David Archuleta: I once was Lost but now am found

Lost castaways on a lei over.

"Any Dharma water left?"

The TV series Lost returns to the small screen tonight after a long hiatus. Now, I haven’t looked forward to watching anything on TV since David Archuleta stopped making his weekly appearance on American Idol Season 7 … Lost being the one notable exception.

And as the debut of this final season of Lost draws closer, I’ve been noticing a number of other things David and the Lost World have in common.

1. Desert Island

First of all, Lost takes place on a treacherous, uncharted patch of land not unlike the “bubble” world David survived on A.I. — and now finds himself in as he works on his next CD and tries to navigate the cut-throat world of the recording industry.

2. Smoke Monster

We know this nebulous creature on Lost is about to strike when we hear the creepy music start to play … cue “Light On” … (sorry, couldn’t resist).

3. Heroes & Villains

Lost has hero-doctor Jack, who’s fought to protect his fellow plane-crash survivors from the “Others,” while David’s been our hero from the first note we heard him sing. The villains? Take your pick. The A.I. machine in general (or Simon Cowell, in particular), Mr. Cook (until David convinced us otherwise), the “haters,” the press, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Plaid.

4. Dharma Initiative

A mysterious corporate-sponsored entity led by a guy with a funny accent … need I say more?

5. Time Travel

The characters of Lost flash back and forward so fast it makes our head spin. David time travels every time he steps on stage, leaving his present-day adorkable teen self behind and breaking through the space-time continuum to emerge as a mature, seasoned performer who commands the stage like a veteran.

Now if we could pick up some tips from Lost and time-travel to tour time, life would be real sweet!

Have I missed any other common threads?


P.S. Pics from the Miami Starkey Hearing Foundation event with Jordin Sparks:

Pic of David & Ricky's bro, Adam: (From @B_Twice's twitter) "Sid, J Bell, me, Jordin Sparks, Adam Archuleta @ the Starkey Hearing Foundation event."

Described on Twitter as "Miami-Vice-ish" LOL

The Miami Soundcheck Machine

Screen cap: Archuleta Phillipines

Crush Twitpic via the amazing @John_AF

Jorvid "No Air" duet (via @John_AF)

Matching Chucks FTW!!! (via @zerogravity1)

David in 2010 Shelby Super Snake Coupe, Jordin Sparks Special Edition - auctioned for Charity at Superbowl Experience

David and Jordin bring teddy bears to young patients at Miami Children's Hospital. (Photo @MeliCarcache)

"No Air" footwear

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79 Responses to David Archuleta: I once was Lost but now am found

  1. Angelica says:

    Hey TOfan! I finally got around to commenting on the last thread and as soon as I submitted, I saw your “new post” alert. lol. Oh well, better late than never. And now I get to be first!

    Love the comparisons you make. And time travel is how he does it you say? I knew there had to a an explaination for what happens when he goes from dorky to devastating on stage.

    Never watched Lost, but I agree with everything you said about AI. 😈

  2. bluebarsa says:

    Having only watched the first season of “Lost,” I don’t remember much about the show to compare with David. But, I do know, for example, after seeing the photos and reading the comments from the musician/writers David banded together with the past week, he certainly knows how to survive! Professionally we all know David will have as much success and happiness in music that he desires. Plus more and more people every day are “finding” him!
    David has told us his strength comes from his bond with faith, family and friends…so he is truly never alone. Hopefully his memoir will fill us in with even more “un-lost” feelings from his heart – other than what us fans already hear – especially in his song. And, it definitely goes without saying, we will keep him grounded, too!!

  3. TOfan says:

    LOL, Angelica, saw your comment about the big cookie … that might’ve been an old pic, I wondered what Ray was up to with those chocolate chips! 😆

    Just thought of another thing Lost & David have in common … keeping us in suspense!!!!

  4. TOfan says:

    FYI, Snarkies is having technical difficulties.

    New temporary URL:

  5. Joner says:

    Six Degrees of David Archuleta FTW!!! Doesn’t EVERYTHING in life remind us of David somehow? Is it wrong??? LOL

    All I know is that we’re kinda Lost without him right now 😦

  6. refnaf says:

    TOfan you crack me up, even without having ever seen lost!!
    I’m in for the time travel to tour time> sign me up.

    ‘Six Degrees of David Archuleta FTW!!! Doesn’t EVERYTHING in life remind us of David somehow? Is it wrong??? LOL”… Not wrong, haha It’s the new normal!

  7. betsy says:

    Tofan – I am glad you are so prolific. 🙂
    I was very into Lost for maybe the first 2 seasons. A bit of the third.
    Are we all in the *hatch*? The David Hatch?

    Side note:
    I am so very sad for Snarkys. There was some really beautiful writing. Love for David. It was one (if not THE) first place I ever posted about David.

  8. happy says:

    Tofan- “a blog tease?” me? What is it… my irresistible punctuation? my alluring spelling? The way I use delectable dangling participles? …that’s me…a tease…. Lol.
    To answer your question: I did suffer through a great deal of the Grammy awards… I was hoping to see some good music so I watched even though I hate those self-important awards shows. I didn’t enjoy much this year… oh well.
    LOST is my favorite show! I TiVod it tonight because I wasn’t able to watch it… sshhhh… don’t tell me what happened…. I can’t wait until tomorrow night to watch it without commercial interruptions. Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?
    Hi ref and kizzi… and joner…. and everyone! 🙂

  9. TOfan says:

    Bluebarsa & Joner!!!! *waves*
    “Six Degrees of David Archuleta FTW” hahaha … yes, we are a little “lost” right now!

    Betsy, that is sad about Snarky’s… so many funny, warm, touching posts there.

    {{{Happy}}} yes, it is those dang dangling participles you tease us with!!! lol
    I hope you TiVod the full 2 hours … I thought it was going to be only one and almost turned off the TV! Yikes. I would have missed seeing the crossover episode with Survivor … kidding! 😆

  10. jackryan4DA says:

    Hey guys, VEE from Down Under is here in Manilla right now 🙂 We will finally meet tomorrow – yay!

    Have you see these guys – it is cracking me up

    Animated DA – a fan encounter

    ‘Fess up, how many of what the fan said hit a home run with you?

    Animated DA in an interview


  11. TOfan says:

    thanks, jackryan4DA, hilarious!!! Give Vee a big {{{hug}}}!

    Here’s the link to livestream the Jordin Sparks Experience event (8:45 PST / 11:45 ET):
    And AnnieDAFG’s Twitter list:
    If anyone’s listening, feel free to post updates for those of us who can’t! 😦

    Photos from David Beyond Borders:


  12. beebee says:

    *waves to HAPPY!*

    TOfan, we hadn’t gotten sucked into the LOST vortex at the start, so we started catching up via netflix only a couple months back. Problem is… we’re only into season 2. We made the difficult decision yesterday (:::wrist to forehead:::) NOT to watch this final season on tv, but to wait til we’ve caught up.

    I adore the notion of children taking their brand spanking new hearing aids for a spin via David’s voice. I can think of no more perfect way to begin a life of hearing.

  13. TOfan says:

    beebee, I so agree (what else is new? lol) … when I first heard David was involved in a benefit to help hearing-impaired kids, it struck me how much I take hearing for granted and what a gift it is to hear him sing.

    . .. see pics posted at the end of the post above & starrynites vids below (wooooot!).
    Download mp3 of No Air (thx. rhiminee & starrynites) here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ayyyqmqonog
    And mp4 here:

    Looks like Jordin & David have football smudges below their eyes … hiLARious that they sang with them on! 😆 And love the matching sneaks! (So sweet of Jordin to even out their heights!)

  14. TOfan says:

    Too late to Apologiiiiiiize!

  15. beebee says:

    Not gonna lie…i am addicted to this No Air duet vid.


    David, all spiffed up in back suit & tie (per twitter) … will apparently be performing tonight, too. A No Air encore, perhaps?

  16. refnaf says:

    JR!! Have fun with vee… meeting up with David friends is one of life’s finer things! Enjoy!

    New VIDS
    !!! The Duet, me likey…

  17. emmegirl says:

    I really liked the duet too! A performance with little or no rehearsal and I thought they did great! I would like to see them do something together!

  18. TOfan says:

    I don’t know if I can handle TWO No Air vids … I can barely catch my breath after this one!

    Love how he lets his thang rip, beebee … I wish the back-up singers had politely shrugged and slipped off stage, not needed! LOL

    They should co-headline a tour together. Unlike Demi, I’d actually stick around for Jordin’s set. 😆

  19. happy says:

    beebee and TOfan… I am addicted to LOST!! I love that show!!! So will I be thrown off of here if I attempt to blog about Lost? haha… I went on a Lost blog to see if they thought that Sayid was reawakened as Jacob and found out that those crazies are crazier than us crazies… so I will stick with us crazies… you are the ones I love anyway. 🙂
    PS. want a brownie? but the question would be in which time/space continuum would I serve it? oh, of course I will serve it in this one, otherwise it would be nuts….

    – hey TOfan you did open the door with this article….. 🙂

  20. happy says:

    OMG I just realized that beebee is 3 years behind!!!! …. I am such a fool…beebee disregard my comment!!!! I am sorry! and whatever you do, no matter how many fools like me leak info to you that makes no sense anyway, DON’T watch this season until you catch up!! You will cheat yourself of all the fun!

  21. TOfan says:

    LOL, Happy, I did the same thing. The newspaper here (Globe & Mail) has an online “Lost” club … makes ODD look like the sniffles next to H1N1, hahahaha.

    No you won’t be thrown off, you might have noticed from this post that I’m partial to it myself. (But no spoilers for Beebee, who’s only on Season 2!!!) Maybe we could have a sep. page, hmmmmm. Oh, and no 1974 brownies, thank you very much.

    Have you seen the No Air duet video yet … speaking of getting “Lost” in a space-time continuum! Scroll up, and fasten your Dharma Initiative seatbelt! 😆

  22. beebee says:

    lol {{{{Happy}}}} Don’t worry… you made NO SENSE. ‘s’all good. Don’t avoid LOST talk bcz of me. I’ll be fiiiiine. 🙂

    I have lost MAH MIND over No Air After Dark… =:O and that David was jammin’ and guh-roovin’ and bustin’ moves onstage with Sam Moore (Sam & Dave, Soul Man). I could die of *squee* overload syndrome. It makes me WAY, WAY too happy to see David hobnobbin’ with yet another Soul Legend. =:O It’s just all too suh-weet for me!

    *sends self to bed*

  23. Kizzi says:

    Fun in Miami!

  24. Kizzi says:

    No Air duet – too cute!!

  25. TOfan says:


    kizzi, I don’t know whether to thank you or not, just watched these clandestinely at the office & will now have to:
    (a) explain the ridiculously huge grin on my face; and
    (b) find a way to resist replaying for the rest of the day & being carted off in a jacket with very long arms!!!!!!!!!!

    Just wish Sam Moore had been successful in convincing David to grab a mic … you could tell he was dying to!!!!

    beebee, No Air After Dark FTW!!!!!!! 😆

  26. TOfan says:

    love these Tweets:

    @starrynites01 Okay today was too much fun but must get some sleep! Wish I had video of David jamming to Battlefield, it was so funny. He did air punches!

    @zerogravity1 David was a great audience participater! Clapping! Bobbing head! Singing along! Waving hands! Bouncing! Smiling! Laughing! Jammin’! Epic!

  27. emmegirl says:

    Everyone still with us?

  28. TOfan says:

    No! … no air!


  29. refnaf says:


  30. TOfan says:

    Ref, lol!

    Gotta love Neon Limelight!:

    “Remember when Justin Bieber filled in for an absent Chris Brown to duet with Jordin Sparks on their smash hit “No Air”? Remember how much your ears hurt afterward? Well, we’re not trying to start a rivalry or anything like that, but, uh, take notes JB.

    “David Archuleta stepped in for Breezy to perform “No Air” with Jordin Sparks today (February 3) at the Jordin Sparks
    Experience event in Miami, Florida, and showed everyone how it should be done.

    “The performance was clearly a bit unrehearsed, but Archie was still ready. His powerful voice soared over his verse and blended perfectly with Jordin’s. And unlike Bieber, he felt no need to overdo it or try to out-sing Jordin. OUCH! Sorry…flashback.

    “Check out the performance above, and if you’re feeling lucky, click here for JB’s version to compare.”

    Can also now watch the duet from the UStream site! Click HERE if you dare!

  31. Kizzi says:

    LOL TOfan – those Youtubes are sweet – no air, no air, no air… and who knew breathlessness could be a euphoric experience 😀

    I couldn’t put a picture in the comments (how do you do that TOfan?) so I put at the bottom of your article…ooooooooh…that Shelby Super Snake Coupe is very chic and the model they used to advertise it is all that! 😉

  32. TOfan says:

    Well done, Kizzi!!!!
    Love those pics! He looks like a Junior James Bond behind that wheel! 😆

    Another fun article at Page2Live.com. Fave bit:

    “…Neither Sparks nor Archuleta, meanwhile, scored ducats for Super Bowl XLIV, at Dolphin Stadium. Jordin’s working on it (with her connections, I’m sure she’ll be there) but Archuleta gave Page2Live a surprising reason.

    ” ‘I’d love to go to the game,’ the diminutive singer with the big pipes said, ‘but it’s so expensive’.”

    Why do I love that he’s so thrifty?

    Cuteness overload alert:
    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

  33. Lisa says:

    HOLY COW, that no air, love love loving it!!!! What a combo! Check out 2:48 on TOfans 1st post!!!!

  34. Kizzi says:

    the ustream duet – great audio and close ups – oh la la ma chérie!

  35. TOfan says:

    Lisa, that 2:48 moment is outta the park … cannot believe they didn’t rehearse much, wow!!!

    Love this Id♥lator Headline:

    Who Needs Chris Brown? Jordin Sparks And David Archuleta Perform “No Air”

    “The third annual Jordin Sparks Experience kicked off in Miami yesterday. The charity event—benefiting Jordin and her brother P.J.’s “I’m M.A.D., Are You?” campaign—saw the Season 6 American Idol winner pair up with Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta to belt out “No Air.” And just how ably did Archie fill Chris Brown’s shoes? We say: Chris who?”

    The rest of the article’s a little, um, cheeky. 😉 Read it HERE.

  36. TOfan says:

    Amazing sound quality on this one from ShelleyFOD … no, not just an excuse to watch again … although there’s that too, bahaha 🙂

  37. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, feel free to post as many videos as your little heart desires….trying to be a dutiful citizen and watch every one!

    Hi kizzi, haha! Kinda likin’ the model too!

    (and now I cannot get this song or the images of the 2nd No Air video out of my head)

    I am doomed.

  38. awestruck says:

    I. AM. DAID. I have to be – I have NO AIR! Lovin’ all the different videos.

    So is my new computer – dead that is, sigh…

  39. Vee says:

    Tofan , refnaf, met JR yesterday here in Makati, Philippines. She sent her love to all of you guys here in Snow angelz. She is wonderful as our David, Spent hours talking about our favourite topic, The Voice, the soul man…our angel…

    We are going to see each other again before I leave for Sydney.

    Duet between David and Jordin, what can I say, EPIC…WE WANT MORE……

  40. emmegirl says:

    This is totally off topic, (taking a momentary break from the duet video.) Seeing’s how David is a huge MJ fan, wanted to share this:

  41. happy says:

    kizzi- I ♥ u. 🙂

  42. refnaf says:

    VEE!!!!! So cool you and JR met up!!! The connections made cause of David are a real bonus….As if these new vids were not enough…

    Awestruck, need I come to revive you? I am willing, anything for a suffering snowangel….

    emmegirl , I’m off to watch the seniors!

  43. refnaf says:

    Happy….need to tell you I watched the first episode of Lost and was not “caught” Must I give it another try???

  44. refnaf says:

    I ♥ kizzi too~!

  45. TOfan says:

    Hey, I ❤ kizzi also!!!

    Awestruck, LOL! DAID and gone! I cannot decide which version of the No Air duet I like better … will def. require more research! 😆

    {{{Vee}} So amazing you & JR got to meet! And I know only too well how time flies when you're talking about a certain someone! lol

    emmegirl, hiLARious vid (if not a little disturbing, LOL) … ace moonwalk, tho'!

    Here's David Archuleta Back-up Dancer (with a "white-man's overbite" alert at 1:36):

  46. Kizzi says:

    Hi Emmegirl – LOL to the MJ wannabe’s 🙂

    I ♥ you too Happy….hmmmm….Birthday tomorrow, right?!! ♫ ♪ Happy Birthday to you… ♫ ♪ ♫ ….and many more 😀

    I ♥ refnaf beaucoup!

    ❤ TOfan aussi!

    Love is in the air (what's that… no air you say?) XXOOXX to all ya’ all here at SAz 😀

    Lots of energy and excitement from the Superbowl Experience around the ArchuWorld. I was going to have a one day meeting in Ft Lauderdale last week and we couldn’t book rooms even then at a decent rate – and that was 10 days before the game – must be crazy fun & mega energy in the Miami area — LOL

  47. TOfan says:


    ♫ ♪ Happy Birthday to you… ♫ ♪ ♫!!!!

    Wait a minute, I know someone who’ll sing it better! 🙂

  48. emmegirl says:

    Kizzi, thanks for the 1:36 tip, had missed that! lol!

    And those pictures of David in the Mustang, whoa!!
    Talk about dashing!

    And then there is the simple tucked-in open-collared white shirt w/rolled sleeves, loose tie and appropriately fitting black pants. Has anyone EVER looked so incredible in such simple attire?

  49. Abrra says:

    I sat with my video camera and put Apologize-Miami on full screen. It came out pretty good.

    Please embed for me my sistah from the North?


  50. TOfan says:

    There you go, sistah!

    With all the No Air excitement, I almost overlooked Apologize and it’s a great one … his piano playing’s come a long way, too!

    More MTV buzz HERE, Hunkerdown Tag-Team FTW!
    Miami hunkerdown

  51. happy says:

    Happy Birthday to you … happy birthday to me… Happy Birthday blubarsa…. happy birthday to us !

    … the first time we met, we were part of a group of 8… happy, kizzi, djb, ninaf, HG, refnaf, TOfan and blubarsa… and we discovered 3 of us had the same birthday! We interpreted it as good karma.

    Kizzi is a special friend… may I share that when I came home from work today a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a balloon on top was waiting for me at my front door….. from kizzi. Thank you. 🙂

    and a thankyou to the others that remembered my birthday via email… you all brought a warmth to my heart and a smile to my face. 🙂

  52. happy says:

    its a good thing i am not a songwriter…
    it should be

    Happy Birthday to you … happy birthday to me… Happy Birthday blubarsa, kizzi, and happy…. happy birthday to us !

  53. happy says:

    i am spamming, lol

    refnaf… you must give it more than 1 show! sheesh! 🙂

  54. archiesfan4life says:

    Happy Birthday happy, blubarsa and kizzi!!!

  55. emmegirl says:

    Happy Birthday to all the birthday girls!

    Does it seem like he is on to the start of something big this year? The media seems to have finally begun to accept him for the talent that he is. This next album may be the one that puts him up in the category with the finest talent in the biz…right where he belongs!

    (why oh why can’t I get out of those No Air videos! seriously!)

  56. TOfan says:

    ohmyheck, Happy Birthday to the Northern Lights trio, my fellow Aquarians!!!

    Here’s my gift to you, run don’t walk to Miss Bianca’s retrospective of all the A.I. Season 7 posts & graphs (in chronological order) from The Vulture (the snarktastic entertainment blog affiliated with New York Magazine):

    emme, you may be right, but so much pressure on this next album … gettin’ shaky just thinking about it.

  57. djafan says:

    Happy Birthday to the birthday girls!!!!

    I need to catch up on Lost. I was watching this show regularly and then “someone” took all my attention, free time, life from me… guess who?

  58. Kizzi says:

    Another “No Air” duet from sdb66 – great audio and different angle of viewing (i think it was uploaded to youtube sometime yesterday) 😀

  59. Kizzi says:

    And one last “No Air” from trish0400 – audio is crackly but video is very sharp and from a different perspective in the audience…

  60. Kizzi says:

    Happy Birthday Bluebarsa and Happy!

    Happy – are you snowed in on your Birthday? If so, hope you’re snug, warm and tucked in front of a crackling fire in your fireplace!

    Bluebarsa – is it snowing heavy in your neck of the woods? Have a happy birthday!

    Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes all.

    My grandkids sent me handmade Birthday cards – so incredibly creative and the best gift this Grand Mama could ev-ah have!

    And my 25 yo son is going to Haiti as a volunteer. He surprised me the other day with this news. He is going to work with children and orphans. I’ll keep you posted.

    Yes, indeed-dee – Feb 6 is shaping up to be one heck-of-a day!

    Ut-Oh….I feel a fan re-union coming on. TOfan, we should meet the SAz in Toronto on some Saturday soon and go skating with you! Who’s in?

  61. refnaf says:

    Birthdays!! Sorry for being late to the party… hope you all had a great day, and wishing you a blessed year… (with a tour) Happy, Kizzi and Bluebarsa!

    Thanks for the new links Kizzi, hope someone does a mashup…

    dja> someone took over your “Lost” viewing time? Wow that’s unusual…mmm

    I do have a pair of skates somewhere, I think…. swore I’d never use them again, after a nasty fall, but For David friends?? Why not!! Let’s do it Kizzi!

  62. Kizzi says:

    Hooray Ref – Skating in Toronto is now a par-tay of 2 and counting…

    I’ll need training wheels on my skates ref. 😀

  63. bluebarsa says:

    Thank you for the birthday greetings and my good wishes to Kizzi and Happy as well. Although I don’t comment much, I love Snow Angelzs and cherish all the friendships here.

    It is a day of mixed emotions for me and my family as my oldest, and very dear sister has passed away. With 22 years difference in our ages, I always knew her as a beautiful grown-up woman, who I admired very much.

    The music of her time was swing, the big bands and bebop. She played the piano; and the sounds of the show tunes was what she loved the most and what I remember hearing in our home. Songs from South Pacific and Oklahoma are stirring and timeless, and whenever I hear them, I always think of my lovely sister sitting at the piano. She also played the pop songs that were sung by Perry Como and Patti Page. I would get out the sheet music and wished to play as well as her, but never got beyond fingering a few notes of “The Tennessee Waltz.” My best and most fun memory was when I could sing along to “How Much is that Doggie in the Window!” Then as time moved on…. another memory was the party she had for me on my 21st. Of course, she played… and sang “Happy Birthday to You” – adding much joy to that special day.

    My sister’s health had been failing for a long time, and it had been many, many years since she actually played the piano. But, on one of my last visits, I spoke to her about music. I was reminded of another song she used to play: “The September Song.” In the lyrics, “the days dwindle down to a precious few” and “these precious days I’ll spend with you.”
    Although she was weak, it was heartening to see her raise both hands and move them as if sitting once again in front of a keyboard. Through the tears, both hers and mine… and through the music in her soul, she always made me smile.

  64. Kizzi says:

    Barbara – I am so sorry to hear of your sister’s passing. Sounds like you had a wonderful last visit with her. My deepest sympathy to you.

  65. KT says:

    Hello all SAz from an igloo!

    Happy Birthday to Happy, Kizzi and Bluebarsa!!! I would sing happy birthday to each of you but let’s just say that you should all be happy that for the most part blogging is a written medium!

    Bluebarsa, so sorry about the passing of your sister. Thank you for sharing such beautiful memories of your time together.

    I currently have a 14 foot evergreen lying horizontally across my driveway on top of the snow…what fun.

  66. emmegirl says:

    bluebarsa, sympathies on the passing of your dear sister. Music was a big part of my mother’s upbringing and it creates such wonderful family memories. Amazing how the songs shared when your young bring back those family memories for a lifetime.

  67. ninaf says:

    I’m so sorry I’m late to the party, but thanks to the very thoughtful heads up from Tofan, I’m here now.

    Triple happy birthday to Happy, Kizzi and Bluebarsa.

    Bluebarsa – I’m so sorry for your loss. Having a special relationship with a sister is a very precious thing, and it seems like the two of you had wonderful times together. For that, you should feel very lucky and can now relish in your precious memories.

  68. TOfan says:

    bluebarsa, so sorry for your loss. The September Song is one of my all-time favourite Kurt Weill songs … I used to sing it myself once upon a time but there’s a much better version from Ella Fitzgerald HERE.

    kizzi, a fan-vention skating party in T.O. sounds like a grand plan! (Happy, bring brownies!!! Ref, you can hang on to me!) And thanks for the new-angle No Air vids … so full of WIN!

    Fave bit is from 2:27 to 2: 37 in the 1st one … the way David & Jordin are in synch with their eye contact and listening to one another …

    … the way he sweetly ducks & moves over so as not to block out the back up singers …

    … the way their voices and runs complement each other’s …

    … David’s clear admiration and respect for Jordin (I always wondered if her A.I. win as a teenager gave him the ultimate push to go and audition the following year himself).

    yikes! Looks like you guys are getting all the snow we didn’t get this year. Stay safe & warm & hot-toddied! 😆

  69. ninaf says:

    I haven’t been commentating on any of the DA sites, but I’m always lurking. What’s been really tough for me since the drought of touring/music set in, is the absence of time with my DA friends. I always have a lot going on in my life, but I treasure all the concert sharing experiences with the group here, and I just miss everyone:(. We definitely need some kind of reunion…I can’t wait until the next tour to see everyone!

  70. TOfan says:

    Ditto, Ninaf … miss you & the old “gang”! 😦 oops, not that WE’re old, mind you! 🙂

    FYI, No Air is getting great buzz: Love the headline HERE, “No Air, lots of talent”:

    Fave bits:
    Not so fast, Aaron Kelly!
    While American Idol viewers are already comparing the aforementioned season nine contestant with David Archuleta, the former runner-up proved this week that he won’t be replaced without a fight.


    “The former American Idol alumni performed a duet to “No Air,” the single Sparks originally made famous with Chris Brown.

    “Could she have replaced Brown with anyone more opposite from him? We doubt it. This, of course, is a big compliment to David. The day he beats his girlfriend is the day Jon Gosselin starts caring about his kids.”


  71. TOfan says:

    What’s with the big smile? Has he not heard of Alfred Hitchcock?

    Uh, hi birds lol. Getting close there. on Twitpic

  72. Kizzi says:

    LOL TOfan – “The Birds”

    Those look like cockatiels to me like the one’s you see here ——>

    http://bit.ly/6y7X9l …..awwwwwww…..

    Hitch did use all types of birds in the movie…

    Cockatiels are so affectionate and loving. Wonder if those two are a pair…pairs are so much fun to watch interact and have as pets. I’d be smiling too if a pair of cockatiels took a liking to me 😀

  73. archiesfan4life says:

    bluebarsa – my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your dear sister. She, and you and your family, are in my prayers.

  74. TOfan says:

    That’s interesting about cockatiels, but birds sort of freak me out (maybe it’s that movie! lol)

    I did reply to his twitpic, however, suggesting he do a vlog with the bird on his shoulder à la Pirates of the Caribbean (eyepatch optional)! 😆

  75. jackryan4DA says:

    Can you handle one more NO AIR? I noticed that KIZZI mentioned the USTREAM VERSION , so here you go:

    I dunno why, but YT has some delays displaying my vids in the search results. Anw, enjoy the close-ups & the download link!

    BLUEBARSA – am so sorry for your loss.

    HAPPY & to the rest of the Feb celebrants – happy bday!

    KIZZI – you got mail?

  76. pam05 says:



    @SU2C tell us who you would like to see on future @SU2C Specials would love to hear who you’d love to see

    P.S. Nice write up 😀

  77. pam05 says:

    Just dropping by from your neighbor in MI.

    Happy Birthday to Happy, Kizzi and Bluebarsa!!!

    Bluebarsa, my sympathies…

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