem to like the song (as I’ve read on some sites)….well I wouldn’t be surprised if the song slowly sneaks up on them and before they know it they are singing along and appreciating the musical brilliance that is David.:)

  94. jackryan4DA says:

    Now, where in the world is David? He is in Las Vegas preparing for the MDA Telethon. Aside from answering phones, he will be singing “Things Are Gonna Get Better”!

    Here is a vid from the MDA myspace:

    Take note – David was very s[ecific on when he is singing so as Santa would say “You better watch out… you better not…” 😉

  95. abanana77 says:

    OK this time I am serious. I am not listening to the new song he is singing tomorrow. The fact that he keeps singing new songs is killing my no spoiler rule but I have seriously drawn the line. I listened to IICOB, P&A and NAVGL because I didn’t know if they’d even make the album at the time and I listened to elevator because I had a weak moment. And I listened to the studio of elevator because I have already listened to the live version. But seriously it is stopping now.

    Also super random but the mp3 of elevator that I have (don’t judge, I know you all have them too) goes like one second longer than the youtube kizzi posted and the add that kinda interupts David’s ending says “now here’s an update from the Tim Horton – “. Is that a Timmy’s ad? IN the states? confused.

    • emmegirl says:

      lol!!! Are you serious…. really? Atleast you try, I don’t even kid myself that I can try to not listen because it seriously is not going to happen!

      And can I say that I am loving Elevator, yes, more than SBL. Sometimes it’s just having our own personal likes and dislikes, but I think sometimes as David fans we dissect everything so minutely (yes, out of love because we only want the world for him) that we forget to just enjoy it for what it is. And this song is so catchy and fun and dancey and just feel-good stuff! And it kinda makes my heart float.

      Saw a comment where they didn’t like where he went into his lower register –
      say whaaaaaaaat? – love it, and it shows off his huge range, just like SBL…

      Some said they didn’t like his first album because every song sounded the same, well, they can’t use that excuse this time. It’s gonna be amazing. Ok, leaving… listening to Elevator, this song makes me high…. 🙂

  96. betsy says:

    abanana77 – Re: Tim Horton. We have them all over here in Michigan. Thank goodness! Am addicted to the banana and apple fritter Timbits!

  97. Kizzi says:

    So right Betsy – Tim Horton rocks! I love the cinnamon rolls too at the one in Sterling Heights!

    abanana77 – TH’s are in Michigan, Maine, Connecticut, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York in the USA. I admire your value to not listen to spoilers. Me, since I’m older than dirt I can’t afford to wait…good excuse, isn’t it? 😀

  98. Abanana77 says:

    Oh ok. I knew there was some TH’s in the US I just didn’t know it was big. That makes sense I guess.

    Also kizzi, there is not much to admire as of yet (re the spoilers) since I have kinda caved for all of them. But, thanks 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      ack, I don’t know whether to listen to the new song or not. abanana, I admire your conviction, too. I was not going to listen to leaked snippets (I held fast for CFTH and was happy I did), but live versions of new songs are hard to resist.

      That said, in a way I wish I’d heard the studio version of Elevator first. David live (even on my fave songs like MH) can’t be beat, so it’s kind of a hard act to follow, even though it’s still him, if you know what I mean.


      okay, so you guys in the U.S. have Tim Horton’s but what happens if you order a double-double? 😆

      • Kizzi says:

        Double-double in Tim Horton speak is 2 packs of sugar, and 2 shots of milk…”coffee, double-double, please.” Goes good with “tim-bits.”

        Did I pass?

      • abanana77 says:

        I know what you mean – it would be alot easier to stay away from spoilers if they were snippets. But David singing the whole song live is almost too much to resist.

        CFTH was kinda different though than the other 2 CDs because all the songs are ones that are known, whereas the songs on TOSOD are all new. So I found it easier to stay away from the spoilers because I knew if I listened to them, I would have nothing left to wait for. If I listened to David performing tonight, I would still have the studio recording to look forward to, if that makes any sense. Either way I’m still not listening. But if I was going to, that would be my logic I would tell myself to make it OK. Hahahaha

      • abanana77 says:

        So the fact that Timmy’s is popular in America is totally ruining that Tim Horton’s commercial for me. You know the one with the guy with the Tim Horton’s mug attached to his backpack in some airport in Europe (or something?) and tons of other Canadians come up to him being like “You’re Canadian?!?!” and then he makes lots of new Canadians-in-Europe friends. Yeah, I don’t think it would work so well.

      • TOfan says:

        Right on, Kiz! (except it’s cream not milk 😉 )

        abanana, no worries, only Canadians would travel with a Timmies mug hooked to their backpack! lolol

  99. TOfan says:

    This is the best audio of the studio version I’ve heard yet (on FanBlast, which I didn’t realize was still running):

    • jackryan4DA says:

      I actually have the 320kpbs version, which I suppose is one of the highest quality studio versions one could get but I don’t post it anywhere cos… well you know, WE will buy the single, the album, the archie calendar (yup – there is gonna be one cos Sony BMG Manila just imported 150 copies to be sold during the CD release> and other merchandise that Jive can think of…

      But that’s us archies. For non-archies, they will just pilfer and illegally download 😦

      Did I mention Archie Calendars?

  100. embe says:

    Ok, who is Timmy Horton and and what has he done to the snowangelzz??

    • abanana77 says:

      Hahaha sorry. Tim Horton was an NHL hockey player who started a doughnut/coffee shop (Tim Horton’s) which got ridiculously popular and franchised across Canada and, as I’m just learning, in the US too. I feel like most Canadian’s identify Tim Horton’s as a “Canadian” thing. Apparently the coffee is really good (although I don’t drink coffee, myself). Hope that kinda makes sense.

  101. TOfan says:

    Things Are Gonna Get Better mp3 from @rince25:

  102. jackryan4DA says:

    I just watched David @ MDA! Too bad the streaming went wonky on several portions. Am uploading his performance now so sorry in advance for the portions where the screen went crazy 😦

    But David sounded sooooooo good. (And he looked mighty fine, too! Just sayin’ tee-hee)

    And finally! The thing about Yoko Ono was discussed on national TV — that made my day 🙂

  103. peppertara says:

    OMG…that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard! I lost the picture on the livestream (dang) so I couldn’t see David but I could hear him and oh my….I could feel his heart and he sounded amazing, I got rather choked up. What an incredible song!
    Loved the introduction by Nigel and the Yoko Ono mention, wonderful.
    If some wonderful person (like you JR) could upload that performance, would love to see it. Thank you in advance!
    TOfan, thank you for the MP3 link, need to hear that again and again, can’t wait for the album! What an incredible album it will be.

  104. TOfan says:

    Here’s one vid, peppertara, but JR will likely have a better one up soon! I would’ve loved for that gospel choir to saunter back onstage to back him up on that. Beautiful.

  105. abanana77 says:

    I am so glad everyone seems to like the song because from the tracklist, this one stuck out for me. Seemed to scream optimism just in the title. The positive feedback is hard to resist! Hahaha

  106. TOfan says:

    Kizzi, lol, you can repost the backstage vid (I deleted my comment when I saw yours, LOL).


  107. TOfan says:

    David meets Gibb sisters backstage:

  108. TOfan says:

    … and more of the Awesome One.

  109. Zoe says:

    WOWZA!!! Dropping by for a quick note to say hi to the SAz gang at this ungodly hour because I just caught David’s debut of “Things Are Gonna Get Better” on the MDA telethon, and he was FANTASTIC!!!

    Didn’t realize how much I’ve missed David performing heartfelt songs, and this new one on first listen ticked all the boxes for me. Great melody, inspirational message, heartfelt delivery and spot on vocals. Perfect occasion, too. Sensational job, DA!!

    Hope lots of peeps who don’t follow David got to see and hear him. Wish he’d been on earlier here on the East coast.

    And yes, JR, David looked handsome as all get out and then some!

    He handled himself beautifully with Nigel during their brief conversation, and the bit about Yoko Ono’s feedback on hearing David sing Imagine was waaaay cool!


    *Waves* to TOfan! Miss you and the gang and hope to stop by again soon. Been a crazy busy summer for me.

  110. peppertara says:

    TOfan, thanks for posting the videos, just amazing. Could he sound or look any better? Don’t think so.
    Here are the lyrics to that incredibly beautiful song:

    “Things Are Gonna Get Better” by David Archuleta (2010)

    Everybody’s got a time in their life
    When everything hurts and nothing’s right
    But you gotta walk on
    Yeah, you gotta walk on
    Everybody’s got a piece of their heart
    That’s been stepped on and torn apart
    But you gotta move on
    Yeah, you gotta walk on
    ‘Cause I know it’s hard to have the strength and
    Sometimes all you feel is pain but
    Time keeps floating by on that river in the night
    But I know things are gonna get better
    And I know, things are gonna be fine
    And I know, things are gonna get better
    Life is gonna get better
    Yeah, we’re gonna be fine
    Everybody’s got that one regret
    No matter how they try, they can’t forget
    But you gotta move on
    Yeah, you gotta move on
    And everybody’s got someone they lost
    And they can’t believe they’re really gone
    But you gotta live on
    Yeah, you gotta live on
    ‘Cause I know it’s hard to have the strength and
    Sometimes all you feel is pain but
    Things floating by on that river in the night
    But I know things are gonna get better
    And I know, things are gonna be fine
    And I know, things are gonna get better
    Life is gonna get better
    Yeah, we’re gonna be fine
    And I know there’s hope
    I see it in your eyes
    So take me, touch me
    ‘Cause with a little bit of love, we can win the fight
    With a little bit of love, we can see the light
    With a little bit of love, it’ll be alright
    I know things are gonna get better
    And I know, things are gonna be fine
    And I know, things are gonna get better
    Life is gonna get better
    Yeah, we’re gonna be fine
    Walk, walk, walkin’ by
    And keep, keep, keep walkin’ on
    Keep, keep, keep walkin’ on

  111. Kizzi says:

    i need a double-double, pronto!

    Late night last night and what a surprise “Things Are Gonna Get Better.’ I mean certainly a new song and all the expectations were high, but this was a r.e.a.l surprise.

    Was reading over at FOD, someone commented who was there that the track was a Demo track and David had to sing twice because 1st time he had hard time matching lyrics to the demo track…

    Commenter on MJs youtube video who attended said David got a standing O.

    This sounded so good that I actually had thoughts that it might be lip synced – I know, sacrilege but the vocals and track were just so high quality 😉

    Did anyone notice the changing of the seasons on the 4 panels behind David? Starts with winter and looks like it goes through the seasons. Pretty cool. And at one point between the panels looks like stars whizzing by.

    All in all, as a David fan, it was a stellar performance.

  112. awestruck says:

    HD version

    Beautiful – with this song my hopes that TOSOD would have different musical flavors on ii is one step closer to having that thougth confirmed.

    Did David know he would be on the telethon when he wrote Things Are Gonna Get Better? Likely not, lol, but you could have fooled me!

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