How did I forget this video existed??

It seems so strange to watch this behind-the-scenes video now.

He literally seems 12.

As if a super wealthy pre-teen was given his own cool, edgy bachelor pad to sit and pout in and watch the rain.

I feel for him watching this… all the hubbub swirling around him and he’s just trying to figure out who he is and what he wants.

We had no idea at the time though, did we? I’m just glad he’s made it through the other side… so many don’t.

It is cool to see him actually play guitar a little. I remember reading an interview with Mike Krompass where he said David called him just before they filmed this to ask him about the chords he’d have to play for the song.

Didn’t want to just fake it.

That’s David all right. *sniff*


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5 Responses to How did I forget this video existed??

  1. Sheila says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Yes he was soooo young!
    So glad he is where he is now.

  2. janey79 says:

    seems like a lifetime ago, another time, another place. so happy he chose to step away for a couple of years. it the end, it turned out to bless us all, didn’t it?

  3. amb4da says:

    TOfan…”that’s David alright.” yep.

  4. Pepper says:

    Had not seen that video in a long time either. Yes, sweet David, so young. It really does seem like so long ago. His journey has sure been a fascinating one to follow….and our journey with him.

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