I Know He Lives … I know this slays!!!

aslkdfjalkfalkjfdlakjflkajdfkajdlfkjaldfkj YOU GUYSSSSS!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 11.09.10 AM

I have loved this song since the first time we got a sneak peek many moons ago … so prayers have been answered that David FINALLY decided to release it!

(Didn’t someone wise say good things come to those who wait? 😉 )

I love this for so many reasons… but I’ll limit to 3, lol:

1. How simple the accompaniment and production are… it has that organic one-take feel… almost like I’m hearing it live!

2. David’s mad crazy good soulful vocals, like inSANE!!

3. The song itself, love the R&B vibe & the message and just everything about it… gets under my skin… in a good way!




Does the picture up top that David posted in his stories mean that we’re also getting a videooooo???



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45 Responses to I Know He Lives … I know this slays!!!

  1. Janey H. says:

    You said it best when you said, and i quote, “aslkdfjalkfalkjfdlakjflkajdfkajdlfkjaldfkj YOU GUYSSSSS!!!!!!” I’ve got nothing after that. And YES, we have proof that a camera was in the room, check this my lovelies, https://www.instagram.com/p/CMXk8a8MPr4/

  2. TaterZen says:

    I LOVE IT!
    Like Janey said, it’s hard to top “aslkdfjalkfalkjfdlakjflkajdfkajdlfkjaldfkj YOU GUYSSSSS!!!!!!.” I can only agree. OH, MY… THIS GUY!

  3. angelofdja says:

    Love this song! My love and appreciation for the guy singing it has grown exponentially over the years! This release happened to be on my birthday, so I am even more happy to hear it! I’ve sent it to everyone I know!

  4. TOfan says:

    eeeeeep!! good find, Janey!!!!

    And I just love how his voice can be so perfect in the soft, delicate parts… like being brushed by a butterfly wing… and yet be equally perfect when he just lets it rip on those runs… like, WOW!!!

  5. amb4da says:

    So nice to see a post from you Deb~funny, was just thinking it’d been a while the other day. 🙂
    Hello, all~
    So…..IKHL 🙃🙌👏✝️💛
    Woke up very early this morning…birds singing, laying in bed, turned it on for the first time..
    He had me at “Mmmmm🎶”…literally, my heart did that flip it does when he hits me. Then teared up. So beautiful, poignant. Those were my heart’s reactions.
    My head…I was thinking how brilliant his dynamics always are (natural talent, musical instincts, his tuned-in heart, but also thanks to Jeff/Dean…who I think drove that home at a young age.)
    ex. ”amazing grace”, said so reverently…like he’s on his knees with his head bowed…I hear that in the way he sings it.
    I’m geeking, I know…but it amazed me that that’s what I hear/feel when listening…that takes intentional singing…and just knowing his craft and feeling it. Subtle but brilliant.
    SO glad he recorded this ….I played his FB video of it last year over and over.

    • TOfan says:

      Geek away amb! You’re in good geek company!! 🤣🤓

      And yes, you’re right, it has been awhile but David’s been pretty good on his socials lately so I figured that’s where people are “gathering”… but when something hits me hard like this did, you can bet I’ll be posting here because there’s no one I’d rather share it with, spazz with & hear from than you guys.

      {{{{{{❤️group hug❤️}}}}}

      And so many good things are coming!!!

      Like this!

  6. Pepper says:

    Agree with you and everyone so much on this song. Of all of David’s Spiritual/Gospels songs, this is definitely one of my faves. Just love his soulful rendition, the passion, the little growls, the soft and strong parts of his voice… and that voice…well it has me completely, not surprisingly. Beautifully done and what a great song. Yes, I am sure he will sing this as part of his StageIt concert. Great way to start Easter weekend. ❤️👍🎵💖

  7. emmegirl14 says:

    Oh my oh my, simply soulful perfection!!
    (feels good to see familiar faces❤️)

  8. Janey H. says:

    If there’s anyone who missed David’s ig live yesterday i urge, demand, insist, you run, walk, hike, trek, uber yourself to his ig NOW. it is a not-to-be missed 21:11 of pure David and Kari. Hearts all over the world my lovelies ♥

  9. Janey H. says:

    Those 21 minutes reassure me that I knew what I was doing 13 years and 10 months ago when I decided David was my forever American Idol. What a guy. He’s still the same sweet soul he was then and Kari is just the best. I love their relationship. I can’t even with those two.

  10. TOfan says:

    And is it my imagination or, ever since writing & releasing It’s a Wonderful Way to End a Crazy Year in, like, a week! does it seem as though David’s more comfortable getting music & videos out quicker than before?

    Which is awesome, I think!! 😊😊😊

    • Janey H. says:

      yes! i noticed that too.videos and music used to take FOREVER and A DAY and now it’s so casual, i love it. almost instant gratification or perhaps the amazony-ing of music??? idk. it certainly is more in-the-moment and that feels right all around.

  11. TOfan says:

    As we were saying, BAM! Now there’s a videoooooo!!

  12. amb4da says:

    ok, indulge me one “geek” comment to see if anyone else picks up these things (I’m lookin’ at you, Deb)…his whole demeanor changes as he says “Father I thank thee”…for just that line…it becomes a personal prayer, you see the change in his eyes as he speaks directly one on One…then he goes back to singin’ the song. Or is it just me?? 🤔

    • TOfan says:

      Not just you, amb, it’s like he’s having a private convo with The Big Guy & we get to eavesdrop. 🙏🏼🙌🏼😍

  13. TOfan says:

    And omg love this!! Dare you not to get it stuck in your head!!


  14. Janey H. says:

    David’s Tik Tok is my everything. Deb, you called it all along.

    • TOfan says:

      He and that voice of his are MADE for TikTok!! So glad he’s finally embracing it!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  15. amb4da says:

    So in case y’all didn’t catch it (I only just saw the alert on my phone from earlier in the am…like 2:30am DA’s time)…on @petercollinsmusic IG Live…they riffed together, as both “couldn’t sleep” so “why not” and as DA apparently “did his laundry” cause…why not get that done…Anyhoo…the riffing…purely delightful. (DA comes in after a few minutes of Peter riffing by himself.) How many times can I use the word riff in one post? Anyhoo… like I said, maybe y’all already are on it, but just in case..

  16. amb4da says:

    Dang! NO ONE can find this now….let me know if one of you do…can’t find it on PC IG page anywhere or YouTube or anywhere. Did it happen??!! Sigh. If anyone finds this let us know here, please!

  17. amb4da says:

    Yay! Somehow I could not find it…lamo. Thank you! (Obviously the one I mentioned on AP FB was wrong…from 2020) Thanks Janey!! ❤️

  18. Janey H. says:

    Watching David’s new song hop around the iTunes chart is entertaining. This morning he’s on two charts with 3 songs. Thanks for the heads up, Deb! Hearts all over the world tonight everyone as we watch the Easter Show. See ya’ in the Stage It comments ♥

  19. TOfan says:

    Omigosh you guys how amazing was that Easter StageIt show??!!!!

    When David cries, we cry, am I right???!!!!

  20. amb4da says:

    Yes Deb…he cries, we all cry. Had me in tears a lot tonight. But in a good way. What a gift this show was today. How beautifully he opened up about his questions…questions I know I could relate to.
    I only found out tonight he won Stagie for Male Artist of the Year! I had gone to look at the winners on their site and couldn’t find anything afterward, then had forgotten about it.
    I only wish StageIt would keep shows up a few days for rewatching…always hard to grasp it all on the first go ‘round. 🙂
    Happy Easter!

    • TOfN says:

      I thought that was beautiful too and, for sure, i’ve def had the same Qs… he just puts it all out there and, even now, I marvel at that. He sure is somethin’. 😍

    • TOfN says:

      I thought that was beautiful too and, for sure, i’ve def had the same Qs… he just puts it all out there and, even now, I marvel at that. He sure is somethin’. 😍

  21. amb4da says:

    Oh…haha…and speaking of “first go ‘rounds”…c’monnnn how “David” was that false start opening?! Lol…Archu-perfection at it’s best. Love how he can laugh those things off. Also, ps and btw.. loving the specs too.

    • TOfan says:

      Right??! Classic David! 🤣🤣🤣

      Here’s a bit of the Paralyzed he sang at the Stagies (and if you go back through his tweets, you can see his acceptance speech, which is worth it for the hair alone!! 🤣).

      • Janey H. says:

        Acceptance Speech Hair ftw!!!! and ngl, I have asked myself the same question a gazillion times. How incredibly thoughtful of him to share his spiritual journey with us. He’s the very real deal y’all.

  22. TOfan says:

    And thanks once again to the most lovely Janey… David comes in at about the 33 min mark and is featured prominently in the behind-the-scenes clips during the closing credits!!

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