Happy Birthday, Canada!

My cheesy sign ... that he probs never saw.

In honour of Canada Day, here’s an excerpt of a recap I sent to FanBlast the day after the AI7 Tour show in Toronto — David’s only concert appearance in Canada to date! Ahhhh, memories….

I have a David Archuleta hangover. My whole body aches, my head’s pounding and my ears are still ringing. This is from four-hours plus of standing waiting to meet David in the afternoon autograph session (which he couldn’t make, unfortunately, more about that later) yesterday, then three-plus hours standing during the show itself. Was it all worth it?…. Oh, yeah!

Oops, wrong David.

Once David’s piano rose to the stage in the mist and he sang that first note, I was transported to that special place that only David can take us. His voice soared, taking me with him. His live sound was so rich and soulful and textured … the rest of the world literally fell away and I felt as though he was singing only to me. How does he do that? He was in such a different league from the others (although Brooke and Jason were very good), that when he began, it felt as though there had been eight opening acts and now the real show was beginning.

And, best of all, I was so proud of my town. Not only did he have the most fans waiting before the show, but the roar that went up when Syesha introduced him was deafening (poor Syesha!). And good old “Toronto the good” politely hushed every time he started to talk or sing, so you could actually hear what he said, and sang! (Loved that.) But then we cheered and screamed like crazy once he’d finished.

The young girl who made this shirt was in tears when he didn't come out ...no, not me.

He did sound like he had a cold when he was talking (poor guy), but you heard nothing of that when he sang. And he’s so confident on stage now, really commanding. He even did a little improv riff singing the beginning of “O Canada,” which was so cool. I hope someone captured that on video. Not me, unfortunately, I was trying to stay in the moment and soak up every second. I don’t know if I was successful, though.
When David started singing, I welled up with emotion and felt like I was having an out-of-body experience. …

My husband was at the show with me and gave me the sweetest surprise. When we got home, I was exhausted but saw the light flashing on the phone indicating a message. As I listened to it, I realized he’d called on his phone from the concert so that voicemail picked up David talking then singing the beginning of “Stand By Me.” I’m welling up just thinking about how sweet that was. And SBM was an absolutely show-stopper, brought the house down and he changed up the ending… amazing.

It was a crushing disappointment that David couldn’t come out for autographs before the show but I totally understood (it also could have been because of media commitments). His handler, Ray (everyone kept calling out “Hi Ray,” very cute.) came walking down the line, shaking his head and saying, “This is terrible.” I knew what he meant. They’d set up a flimsy tape barrier like the ones you see in the banks, and the Idols had to walk to the end and back (no escape route). And with a concrete wall behind them, if there’d been any rushing, it would have been really dangerous.

And the crowd was HUGE. Carly told us how surprised they were at the turnout – that it was the size they usually get AFTER the show. We figured they were doing interviews in the room above, cause we could see the back of the Pop-Tarts sign….

David was actually the first one to peek out (people had been chanting for him and a cute group of girls singing the words to all of his songs) and the crowd exploded in cheers when he waved. I held up my sign and thought I saw him mouth the words “This is fantastic!”

He laughed and pretended as though he was trying to break through the windows to get to us [video of that HERE, with more than 13,000 views!], which made everyone cheer even more. Then the rest of the Idols followed suit and started waving at the window, but I think they knew who everyone really wanted to see.

Me & Refnaf ... David, I might pull this sign out again when you come back!

Another great part of the day was meeting fellow fans Roberta, then Refnaf and her daughter (who interrupted a camping trip up North for the show) and Sunshine (who flew in for the show). We just met yesterday, but it was as if we’d known each other forever.

Sorry this is so long, and no Close Encounters with David, but it was still an amazing day!

P.S. This video is a little shaky but you can hear the ROAR that explodes when David dedicates SBM to the fans. *goosebumps*

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50 Responses to Happy Birthday, Canada!

  1. Lorna says:

    Woo Woot, Happy Birthday Canada!

    From an Honorary Canadian!

  2. betsy says:

    What a great recap! The good ole days. 🙂
    What your sweet husband did has me welling up, too.
    The idols are in town. Their first show is tonight, and about 20-25 minutes away from me. I wish I had the desire to go.

    Happy Birthday Canada!

    • TOfan says:

      Needless to say, the message is still on my voicemail & I relisten every week when I need to “resave”!… You should go, just for contrast purposes! LOLOL I think those ticket sales will be very low this year, esp.

  3. pastel says:

    Here’s my story…sorry for rambling….

    I had been vacationing at a rented cottage and drove back three hours that day to get hair done (not that anyone was really going to see me) before the concert. I remember saying to my sleepy son that morning “I’m going to see David Archuleta today!” “Hmmmm” was his response. I also bought a new camera (picked it out at Best Buy in 20 minutes flat!) on the way there.

    This whole Idol thing was a new experience for me. The idea of lining up for a signature scared be silly, and I was attending with family (only mildly David fans) so we skipped that part. But I understood from “new friends” in line that David did not sign before the concert. I did get myself two shirts, an AI7 tour shirt and a DJA shirt. My older sister wore the David shirt proudly during the show and she now started to share in my excitement.

    I actually remember how fast Brooke and Jason sang thinking…is David’s set going to be just as fast? Syesha was AMAZING, but I was almost too nervous to tell. I could NOT believe that I, sitting way up in the rafters, was going to listen to David. My stomach was literally in knots. I sent my daughter to the lower railing to catch it all on my swanky camera.

    I was in tears before David took the stage, waiting in anticipation for that video introduction. It was surreal how the crowd went wild when his image was on the screen. The rest is sort of a blur except for two things….as Deb said, SBM (my favourite), was out of this world – new runs! And the little O Canada line David sang. I do remember the crowd being very pro David in their roar, although Cookie was treated with similar (albeit not as emotional) enthusiasm.

    As I was leaving, I remember meeting a woman behind me who flew in from Halifax to watch David (she was very emotional) and I thought, hey…this ODD I have is very real. I’m not alone in this! The concert was a bit affirming in that my on-line interest was not imagined anymore. It was here to stay. And it was right.

    I was curious as to these back-stage pass things and I could see a number of people congregating in the stands waiting for their time with the Idol. I ached to be one, but I had no idea how or what it was all about. We happily went home and I uploaded a very sad vid to Youtube…a first for me. A commenter said it was so bad in quality I took it off…I still have them tho!

    So much has happened since then…alot has changed, but so much about David has remained exactly the same.

    Happy Canada Day Canadians and Honourary ones! We love u all!

    • TOfan says:

      Pastel, wow, it’s amazing how similar our reactions were. And I wonder if the person behind you was SandyBeaches, I think she flew in from Halifax … SB, calling SB!

      I think we’re due for another (only) David show, don’t you???? 🙂

  4. archiesfan4life says:


  5. Sunshine says:

    Awww TOfan, this is the sweetest post ever! I got butterflies just reading it. So few things in life actually live up to their hype; and it’s human nature to remember things better than they actually were. But that is not true with anything related to David.

    The memory of meeting my dear, sweet snow angelz for the first time at that concert will always stay with me. Although I was filled with anxiety over why I was so compelled to fly across the country to hear this young man sing; I was more overcome at the thought of not being able to share the experience. Enter – the Snow Angelz. We laughed (no, giggled), talked, screamed, waved, ate, sang and way too soon said good-bye. But luckily it was the beginning of a unique and exhilarating friendship.

    Now each time we chat or see each other those butterflies come back. I feel like a teenager (a happy teenager), and I love it.

    Thank you angelz. Happy Canada Day!

  6. refnaf says:

    Happy Canada Day Everyone!

    TOfan…. your AI recap brings back such cool memories….. What a day that was! Who knew that not only would we still be following David’s career so closely, but that we would have actually made real freindships. That day in Toronto affirmed for me, just as pastel says, that we are not in this alone!! yay for that!!

    SBL live TOUR?? YOU READY???

  7. Sunshine says:

    haha ready when you are refnaf!

  8. refnaf says:

    I have a confession…. I have the entire Rexburg concert on my ipod and sometimes I just listen to the opening few minutes where the crowd is screaming and then the music starts and the crowd goes crazier and David starts singing TMH …. and eeeeeeeeeeeeeee I can feel like I am there again!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nuts, I know

    • TOfan says:

      not nuts at all, some of my fave parts of NAVGL & PandA are when the crowd starts to roar in the chorus …chills baby chills.

      • Lorna says:


        Definitely not crazy. Was talking with my local David fans and we confessed we all did the same. Never thought I would sit with a big ol grin on my face listening to screaming for 3 minutes…… times sure have changed!

  9. TOfan says:

    {{{{{ref & Sunshine}}}}}}}


    Sorry for the caps, little things make me happy, LOL.

    I only heard it by accident this morning…I’m sitting at my in-laws place in Vermont (steps from the Quebec border) and was fortunate enough to be able to pick up a wireless signal from somewhere in the area … probs border patrol! bahahahahahaha

    *off to listen again*

  10. peppertara says:

    Happy Canada Day to all!
    Tofan, reading your story just made me feel all the anticipation, the excitement and the “awe factor” that we all experience when seeing David. I wasn’t able to attend the A.I. tour but I remember listening to a cellcast and feeling so excited and so proud that my fellow Canadians gave David such an incredible warm and loving reception! I strained to try and hear every word, everything that was happening through the cellcast. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be there.
    Love the sign that you made! Love your story and Pastel’s too. I remember feeling so bad for the waiting, loyal fans that David could not come out of the building but could only pretend to break the glass to get to his fans, ha. I have a feeling that David felt bad about that too.
    Your story was wonderful to read!
    Have a happy and blessed day all….sharing with family, friends and the music of DJA. SBL has become addictive, it’s just stuck in my head and that’s just fine with me.

  11. Zoe says:

    Dangit! Real life is interfering BIG TIME with my ODD today.

    So just dropping by to wish all our Canadian sisters a Happy Canada Day!

    And TOfan, can’t wait to read your recap of the AI7 tour show, but it’ll have to wait til later tonight. Suffice it to say, though, that I bet you didn’t have the slightest inkling at the time of what was to follow!! 🙂

  12. archugeezer says:

    Happy Birthday, Canada!

    We’re neighbors out west! (I’m in Idaho) I’m a regular lurker here and enjoy all the articles and discussions, including TOfan’s great reprise today.

    David has awesome Canadian fans. Thanks for all you do to support him and to inform and entertain the rest of us!

    • TOfan says:

      aww, thanks, archugeezer! Were you at the Rexburg show? I was so close to jumping on a plane to Idaho … the crowd reaction sounded aMAZing!!! About as loud as T.O. in the clip above! LOL

      • archugeezer says:

        I was there! Honestly, it was the loudest crowd I have ever been a part of at a concert. Of course we can blame David for that incredible reception. Can’t say enough about that concert!

  13. Zoe says:

    Haha, you bet she has, TOfan!

    And I can without hesitation report to you that she is now A BELIEVER!!!!!

  14. jackryan4DA says:

    Happy birthday CANADA!!!

    I bring gifts 🙂 here we go with the CAPITOL 4th Blitzkrieg!

    18-01 DA @ Capitol 4th promo – JOINS FOX2 MORNINGS (Detroit MI, 01 Jul 2010)

    18-02 DA @ Capitol 4th promo – JOINS KDVR FOX31 (Denver CO, 01 Jul 2010)

    One more video still uploading. Have a great Canada Day everyone!

  15. jackryan4DA says:

    Happy birthday CANADA!!!

    I bring gifts 🙂 here we go with the CAPITOL 4th Blitzkrieg!

    18-01 DA @ Capitol 4th promo – JOINS FOX2 MORNINGS (Detroit MI, 01 Jul 2010)

    18-02 DA @ Capitol 4th promo – JOINS KDVR FOX31 (Denver CO, 01 Jul 2010)

    One more video still uploading. Have a great Canada Day everyone!

  16. jackryan4DA says:

    Sorry for the double post. I also don’t understand why the vids are not showing 😦 I used the embed codes – same way that I used to do

    PHAIL 😦

    • TOfan says:

      sorry JR, not sure what happened there. You should just need the straight URL link to embed but if there’s more than 1 vid, sometimes it goes on strike! LOL

  17. Kizzi says:

    Happy Canada Day! I ♥ Canada.

    So I’ve had a moment to listen a couple of times to SBL. It sounds so close to a live performance, best yet for a studio recording imho. I really like the “cry” element in his voice in this song contrasted with the husky, raspy, airy lower register.

    Proof yet again that you just never know what you’re gonna hear when David opens his mouth and SINGS!

    BTW, I can’t get on the official site…must be jammed with ppl listening to the live stream…hoooooooo-ray!

  18. YJfanofdavid says:

    Happy Canada Day Snowangelzz! Thanks for the recap, Tofan!

    (My sister is a naturalized Canadian, so does that make me a Canadian twice removed? lol)

    I retweeted today an old tweed from David:

    “Writing on the roof with @SamiamHollander and Sluggo. Ducking the pigeons.” 4/15 <- SBL or another song?"

    Guess what, I got a reply from Sam:

    @YJfan SBL!

  19. abanana77 says:

    Happy Canada Day everyone <3333 (even though it is almost over!)

    TOfan- I loooooooved your recap. "…the rest of the world literally fell away and I felt as though he was singing only to me." That is exactly how I felt when I heard him live. And I find it so funny to read your recap from 2 years ago because you seem like such an experienced fan now and it's funny to read about your first David concert experience 😀

    And SB – you're from Halifax?!? That's exciting! I am not technically a maritimer but I like to pretend I'm one (I spend every summer in New Brunswick). East coast represent.

  20. emmegirl says:

    Happy Canada Day Canadiens!


    “that when he began, it felt as though there had been eight opening acts and now the real show was beginning.”

    That is EXACTLy how I felt! (Went to the 2nd SLC show.) It went so fast it was nothing but a blurr and he was gone. I was shaking so bad I could hardly hold my camera . I had to come home and look at my video to even recall the performance.

    That moment in Toronto when he jumped against the window is one of my fav David/fan moments of all time!

    Love reading all the posts here today!

    *and your hubby is a sweetie! What a thoughtful thing to do!

  21. Angelica says:

    Thanks for the memories TOfan! I remember so well rewatching that vid of him bouncing off the window to get to the fans below and all the screams erupting for Daaaviiiid!! You Canadians have such good taste.

    Speaking of Canada, Happy Birthday to you! We’re celebrating a little birthday around here this weekend too! (USA)

    Seeing that pic of you and Refnaf brought me back to Cleveland again. *waves to pic*

    • YJfanofdavid says:

      Angelica, Ah Cleveland Christmas concert — where The Voice met Snowangelzz! I had such a fond memory of the concert — an most surreal experience of sitting among those whom I know mostly by their username. It’s a real and virtual experience at once. 🙂
      Speaking of the Cleveland concert, the theater’s January playbill reported in great amusement that the moment David bounced off his own stage he went immediately to the theater next door and caught the second act of Wicked (the same show you saw next day!). The theater folks were very charmed by this and wrote about it in a feature story in the playbill. 🙂

  22. jackryan4DA says:

    More CAPITOL 4TH interviews 🙂

    18-03 David Archuleta @ Capitol 4th promo – DC INTERVIEW w/ KSTU FOX13 (SLC UT, 01 Jul 2010)

    18-04 David Archuleta @ Capitol 4th promo – TALKS TO KHON2 WAKE-UP 2DAY (Hawaii, 01 Jul 2010)

    Just one more vid – the Tennessee Morning interview. Waiting for good quality vids 🙂

    Am so proud of David’s growth in terms of self-expression. I think Jive finally saw the light that David is at his best when he is tackling materials that are his own, even if only in parts.

    Of course, it must also because he is indeed growing up. Isn’t it a blessing to watch him grow from strength to strength?

  23. sweetonDA says:

    I’m late to the party I know but just wanted to say Happy Birthday Canada!

    Love the pic of you and refnaf.

    {{{Hugs}}} to you all 🙂

  24. jackryan4DA says:

    TOfan – happened again.

    Let’s see if simple URL link will work:

    18-03 David Archuleta @ Capitol 4th promo – DC INTERVIEW w/ KSTU FOX13 (SLC UT, 01 Jul 2010)

    18-04 David Archuleta @ Capitol 4th promo – TALKS TO KHON2 WAKE-UP 2DAY (Hawaii, 01 Jul 2010)

  25. jackryan4DA says:

    Hey, it half-worked! hahahahaha!

  26. Abrra says:

    Happy Birthday Canada!

    You have a thoughtful husband! What a treat to come home to that kind of message.
    You have sent me on a mission looking for O Canada riff by David! Here is one of my fav aftershow signings. The camera stayed close on David, showing him consistently kind and patient amid all the chaos.


  27. SandyBeaches says:

    Is this Monday? NO, but the post Canada Day celebrations have kicked in…quite sleepy actually!

    There were over 100,000 celebrating outside with the Queen present.. in our country’s capitol Ottawa…

    I write while I listen these days…SBL…all the way to the top of the charts David!!

    Now on to Washington!


  28. SandyBeaches says:

    TOfan and Pastel!!!

    In reply to your comments way back up there…WHAT ME EMOTIONAL ABOUT DAVID??

    Had to be someone else!! Or maybe not!

    I was with my husband at that concert but I may have also been in a trance of some sort…I will check with my thinking and get back to you!!

    What a lovely sunny day in Nova Scotia…have a great day everyone! Oh-o-o-o-!


  29. TOfan says:

    Hey sweetonDA, emmegirl, Angelica & Abrra! *waves … flag* LOL

    abanana, “you seem like such an experienced fan now” ROTFL, spit out my coffee at that one! scary, huh?

    Thanks for all the Cleveland memories, too, that was such an amazing time. YJ,congrats on your tweet-confirmation from the SAL cowriters!

    My head is spinning about what they might do with the music video … my first thought was a FAST convertible with the top down & stereo blasting, but with the photoshoot taking place at Coney Island, now I’m thinking rollercoasters? Summer fairs???? hmmmm

  30. abanana77 says:

    OK really random question – but I am curious as to why we have to wait until July 20th to buy SBL on itunes when it’s already streaming on z100 and stuff? Doesn’t make much sense to me… There is obviously some sort of strategy to this that I am missing?

  31. Zoe says:

    Good question, Abanana! Been wondering the same thing myself.


  32. embe says:

    You know what part makes me kinda teary?

    “Let them shine tonight”.

    Dunno why. David’s voice is so pleading yet encouraging. Like he’s really begging the listener to forget their fears and just let it go.

    Gosh. I’m a laughing, crying, excited psycho-mess. If I were to make a diagram of my emotions while listening/watching David, it’d resemble a mountain range.

    I’m going through a mental menopause apparently.

    • archiesfan4life says:

      embe – “a mental menopause” – hahaha – hopefully there are no hot flashes with a mental menopause:)!

    • emmegirl says:

      embe, his voice just emotes in this song! (Does that even make sense)

      I especially like the “blame yourself” and “and make it right” too!

      It is amazing how he projects such emotion, in turn making you feel it, with what is technically a techno/dance song?

  33. embe says:

    Abrra & Bebe: take a look at a happy Finnish Archie lol.

    THANK YOU ❤ ❤ I cherish everything in that package ❤

  34. peppertara says:

    embe, emmegirl…..I know what you mean. David manages to project wonderful emotion with this new “techno/dance” song. Love the lyrics to the song, the beat has me moving around (you can’t help it). I love listening to this song on repeat. Not a “teenybopper song”, everyone….all ages seem to be enjoying it, including myself. It’s David after all and no other pop artist projects and emotes like he does and that glorious voice…amazing! Has to be a hit!

    A vid of David rehearsing the anthem for the big day tomorrow. He sounds incredible. Don’t know if this will work or not:

  35. peppertara says:

    Yep….think it worked. There are some lovely pics out there too of David in D.C. DavidDaily has quite a few to look at, very nice!


  36. jackryan4DA says:

    Just an update on the CAPITOL FOURTH BLITZKRIEG am making, it is now up to 13 vids, plus 3 more uploading – another lengthy Fox News interview, then SSB & SBM . Am sure cyberspace is awash with the last two already LOL

    In case anyone is interested, here is the playlist:

    But at the rate Twitter and the Capitol 4th is being covered, I think David is in for a whole lot of interviews yet!

    It is interesting that the excitement generated by SBL comes at this auspicious time of commemorating independence. I suspect, David’s chosen direction based on the “entree” that he has offered for his sophomore pop album is largely due to a freer state of mind and body. He is more confident, less awkward (at times, LOL) but is more definitive & expressive in where he is at and where he wants to be. A little freedom indeed goes a long way.

    The beauty of it all, David remains in essence, the David we have fallen in love with 2 years ago.

    Exciting times ahead. Happy independence day indeed!

    ps: My daughter who never cared for David and who kept on rolling her eyes with just a hint of approaching my favorite subject has some good words to say about SBL. She is a rocker and plays the drum. But since am her mom, she grew up in a rather eclectic musical environ. Yet she never warmed up to David, until SBL. Touch down! 🙂

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