Awesome podcast is awesome

What an amazing interview!

So cool to hear the writing process for Invincible, who David wrote Waiting in the Stars for, what Upset With Me is about, sort of, generally, hypothetically, in a broad sense 😆 … and his relationship advice “don’t follow what I do” awwww

What did you guys think??


Great interview and story in The Ithacan HERE.

Found this part particularly interesting:

Archuleta’s publicist Ken Phillips worked with the Jonas Brothers even before Disney picked them up and has also aided other “American Idol” stars like Cook, who won the show’s seventh season, and Lee DeWyze, who appeared on the ninth. He said some artists grow frustrated when the public pays more attention to their old hits than their new creations, but that the enduring popularity of their first hits comes with the territory of stardom.

“I think every artist is always going to keep trying to create and make new music, so of course they want people to listen to their latest creation, but they understand,” he said.

Archuleta said he is grateful for his fans’ support and enjoys connecting with them, even if on a nostalgic level.

“I don’t really feel pigeonholed by it because I feel like I can do as I like,” Archuleta said. “And I think it’s been nice because I think it’s cool to have that nostalgia behind it. I still sing the songs that bring people that nostalgia. You know, ‘Crush,’ specifically. … They’ve always just been really open to what I have to offer now, and it’s fun that they still remember ‘American Idol,’ and they remember ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘iCarly.’”


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11 Responses to Awesome podcast is awesome

  1. janey79 says:

    i think if you asked me 10-11yrs ago if i would still invested in this guy as much as i was in the beginning i might have thought the question was a little nuts and perhaps so was i but these recent interviews assure me that i am not.

    he’s just the best and lucky are those who have been on this decade+ ride. i have no doubt the next ten will be just as exciting.

  2. TOfan says:

    Totally agree, Janey… it’s like every interview he does reinforces that we picked the right guy to be a fan of… although I think choice had little to do with it, tbh, lol.


    #PostcardsInTheSky 🌩 Music Video 🌩 Tomorrow at 9pm ET/6pm PTJoin the watch party on my Facebook page when it premieres at!— David Archuleta (@DavidArchie) March 21, 2019

  3. ray lynch says:

    if you ask me I think we were chosen to follow this young man,b/c he is paveing the way for something bigger to happen.

  4. tawna21 says:

    Thank you, TOFan for posting the podcast. David has become so open in the last little while. It’s like we’re being introduced to a new person. I really appreciate what he’s telling us. How he’s, ever so slightly, putting us through therapy with his openness and his songs. So interesting. ♥

  5. Pepper says:

    Wow, wonderful interview. He is such a joy to listen to and just so real, it is just so refreshing. Hard to believe it’s been over a decade but if you are a fan you’re a fan, it was meant to be. It’s simply a good part of your life. There are so many depths and layers to David, love how he shares some of those layers with us. A captivating journey to follow and just cannot stay away from that voice.
    Sounds like a great first show tonight!
    New video tomorrow! Great that it’s PCITS!
    Thanks for the updates TOfan.

  6. TOfan says:

    Another great interview:

    Love this:
    “It’s not like I’m a drinker or partier. That’s not the way I was raised. I participate in my church, and when I did the new album, I asked all the songwriters if they minded that I said a prayer before I sang. But I’m not going to say that I’m innocent or naive. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 11 years. I like to live honestly and be what I really am, and that’s a good boy with a twist.”

    and courtesy of the illustrious Tina:

  7. TOfan says:


    Look I had to save it. It cannot ever disappear. I’m still yellin.— rhiminee (@rhiminee) March 22, 2019

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