When good fans go bad

George ClooneyYou’ll never guess who I saw last night?? No, not David, sorry … George Clooney! He is in town for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Why am I mentioning Mr. Clooney on a David Archuleta site? Because as I watched the former Dr. Ross make his way around the red carpet barricade signing autographs and chatting away to onlookers, I couldn’t help but notice how calm and relaxed the scene was.

In fact, I almost walked on by as there was no squealing, charging or hysteria.Don’t get me wrong, there was a huge throng there, but they were respectful and laid back.

David’s fans have become famous for their warmth, generosity and loyalty and I hope we also develop a reputation for being respectful. Two recent incidents come to mind that mar this vision, but I hope they are anomalies:

At the VIP session I attended in Hershey in August, as David sat down at his keyboard, he told us he’d be singing Heaven and Crazy. A loud “NO!!!” erupted from the seats to my left. I couldn’t believe my ears. Who the ohmyheck screams “NO!” at the prospect of David Archuleta singing, well, anything? David handled the situation expertly, of course, then asked the rest of us what we’d like to hear. I found out later that this small group had been to several events and were known (to David himself, it seemed) for being, um, full of energy.

The second example is the recent tweet from Charice (about her singing with David on his upcoming Christmas album):

Charice Pempengco tweets back.

Charice Pempengco tweets back.

David Archuleta’s FANS. If you hate me then fine. I’M JUST DOING MY JOB. And it’s not my fault if they chose me to sing with David. THANKS.

Now, I realize this overzealous “support” comes with the territory of having fans of all ages, but I hope it will continue to be the exception, not the rule. Although my Webster’s dictionary does remind me the word fan is “probably short for fanatic”…yikes.

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21 Responses to When good fans go bad

  1. Kizzi says:

    Also, disney dreaming made some nice comments about David’s fans which goes to the “good” fans column.

    But yeah, I saw some amazingly rude behavior at my VIP & at some concerts which screams objectification, ownership, etc. An older lady, about 50’ish, tried to kiss him. Someone sniffed his neck and made a big deal about it.

    What he has to go through is amazing and he keeps his cool. Zen-like, yep for sure, but I think he must be missing anger DNA too – lol.

    I think Clooney has done well in grooming his fan base as you noted. I think the respect will happen for David, because that is what David gives and the “fanatical” fans will extinquish those behavior because they are outliers and not the norm.

    But since he came from AI and he has some young and not so young fans, we will probably see this extreme stuff for the time being. I just hope he doesn’t sustain a reputation for the most fanatical fans for the duration of his career.

  2. pastelpastel says:

    George Clooney is a perfect example of class and charm. So David-like. Great analogy.

    Loved how you described David’s fans as “full of energy” lol. A generous description! At the VIP in Pittsburgh there was a fan that kept shouting out Como la Flor just as David was taking to the piano and would not let up. So disruptive and she KNEW David would not ignore a comment from the fan. But David is the boss, and I hope some of the energetic fans don’t take away from what he feels comfortable doing. Keep saying it “David is the boss!”.

    I am somewhat surprised that Charise tweeted about fan reaction to her singing with David. Although I agree that fans need to respect these musical decisions, I find it curious that she felt the need to be defensive. Definitely not a good reflection on our fanbase, but other performers may have just let it go…just saying….

  3. TOfan says:

    True, Kizzi, he kept his cool in Hershey too, a real pro. And yes, I hope that “fanatical fan” prize from the TCAs doesn’t come back to haunt him as his career develops.

    Pastel, I wondered about that too but then remembered how young Charice is, as well. On one hand, Twitter and vlogs make these young performers so accessible (as opposed to every move being vetted by handlers), but the downside is they may not always make the best PR decisions for themselves.

  4. pastelpastel says:

    So true TOfan…she’s a young’n. But David makes good PR decisions without having a PR team lol!

    I was REALLY pleased that Ray said on the chat the other night the one thing he could do without is the fans camping out at the buses, and staying even when told not to. That’s a good message for everyone to comply with. Again, a sign of respect for David’s privacy. In case you haven’t noticed, I LOVE RAY!!!!

  5. just marly says:


    ToFan!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful site…I will have to add to my never-ending list of David sites that I visit each day:):):)

    “Full of Energy”…what a nice polite David way of putting it:):) And tweeting to Charice…yikes!!!
    I agree…I sure do hope that us “fanatic fans” don’t come between David and his ability to make amazing music for the rest of his life.

    Anyone here out west? I seem to remember someone being a David fan and living out west.
    There MUST be more than just me:):)

    And I am in and willing to do whatever it takes to get David the recognition that he deserves in Canada. I have yet to see him live:(:( Passport issues, four kids issues and a hubby who has uttered the word divorce and David Archuleta in the same sentence:(:( Someday soon I pray!!

    Thanks for the awesome site and good to see familiar faces from TDC!!!!

  6. marlie7 says:

    Wow – fantastic, you guys! Yes, and as just marley said, I’ll have to add this to my favorites category of David blogs.

  7. TOfan says:

    Hot off the tweetpress, from our very own ace reporter, Pastel:

    # @pastelpastel it was just a studio space where he was rehearsing for his performance at the US Open.35 minutes ago from web in reply to pastelpastel

    # joked with the group that @davidarchie should be our soloist and we should call ourselves “David Archupella”39 minutes ago from web

    # saw @davidarchie this morning at his rehearsal space. stood outside and could hear him rehearsing. boy can siiiing!41 minutes ago from web

  8. TOfan says:

    just marly, Awestruck & Gengen are both from Calgary!

    Thanks, marlie7, and you’re close enough to the border to be an honorary Canadian! LOL

  9. just marly says:

    Thanks for the info ToFan!!!

    I seemed to remember a few from Calgary…anyone from Edmonton hiding out? And please let me know about the next Canadian contingency roadtrip:)

    As for the Whistler Olympics….YES,YES and YES!!!!!!
    My brother is in Vancouver and I think I could sneak away for a concert under the premise of visiting my bro’s family and nephews!!! May be my only hope!

  10. danalarkey says:

    Hi! Awesome site! 😀 😀

    Kizzi sent me the link, and I added your site to Snarkies blogroll. I hope that’s okay!

  11. Kizzi says:

    Thanks Dana – you are wonderful!

    TOfan – So David’s new sytlist, Julie Waldorf, has also styled George Clooney.

    Not even six degrees of separation on that one – lol.

  12. awestruck says:

    Hey Hey Hey it worked first time… wordpress login/password. I am such a ? when it comes to this kind of computer stuff.

    TOfan great job with Snow Angelz

    just Marly hi

    thanks Kizzi for the e-mail shoutout

    hey dana-snarkies for acknowledging the site

    David is in good company with Julie Waldorf if you have checked out her website/celebrities page

  13. Kizzi says:

    Awestruck ((Hugs))

    I did look at Julie’s website; simple and elegant and a wonderful list of clients!

    I am planning trip across Canada in the Fall 2010 so hopefully we can meet for lunch or dinner! Train trip across the Canadian Rockies in the Fall is at the top of Mr K’s and my trip list. 🙂

  14. awestruck says:

    Kizzi – We will keep in touch!

  15. happy says:

    My Canadian peeps!!!! I love you! Congratulations on your new and much needed site…Canadian Archies FTW!! (Can I be an honorary Canadian even though I hate the cold?) 🙂

  16. pastelpastel says:

    LOL Tofan…I didn’t realize I was a reporter but if my twitter obsession can be helpful in some way, that’s good!!

    Have you checked out David’s vlog? And how many times he uses the word family? And he downplays his performances at USOpen and ALMA’s? And how he relishes the “experience” around the performance rather than the performance?

    Is he real? He looked a little spooky in that vid anyway lol!

  17. TOfan says:

    Dana, thanks!!! Of course that’s okay, love Snarkies (and Kizzi!)

    Happy, yes, we grant you honorary Canadian status, but from now on you have to say “zed” instead of “zee,” otherwise, you’re in!!

    Yay, Awestruck, glad you made it, I will check out that website.

    Pastel, guess you didn’t get the memo about your promotion to head TwitterReporter. “Is he real?” I know, amazing that he is for real, isn’t it?

  18. happy says:

    TOfan- I don’t ever say “zee”, unless you are referring to the letter…then I say it once in a while when I am washing my hands….. for good hygiene remember to rub, rub, the soap until you are done singing the alphabet…..

  19. TOfan says:

    Yes, the letter, as in “x, y, zed” … that’s a lot of hand washing. I thought it was sing “Happy Birthday” through twice … maybe that’s Canadian too! LOL

  20. refnaf says:

    TOfan, the “full of energy” fans are a bit scary, but part of the scene…. I agree that watching David deal with situations as they come up, is incredible. I think his ability to go wiht the flow and be “in the moment” keeps him from getting sidetracked, he is so good at renmaining focussed. Another thing I can learn from him.

    I am so thrilled to see all you peeps here, hey to both marlies and Danalou and kizzi and happy and awestruck and pastel ***waves***

  21. cardcrusher says:

    Charice has fanatic supporters as well. Just search Youtube for Charice AND Freddie.

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