Whisper words of wisdom

There have been some mighty memorable David Archuleta performances these past two years, but also some memorable words written about those performances — by fans! I’ve been keeping a collection of some of my favourite comments from a bunch of different fan sites and I thought now would be a good time to dust some of them off and post them during this, ahem, dry spell. If anyone else has a similar “archive,” please feel free to share!

“Oh my God, I’m bawling. I am going to miss this tour so much! I’m going to miss these people together as a group. Archie and DC will still be around, but it’s going to be so different. I’m not ready for it. It’s like graduation. You know it has to come eventually, whether you want it to or not. Archie grew on me towards the end of Idol, and now I’m full-fledged crazy about him. He’s my Archiekins.”

“His voice has this wonderful, big, wholesome, warm and fuzzy sound yet it resonates and cuts through with great energy. It’s sort of like being attacked by a giant cushion.”

“Have you ever listened to, concentrated on one of Archuleta’s studio recordings such as Think of Me on your stereo in an otherwise silent darkened room? Well if you have then you would know that you had just listened to a little slice of heaven. I was thinking of one word to describe Archuleta’s voice and the word that comes to mind is mesmerizing. His upper register is truly remarkable.”

“I wish David the best of luck. I pray to God that David gets everything he wants in life, I pray that David will always and forever be happy. David deserves everything good and beautiful in life because David is goodness, kindness, hope, peace, joy. He is a blessing, he is a miracle. I will be there, next to him in one way or the other, supporting him, admiring him, respecting him, loving him for being such an amazing talented person and for being one of the most beautiful creatures God has placed on this planet.”
Fan from Venezuela

“I just listened to How Great Thou Art. NEVER have I heard anything so moving and beautiful. Just when I think I’ve heard the most beautiful sound in the world, he goes and does something like this. He keeps outdoing himself. I swear his voice could stop wars.”

“Seems I may have waited too long to delurk to post this, but I never saw anything wrong in any way regarding an older woman being a fan of a young singer. But, try being a 48 year old guy being a fan of an 18 year old male singer and see what kind of looks that’ll get ya! Do I care? no. Is it going to prevent me from following this amazing young man’s career? no. I know what I like and at this point in my life, I’m too damn old to care about what others may think of me. David’s voice and his music move my soul like nothing ever has before. He makes me feel like I’ve never felt before. If I am to be ridiculed for my fandom, so be it, Jedi.”

“I do have to agree with Marc that the world does need David Archuleta. That’s why we love him so much, because we need him in our lives, we need his voice, we need to hear his positive messages, we need to feel his spirit connecting with ours. I truly believe that David was given his incredible gift for a divine reason–to give the human race a reason to hope for good, a reason to believe we can be better, a reason to see a beautiful present and future despite all the negativity and darkness around us. It’s as if the world lights up whenever David sings. When he sings about these things, we believe him and resolve to do better. As Gandhi said, we must be the change we want to see in the world. Most singers are just interested in entertaining their fans. David knows and understands the power of music–particularly in this day and age when anyone, anywhere can listen to anything they want at any time. If David sings a song, someone can record it, put it on a website for millions to watch and it’s all over the world within a few minutes or hours. David can reach more people in a few minutes than Elvis did in a year (or years). … Can you imagine what the future holds for him? And we are all here to watch it unfold before our eyes and enjoy the journey with David every step of the way.”

“I want him to have something with a lot of ROOM to be himself – I want the music to be playdoh for his voice. Sometimes the tight framework of radio pop seems like a cage, a tight even framework waiting for a bunch of perfect-fit pieces to be dropped into place and layered on top of each other. I want more yeah yeah no nos and more David-shaped melodies like what he did with One. Mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm”

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29 Responses to Whisper words of wisdom

  1. peppertara says:

    “I swear his voice could stop wars.” Love that.
    Really enjoying “Whisper Words of Wisdom” Tofan. Oh, reading these comments just warms your heart! I have read so many incredibly moving comments by fans over the last couple of years.

    This one I enjoyed too, love new fans.
    “David Archuleta has come a long way since Idol. I voted for Cook but recently went to a DA concert and was blown away by his talent, maturity, stage presence, and unbelievable vocals. When I’m honest with myself, DA’s concert was the best concert I’ve ever been to (including Cook’s). I am now a huge fan of his and look forward to his new music. As many of his fans have noted, David Archuleta is the real deal, no bells or whistles (or distractions) required!!!”

  2. bluebar says:

    The following is long, and I don’t have the name of the writer, but it is one of the very first comments I saved.

    “Topic: I feel I need to say I’m sorry to you all
    Posted: Thu, Aug 07 2008, 12:10 PM
    Making this confession will hopefully make me feel better.
    I attended my first American Idol tour this past week. I was a faithful american idol 7 watcher, and voter. My feelings have drastically changed after seeing the contestants perform live. On finale night, I must say, I was shocked to see David Cook take the crown, although at the time I was jumping for joy. Throughout the season I was rooting for Brooke White. After she was eliminated, I no longer voted. I figured America would get it right regardless, so my votes were no longer needed. My perception of David Archuleta was not good. I read all the articles about what was going on backstage during idol, and honestly, I believed the majority of it. I did not think Archuleta deserved to win. I looked at him as a kinda funny looking kid that couldn’t remember his words half the time. I thought that him having his Father there to push him along was unfair.

    Fast forward to concert day. I was lucky enough to meet the idols. I came face to face with David Archuleta. The boy is the farthest thing from funny looking. He blew me away. He is a gorgeous human being. I was shocked. He was THE nicest young man I have ever met. So sweet, so genuine. I instantly felt the pangs of guilt. My mind was racing.. I thought, oh my God… I was so wrong. He has a halo that follows him, I swear. I could honestly see it. People around me shed tears over the mere thought that they were breathing the same air as him. I was almost instantly bit by this Archuleta mania bug. It floored me. Up until that moment, sadly, I was not a fan.
    He sang Angels first. I was overcome at this point with guilt. To think I did not vote for this boy made my stomach turn. After watching all the other performers up until his performance, it was so obvious he was put on this earth to sing. His voice filled my heart like nothing I ever remember feeling. It was unreal. He has this energy that just blew me away.. I truely felt a connection to his heart. The entire arena was filled with his spirit. So emotional for me. By the time he got to his last song, I was in tears. I wish with all my heart he would have been able to portray this GIFT on live television. I wished I would have taken the time to really “hear” him instead of trying to ignore him. I wish american idol would have shown him as more of a person… instead of an awkward boy. He deserved to win, and the media portrayed him in an awful light. I feel dooped.
    I just wonder how many others feel this way after meeting him and hearing him sing live. I can not begin to express how sorry I am. I needed to say this. I found these forums today after deciding to try to dig up a little more info on David.. and I was so surprised to see he has a single coming out already. I will be buying it, and anything else this young man records. There is something very magical about him!
    I wish him the best.”

    • Marylee says:

      In response to Bluebar’s post..so beautifully expressed! I’m so thankful that you had the eye-opening experience of seeing/feeling the amazing spirit that is David Archuleta. I met him for the first time last summer in my home state of North Carolina along with my daughter & my friend and there is no way I can describe how the first note of “Heaven” at VIP reached out to me…it literally took my breath away…grabbed my friend’s hand so tight, her fingers were probably blue 🙂 When I met him, he was warm & kind and gave me his undivided attention in a room full of devoted fans waiting their turn to experience the same. When I turned to leave his presence, I felt different inside & have ever since. Met him again in Baltimore for his CFTH concert and the feeling was renewed. He is unique in a way I can’t begin to describe, except to say he “keeps it real”…something so rare for an artist in today’s times. Thank you, Bluebar, for sharing your thoughts of David with us and thank you, David, for simply being you! I will be your devoted fan forever…being on this journey with you is something I wouldn’t have missed for the world. Shine on, David!

      • bluebar says:

        Just to clarify… I’ve been an “Archie” since the “Heaven” audition.

        The comment I included above was from a new fan to the American Idol “MyIdol Forums.” I, too, was so touched at the time by what was written, I just had to save it. This Snowangelz post prompted to look in my David files and then to share that comment here… and, I am delighted so many have responded to it.

        Sorry I did not get the author’s name, but I’m wishing with all my heart that the person who wrote this is still following David, perhaps reading the blogs, hopefully got to his shows and most of all, has received as much love and blessings as we all have!

        BTW… Marylee, I will be in Raleigh, next month for a family reunion, and Emily, I’m driving through your home State, too! 🙂 I’ll wave to you both!

  3. emilyluvsarchie says:

    Bluebar, Thanks so much for posting that comment. I loved it when I first read it, but didn’t save it. I’ve looked for it again and again and couldn’t find it! Thanks! emily

  4. kimk says:

    What a lovely comment and thank you!
    I did vote and such and still feel the same way about David today but I also was blown away by his ‘presence’ when I saw him in person for the first time on tour. So did not expect it either. By the way, it is not just because of his looks either… it seems to come from within… within his soul. Thank you.

  5. Amy(ahecht25) says:

    I had forgotten about this comment, bluebar. I remember crying like a baby when I first read it, and once again, I broke down reading it today. I can’t explain it. It’s so heart-warming when a non-fan is finally touched and really gets why we’re all here. Sure he’s cute and has an amazing voice, but there’s just something about him. *sigh*

  6. Pastel says:

    Wow…thanks Bluebar. It was always so confirming to hear from original non-Archie fans, who were starting to get him. I also remember a great story from a Cook fan who was very upset when Cook left the fan signing by the bus (due to some rude comments from other fans, I recall). I believe David had empathy for her and recognized her in the audience as well.

    Anyone have that post? I loved loved it!

    As usual, Deb, you continue to get us through this drought. I actually am enjoying being a bit contemplative about David right now. Am I enjoying the Archu-drought? No. Are the Snowangelzz and other fan-sites helping us through our withdrawal. Absolutely. Thanks Deb!

  7. Amy(ahecht25) says:


    I remember that post, but I didn’t save it. I remember reading it and thinking, “SEE!!!!” haha

  8. Lisa says:

    Great reads all…but bluebar really loved that post, WOW she finally got it!!! Great sight here, thanks tofan and all.

  9. TOfan says:

    Thanks for sharing your own personal “archives,” guys! And Bluebar, thanks so much for posting that one, I had never seen it! It choked me up because I knew just what that person was feeling, as I’m sure all of you did too.

    {{{Pastel}}} I hadn’t heard that story, hopefully someone will have it!

    Amy, you made it!! 😯 Welcome!!

    I added another fave to the end of the post and came across this also from my “files”:
    Not sure who put up this “Archupedia” site, but it’s very sweet and often hilarious: http://archupedia.synthasite.com

    Sample item:
    “Random Archufact: David Archuleta is like an Altoid: small, white, and curiously strong.

    Random Archufact: Superman wears David Archuleta pajamas. (thanks imaginethat!)

    Random Archufact: David Archuleta knows where Carmen Sandiego is.”

  10. djafans says:

    Tofan love the topic!

    Bluebar…I had never read that…had me in tears.

    Just had to share these words from Angelica’s A Growing Force.

    “He leaves us breathless and we do not know how
    he does what he does to us. We only know that he does
    it better than anyone else. Aside from his unsurpassed
    vocal prowess, he has the power to transmit on a
    cellular level by his facial expressions, indeed, with his
    whole body, raw, undiluted, take no prisoner emotions
    that are nothing short of physical in their intensity.”

    “What lies beneath is a gifted, serious artist
    with something to say, and the ability, supplied by all of
    the above, to make himself completely understood.”

    “He is at once the laughing young boy and the
    man with the firmly set jaw and piercing gaze. He is
    the rebel with a cause, the reluctant renegade, the
    good man who is hard to find. He fascinates, intoxicates,
    bewitches, bothers and bewilders. For all his
    goodness, David Archuleta possesses a positively
    wicked charisma.”

  11. TOfan says:

    Thanks, dja! Loved that one! Such a beautiful post from Angelica.

    And gee, look what else I found in the archives!

  12. Josie says:

    Hello my sweet snowangelz friends 🙂 Life certainly can be a crazy, funny hectic thing. I have a day to myself and although I should be doing something house related, I NEEDED to have my David fix. So of course, I come here. ♥ {{TOfan}}

    First, BLUEBAR! I remember reading that wonderful post and getting chills. Whether we know it or not, things like this have been happening quite a bit, both in the media and the fandom.

    TOfan-way back when on Rickey’s, many of us played that fun game of archufacts – with Scout and MomJulee being the bestest contributors. Not sure what happened to Scout, but it was tons of fun playing that game! And very clever too.

    I am nursing my mom (broken arm) back to health, helping out my accountant for the next 3 weeks (crazy…what was I thinking?) and basking in the memories of hanging out w/ my Jess (21) in Denver for 2 weeks, while (not so patiently) waiting for David’s new single.

    I ♥ you all!

  13. TOfan says:

    {{{Josie & Noni}}}
    So that’s where those hilarious ArchuFacts came from! Too funny.

    I can relate to “not so patiently” waiting for new music … I’d settle for a snippet of him singing Happy Birthday to his aunt, right about now! lol

    I spent the weekend with my niece (who’s David’s age), and I couldn’t believe it when she said she too had been having back trouble (didn’t ask her about memory loss tho’) … what is with these young geezers? 😆

  14. vermeer says:

    TOfan, I loooove that interview in which he was “in a talking mood”! And if I’m not mistaken, he is wearing the peace T-shirt Josie had given him. He just looks so happy talking about what he loves.

    bluebar, I remember that non-fan turned fan story. Such a good one. I didn’t save it then so I’m glad I have the chance now to save it in my collection of all things David.

  15. Pastel says:

    Aww…the DC interview. I could have KISSED that interviewer. David felt like talking and she felt like listening. I was SO ANNOYED with the predictability of all the interviews until this point on the AI tour. And then, just when I felt David would be asked yet again about that first kiss, THIS GEM!!! The GEEE, the OH WOWWWW, the CRAZZZZZYYYYYY, the reflective gaze. I have this interview on my ipod, and sometimes, when I need a gentle reminder of why I invest hours on this young musician, I play this. So confirming. Thanks Deb!!!

  16. TOfan says:

    Vermeer, I think you’re right about that cool shirt! … Josie?? And ya, he’s simply GLOWING with happiness. Even more than usual! LOL

    Pastel, that’s true, it seemed like the first interview where the reporter really LISTENED to David. And that moment when he realizes that it’s all come full circle (from Idol fan in the audience to Idol star up on that stage) is absolutely priceless.

    My other favourite part is when he talks about the little boy who told him about his talent show and gets verklempt thinking about what that kid might do in the future. Beautiful.

  17. TOfan says:

    Oh, and speaking of “Words of Wisdom” and keeping interviews on your iPod, I just listened again to the amazing interview with David’s vocal coach Dean Kaelin that was originally posted on Snarky’s by Janey (the amazing interviewer).

    In case you missed it, or would like to hear it again, you can download mp3 files here:

    Part 1
    Part 2

    And saw this hilarious T-shirt via @steve_seb (I want one! lol):
    angels shirt

  18. Kizzi says:

    Hi All: Hugs & ♥ ♥ ♥

    Great topic TOfan.

    I wanted to share this article from the online San Diego New Network last June when David performed at Del Mar by Kelly Lin – although a contributing online journalist its fits so well in this “words of wisdom”thread although she didn’t exactly whisper it: 😀

    You know that tingly feeling you get when you witness something so amazing that you just want to throw your cares out the window and jump for joy?

    As I gazed at the dazzling outdoor ambience of the San Diego County Fair while 18-year-old international pop star David Archuleta serenaded concert-goers with “To be With You,” well… I got that feeling.

    After a whirlwind day of fun with friends and games of “Let’s try to meet David before the concert without the security guard calling the Sheriff,” it was finally time for the show! I had been standing and walking for five hours straight and the effects of my athleticism coupled with the unhealthy delicacies I had sampled earlier in the day were finally taking their toll. Once the doors opened, I limped into the stands, exhausted and in desperate need of a chair.

    Little did I know that I would be sitting down to see the best concert of my life….

    Read more: http://www.sdnn.com/sandiego/2009-06-21/things-to-do/david-archuleta-a-hit-at-san-diego-county-fair#ixzz0jZJq8Umv

  19. TOfan says:

    What an awesome review! It was so “Angel-esque” I had to double-check that it was written by a staffer at the paper and not one of us! LOL

    Read through the comments too & loved this one:

    Comment by: Jeremiah

    I can NOT believe I’m about to say this — it was a great concert. I relunctantly went because my daughter is such a huge fan. Took her, a friend and my wife. I ordered my beer (table-side service — nice!) and hunkered down, resigned to my daddy duty and trying to look like “wow, this IS fun.” I’ll be darned if it wasn’t actually a great time. This kid has a knock-out voice. True vocals- no lip synching phony, studio-only voice. He can really SING…and be entertaining.

    I left smiling…because it was truly a great concert AND because it was pure JOY watching my daughter’s face as she loved every moment, every note of that concert.

  20. refnaf says:

    hey snowangelz!!!
    I’m back from a most amazing and interesting trip!! Egypt is incredible, the sites are mind blowing in their antiquity. I had my Dpod and charger with me every step of the way. What a post to come home to TOfan ***sniff*** Being away from the archuworld is difficult, and this seriously. I am **sniffing** some more. Hope to catch up on all….but have to get real life back on track, yikes.

  21. betsy says:

    Love this post Tofan. David inspires us to say things we can’t imagine ever saying. There was never a real occasion to do so before.

    {Ref}!! You’re back!! Missed you. Oh, the places you’ve been!

  22. violet4ever says:

    I don’t know if my “playdoh for his voice” comment belongs in such fine comment company! What a wonderful bunch of comments! And I agree with them all. The first time he sang Imagine on Idol I think I felt something like what David felt when he first heard Tamyra Gray. Breathless with chills up and down my spine. Hearing him in a VIP was amazing – when he hit the first big note in the first verse, my whole row exhaled with an “Unhh” of amazement as his voice hit them. And re his glow, yeah people have seen that all over. Paula saw his “glorious aura”. US fans have seen it, a UK fan mentioned it, and a Malaysian reporter at the airport saw it. His statement was translated by a Malaysian as “This one has a different pull. He glows”. Bluebar – virtual hug for you! Tofan – Thanks so much for this collection!

  23. bluebar says:

    Welcome back, refnaf. Hope you write a recap of your travels.

    Also, I’m absolutely floored by all the terrific responses – to someone else’s comment – that I posted above!
    I’m very glad I saved it so it could be reread. And, I’m especially happy that the fans here who read this comment so long ago… but didn’t save it, now have the opportunity to keep it. It certainly embraces the feelings we experience with David, and how preconceived notions can change. All the writer needed was an open mind and heart. Well… and a “live” meeting and performance, too!

    I was thinking about this for the past couple days. How whatever someone writes on the Internet… even if they think it is insignificant or the best piece of writing ever, you just never know who or when someone may be impacted by it.
    The date on this original comment is 8/07/08 – over a year and a half ago. And, it is now, that we’re appreciating it…for some for the first time, and for others just as much again, as we were drawn to and moved by those lovely, heartfelt words in the first place.
    It’s another amazing testimony to David.

  24. TOfan says:

    that’s so true … and every time I hear How Great Thou Art I remember what you wrote! It think you were right about his voice being a force for peace.

    violet4ever, I saved your “Play-doh” comment because I knew exactly what you meant about him having “ROOM to be himself” but could never have put it that way … and it seems especially relevant now that we’re all twiddling thumbs in anticipation for more “David-shaped melodies”!

    bluebar, yes, thanks again for posting that, I think it’ll go in many people’s “archives” now! 🙂

    {{{{{Ref}}}}} Welcome back!!! Here’s a song, just for you!

  25. TOfan says:

    Just received these words of thanks from Scott at The David Archuleta Music Scholarship program:

    Thank you to the outstanding, dedicated, and generous fans. On March 17th, only 2 weeks after launching “The David Archuleta Music Scholarship,” we not only met but exceeded our goal of $5000!!!

    Because of your generosity and support, two Murray High School students will each be awarded a $2,500 scholarship. This will help them in pursuing their dreams and furthering their music education.

    We cannot thank you all enough for helping make two MHS student’s dreams come true. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to David at the same time.

    Please continue to follow ‘TDAMS’ web site at http://www.thedavidarchuletamusicscholarship.org and @DAHeartsNHands on twitter.

    Donations will continue to be accepted towards next year’s scholarships and held in a special account for the 2011 school year.

  26. refnaf says:

    lol at that vid Tofan!!! yikes I remember that vid!

    Reading through the last threads that I missed and need to say-
    Happy> A Springsteen concert together with David fans!!! YES! I saw him in TO back in the 80’s (from the rafters) and would love to experience that again from a better seat. Good to hear from you♥

    TOfan> When fortune smiled upon us- for me David has given me such a boost in life. His voice alone can lift me immediately. Sometimes it shocks me, when I have not had a chance to really listen, then when I do , I get emotional at how beautiful the sound fo his voice is. It pierces me…and gives me more than I can describe. The new (((friends))) and the experiences I have shared with them , really are close to my heart. The fact that he is only beginning, makes me squeeee, and I have never been much of a squeeer before haha.

    Great news about the “TDAMS”

  27. why archuleta indonesia says:

    hai….arch angel im from indonesia nice to meet you

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