Great expectations: What do we want from David?

When I first posted this last July, many responded by sharing what they wanted “for” David. With a new CD on the horizon, I thought it might be a good time to revisit the topic, and pose the original question: What do we want from David?

Even in a beanie, David's recognized by a fan who lists "celebrity spotting" as a hobby in her Twitter bio.

“Fame, celebrity – it’s not such a big deal in Europe. People seem to understand that you just have a weird job. They’re not running after you, trying to carve chunks out of you. It’s strange in the States. Most fans here are great, but there’s a handful who have seen the movies and feel they know you. They think it’s alright to touch you and ask personal questions.”
Johnny Depp

In the beginning, there was the voice. Like the mythological Sirens’ song that lured sailors to their destruction, David Archuleta’s voice bewitched us into submission from the very first note and we were powerless to resist it. (Luckily, there were no cliffs to crash into, only Simon Cowell.)

And in the beginning that Voice was enough for us. We looked forward to hearing it week after week on A.I.; YouTube-ing and iTunes-ing it until digital reproduction left us wanting more. And we got more … the Idol Tour.

As the tour progressed, fan-encounter reports sent our expectations into overdrive. We wanted, no needed, to hear The Voice live, to see David in the flesh, maybe get an autograph, a picture, a hug. Give him a letter or a gift or a compliment and get a reaction, a smile, an “aww, thanks” or, better yet, an ArchuGaze.

When the single and the CD were released, the crowds grew bigger – and, sometimes, more intrusive. In one interview, David recounted going to the movies with his friends and being recognized by fans who wanted him to sign autographs and smile for pictures. He said he didn’t mind doing that when he was “working,” but he’d been with his friends. It seemed to surprise him that even the most devoted fans don’t always recognize the boundary between the public and private life of a celebrity. And where David was concerned, that line was about to get blurrier.

We soon wanted to examine every public and private move of his to determine whether or not each fit with our idea of what was best for him. We wanted him to become a critically acclaimed superstar, yet not be lonely or miss out on graduating — to be on the cover of Rolling Stone and win Grammys, but get to go to his prom and have a normal teenage life.

We wanted him to be protected from those so demanding they ask for kisses on the cheek and piggyback rides, but yet remain available and accessible to us.

As we voted in endless online polls, stalked radio request lines and gifted countless CDs, our expectations grew about his career and his image.

We wanted him to “own” his star power, tour in grown-up venues, take a pass on kiddie TV roles and Teddy Bear songs, lose the “ballad boy” image … no, wait, sing more ballads … get a new label, new management, new marketing strategy. We began to want it all.

“I don’t think I realized that the cost of fame is that it’s open season on every moment of your life.”Julia Roberts

And then there was Twitter.

David now has more than 144,372 followers on Twitter [EDIT: Now 412,613!] – me included. As soon as he replied to that first fan, we collectively screamed like the baby birds in the Twitter logo … “He’ll talk to us!”

Some spam him repeatedly for hours IN ALL CAPS begging for a reply. Even on his sick bed he felt it necessary to tweet “been trying to rest and haven’t been on the computer much today since I’m sick. Hope you guys understand! ”

As if a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds would play out and thousands of frenzied tweeters would peck away at him if he went AWOL for one day. And then “thanks for your get better messages!!! You guys are too nice haha ”

To me, it was code for “For the love of Spongebob, give me some space haha ” Even Brooke had to reply to one of the fans to tell them “don’t be sad, he’s very busy and can’t reply to everyone.”

A clue to the motivation behind this Twitter mania lies in a message from a fan who’d just been replied to by David: “This is officially the happiest day of my life! Hah,” she tweeted. “Can’t get over it! … He definitely now knows that I exist!”

On some level, is that what we’re all seeking? And, if not, then what do we want from David? At first glance, it seems like an odd question. We want to hear him sing every song ever written. To be swept away in the rapture of his voice. To watch every thrilling stage of his burgeoning career. To witness his star rise around the world as people in every land discover his glorious brilliance. And that may be all we have the right to expect.

For as accessible and generous as David has been to date, the pressure of our collective expectations and the demands on his time and attention will inevitably wear him down. He will eventually need to step back, take stock, go off in a new direction or just take a break. And when he does, I hope he knows that we love him enough to let him fly and be free. To let him be.

“No matter how much fame you have, it’s not something that belongs to you. If I’m famous, that doesn’t belong to me — that belongs to you. If you can’t remember who I am, I’m no longer famous.” — Michael J. Fox

What do you want, expect from David? Regular tweets? Vlogs? Thank you notes in return-address envelopes? Concerts in your home town? (*guilty*) Or are you happy to sit back and enjoy the ride?

Is it just me, or does it seem that the more he gives us, the more we ask, no demand, from him?

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  1. Annie says:

    Love you, love this post!! 🙂

    I think the most important thing is to find a healthy balance, for both sides. That’s the key imho.

  2. HushCats says:

    Thanks for this great article, TOfan!

    I’ve felt all of the above at one time or another in this wonderful ArchuJourney! But, it always comes down to one undeniable factor for me (& many others, I would guess) => No matter what, we want our dear David to be happy. 🙂

  3. kait1159 says:

    Brilliant, brilliant post. I’ll pass it along via my Twitter.

    I try to stay realistic, but I am such a fan of the voice and the person that it is tough to not want to scream for others to really listen so they can hear what I hear and see what I see. Not sure if this is still the Idol competitiveness coming into play, but I know I’m a fan of other public figures and don’t particularly care who else is their fan. Maybe it’s that I’m more invested. We all just love David. (I hear that in Lupe’s voice in my head — from an Idol interview in which she talked about his relationship with his siblings.)

    I’ve felt all along that David has to decide how much he wants to take on in terms of a career, because every success for him must also mean sacrifices in other life areas.

    But for as long as he’s making music, I’m in: I want the MP3. I want the physical CD. I want the tour to come near enough that I can go.

  4. bluebird19 says:

    Really nice post, TOfan. You’re so right and it gives us all something to think about. Also liked what kait1159 had to say, too. And as many times as I think maybe David should do one thing or another differently, I’m trusting David, because he knows better than I do about the music business and about his life balance. And, what he doesn’t know he’ll ask about, and if he makes missteps along the way, he’ll learn from them … isn’t that how we all get by in our lives?! So, what do I want from David? Probably too much, but I’m realistic and know to step back and take what he’s willing and able to give (and hopefully that will include a tour near me, too … lol).

  5. embe says:

    I just want David to be fully, thoroughly happy. I haven’t demanded anything from him (yet), because I feel so lucky to have even this fracture of a connection with him, mostly through other, loving, caring, amazing Archies. Btw, refnaf – love the gift you sent me. It arrived today. Thank you ❤

    Maybe it's because I can't have most of the things some demand from David, but I've grown to appreciate the vlogs and the tweets and all the little things, since I can never have a hometown show – heck, I can barely get my hands onto his music.

    My dream is to meet him, to tell him that yes, he found me from the cold Northern world with his voice, his spirit, his divine ability to touch you like he was actually there, caressing you, or holding you in a warm hug saying "it's gonna be alright, don't give up". I just want him to know that he has done that, and will continue to do that no matter what path he chooses to take.

  6. kait1159 says:

    Embe, your post is actually quite encouraging because it reminds me of how easily David caught my attention — just a song, and I was interested, a couple more songs and I was hooked. I can’t imagine that he won’t always have an audience.

  7. TOfan says:

    Love all your great comments! Annie, yes, balance is the key … how to find it is the question! LOL

    HushCats (great name!), I couldn’t agree more!

    kait1159 & bluebird19, you’re so right about David making his own decisions about how far to take his career and what sacrifices he’s prepared to make. And sometimes I feel I have to remind myself the same thing about this whole ArchuJourney (perfect term!) I’m trying to learn myself how to step back when I feel an overwhelming “need” for a vlog or a blog or new music or tour … it’s a fine line between supporting and smothering.

    {{{{embe}}} thanks for the reminder of how much we do have to be grateful for. You will get to meet him someday, that much I’m sure of! ♥♥♥

  8. TOfan says:

    Off-topic here’s one of the guys David’s writing with today:

    He’s worked with Kelly Clarkson, Fergie, Jordin Sparks etc., & wrote Beyonce’s “If I were a Boy”!

    Steve Diamond co-wrote Somebody Out There with David and Mike Krompass!!!

    SB & abanana77, have you seen this?
    The Wave 97.3 radio station in St. John, N.B., is having a “Battle of the New Sounds” between Usher & David’s SBL … call 693-9797 to vote!!!

  9. refnaf says:

    (TOfan) Love revisiting this article!!
    True as ever!
    People want so many different things FOR David but what do I want FROM him??? lol, how about what I NEED from him> the voice recording albums of every kind> Spanish, Inspirational, pop, R&B, covers, live tour album….and, him performing live so I can hear him and, I want him to be happy doing it! (demanding)
    Twits and vlogs are great, but if is too intrusive for him I’d rather he quit and focus on bringing out the great music that is in him. It is his gift and I am pretty sure he is glad that he can give it. The line between support and smothering, lol, TOfan I have seen some tweets to David that seem to go far beyond support!
    Superstardom and the celebrity circus… meh, not sure he wants it, but if he does he’ll get there.

    “My dream is to meet him, to tell him that yes, he found me from the cold Northern world with his voice, his spirit, his divine ability to touch you like he was actually there, caressing you, or holding you in a warm hug saying “it’s gonna be alright, don’t give up”. I just want him to know that he has done that, and will continue to do that no matter what path he chooses to take.” Amen!!

  10. Kizzi says:

    I enjoyed reading your post TOfan. And your questions were thought provoking.

    I especially appreciate your finesse in making points without “the sky is falling” treatment. Bravo for taking the harder to travel road while keeping it real.

    Expectations is a loaded word as its synonyms range from fear to confidence and apprehension to trust. So its all based on our own values, wants and needs and our personal life philosophy.

    For some expectations are grounded in the negative for others in the positive. For some expectations are about gratitude, support and celebration. For others its about self-aggrandizement and “what’s in it for me.”

    David gives his artistry and we take it, we expect it, we even demand it. And demand is good, good, good to a point – after all, if an artists work is not in demand, he wouldn’t have a sustainable livelihood.

    After that whatever he gives is extra, a gift. And he gives a lot right now as you pointed out. It seems to be from a place of joy.

    It is my wish that he achieves his dream whatever that may be.

  11. TOfan says:

    Beautifully put, Kizzi. “Expectations” is a loaded word and, as you point out, ultimately a selfish one.

    I’ve noticed a lot of “sky is falling” fan hand-wringing lately over the fate of SBL, David’s health & happiness, you name it … and it’s been hard for me to step back and let go of those things that are outside my control.

    But I’ve tried my best to because I honestly believe the weight of all our collective expectations must feel like a yoke around David’s neck sometimes.

    “Faith” is also a loaded word but regardless of what happens with SBL or the album as a whole, I have faith David will prevail.

    I believe in his talent and integrity and whether he’s with a big label or a small indie one, whether he performs in huge arenas or my local coffee shop, I. Am. There. … Even if he leaves it all behind and moves to Fiji, I’ll be sad but will wish him every happiness and thank him for the joy he’s brought to my life so far.

    Interestingly, it’s been David’s own words that have been ringing in my ears and bringing me back down to earth lately: “Hang on, Hang in, For the ride of your life. It’s gonna be alright, Hold on tight.”

  12. HoustonRufus says:

    Really thoughtful, balanced post. And honest. Timely also, as David starts this new era of sorts.

    I have had my moments of handwringing. 🙂 I have never been one to intrude on David’s space–quite the opposite, but I have certainly wanted much for him. Your post helps remind me that David’s career is his journey. It’s not mine, not ours. I hope fans (myself included) can back off a little, let him “live and let live” and just enjoy the new music.

    Thanks for the post! Great way to start the morning. 🙂

  13. TOfan says:

    Welcome, HoustonRufus!! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your COS chapter posts over at AFS!
    You’re so right. This is David’s journey. I do think we each have our own “spin off” journeys, however … paths that, for reasons we may never fully understand, changed direction after discovering him…. or is that just me? LOL

    New USA Today Idol Chatter Article: ‘Idol’ track sales: David Archuleta debuts with 21K, read rest HERE.

    With this interesting comment from Francois50:
    @Nellie83 — I agree with IdolMom — that is a solid start to David’s SBL. Kris’ LLWD first week had about 15K and Adam’s WWFM had about 11K, I think. As we know, those two songs are real hits, with LLWD already having over 1.5 million downloads and WWFM approaching that figure as well. With increased airplay and performances, SBL will pick up momentum.

    • HoustonRufus says:

      Oh, I agree! I definitely have my own “spin off” journey. 🙂 I don’t think I even fully know yet how David has influenced me. Lately, with this new album, though, I’ve tried to draw a distinction between the positive things David and my being a fan have inspired in my life and the more mundane details of “charting” David’s career. Speaking only for myself, sometimes the line gets blurred. So, I’ve had to step back and remind myself that what happens with David’s career, good or bad, does not change how I enjoy David’s talent, music and personality (when he feels comfortable sharing it). Those are two different things. And, frankly, speaking again only for myself, following every detail of spins, sales, charts, what Jive is doing or NOT doing has become too unpleasant. So I’ve had to personally distance myself from following so closely that part of David’s journey. It’s ultimatly not as relevant to my fan experience as I sometimes make it out to be. I do understand why people are so interested in that aspect of David’s career–it comes from a place of great affection for David and wanting him to have the success, as the world measures it, he deserves. But I’ve had to let that part of the fan experience go, at least for now, so that it doesn’t spoil entirely my enjoyment of David’s music.

      I hope I’m making sense. 🙂

      • Kizzi says:

        You make great sense Houstonrufus and have a lot of wisdom.

        Good strategy: But I’ve had to let that part of the fan experience go, at least for now, so that it doesn’t spoil entirely my enjoyment of David’s music.

        In the scheme of things what we read and write in this cyber fan world is probably less visible than a grain of sand on the entire Pacific coastline viewed from a satellite photo – at least I hope it is – LOL.

        Lately, I just feel a need to walk away from the cyber fan world even though there is much good to be experienced. I not too good at blocking out all the EMO stuff b/c it’s still there, it’s inflammatory and it, at times, is intentionally manipulative. I have a huge dislike and huger (is that a word? haha) impetus to deal with manipulative behavior, whether intentional or naive–comes from years of dealing with groups, merging groups, forming groups who have a common goal to accomplish. I do envy those who can walk away – probably the healthier course to take.

        I just got to a point in life where I want to learn in joy, experience all the wonderful things life offers in joy. It’s all about choice in learning and experiencing life; one can suffer artificially generated ups and downs or one can find a place of joy and go through real life downs, which are plentiful anyway.

        Still good words to ponder 😀

      • TOfan says:

        HoustonRufus, you & Kizzi both make perfect sense!

        In my experience, the business side of any equation (David or otherwise) always ruins the fun for me! LOL

      • refnaf says:

        ditto, I can not thank you enough for saying what I’d like to say…but have a hard time getting out in a way that makes sense!!!

  14. Kizzi says:

    Encouraging comment at Idol Chatter,TOfan. 😀

    I remember reading that only big name artists can routinely pull off what “Crush” accomplished…and that was off the coat tails of AI. And as much as we may day dream, David while big in talent and pipes, is not a big name artist by any means.

    And just to finish up the line of thought in my prior post and your response, it all comes down to the level of truth we have in our life which is effectively our perspective & in this instance, it’s the level of truth each of us has about David’s career. For everyone thinks they have the “truth” of it.

    I get that, I respect varying opinions.

    What disturbs me and causes me to rethink this whole “being a fan” is when I see objectification and victimization. It’s rather easy to do at this level of being a fan. Makes me question myself. A LOT.

    And when I see lamenting over what Jive and Management has or has not DONE TO David, I cringe. For in making those types of statements it treats David as a non-entity in his own career, in his decision making. He signed a contract — we have no idea what he agreed to and he isn’t making that available to us–so know what, we don’t get to know that–its a boundary he’s created. We don’t know if he’s been given the best advice EV-AH, and has rejected it. He doesn’t tell us this kind of stuff…so ding, ding, ding…guess what, another boundary.

    Another biggie, we aren’t music industry experts. Most of us don’t listen routinely to Pop music. And our ability to project what is a Pop hit is, how it should happen etc. is extremely limited. I mean really if any of us had that talent, we’d be in the music business and living the life style of the rich and famous. 😉

    The critical information lacking in all the lamenting going on isn’t available to us. Respect would dictate that we acknowledge that we don’t know enough facts to make a valid and credible statement about Jive, SBL promotion, The Management, etc. because we don’t know what David’s role and actions have been.

    Can we catalog to date via a timeline events we’ve been privy to? Yes. Have we been privy to everything? No. Can we add to that a list of things we expect to be done and when? Yes. Are we missing facts to make a credible criticism? You betcha!

    So all the lamentations and gnashing of teeth is an exercise in, yes, definitely expressing personal angst, but it also treats David as non-power in his career and it is, at best, an illusionary usurpation of David’s power; power fans don’t really have & won’t ever have. That’s what I can’t get past.

    My question is who is victimizing David? Jive? His management? or maybe his fans?

    David has a career. He’s done things none of us have the fortitude, talent or guts to do. It’s one of the many things I admire about him. He’s nobody’s fool from my perspective. He’s real, he’s human….he sings. So let him sing, let him be real, let him be human but most of all….

    ….give him credit for running his life and his career.

    • TOfan says:

      Brava, my friend!!!! … “So let him sing, let him be real, let him be human but most of all…give him credit for running his life and his career.” yes, yes, yes and yes … I might only add, “let him be.”

      Out of curiosity about the NA Classic venue, I checked out youTubes of past Teen Brands concerts and found one from 2007, same day, same venue, smallish crowd … and the headliner? Jonas Brothers. Ya, ya, I know, David is NOT the JoBros, but what occurred to me was … wow, look what’s happened to them since then? … I think I want to make a point of enjoying where David is RIGHT NOW! 🙂

    • emilyluvsarchie says:

      Kizzi, I love you for this!!!

    • refnaf says:

      Amen sister!!! I ♥ you!

    • awestruck says:

      I am SOOO with you on this Kizzi, amen as refnaf said

  15. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, thanks for your article. Great quote from Michael J Fox, one of my all-time favorite actors and people.

    For me, I want to hear him sing for the rest of my born days.

    For him, I want him to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled professionally and personally, much like I want for my own family members.

    kizzi, two masterful posts. Loved them. 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      emme, no word of a lie, the two books on my nightstand right now are COS and Michael J. Fox’s autobiography “Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist” (he’s one of my all-time fave peeps too).

      And only just now have I realized how similar the title “Always Looking Up” is to “The Other Side of Down” *chills*

    • Kizzi says:

      Hi emmegirl (((waves)))

  16. SandyBeaches says:

    Wow Tofan and Kizzi…Your article and the comments that Kizzi has added are inspirational and they are the most important comments that have ever been written by fans in regards to David…

    TOfan, I was going to quote some of your statements, but then I would be quoting most all of your article and additional comments.

    Kizzi, this is what I have chosen from your post,…”For some expectations are about gratitude, support and celebration”…For me, that is where I am now in this time in his career.

    (((Hugs))) to you both and thank you…


    • Kizzi says:

      ((((Hugs)))) back at you SB!

      I was just remembering the other day the extra tickets you sent me for Virginia Beach (David’s first solo concert) and the young ppl I gave them to and how over the top happy they were to get them. It was “Pay it Forward” by Ms SandyBeaches that evening. 😀

  17. TOfan says:

    {{{Kizzi}}} and {{{SB}}}

    This is off-topic but Becky from FOD just posted this on YouTube (from her vid vault I guess, lol)… simply beautiful:

  18. peppertara says:

    TOfan I loved reading your post. Expectations, wants, hmm….I hope I don’t really ‘expect’ from David, only hope for music, music and more music coming from that incredible instrument. Of course, like everyone, we all want David to follow his heart and do what makes him happy.
    Some great, insightful and thought provoking posts here! Really enjoyed reading them all.
    As much as his fans do ‘go overboard’ at times and seem to think that they know what is best for David, for the most part I think his fans are a loving, dedicated community of world wide supporters who really do want David to be happy, first and foremost. There is a ton of gratitude out there from David’s fans and we all know that the inspiring stories are endless.
    Though, we do all need to remind ourselves from time to time that David has a personal life and he also makes his own decisions. David is very grateful for his fans and I’m sure always will be. The problem is (if you can call it a problem)….David makes himself quite accessible to his fans because of his very loving, joyful, thankful nature. He is a rare breed out there and gives a lot of himself and of course his fans will gobble it up and ask for seconds! It’s just that good. It’s like feeding the hungry (not a very good analogy). lol.
    Anyway, I hope that it doesn’t all become too demanding on David and if it does, I hope that he will be able to step back just a little for his own sake. His fans will still be there (his true fans).

  19. happy says:

    kizzi- YOU, my friend, make me smile…. 🙂

  20. djafan says:

    TOfan…great pondering post.

    I’ve just completed reading COS for the third time and it’s all there, his wishes and dreams for the future and none of them are fame.

    “For me, success isn’t based on fame or money or popularity. It has nothing to do with being on TV, traveling the world performing, or financial success. Those things are fun, and I enjoy them. But to me , the most important success is knowing that you are trying to do what is right and staying true and constant to your set of values. This is why I feel it is so important to trust your intuition and listen to your conscience.”

    David Archuleta, Chords of Strength page 206.

    So I don’t angst. Wonder and feel the anticipation of things to come, yes. But I know in my gut that everything will be just fine.

    Kizzi…as always, your comments are articles in themselves. Glad to have the opportunity to continue to read your thoughts on the net.

    HAPPY!!!!!!! So happy to see your name!!!! And just to let you know I’ve been soooooo good you’d be proud!


  21. MunkFOD says:

    I really love this article. It has made me do quite a bit of thinking. Some days I want to know what David is doing every day. And I stayed glued at the computer screen waiting for a tweet. How pathetic is that! Then I think about David and his life and how much he does for others, and I think, WOW….maybe I should be using my time better! So I turn off the computer and listen to David’s music and try to do something worthwhile. The question, What do I want from David? is a great one. So after reading the article and all of the great comments I have to say, I would like from David “his” music, a vlog every once in awhile about what is going on in his career, and a tweet every couple of days to keep the momentum going. He gives so much. And it is a balancing act. I hope all of us trust David with his choices in his career and how he handles everything. After reading COS, I don’t worry about David and the decisions he makes. He is wise beyond his years. I get sick of “fans” second guessing his every move. We don’t know the big picture and I trust David. I love his music and I appreciate all that he has shared with us! He is a gem. He is a gift! And I will never take him or his music for granted. Thanks so much for the great article and all the amazing comments!

  22. MunkFOD says:

    WOW! That was long……oops….sorry!

  23. Trish says:

    I am in the “Or are you happy to sit back and enjoy the ride” camp … the only thing I want from David … is to be HAPPY !!! 🙂

    Hang in for the ride of your life
    It’s gonna be alright
    Hold on tight

    and I am totally enjoying this ride !!! 🙂

    Thanks for the AWESOME post <3<3<3<3

  24. MunkFOD says:

    Hope you guys don’t mind me posting this from another site, but it is a great article and a great idea! It comes from the last words of COS! I think we should all consider doing this! It is great!


    Project: “Can’t Sing? – Plant a Tree!”

  25. refnaf says:

    Enjoying this discussion so much. So much food for thought.

    TOfan, I believe this> “David will prevail.
    I believe in his talent and integrity and whether he’s with a big label or a small indie one, whether he performs in huge arenas or my local coffee shop, I. Am. There. … Even if he leaves it all behind and moves to Fiji, I’ll be sad but will wish him every happiness and thank him for the joy he’s brought to my life so far.”

    Huostonrufus **waves** This>I hope fans (myself included) can back off a little, let him “live and let live” and just enjoy the new music.”

    Twitter is something that potentially could become a double edged sword for David. I cringe when I read some tweets he gets. Fans out there seem to think they are in a real relationship with him and that scares me… Twitter has changed how we can connect with our “celebrities” and I wonder if it is a good thing. What Munk said is true for me, I notice if David does not tweet and then realize that him doing so is a bonus…. we need not know his every move (and meal), lol. If he stepped back a bit I would not mind at all.

    “give him credit for running his life and his career.”
    Yay Kizzi!

    dja!! Thanks for quoting CoS… David”s own words.

  26. refnaf says:

    Munk, Thanks for that link!! An awesome idea!!

  27. SandyBeaches says:

    Thanks Kizzi for bringing back the memories. I wanted to be there at his first solo concert ever and when I couldn’t you were there to find some young fans who will have that memory forever. 😉

    happy, it is so nice to see your name in print and of course you have brought along with you the ever tempting brownies!

    My brother has always told me that I am dramatic and maybe after all these years of hearing him say that, I will have to agree. I have difficulty when people complain about wonderful people and how their lives seem to be unfolding when what they are saying comes from speculation. It just strikes a minor, disharmonious chord. After reading TOfan’s article and Kizzi’s comments I am totally in sync.

    The video brought over from FOD is beautiful. I love to watch his hands as he plays.


  28. Abanana77 says:

    TOfan – just wanted to stop by and comment on how awesome this article is! Reallygotme thinking. I actually have no idea what I want from David. I say all I want forging is to be happy, but if he decided he needed to get away fromthe fame thing to do that, I don’t know how I’d react. We are all guilty of being greedy with him sometimes.

    Sorry I can’t write more, and participate in the discussion (everyone else has some really good points, too) but I am on my iPod at work and my lunch break ended 5minutes ago. And I’m off to PEI right after work for the weekend, so I won’t be around. Have a good weekend everyone! <3333333

  29. violet4ever says:

    I think most fans have expectations, or at least preferences regarding David and his music. I know I do but I don’t bother David with them unless he specifically asks for opinions. (though I do tell him if I really like a particular song).

    As for my own expectations – I’d like Jive to start marketing him to people 16+ and stop trying to make a Disney star out of him. I’d prefer if his concert venues didn’t sound like fun places to take elementary school children. I’d like his album this time to not sound like the producers got payed per sound effect. I wish David could find a comfortable way to hold the mike that doesn’t hide half of his face. I miss his face when he sings.

    And of course I want David to be happy. I want him to have whatever he feels is success, and not what others think it is.

  30. awestruck says:

    So, TOfan , you really got me thinking. I have not read anyone’s comments, so forgive me if I repeat…

    What do I want from David?

    To start, I never thought that ODD fit me… rather I think, even from the beginning that CDD was for me. I was COMPULSIVE (not obsessive). When I first saw David on AI all I wanted was to hear him sing the next week. Through the AI Tour, and subsequent to that I was definitely compulsive in my desire to see every youtube of his performances, interviews, vlogs, tweets etc. But I never wanted any more than I was getting from him – which, in my mind was more than should be expected from any entertainer sharing with his fans. Through his voice in song I have smiled, laughed, reflected, laughed some more, sang along to, been made to think, and shed buckets of healing tears. Gradually, however, things changed for me. It has become more than just the music. David’s way of living the life of becoming a well known singer/songwriter has become the focal point for me. There are many things I admire greatly about him, but if I had to pick out just one it would be his old-soul wisdom of knowing what is important in life – family, helping others, and, of course God. He has become my ‘life should be lived like this’ role model. What do I want from David? Nothing more than he is able to give.

    Pamela Pike of Associated Content has this to say:

  31. TOfan says:

    wow, thanks so much everyone for your thoughtful comments and for being so honest. (Love that tree planting idea, Munk!)

    violet4ever, I really appreciate your honesty, I think a lot of people would have those same expectations. As far as “family friendly” venues goes, I wouldn’t be surprised if that preference comes from David, not Jive.

    Most of the venues on his first solo tour were the exact opposite — dark, edgy, grungy pits — I loved them, actually, but not sure if the peeps who brought their kids did. In fact, at several of the mosh-pit shows I went to, David spent the first few minutes cautioning everyone not to crush the kids in front.

    And that’s the reality of David’s fanbase of course, we run the gamut of ages and backgrounds and even cultures, which has its pluses and minuses from a business standpoint.

    I confess, I LOVE the idea of a college tour (which is being rumoured right now)… I think it’ll bring him new college-age fans but selfishly it’ll mean more intimate venues and maybe even (as Cook’s college tour did) bring him HERE! (Having trouble keeping that expectation in check! 🙂 )

    I also confess that I was initially cheesed when I saw that Justin Bieber will appear on the season premiere of CSI (versus iCarly & HMontana for David) … but when I saw the Biebster’s TwitPic from the set of him in handcuffs a lightbulb went off for me, as Kizzi said, who knows what he’s been offered but has turned down. He’s the boss of him. 🙂

  32. SandyBeaches says:

    abanana…have an awesome time on the beaches…so relaxing and beautiful.


  33. refnaf says:

    David’s latest tweet “If all you know is what you see, then you don’t know very much.”

    College tour=yes

  34. awestruck says:

    Please note that the last sentences of my comment above should read “What do I want from David? Nothing more than he is WILLING and able to give.

  35. TOfan says:

    Not that we want, need, hope or EXPECT this or anything but… VLOGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More info:
    I talk too much, but just wanted to give an update on things and say thanks to you guys.

    * David
    * Archuleta
    * Something
    * ‘Bout
    * Love
    * Recording
    * Fans
    * Helicopters

  36. refnaf says:

    Okay, soooo this cinches it> I want video blogs, always:)

  37. violet4ever says:

    Thank goodness David said he is going to take a little break. I hope he remembers how to really rest and relax. He is so driven and I actually feel guilty every time he has to get up at 4:30 AM to get on a plane or do a radio call-in. Every time he gets a short break at home and spends it all doing work or at the orthodontist, only to pack up and fly out to do more work elsewhere. And as someone else mentioned, yeah his whole normal life is on hold. I hope he has a great break. 🙂

    On a different topic though – re Jive or Sony or David’s management or whoever is responsible for some things – the release of David’s 2nd single was flawed and then it got no promo. His official site for quite a while had a front page that looked more like an all-topics preteen chat room than his official site (really – people were discussing movies, etc). His Sony Myplay music has never saved star ratings nor properly incremented view counts (you got a random view count based on what browser you used, and I have reported these problems many times). And those same 0-star ratings show up on his official site music page. I just took a look at his MySpace where the only indication he has a new single or an album coming out is the title of a couple of posts in a list of posts. And his bio there ends with “Now David has had three songs debut at once on The Billboard Hot 100, is getting ready to tour the United States this summer as part of the “American Idols Live!” tour and is already recording his first album.”

    Somebody is responsible for his stuff being this way and David should be able to assume that things like that are being taken care of. Somebody is making money off David and not doing their job. I want him to get proper support as an artist.

    • violet4ever says:

      Sorry that last part was a off topic. I guess because what I want FROM David is basically to touch base with us as he does (I love his video blogs and his tweets – they are part of the strong bond between David and his fans) and for him to make music for as long as he wants to so I can enjoy his voice. I’d also like him to remain the great role model that he is and never let the entertainment industry bend his will. And I want him to find time for himself and live a happy and fulfilled life.

      I want more from the people around him.

  38. TOfan says:

    violet4ever, you’re absolutely right, David deserves proper support as an artist. But ultimately he’s the CEO of David Archuleta.

    So practicality might dictate that he delegate the management of those sites to others, but ultimately HE is responsible for them.

    So if they’re not a big priority for him right now (understandable), enough for him to check in once in a while and make sure they “represent him” well … then that’s HIS prerogative and he’ll have to suffer the consequences of that in lost revenue or image or whatever.

    I didn’t actually even realize his MySpace was still up so I’m kinda surprised that SBL is actually there and has more than 6,000 plays.

    Kudos to you for trying to make your voice heard over at … the site def. needs work but they do seem to (slowly) respond to constructive feedback like yours.

    Yes, the 2nd single from the 1st CD was a botched effort … I have a better feeling this time out, don’t ask me why, I just do … and from the sounds of that vlog, David does too.

  39. awestruck says:

    Date CHANGE for Album release – October 5th

    From the Official Site:

    Hey Everyone,

    We’d like you all to be the first to know that the release date for “The Other Side of Down” has changed. It will now be coming on October 5th. Like the last time we dealt with a date change, this one is definitely for the best. David would like to make sure he’s delivering the best possible album and he needs just a little more time to do it. So please get ready for the 5th, and if you pre-ordered the album, your order will stay in our system, it will just ship on October 5th. If you haven’t yet, make sure to pre-order “The Other Side of Down” in David’s official store.

  40. TOfan says:

    Just saw that, awestruck! I heard there were a whole bunch of peeps releasing albums on that same Sept. date, so maybe on Oct. 5th the competitive coast is clear?

    It will give more time for SBL to build up steam!

    Newsflash: Ellen leaving A.I.:
    @TheEllenShow Dim the lights…I’ve voted myself off American Idol.

  41. awestruck says:

    TOfan – I will have to check out who’s albums are coming out Oct. 5, lol.

    Re Ellen, maybe she saw the writing on the wall, according to ‘news’ flashes there seems to be thought that there will be BIG judging shake ups coming for this year. I wonder if it will be enough for me to watch it this year???

  42. peppertara says:

    Well….that Vlog from David was such a lovely treat. What a sweetheart he is, always thinks of his fans. He does come up with the best titles for his vlogs! Yes, I hope that he does get some R&R this weekend and time to himself, he sooooo…deserves it (on a regular basis).
    Will wait for the album on Oct. 5th, maybe the competition from other artists will be more in David’s favour around that time, hope so!

    Violet4ever, I understand what you mean about some of David’s sites being outdated, etc. There is something that bothers me a lot more however.

    Has anyone noticed this…..whenever I visit David’s Myspace or check in on his Mozes site and sometimes see what kinds of messages are there I am often appalled at the rude, graphic and explicit messages that some people (won’t call them fans) leave for David (from both sexes). I’m glad that David does not have time to check on these things very often.
    I mean, honestly….what is with all the Myspace pics of half naked girls that get posted by “his friends” on his site? Then there are some messages on the Mozes site that people have left for David that are purely porn talk, what the heck is up with that? Cannot someone on these sites monitor these things, they should be deemed inappropriate and removed immediately. David’s sites are not porn sites for pete’s sake and If they would let me volunteer for the job of removing inappropriate messages for David, I would gladly take on the job!
    Sheesh….that bothers me more than anything. David doesn’t have time to monitor messages, you would think that one of his ‘people’ could do that. Maybe that is just the way it goes for most artists and they don’t monitor these things but I really get tired of seeing that type of content on David’s sites. My mother instinct kicks in I guess, ha.
    Sorry for the rambling and letting off some steam, now I feel a little better.

    • awestruck says:

      (((peppertara))) Comments made by those that want a reaction… I do agree that someone should be monitering the sites. btw what is the Mozes site?

    • refnaf says:

      peppertara… I agree… and also do not know what the mozes site is???

  43. awestruck says:

    These are the albums coming out Oct.5 (a way smaller list than on Sept. 14) according to MetaCritic –

    Antony And The Johnsons Swanlights

    Apache Beat Last Chants


    Post Electric Blues

    Tim Kasher [Cursive]
    The Game Of Monogamy

    New Collisions
    The Optimist

  44. emmegirl says:

    awestruck, I am so not with it. Don’t know any of them…but can’t wait for the one I do know!

    • awestruck says:

      me neither emmegirl, lol

    • TOfan says:

      Me neither … the big names for Sept. 14 were Kanye West and Linkin Park, among others.

      Peppertara, I’ve never heard of the Mozes site either? gee, a gap in my ArchuKnowledge? 😆

      Not even sure why he bothers with the MySpace site … isn’t that more for musicians trying to get established?

      So Ellen’s out as a judge and *drum roll* Jennifer Lopez is in. *cough*sinkingship*cough*

    • refnaf says:

      Don’t know any of these bands either… it amazes me how much creativity is out there!!!!
      As for the new release date….good things come to those whio wait!!! eeeeeee

  45. peppertara says:

    Awestruck….thanks for the info. I’m not familiar with any of the artists releasing albums on Oct 5th.
    Maybe that’s a good thing!
    So Ellen is leaving Idol. Interesting and is Jennifer Lopez replacing her? Well that’s not someone I expected to see on the judge panel, hmmm.

    By the way….
    Mozes is David’s message site. They post the phone messages that David receives on his direct line and also typed or text messages I guess.

  46. silverfox says:

    I know it’s late, but I just had to say….

    David’s vlogs makes everything come into focus for me. When life gets blurry, there he is, making it clear…that life is good or as good as we want it to be. It’s all in us, how we determine the path we take. Either we wallow in self pity while lamenting “woe is me” or we can be thankful for the good in our lives even when it seems there’s not much good at any given moment. David is a “GOOD” in my life. He makes me smile, sometimes makes me laugh..out loud too! He is like a cool breeze in this sweltering heat wave that seems to be never ending.

    I am happy David is doing what he feels he must to make sure his album is the best it can be. However long it takes, we will be waiting. I was very happy when he said “HE” was in the process of choosing the songs for the album. That tells me HE is in control of the direction of the album. He will not be compromised. He will not be deterred from his standards & goals. Whether the album is gold or platinum seems to be of no consequence to David as long as “The Other Side Of Down” reflects who he is & what he thinks & believes.

    He deserves to take a break this weekend & I hope he gets to go home. But whatever he does, I hope he has a great time!

    Good night David. Thank you for all you do & who you are. God bless you & keep you safe always.

    Good night sweet Snow Angelz!!

    Note: I believe “MOZES” controls David’s mobile phone #1-801-386-8196. You can call any time & leave David messages.

  47. awestruck says:

    Thanks for the link peppertara – sheesh, they have a pic of his debut album and the text Christmas From the Heart in stores now! Not a site I am likely to visit, couln’t be bothered listening to the messages others send David, especially if they are as you described…

  48. awestruck says:

    ‘night SF

  49. peppertara says:

    Awestruck…I can’t be bothered listening to the messages others post on those sites any more either! I think I just must have picked a bad day and heard all those “messages of low degree”. Generally most of them are positive I think.
    Sorry for the long, rather complaining post about it all! On to happier things….and that is everything about David.
    Am so thrilled about David’s upcoming album and all of his personal input this time around, can’t wait.

    Silverfox….what a lovely post…couldn’t agree with you more!

  50. silverfox says:

    Boy, did I go “off topic” up there! Sorry! I was just so giddy about David’s vlog!

    I really just wanted to say something to Kizzy….

    I just love you & how you say what I wish I had the words, not to mention the courage to say. Thank you!

    Happy!! Miss you so much!

  51. Shanny in Australia says:

    ToFan, I really enjoyed your thoughts! Thanks so much. And it sure is an interesting question you posed.

    What I want from David ranges from, simply
    ‘To be happy’ all the way through to ‘David being my best buddy and coming over and hanging out with me regularly’. lol

    I can’t control any of that, so I choose to just pray for him and love him and be grateful for anything he gives us. As simple as that.

    Sometimes I do feel a little sorry for myself because I live in Australia and I really want to hear him live and to speak to him in person. But once again, I can’t control any of that, so I just go back to praying for him and loving him.

    In all reality, I actually feel quite spoilt for how much we do get from him. I feel like I have an understanding of who David is, and that to me is priceless. What other celebrity is so real with his fans?!

    Yes, I love to get together with other fans online and discuss this and that and the why and the when, to squeee and to joke and to generally be goofy. Mostly I think we’re all just having fun, getting together and playing it all up a bit. It gives us something to do while we wait for the next offering. lol

    Yes, there are the occasional annoying and disrespectful comments but considering how much chatter there is online about David, it is only a very small portion.

    I know David said in his book that he found the fan experiences a little crazy at times – but that is fame. I’m sure it sucks a lot of the time but at other times, I’m sure it is exhilarating and fun – just like David said in his latest vlog – he can’t wait to interact with the fans again.

    Like you said ToFan in your post – we all wish he could have a normal teenage life and still win Grammy’s. Unfortunately, it ain’t the nature of the beast. I think David has accepted it mostly, perhaps it is us fans who have to catch up now?David himself said in his last vlog, that our excitement keeps him excited.

    Why do we feel a need to criticize the fanworld so much? I personally don’t get it. Are we taking ourselves too seriously perhaps? Or am I just cold hearted? lol ~shrugs~

  52. justin says:

    really interesting topic, i dont really know what i want from david, since im a guy, i have a feeling that i ‘want’ a lot less of david than many of the female fans, but i probably expect a lot more than many others.

    i would like to think that david will keep tweeting, even if he doesnt reply to fans i would like him to keep us updated on his going-ons and i love his inspiring quotes he posts. i love his vlogs, but theyre time consuming and i respect the fact that hes a busy guy so even though i would really miss them, if it means david gets less time to spend doing things he enjoys, then im willing to give them up.

    of course i want to hear his voice, and i would love to hear him live one day, but he’s not that big here in ireland (for some stupid reason i will never understand) so i dont know when or if that day will ever come.

    then i have the weird fanboy in me who wishes i could be his best friend, or maybe the person he always contacts when he comes to ireland or something like that, to feel like he thinks of me as more than just a fan, as a friend. sometimes i like to tell myself that its more likely to be reality for me because, again, im a guy, and i would never go crazy at the sight of him or stuff like that so maybe he would feel more comfortable around me but i know the chances of that ever happening are 1 in a billion (or maybe 1 in 441,580 ;))

    ultimately what i want ‘from’ david, and what i want ‘for’ david are the same thing, for him to be happy. it sounds stupid but i would never want david to give up his own happiness to make the fans happy, if that ever does happen i will feel ashamed of myself for being a part of that, you might say “well how is that what you want ‘from’ him”, it’s because i want davids happiness because i think i will stop enjoying his music and his vlogs and all that stuff if he’s not happy to be doing it, and i never want to stop enjoying archie’s music 🙂

  53. Pingback: @DavidArchie take the wheel | SnowAngelz: Canadian fans of David Archuleta

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