What will David sing at the ALMAs?

Fill in your own soundtrack ... you know you can.

Fill in your own soundtrack ... you know you can.

Our top five guess list:

1) Crush in Spanishay caramba! Last we heard, they were tweaking the translation … surely they’ve worked it out by now!

2) Zero Gravity — it was recently released on Radio Disney and, as we well know, would be a show-stopper live.

3) My Hands, live version with a cappella ending … I know, it’s a long shot, but a girl can dream ….

4) ALMA performances are often duets and Sean Kingston is on the guest list. “Beautiful Girls” / Stand By Me anyone?




5) Or could we hope for a duet with Canada’s Nelly Furtado?

Ms. Furtado — who has worked with a certain Mr. Mike Krompass — recently hit #1 on Billboard‘s Hot Latin Songs chart with “Manos Al Aire.” It’s the lead single from Mi Plan, Furtado’s fourth studio album — her first completely recorded in Spanish.

What do you think he’ll sing?

(Great pics from David Daily.)


Late-breaking news:

Aw, snowflakes for SnowAngelz, how sweet: So, thumbs up? Down? In between?

Aw, snowflakes for SnowAngelz: Seriously though, thumbs up? Down? Meh?

Versus fab fan art: Yays? Nays?

cdcoverart4morecoversjuanchristmasartThanks Rabid and Juan M…

I’m, likin the snow angelz!!

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31 Responses to What will David sing at the ALMAs?

  1. yjfanofdavid says:

    Hi Tofan, Just want to say I love this site. Great content! Also love David’s pic with the Canadian flag. 🙂

  2. Kizzi says:

    I can’t imagine Crush in Spanish. Inspired thought.

  3. TOfan says:

    Thanks, yjfanofdavid!! Welcome!

    Kizzi, I remember David mentioning in an interview (I think it was at the Tree Lighting thingie last Dec.) that they were working on recording a Spanish version of Crush but, funnily enough, there was no literal translation for the word.

    So they were calling it “Atracción,” he said. That would surely sizzle at the ALMAs!

  4. refnaf says:

    I’m very indecisive on this one… Crush “atraccion” mmmmmmmmmmm, also liking him and Nelly Furtado, nice Canadian twist…heehheeee.
    Hi yja!!!!
    KizziI I need to know what your avi is?????

  5. Kizzi says:

    So if it’s a Nelly/David duet, what would be the song? Nelly sings beautifully and their duet would be incredible!

    refnaf: Avi is a black stone on a flat white surface – zen stuff – my grand daughter sent me the picture telling me it reminded her of us – her and I together – ha

    At first I thought it was like “black and white” as in opposites and when I asked her, she laughed and explained it represented zen balance and peace and that was how she saw us together 🙂

  6. TOfan says:

    Love the story about your avi, Kizzi. Here I thought it was a piece of stereo equipment! LOL

    On Furtado’s new album, she does a duet with Josh Groban called “Silencio” that’s lovely (as much as I like Nelly, I hope David gets to sing solo, though). Here’s a snippet of it:

  7. refnaf says:

    I think you are right TOfan, David needs no one else… him alone is perfection. “Atraccion” is hard to imagine, but it would sizzle, as you say. It would be interesting….
    Kizzi!!! Thanks, now I can see it! Your grand daughter must be a very enlightened young lady… so sweet.

  8. kti2008 says:

    TOfan! I hope is it not a duet. I get kind of frustrated when someone else is singing with David…I want his voice only. Maybe it will be a combo action…a little English and a little Spanish…now what song that will be, I am clueless. I guess I am not much help in solving this puzzle. It might be something we haven’t heard before. Whatever it is I think he will blow them/us away! I actually heard a cover of Spanish Crush somewhere on youtube…I think. Oh well, I’m sure we will have a lot to say on Saturday! IIFY?

  9. TOfan says:

    kti, that would be cool, a Crush/Atracción combo …

    Or maybe A Little Too Not Over Tú ? 😆

  10. Kizzi says:

    French TOfan? I hadn’t thought of that. But it makes me smile alot thinking about it 🙂

    I was thinking Crush, too, but ZG has so much energy and I saw on past shows the performances were high energy.

    It’s being taped Thursday evening…are there spoilers about this type of thing. Like we can find out the songs before the show is aired?

  11. TOfan says:

    mikesd is attending as a seat filler (*trying to imagine how amazing that would be and failing*) but is sworn to secrecy.

    Good luck stopping all tweetleaks, though!

  12. kti2008 says:

    David is so in demand that you would have to virtually be nonvirtual to avoid a spoiler…haha

  13. Kizzi says:

    good point kti! I’m good with spoilers so maybe we will know something late Thursday night which will feed my anticipation, not spoil it.

  14. TOfan says:

    Part of me doesn’t want to know in advance.

    I remember, for the A.I. finale, what a thrill it was when David came strolling out for Apologize. Chills, baby, chills.

    It’s fun to guess, though!

  15. awestruck says:

    I am on the fence re spoilers… I did not listen to any when his debut album came out and was glad I didn’t.

    When I first heard that David was going to perform at the ALMA”s I thought Zero Gravity would be great for him to do, then I heard Sean Kingston was also going to perform – and his newest is Fire Burning (call 911) and is also a get up and dance tune . Soooo I vote for Atracción.

  16. pastelpastel says:

    The ALMA song is the best kept secret in a while, but I cannot imagine it will be kept a secret much past Thursday at about 9 pm est!

    I love the idea of a verse of Crush in Spanish, but is that the best promotional move? David has never been about the promotion tho and he might just say it is the most appropriate song for him for the occasion. Personally, I think there is room for ZG and Fire Burning, esp given all the kudos he is getting for ZG on Radio Disney this week. I would love to see Nelly w/ David, but for his second performance of the night lol!

    I wish there was some way we could get together to see this! It would be fun. But I have no idea if it is even televised here…anyone know?

    And the CD cover? Just meh. I wasn’t moved. Sorry.

  17. Kizzi says:

    I like the cover. It’s David. Snowflakes are fine. Looks age appropriate. It will be what’s inside that will make it or break it.

  18. refnaf says:

    Loving the snowflakes , and David”s pic (those eyes) is good. My problem is the font….a very big “meh”. I have seen some fan art that was more artistic….

  19. awestruck says:

    I am in Calgary and the ALMA’s are listed on Shaw as being on channel 200 (HD ABC station) at 9pm Friday night.

    Pastel – I do agree that David will sing what he wants to sing… I seem to remember that I read a comment that he made that “I won’t let this happen again” in reference to his performance on AI this past year (Touch My Hand). I wish I could remember where I saw/heard this.

    Re the cover art – it is simple and I do like the snowflakes… just wish they didn’t have to feel the need to photoshop to the death. In the end THE EYES HAVE IT! Oh my, they pierce right through you don’t they even through the computer screen. I will be a blubbering mess if I every have the priviledge of meeting him in person.

  20. angelofdja says:

    Anything he sings will make me happy! I will take any TV appearance and consider it great promotion for our David. Look what he did with America the Beautiful! 🙂 Many new fans were gained with that performance.
    As for the CD cover? Hmmmm…I like his eyes. I find the rest quite simple and slightly calming. Kinda like him. I do wonder why the need to photoshop his beautiful face so much?

  21. djafan says:


    Interesting, I’d love crush in spanish but I’d like him to have a few performances of it under his belt, just for my comfort… on the other hand I think Zero Gravity would blow everyone away.

    Here is a cover of Crush in spanish. Here they use the word Ilusion instead of atraccion which I think flows better.

  22. TOfan says:

    Pastel, ALMAs will air in Canada on ABC (8 p.m. ET), acc. to yahoo.ca listings, if that helps!

    Re the Christmas cover, if I wasn’t a fan already, I’d look at it and assume the music inside was kid’s stuff, cutie-pie fluff, which we all know will NOT be the case. I agree, Refnaf, there were some amazing fan covers done, so I guess that’s what I was expecting.

    Artists like Rascal Flatts, Janet Jackson and Fall Out Boy, and others, have run contests to let fans design their CD cover … David has so many uber-talented artists in his fan base, he’d be wise to tap into that talent at some point, imho.
    But those eyes are, um, hard to ignore. 😉

    Thanks for that Spanish Crush cover, djafan! Or should I say, muchas gracias?! 🙂

  23. refnaf says:

    djafan!!! Thank you…. me thinks I”d like that done by David….very much! It does make me nervous for him, not having done it before.

  24. TOfan says:

    Like many of you, I plan to do some SERIOUS gifting of this CD for Christmas and I like the black & white fan cover so much (that for-real smile dusted with falling snow versus clip-art flakes), I might just print out a few and replace them. It’s the music that counts, after all.

  25. Kizzi says:

    Great idea, TOfan, to print out one’s own preference of cover for gifting a CD.

    One thing my granddaughter pointed out to me was that the Xmas CD cover was for teens too. She looked at the fan art and liked some of it but said most of it was “for older people like you Grandma.” hahahahaha

    I do think the cover is age appropriate as David is 18. The picture is stunning.

  26. TOfan says:

    Kizzi, good point about the fan art. I wonder, though, if teens even buy CDs anymore — they seem to download all their music — making the cover art question moot for them, LOL.

    In the recent Entertainment Weekly article about “flipping” the picture on your iPod when a “guilty pleasure” song comes on, the example they used was Crush. But the iTunes photo the author felt the need to “flip” wasn’t the CD cover at all, but a cheesy, dated shot from the A.I. days. If iTunes continues to use that picture for the Christmas album, yikes.

    (Anyone else getting “all shaky” for tonight?)

  27. Kizzi says:

    I’m ready for tonight and I’m VeRy “spoiled.”

  28. pastelpastel says:

    I’m ready 2 Kizzi….and I’m feeling more shaky than “spoiled” lol.

  29. pastelpastel says:

    ….and, how about Eli playing drums with Jason Castro? I know it’s the worst kept secret, but lookin forward to a tour stop in Toronto now….

  30. refnaf says:

    A little too excited!!! for tonight.

  31. refnaf says:

    Sorry pastel I can’t think of Jason right now, lol.

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