Canadian Idol meets American Idol

Abrra from The David Chronicles created this very cool video featuring the single “Sing” from Canadian Idol 2008 winner Theo Tams. Enjoy!

And in the not-so-small world department: Refnaf, Sunshine, Conditioner, Pastel and I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Tams “Sing” at the Chum Christmas Wish Breakfast last December … the same event where David Archuleta performed an acoustic version of Crush … gotta love it when worlds (and nations) collide!

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4 Responses to Canadian Idol meets American Idol

  1. refnaf says:

    Ahhh Theo sings well and was a sweetheart when we met him…
    Thanks to Abrra for this vid…

  2. pastelpastel says:

    Thanks Abrra! What a morning that was last December! Toronto loves David, so David needs to return to Toronto. And Theo is a great talent. All I remember about our conversation was talking about skiing and snowboarding. How lame!

  3. TOfan says:

    LOL, Pastel. I remember asking Theo to sign one of those Christmas Wish ornaments … I felt like a traitor, though, because I’d never actually watched him on Canadian Idol *blushes*. Very sweet guy though, and loved his performance.

  4. conditioner says:

    hmmmm, I think a duet with Nelly would be fantastic! …. say ‘To Be With You’ lol(TO fan – I know, but you asked!!!) I am still kicking myself for accidentally erasing the interview at the Christmas Wish Breakfast, dang it!!! That WAS a lovely morning, wasn’t it!

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