BUT Something ’bout style

Some reviews of David Archuleta’s new single, Something ‘Bout Love, have stated that they think he is growing up musically.  Hard for me to judge if the structure of the song is any more mature than those of his debut album.  Lyrically is it better because it is coming from David?  Certainly the hardcore fans may think so.

But, this is not the emphasis of this post, OH NO, it is not…

Ms. Beebee's version.


My apologies to be forcing you to gaze once again upon this magnificently captured loose, carefree, happy picture of David, but this is the BUT about this post, lol.

Up to now I have never really cared about David’s “look” or “IMAGE.”

Sure, I’ve thought that some of his performance getups have had more pizzazz than others.

For example:


Def. YES. (Photo: contactmusic.com)

No, just NO – I couldn’t bring myself to show the entire suit, lol (I know, I know this wasn’t’ his choice. (FOD pic.)



And YES, some that were PERFECT for the occasion. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

But – there it is again, the word but – it has never really mattered to me what David wore, performing or not.

BUT – ok now I will bold it and see how many times I can use it in this post – the “Not Final Art” TOSOD cover art changes that for me.  Is it time to create an IMAGE for David clothes-wise?

Perhaps it is the photographer making the difference, BUT the look from the Pro-Am game (below) is bang on for David, imho.  Not for performing, BUT for day-to-day going about town to meetings, interviews etc. (he can still be just your basic David at home or on his days off – I will allow him that 🙂 ).  Though I must say his casual getups are looking a bit more attitudy … to use a technical fashionista term. 🙂

Sorry, but showing off a hint of belt is def. a stylist tip.

David is so considerate of his fans isn’t he?  Maybe he will allow me to make the following recommendation for him – for the fans’ sake!  I think he is already halfway there though.  This casual look allows him his T’s – graphic or not, and his favourite jeans; BUT, I just have to encourage him to don any jacket such as the one in THE PIC; and voila you have an IMAGE.

And the boots – TOfan’s fetish is rubbing off on me – well just let me say that they give the IMAGE a certain EDGE don’t you think?

Oh, and by the way, keep the longish hair – it has grown on me!

Not to be totally frivolous about the whole thing, BUT could this heightened attention to style signal the new “phase” David spoke about in interviews last winter both musically and image-wise? Certainly ties in well with the more focused marketing push exhibited by Jive this time out, don’t you think?


P.S. David is quite the enigma isn’t he, so very “his age”-looking in THE PIC, yet so young when just hanging, especially when compared with this older pic… the more things change, the more they stay the same?

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23 Responses to BUT Something ’bout style

  1. Abanana77 says:

    Awestruck – lovvvve the post! 🙂 especially the comparison to his 12 year old self at the end! He looks sooooooooooooooo young there. It’s weird.

    And about the TOSOD “cover art” – ilike it. It’s stylish and kinda cool, but honestly, I always end up looking at the boots! Like I kinda feel like the boots are the star of the photo, instead of David! Oh, David the model. But I still like it better than some of the other *cough*CFTH*cough* cover art.

  2. vermeer says:

    awestruck, I like “frivolous” every now and then LOL!

    “Though I must say his casual getups are looking a bit more attitudy” is a great observation. I’ll admit that when I first saw him in torn jeans I was a bit surprised considering he is such a major shirt tugger! Now he is daring to “expose” a bit of himself, deliberately! He seems to be getting freer, looser, or something. As he matures and grows more confident with songwriting, his outer self may also be starting to reflect that confidence to be whoever he is becoming. It’s great!!

    This Pro-Am “getup” with the belt showing is so styling; it is casual and yet it is not accidental as you need to tuck your shirt in just so to show the belt. Also, I thought it was a departure from his old jeans in that the jeans has to be quite a bit more low-rise to do that (an obsessive shirt-tugger is wearing low-rise jeans?!) His first album had the same look, but a stylist dressed him for that. This, I am assuming it’s all himself choosing to look like that. All I gotta say is he sure knows how to keep us on our toes, that little stinker!

    • awestruck says:

      (((vermeer))) David truly seems to be more comforatable in his own body, doesn’t he?

      “Also, I thought it was a departure from his old jeans in that the jeans has to be quite a bit more low-rise to do that (an obsessive shirt-tugger is wearing low-rise jeans?!)” you are right… after another lookie see at the photo, lol

  3. vermeer says:

    Oh awestruck, thank you for showing those two pix side by side. I love it that younger or older, it is the same sweet (old) soul that inhabits that beautiful person that is David Archuleta!

  4. peppertara says:

    Awestruck….loved your post too. I have been kind of thinking the same thing. I think part of David’s new ‘phase’ does encompass some change in his personal style along with his music. David is looking pretty cool these days I have to say and it suits him well! I remember when David said when he was younger he didn’t care what he wore. He would just wear comfortable baggy clothes and that was it. When A.I. came along he said he had to get a couple of his friends to go shopping with him and help him pick out some clothes.
    I think David has grown and evolved into a pretty cool and wonderful young man and I agree…the jacket over the T and jeans…looks very nice on David. The shoes in that wonderful picture say a lot too….have to love those!
    I am really liking David’s look and think he has become more conscious of it as he grows and evolves as an artist in the biz and as the remarkable young man that he is. His confidence is definitely showing too.
    And yeah…..for some reason that young looking picture seems to still give us that youthful young teenager David that we still love. Maybe he will always carry part of that with him. May pop up in a pic once in a while, ha. Enigma…yes he is. Love his new phase and maturity though. Think he is garnering some new fans too with this ‘new phase”.

  5. awestruck says:

    peppertara, you and vermeer both commented on his inner confidence showing through in his clothes, yes I would have to agree. Yup, I do think he has to more conscious of his ‘image’ as time goes on. I put image in quotes, cause I believe that business wise it is important, BUT also think he will find one that fits his comfort zone too.

    I am sure that when he is old like me he will be forever glad to have that young look. Maybe it is the peace and joy that seem to come from his heart that keeps his youthfulness so apparent?!?

  6. embe says:

    Nice post awestruck ❤

    I have said this many times recently, but I think David's becoming a lot bolder and is starting to appreciate his looks more. Yes, he still says he's "weird looking" (geez, what's wrong with that boy's eye sight?!?!), but I think he is slowly accepting the fact that he is seen as attractive, so he might as well throw us a bone!

    The first evidence of this for me, was when those behind-the-scenes pictures from the album photoshoot popped up. In one he's wearing a see-through (yes, SEE-THROUGH), TIGHT white shirt while looking fiercely in the mirror. In another he is lifting his shirt up to EXPOSE HIS STOMACH, while there is a WOMAN next to him. David knew the woman could see it and STILL he did it. He was like "oh well, I'll have to start the killing somewhere – might as well be this lady right here". That was the last time anyone saw that poor woman. Rumour has it she's now in a padded room with someone petting her head 24/7.

  7. emmegirl says:

    awestruck – Fun article, I think my fav part is the tag!

    -Loving the hair right now, in between the shortest and the longest… puurfect.

    -Pro Am outfit, well, I’m very comfortable with it, hope he is too.

    -Yep, the jacket (and cannot deny the boots) just the right amount of “yea-aaaah.”

    -Still a sucker for fabuloso CELD look.

  8. peppertara says:

    “I am sure that when he is old like me he will be forever glad to have that young look. Maybe it is the peace and joy that seem to come from his heart that keeps his youthfulness so apparent?!?”
    I so agree….old like me too! That peace and joy you mention in his heart…yes, I think it does have something to do with that youthful radiance that will always be a part of him.

    Embe….you do make me laugh.
    “He was like “oh well, I’ll have to start the killing somewhere – might as well be this lady right here”. That was the last time anyone saw that poor woman. Rumour has it she’s now in a padded room with someone petting her head 24/7.”

    Vermeer….”All I gotta say is he sure knows how to keep us on our toes, that little stinker!”
    Ha..Yes he sure does, doesn’t he?!

  9. awestruck says:

    embe = “but I think he is slowly accepting the fact that he is seen as attractive, …” Realizing he is attractive and feeling comfortable with it.

    “… so he might as well throw us a bone!” 🙂

    emmegirl – feeling comfortable in “dress up clothes’ is not something all guys do well …

  10. jackryan4DA says:

    Hi Embe, – you’ve got mail 🙂

    Hello everyone!

  11. refnaf says:

    Morning!!! Great post awestruck, I could not be happier about how David looks in the TOSOD pic…. mature, fun loving, relaxed, hip and yet comfortable. T shirts, jeans and a jacket…. perfect. The boots> I adore the boots and hope that this is “image”. He said he would like to wear the same thing everyday, well different combos of this would WFH! An occaisional tux when appropriate and he is good to go. No more plaid!!!!!!

    Over the weekend I went to my niece’s wedding and I had requested “Crush” , so I was able to dance with hubby to David. No one else joined us except my wonderful kids and partners, so it was a lovely family thing, lol.

    So where is David?? LA??

    • awestruck says:

      Say what ” more plaid!!!!!!”… it’s OK, lol AND as

      TOfan’s tag says ‘David Archuleta could rock a potato sack.’ BWAHAHAHA!!!

      I think David is in LA, maybe. He hasn’t given us any hints.

  12. TOfan says:

    Awestruck, great post! Like you, I’ve never cared much what David wore or even (gasp) what his hair looked like. (My disinterest stops at his ankles, obviously 😆 )

    But as much as I liked his goofy Wal-Mart jacket liner and happy-face T’s, I am glad to see David getting professionally “styled” … not only because image is so important in the music biz these days, but also because, as you point out, it means that he’s finally looking his age more so here than other covers (to quote abanana *cough*CFTH*cough*).

    Love the OSOD cover look, perfect for the September back-to-campus-ish release date. Saw this buzz on Twitter from Dee Windt who writes the Billboard Hot 100 Examiner about the CD too:

    @billboardcritic Power pop vocal production of the week goes to David Archuleta’s new single “Something ‘Bout Love”

    @billboardcritic Archuleta’s sophomore album is the true test of any “Idol” grad ability to fulfill his or her potential. Insiders say he’s done just that!

    And this buzz from my sis (she listens to nothing but Top 40 radio & I gifted SBL to her):
    “I thought it was def. one of his best songs. I really liked it! His voice seems to be getting stronger in his old age.”

    The last bit is my sister’s attempt at humour. 😉

    • awestruck says:

      WOW “Insiders say he’s done just that!” I am LOVIN’ that statement. Power Pop Vocal ain’t too shabby either.

      I’d have to agree with your sister, David’s voice is stronger and deeper – I just listened to his debut album over the weekend and yeah a noticable difference, old age or not, lol

  13. TOfan says:

    Not sure why, but CHUMfm has removed SBL from their Mediabase request form. However, you can still fill it in in one of the “Song Not Listed” fields at the bottom, which I just did.


    😯 😯 😯

    … also here’s an interesting blog post, “The Album Cycle Explained” (via @steve_seb on Twitter, thanks, Steve!)

  14. SandyBeaches says:

    OK kids…this is a guessing game. Where were you two years ago tonight???

    I was here where the video was shot and it was a crowd so loud that it sounded like thunder…(I didn’t try embedding it as it might not work)…

    I spoke with a lady from Scotland who had come to Canada with her husband to hear and see David…she was thrilled to be there.


  15. TOfan says:

    aww, SB, look what you made me do! 😥

    What an amazing night that was … as much as I love David singing here, it’s the screams that get me … that “thunderous” roar of love from the crowd, you’re so right … I’ll never forget it.

  16. emmegirl says:

    OMgosh, I don’t know if I have ever heard anything louder for him than those Toronto videos. Amazing!

  17. stenocruiser says:

    TOfan –
    I noticed the CHUM thing earlier today and wondered about it. Then I did use the not listed section. I also went to the e-mail request page and sent a request to Richie Favalo. I’ve been checking the 48-hour playlists for the past week and SBL has not been played again since that one time on July 17th weekend. Hoping that will all change on August 2nd.

    Well, we went to the Sunday matinee of Jersey Boys – excellent show (once I got past the language) and great music – aw, nostalgia. I was with my two boomer daughters and niece – they had a ball. No. 2 daughter drove to our brunch meet-up, CD playing ABBA all the way (it’s okay, I like ABBA). After that, niece drove to Toronto, CD playing Gordon Lightfoot all the way (still okay, I kind of like Gordie). If No. 1 daughter had driven, the CD would have been Bobby Curtola (would have been okay too). So the day was filled with oldies (but goodies) but it was nice to get home and listen to SBL and watch a few other David performances.

    Just found something interesting. You will recall David saying his favourite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I was, in fact, so intrigued that I did order it and found it a very good read. Well, Season 5 Canadian Idol (2007) Brian Melo has a new website which I checked out. Imagine my surprise when in one of his blogs he highly recommends that same book. http://www.brianmelo.com/2010/07/the-alchemist/
    He has some interesting things to say about it.

    Sorry, this seems kind of rambly (is that a word?)

    • archiesfan4life says:

      steno – thanks for that link about The Alchemist – a book that I had wanted to read for a long time and didn’t until David recommended it.

      I think your comment and that link are a sign for me b/c I recently have been interested in learning more about signs as we go through life so your comment has prompted me to re-read The Alchemist – thanks!

      On another topic: I watched the video from that show David did this morning, The Balancing Act” and the interviewer – like all of them I think – says how inspirational COS is for teens – if only they could realize how people who are far from their teens have been inspired by this book!

  18. TOfan says:

    steno, thanks for the link, his story about “signs” gave me chills! af4L, I think I need to read it now too!

    And I haven’t watched The Balancing Act yet, but here’s the link for the site where you can watch the taped interview:


  19. TOfan says:

    New thread up!


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