Happy Mother’s Day!

Our stealth SnowAngelz videographers were able to capture this exclusive sneak peek of David Archuleta’s Mother’s Day surprise for his mom, Lupe. After many hours of midnight Bachata lessons and walking-in-a-straight-line tutorials, David surprised his mom with this Dancing With the Stars freestyle extravaganza.

Happy Mother’s Day to Lupe and to everyone out there who is a mom, has a mom or has a tattoo that says “I Mom.”

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19 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. bebereader says:

    Haha! I can’t stop laughing! I showed it to hubby just now and he can’t stop laughing either! Snowangelz, you are a ray of sunshine!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate!

  2. abanana77 says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHA I read this post from my ipod but I couldn’t watch the vid from my ipod so I was wondering what on earth it was! Haha those jibjab things are hilarious. 😀

  3. Pastel says:

    I ordered a subscription to JibJab awhile ago because these vids are just too priceless! Thanks Deb…David and Lupe make for a very hip disco king and queen!

  4. awestruck says:

    too funny! Happy Mom’s Day to all.

  5. silverfox says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Snow Angelz who are Mom’s!

  6. Joner says:

    ROFL OMG, that is hilarious and those bodies together with their heads look so believable! hahahahaha!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone that’s a Mom! 😀

  7. refnaf says:

    Bahaaaaaa This is too cute. Have a great Mom’s Day all you moms out there. It is David Archuleta Day in Murray (and in cyberspace too) so enjoy the day!!

  8. Abrra says:


    And SCAREY!


  9. Kizzi says:

    Happy Mother’s Day SAz! 😀

  10. Angelica says:

    LOL! I agree with Abrra. That was a little scary. Funny but scary. And disturbing. Disco dancing and 70’s clothing? I don’t think I’ll ever quite get that image of David out of my mind. I blame you, TOfan. Bad TOfan! LOL! JK. But you were wrong for that. I may have to have therapy now. I am sending you the bill.

  11. beebee says:


  12. refnaf says:

    Morning angelz. I was so surprised and happy about David’s mom day tweet, he included all women… moms, aunts, grandmas, all nurturers. I tell you he is perfect…

  13. TOfan says:

    Scary? Really??? I actually made this vid ages ago but only this weekend figured out how to embed it *bangs head*. And when I went back and watched it, I actually thought it looked kinda plausible. 😆 Am I just brain-addled from prolonged-drought syndrome?

    And can I just mention how touching I found David’s Sunday tweet. All through Mother’s Day weekend I’d been thinking about my mother-in-law, a dear sweet lady who passed away last fall. She never had any kids of her own but was brave enough to marry a widower with 10 (almost) grown kids, including my hubby. Every time we gave her a Mother’s Day card, she bristled at the idea that we thought of her as a mom, she didn’t think she deserved such credit.

    So when I read D’s tweet, to all the mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and incredible women who act as a mom. You are amazing! … it reminded me of her too and moved me more than I can say.

    I wonder if he’ll still post his vlog or start from scratch? *drums fingers*

  14. TOfan says:

    *snap* Refnaf, we posted at the same time!!!


  15. refnaf says:


  16. SandyBeaches says:

    You two are really tooo cute!

    {{HUGS}}…Every Monday there is a need for one!

    “Waiting On The World …”I mean, “Waiting On David To Sing”…oh so corny!

    “Monday, Monday”…Get to work everyone, Monday requires a great deal of work to be done in every walk of life so that there can eventually be Saturday and Sunday!


  17. refnaf says:

    lol (SB) I am TRYING to get some work done….
    but I am easlily distracted. I just saw this at snarkies… and had to go do my part. They are organizing a gifting campaign for CoS.


    David fans at work!!

  18. abanana77 says:

    TOfan, that is a very touching story <333

    My mom's best friend has been helping take care of this girl since she was a baby (the girl is now 13). Her mom tried to commit suicide and ended up with permanent brain damage and lives in a home. My mom's friend was originally just a care-giver for the baby but over time became the mother-figure in her life (helps with homework, brings her to dance class/soccer, goes on family vacations, etc.) because the father is kinda distracted and works alot. So immediately when I read David's tweet, I thought of my mom's best friend and how amazing David was to include people like her in his Mother's day tweet <333.

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