When fortune smiled upon us

Sarah McLachlan

I just watched two people murder two perfectly innocent songs on national television.

I haven’t been watching Idol this year, so I can’t tell you their names or where they’re from. What I can tell you is, neither of them could sing. The first young woman was so off-key, I seriously thought there was something wrong with my TV. The next guy’s voice was so bland, I doubt he could get a job voicing a commercial jingle. Sorry, don’t mean to be negative, but my point is … do we know how lucky we are?

In Season 7, we got to hear David Archuleta sing. Every. Single. Week. “Sing” doesn’t even begin to describe the masterful, magical, life-changing performances he gave every Tuesday. Did we know how lucky we were?

Last weekend, my heart stopped when I read the following in my local paper: “Canadian songbird Sarah McLachlan has announced she’ll be releasing her first album of new songs in seven years.” Seven years. SEVEN YEARS!!!! David’s working on his third album in two years. Do we know how lucky we are? Do we?

And the tours. Ah, the tours. The A.I. Tour, Jingle Balls, Solo Tour, Demi Tour, Christmas From the Heart Tour … and that’s just North America.

And David is right now furiously finishing a book we can read until our eyes fall out. And tirelessly writing and recording songs we can listen to and listen to and listen to (because that’s what we do) and there’ll likely be a tour after that.

Yes, I think we do know how lucky, fortunate, graced by angels, blessed … yes, how truly blessed we are. (And if we don’t, we always have Idol to remind us.)

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10 Responses to When fortune smiled upon us

  1. ray says:

    OOOOO you are so right

  2. Jana says:

    Indeed! We are so lucky! Thank you DAVID, you are
    a rare talent.
    Great blog!

  3. rarchiefan says:

    So very true we are very blessed. David is such a hard worker and though he loves music, he also loves and appreciates ALL of us. David knows that his fans adore him and his voice so he continues to work for us. We need to keep that in mind and heart, being constantly grateful he is willing to put forth such a great effort in producing and performing as much as he has. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. conditioner says:


    I HAVE been watching Idol, and sadly there are only a couple, I count maybe three talented people in the top group. I heard some horrible ones last night too!! yikes!! i agree, had to kind of check the TV to make sure it wasn’t that! haha, and of course Simon agrees with us, he said at the end that ”with the exception of one person”, meaning Crystal, the whole group were a disappointment, and they better step it up!!!
    We can not even compare this to what David gave us week after week during season 7. I think that season was one for the history books! I think we all know how blessed we are to have him!!!! but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded!!!
    Thanks for this post D!!!

  5. Amy (in VA) says:

    Amen sista! There is no talent and human being like David Archuleta. We are so blessed to have been chosen to be his fans and enjoy what he has to offer! 🙂

  6. TOfan says:

    So apparently Ryan Seacrest jokingly called one of the contestants “David Archuleta” last night (soooo glad I’d turned it off by then *shivers*) … my guess is he can’t like the guy very much cuz here’s some of the backlash Ryan must’ve known would come his way:

    From EW’s Michael Slezak (the man who singlehandedly caused me to cancel my EW subscription):
    “Word of warning to Seacrest, however — you might want to quit with the David Archuleta comparisons. I know I was on Team Cook in season 7, but if we’re comparing vocal firepower here, Archie owns Aaron like Oprah Winfrey owns, well, everything.

    And from MTV’s much-more-astute (and funny) Jim Cantiello:
    “Ryan Seacrest called Aaron ‘David Archuleta.’ The name is Countryleta, Seacrest, and you’re not allowed to call him that until he stops singing like a wheezing goat! Don’t you dare soil the name of ArchuAwesome!”

    *waves to Ray, Jana, rarchiefan, Amy and {{{conditioner}}*

  7. Lisa says:

    YES lucky indeed, trying to wait patiently for the new album and first single…..but bring it on already!!!!

  8. Sunshine says:

    Great post TO – and well timed. This week sure was a stinker in AI land. And not just the singing. Not only did David give us the gift of his voice he had personality to spare. This latest crop of contestants act like there’s only one ‘dang it’ to go around and they all have to share it. Enjoying my re-runs of AI7!

  9. TOfan says:

    Lisa, it is hard to be patient, for sure. And Crush was so huge for David right out of the gate, there’ll be so much pressure for him to get it right with this next single. *bites nails*

    In fact, Crush ranked #1 in an AOL poll of top AI songs (from @nareejo on Twitter):

    AI7 reruns FTW!!! When I saw David’s Tootsie Pop tweet, I thought maybe it was his polite way of saying this season sucks! 😆

  10. TOfan says:

    Masterclass Lady weighs in on all the comparisons being made on A.I. this year. Loved this bit:

    “But, David Archuleta came to the Season 7 competition equipped with skills that were very advanced and extremely refined plus he knew how to select songs that captured his unique and creative performing style. I have never seen a young singer so prepared and so confident for the huge opportunity presented to him by American Idol.”

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