David to direct Blair Witch Project … not really

Just had to post David’s new vlog, along with his “more info” and “tags,” which are always so … David.

More info:
I apologize that it was dark, I didn’t realize it but I guess the sun was going down as I was making it. Got to spend time with my sisters in Cali and finished recording for the Christmas album! Singing America the Beautiful at the US Open tomorrow night, and Alma Awards are coming up too.

David  Archuleta  US  Open  New  York  Thank  You’s  Alma  Awards  California  Sisters

And yes, it was dark and spooky. Reminded me of this:


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13 Responses to David to direct Blair Witch Project … not really

  1. pastelpastel says:

    LOL ToFan. Do you think David knows what the Blair Witch Project is? Even in its “spookiness”, David’s vlogs are too good to be true.

    They posted my note below on the USOpen site today under comments. I’m not sure why I am driven to do this. Maybe cuz other than David’s own tweets, I have no idea where the DJA promotions department is.

    1:09 PM
    David Archuleta is singing tonight at 9 pm EST. His rendition of America the Beautiful is beyond belief! Worth tuning in for!
    Pastel P, CAN

    See…they put down CANADA! Yippee!!!

  2. Sunshine says:

    Have we finally seen David’s dark side? haha. He really does entertain us on so many levels. This weekend I’m a tennis fan and as I look forward to the week I’m channelling my inner seniorita. US Open, ALMAs… whatever it takes to hear David during this post-tour drought.

    Lovin’ that there is now a home for us Canadian fans. Hey David, anytime you wanna come make snow angels with us … we’ll have the hot chocolate ready!

  3. Kizzi says:

    The vlog cracked me up.

    I liked the face out of the darkness – no distractions what so ever – but it was UnUsUaL.

    So much happiness and such a relaxed monologue; he loves his “momma” and “sisters.”

    The self-awareness is too cool – the comment about “all mashed up” was too much and of course his thoughts on the liner notes–classic David!

  4. TOfan says:

    Pastel, that is awesome … you so deserve that promotion to Ace Reporter! lol In fact, David’s peeps should hire you!

    Sunshine!!! That would be non-dairy hot chocolate, right? 🙂

    Kizzi, his comments on the liner notes were too funny. But I have a feeling that just like his “I’ll try not to go on too long blogs” that, thankfully, do go on and on and yet are too short, his next set of liner notes will be just as epic. *fingers crossed*

  5. kti2008 says:

    Hi Tofan! KT here…World Press wanted a longer name than I have…haha.

    Just wanted to log on and tell you that I really liked your recent post at TDC…been on vacation and am just getting caught up! I think you saw by my greeting upon meeting you in Hershey that I am fan of your writing and that post was a classic example of your talent!

    Like this site too! I will check it out on a regular basis. Hope all is well.

    Hi Sunshine!

  6. gooddeedaday says:

    Thanks so much, KT, it was such a pleasure meeting and talking with you and Lorna. Looking very forward to running into you guys again on the Christmas tour!

    Update for Canadian fans wanting to watch U.S. Open:

    It’s airing on TSN2 and you can find stations here (I don’t get any of them unfortunately):

  7. gooddeedaday says:

    Oops, that last comment was from TOfan … wrong login, yikes.

  8. TOfan says:

    America the Beautiful at U.S. Open (youTube/soundscene):

  9. refnaf says:

    hey….back from another weekend of wonders in the provincial parks. Can’t help but think that David would enjoy some time backpacking up here!
    The first thing I saw on my return (of course I gravitate to anything David in my inbox) was this vlog. He is so precious, coming back to apologize for the darkness and then lighting his face up , like a horror movie…. just so David.
    I am catching up and need to say welcome to all!! Hi Kizzi and happy and awestruck and pastel and KT…. lovin it here already. Think I’ll sit down awhile….

  10. refnaf says:

    TOfan, thanks for The ATB vid….

  11. Kizzi says:

    Miami Examiner article on David’s performance at the US Open. This is great publicity and exposure.


    Also the YouTube video in that article has the best audio I’ve heard for the recorded performance. Loved how he smiled when he saw the Marines entering.

    Hi refnaf – I got to several parks in the Quebec province and they were awesome. I think anyone who appreciates being outdoors would love the Canadian parks. We hiked one day in “Les Sept Chutes” (seven falls) and it was magnificent. The park had built observation platforms at several points as you ascend the trail to view the 7 waterfalls. Simply gorgeous and the trails were excellent. The Saguenay-St. Lawrence National Park was incredible too.

    We perused this website for our recent trip to Quebec Province:


    Maybe a nice gift to David would be a travel guide (fan made of course) to some Canadian Parks – like a road trip for the family he just took but only in Canada. I believe he would just LOVE it!

  12. TOfan says:

    Welcome back, Ref!!

    Kizzi, I noticed that smile too … he seemed to be beaming with pride as he sang (beaming even more than usual, that is, lol). Thanks for that link!

    Love your idea of a National Park guidebook! Two I’ve always wanted to visit are Gros Morne in Nfld. and Wood Buffalo Ntl. Park (Canada’s largest & a UNESCO World Heritage Site). In fact, David wasn’t far from there when he was in Alaska!

  13. refnaf says:

    hey all…. Kizzi , so glad you enjoyed your canada trip. I have not been to “Les Sept chutes” yet…but I have been to Grose Morne.. it is amaaazing. Great idea, A tourguide book for David. We must use all avenues to get that boy here!!
    Ace reporter pastel FTW
    hey sunshine *waves*

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