This @DavidArchie interview will knock your socks off

Wow, I just finished watching this hour-long interview with David. It felt like eavesdropping on a therapy session. So raw and honest. And hard to hear that this person who we all think the world of could ever doubt himself.

The interviewer, @BryanElliott, is a really good listener… but what really struck me was how great a listener David is… a few times, his answers took me by surprise when he found even deeper meaning in what Bryan was saying and gave deeper, more thoughtful responses that I ever expected.

So proud of David for continuing to fight the hard fight… for picking himself up off the floor when he least feels like it… and to share those struggles so openly and honestly with us like this. I can sure relate, I’m sure many of you can too.

Sidenote: That Hey Jude??! 


What did you guys think???

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23 Responses to This @DavidArchie interview will knock your socks off

  1. GwenPo says:

    Best interview ever!!! Raw, honest, sad, happy, respectful, touching, encouraging, and helpful to all who could relate. I am so very proud of David for being brave enough to share some of his issues and how he is able to get beyond them. It’s hard and sometimes it seems impossible but he puts one foot in front of the other and doesn’t let himself be “paralyzed”,is strong enough to break those chains that encompass all of us at times . David has always touched my heart with his songs and words but tonight he showed me what it means to be brave. To keep moving forward even though sometimes it hurts and you feel alone. You can do it!! Bryan was such a fabulous interviewer, so respectful, understanding, empathetic, and encouraged David. We are such blessed fans! Thank you David❤️

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said, Gwen! And yes…Bryan was a terrific interviewer, really listening with such well-articulated input and responses. Loved it.

  2. amb4da says:

    wow…Me too! (just finished listening!!)…nuggets there, never before expressed (alluded to, such as maybe distance from dad we all maybe thought happened, but he’s never said flat out…and I “get it” as to why he’d finally have to take some space away from dad to figure out how and if he’d follow this own musical path. I also get how his dad maybe felt, given his type personality (very different from David’s) and why he pushed and believed so…just wasn’t how David saw his life or musical path. The one he’s on now is more “normal” and authentic, balanced to who it seems he is, as he explains here, he “didn’t want music to be what he was ALL about”… anyway, interesting all the things he addressed very openly here.
    Also, I can’t begin to know if he has some depression issues, as he says some family members do…but as a fellow introvert, (INFP personality type also)…I could relate with similar things that I don’t think have to do at all with depression, just the way that type’s mind works…slow to process, deep thinking, “feelings first”, introverted, slower to put yourself out there….unless you learn your own “work-arounds”, which sounds like he’s doing, the byproduct can be paralysis, fear setting in, opportunities pass before you feel “comfortable” enough to “act.” Just saying…it’s a personality type that works well for his creative side, emotional depth & smarts…but less well for getting some things done…that’s where the reframing self-talk to push oneself beyond comfort zone comes in to get you moving on things before you talk yourself out of it! Complicated, but just my take-away while listening that might be part of it perhaps. Anyway, fascinating always to hear him thoughtfully answer, open up. And….the bathrobes…lol…that was cute. David…such a sport…he DOES go with the flow more than he thinks sometimes too! 🙂

    • refnaf says:

      Thanks for sharing this!

    • TOfan says:

      so true, Amy… a fellow INFP introvert here as well and I totally get the slow to process, tough making decisions, think a ton before acting pattern that is paralyzing so much of the time… one of the reasons I admire him so much, that he does fight through all that and keeps on trying.

      Part of me wants to know what were the collaborations that he didn’t act on, but the other part is afraid to know… you know? lol

      • GrammyJ says:

        I think it’s better not to know the collaborations and other opportunities David passed on. We would be so disappointed. I’m glad that David now seems to be in a better place, loves Nashville, goes to therapy, and seems to have good people around him.

        I was surprised when David addressed the issues he has with his Dad. He’s been so careful in the past to be quiet on the subject. As a shy, anxious person myself I know how much a shy person needs to be pushed to do new things so I’m glad Jeff pushed him back at the beginning of David’s career. The problem is that Jeff kept pushing too much. I think David’s mission gave David the opportunity to get away from his Dad and to see he could run his own life. I figured that “Upset with Me” was about Jeff.

        • TOfan says:

          I thought the same, GrammyJ, about Upset With Me being about Jeff… in the interview, even though he said they don’t speak, D. was careful to not be too critical of him … he’s too nice a guy (David that is 😊).

  3. refnaf says:

    Wow…. so good to hear him open up. The fact that he is able to do so is such a blessing for us as fans, and I think for himself as well. So many of us can relate. I really got the sense of how it felt to be him as a kid, just wanting to sing, but all the other stuff that came with it. How different an artist he would be if he had been born with a cocky, “I’ve got the greatest voice” attitude?? Probably not one that would bring me such comfort and joy. He seems to recognize that he did need his dads push….but what pain that brought…..I respect him so much.

    • Anonymous says:

      (not sure this will take my sign in name, only took it once today, but it’s Amy) Agree, Nance, I too respect him so much! And yes…thanks for pointing that out too, which was first time I ever heard him articulate how much he needed his dad’s push in the beginning or he wouldn’t have probably ever even gone this path (!!)..but at some point understandable that he needed to take the next steps, as an adult, on his own…especially if dad just couldn’t help himself to give him enough space on it.
      And last but not least ….I forgot to say….HEY JUDE FTW!! No…seriously folks, right? Another cover…SA-LAYYYYED….by the guy who doesn’t always think “he’s got this”…just sayin’. 😉

  4. janey79 says:

    so much to say and so little time so i’m going to keep this super short (good luck to meeeee, lol). first, we are the luckiest fans in the world. period. second, while i have not been the victim of depression i married into a family with many folks who are. i have to say this is the first time i have ever heard it described as David did. it really helped me to better understand what it’s like day to day to deal with it. there are so many gems to glean from this interview. i have a sneaking suspicion we are going to be contemplating them for a long time to come. now back to the video for a second watch.

  5. Pepper says:

    Wonderful interview, vulnerable, surprising, courageous, open and honest and filled with sincerity and heart. Love all the comments here, very well said….and yes what a great interviewer!
    When I first started watching this I chuckled at the bathroom warm ups, robes…so cute. Then with ‘Hey Jude’….just fabulous! I could hear that one at a D concert with the crowd singing along.

    I really sympathize with David and struggling with self doubts. I can relate and remember when I was young and had so much of that. Of course he really doesn’t need to doubt himself, Sometimes it’s just about finding your strength, self worth, acceptance and love. As he said, everyone is different, happy that he keeps trying and keeps moving forward. I truly admire his courage. He should do positive affirmations every morning (and sing Hey Jude in front of the mirror just to see how awesome he is). 🙂

    I affirm only the best for him and that those personal struggles will diminish over time. He’s a trooper! With all the love that goes out to him, I’m sure it helps. ❤
    Thanks TOfan, wonderful post.

  6. Pepper says:

    Just wanted to say that I am not diminishing the struggles of people suffering with depression by my post I know people who have struggled with that and it can be crippling. Whatever helps an individual, they should grab it. There is always help available. People will always care. Anyone out there who is dealing with this problem, just know that you are valuable, loved, never alone, here for a good reason, to contribute to life and you deserve happiness and peace. ❤ 🙂

  7. MissB says:

    I just watched the interview myself and noticed many of the same things you did, especially that David gave such thoughtful, intelligent, spontaneous responses. There was one point where you could see that he was really trying to answer the question but didn’t, maybe, want to go that deep.

    One of the things that fascinated me while David was on American Idol was the question of “How could he not see how good he is?” Some of my friends thought he was being disingenuous when he’d be all humble but I could see he wasn’t. I can’t it’s true for everyone, but there is a voice that can tell us we are not good enough–and it is at least in part biochemical. All of the things David mentioned to get away from “the voice” were things that produce endorphins.

    Despite all the talk about not stigmatizing mental heath issues like depression, there IS still a stigma and that’s affecting David. “I don’t want to think it’s depression” could be considered a brave thing to say or it could be like saying “I don’t want to think it’s a broken leg.”

    One last stand on the soapbox. Never say “just” to a person who is really down; it makes them think you don’t understand.

  8. MissB says:

    Grumble, grumble, either I just poured my heart out and my browser destroyed it or I’m in moderation for talking too much.

    • TOfan says:

      Sorry about that, Ms. B., you were in moderation, no idea why though, loved what you said… I was thinking the same about David being affected by the stigma when he talked about not wanting “to be happy because of medication”… he’s clearly not thinking of it as something that could right a chemical imbalance … but if it worked for one sister and not another, I can see how he’d be conflicted about taking that path. I know that certain meds can affect your voice, as well, so not sure if that’s part of it at all.

  9. TaterZen says:

    I have come back a few times to read additional comments, and I appreciate all that has been said. There is so much take in with this interview, and I have watched it twice. It’s deep, but as with so many other things, David does deep very well. I couldn’t help but think of the progress he has made by just being willing to discuss these issues.
    I also relate to many of his feelings. I applaud David for his bravery, for getting to a place where he recognizes the symptoms and puts up a fight. At the end of the interview, I was emotional; and I was caught between wanting to shout “Booyah!” and wanting to rush in and give him a hug. (Had to settle for the “Booyah!”)

  10. TOfan says:

    Love reading everyone’s comments! The interview has almost 4K views already and a lot of the comments (on insta/Twitter/YouTube seem to be from guys… I think it’s so great that David’s being so open about his struggles, esp. for young guys who traditionally aren’t shown role models that help make it more acceptable to show vulnerability and inner battles.

  11. emmegirl14 says:

    I do not even know what to say.
    The courage – not only to lay yourself out there totally bare…..but the day to day battle.
    I am in awe.

    And I just want to scream to him, “if you only saw the man, the person, we see”…..
    yet knowing how simplistic that sounds.

  12. none says:

    WOW! His honesty about his issues with his father was not really surprising given all that has been said about their relationship since way back in David’s Star Search days. His father saw something in David that was so special that he felt compelled to push David until unfortunately it eroded and almost completely destroyed their father/son relationship. I also feel, given what David has revealed about being paralyzed when it comes to passed opportunities and regrets, he could have used a Mentor like his father who he could have turned to for advice and a push in the right direction when those opportunities came instead of letting them pass him by. Instead he’s second guessing himself because he still think he’s “not good enough”. Seems his father saw in David what WE all saw & still see in David.
    I don’t follow his sister’s on social media. I wonder if they are as open about their own mental health issues as David has been about his own. I wonder how much of those issues stem from their strict religious upbringing which led them to delve into self proclaimed addictions and destructive self doubts? How many possible relationships has David sabotaged (his word) because they weren’t “worthy” according to his religion? I truly believe David has missed out on finding the one who will fill the hole in his heart and he will finally be truly happy. His music will have a new purpose & go into a whole new direction. IMO of course.

    • none says:

      “NONE” is me, Dee aka silverfox.
      I don’t know why my name didn’t appear.
      I think I should clarify my opinion about David needing a mentor. I didn’t mean to imply that I think his mentor should be his father. Given their past, I know that would never work for David. However, I do think David would benefit from an advisor who has no ulterior motives. Someone who knows when to take opportunities seriously and advice David when it’s in his best interests to act on those opportunities and when to pass. Someone who has personal experience, who had been where David is and has overcome obstacles that hold talented and deserving artists from achieving their highest potential. David has so much more to give but he can’t do it alone. He has people he turns to for advice like Kari & close friends. But IMO, he needs a “professional” who knows the “business”, what works, what does not. David wants more success. He’s no longer satisfied with his accomplishments so far. It’s not enough anymore. He wants more. There’s nothing wrong with that. But he needs direction from someone who will give him the compass so that he can make the decisions to get where he wants to go at this point in his career. David does not have to “sell his soul”. Heck, he posted a shirtless picture which was something we NEVER though he would do and the world didn’t stop and the sky didn’t fall! What I’m trying to say is that I will not stop being his fan no matter what he does. Vocally, he’s superior to Mendes, Bieber, and a host of other young peers. It’s beyond my comprehension why David is not in the same sphere of success as those & others like them are.

      Or perhaps he needs to change his genre from POP to pure Christian where the “risks” would be minimal?

      • TOfan says:

        Dee, I totally agree re a mentor… he’s said he’s looking for a new manager right now so hopefully that’s part of his selection process, that it be someone who can take him to that next level he is now ready to go for.

        I hope he doesn’t change his genre from pop to Christian, he’s so much more than just that imo… plus, he’s said that Christian radio doesn’t play LDS artists (and Christian labels don’t sign them), so there’s that.

  13. TOfan says:

    Another interview… done while David was in Sweden. (Thx Janey for the heads up!)

    He speaks so beautifully about building bridges between people and connecting to something greater than ourselves… I could listen to him talk all day … or sing! lol

  14. TOfan says:

    I just checked the views on the Behind the Brand interview… WAAAAY higher than most of that guy’s other vids (and he’s interviewed some fairly big celebs)… and I came across this comment:

    “Having lived in the black hole of despair for years I can relate to many of the things he talked about. It is incredibly brave and generous of him to share it. I can remember resenting people trying to break out of my “pity party” and I just wanted to wallow in it. A couple years ago I came across a mention he made about someone he knew who was dealing with HSP and it twigged something in me and I finally did some research into it and discovered that I was blessed or cursed with this trait and knowing this changed my life. I thank David for this and I have no way of letting him know but it changed my life.
    I hope David find his way through his paralysis and finds his happiness.”

    And then saw that the interview led the same guy to check out Paralyzed (and I’m sure it had the same effect on others too):

    “Wow! I just watched an interview he did where he opened up about his mental health issues, which led me to this song. This song is great piece of work, well done!”

    Anywaaays, kinda cool.

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