My love for This Christmas revived

Okay, I know David’s been up to all sorts of amazing things lately… shows, TV appearances, interviews, new m.u.s.i.c..v.i.d.e.o.s.!!! … I can hardly keep up, tbh.

But what do I choose to post about? THIS AMAZINGNESS!!!!

Random, I know. But, as you’ve probably noticed, this site is nothing if not completely random, lol.

You may remember my obsession with This Christmas back in the MKOP Christmas Tour days… and it clearly has not ended because I let out an actual squeal when I saw this clip. (Confession: I was SO hoping it would be on the new Christmas album, but I digress.)

Why did I squeal? Three reasons:

1) I love all BTS, soundcheck and VIP videos

2) I love this song and, most importantly

3) I LOVE David’s interpretation of it and how he jams to it here. I swear he could do a whole album of 12 tracks of this song and each one would be unique and special and utterly incredible.

Thanks to Shelley for capturing this from the VIP, and also for this amazing photo from the Colorado show:

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.02.58 AM.png


Also, from the same VIP, David teaches Shelley’s granddaughter the Bachata… priceless!


For others on #TeamThisChristmas, check out Taterzen’s (the artist formerly known as Archugeezer) amazing review of the best versions from that tour HERE.


Awesome cover story in Tremblay magazine HERE … fave part:

“David is working on writing… and experimenting with some fresh-sounding pop music.”



How awesome is this?????




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14 Responses to My love for This Christmas revived

  1. GrammyJ says:

    Thanks for highlighting “this Christmas” from VIP. I hadn’t seen this David awesomeness yet. I also have to give a shoutout to David’s band on this. Love the keyboard accompaniment and jazz drums! So happy with all the goodies from David lately. I can’t keep up!

  2. Pepper says:

    Love David’s ‘This Christmas’! I have heard various artists do that song and David’s is just the best, it just is. Yes it is hard to keep up with everything! So great to see all the promo and the love around David and his music and all the good that goes with it!
    Thanks for sharing the great videos here. Just love his recent Spanish video release too!

  3. janey79 says:

    I think my fave Christmas song not on the album is Chestnuts from the Santa Rosa MKoC tour vip. As I recall there were a number of fantastic Chestnuts that year. I too, love all the bts, impromptu vids and songs.There’s a certain something, a certain innate artistry that comes through when he is completely relaxed and not “performing”.

  4. MissBianca says:

    Oh, I love David’s “This Christmas”es. Thank you for the reminder. And especially thank you for the link to Tater’s post with all of them. I am going to tour through all of them and listen/watch for the moments she highlighted.

  5. “This Christmas” is one of my absolute favorites by David. I think it’s one of the songs he should always include in his Christmas Tours. So far, from the videos of this year’s tour, I’m not sure which song is my favorite, but as usual O Holy Night is always fabulous. 🙂

    On another note, I haven’t received any responses for the NY & CT show tickets I posted for sale. I really would love for someone to take advantage of seeing David in concert so I want to GIFT them to anyone who wants them. That’s 2 Guaranteed Seating tickets for NY and 2 GA tickets for CT. It would be great if a fan of David who may already have tickets would take these tickets and give them away to someone at the door of the venue the night of the concerts. These are Etickets which can be emailed for downloading. Are there any takers?

  6. TOfan says:


    “I am already working on another pop album, so I’ve been writing for that, so I don’t know exactly what will happen with the timing of everything next year, but I will always continue releasing new music and just performing and seeing what else I can share.

    I’ve taken a lot of this year just kind of trying to understand myself better and going to therapy, and it’s been a really great thing. I think there’s a lot of stigma about therapy and taking time to get to know yourself because they usually think, “Oh, you do that if there’s something wrong with you,” but it’s kind of like going to the doctor. Just like you need a physical checkup, maybe there’s some minor issues that you can work on and improve on and be aware of, be mindful of, it’s the same with your mental health. And I guess we’re moving into times that we’re more aware that we have mental health needs and mental health awareness, so a lot of the songs I’ve been writing have been kind of about that, about realizing, “Hey, this is who I am, and I’m OK with that.”

    The things that I bothered myself with, I understand more, and I think it’s growing to love myself, and I feel like I’m accomplishing that. I don’t think I was able to say that I loved myself before. Maybe I felt like I was being selfish or egotistic doing that, but I’ve realized you can do that and be grateful for who you are, even with the flaws that you have and the things that you may not do as well as other people, you can still love yourself, and so I feel like a lot of the new music is coming from that place, kind of transitioning. I guess a lot of my last album was about that, but this is slightly deeper, but yet a lot more fun because I feel like I’m coming from a happier a place. …

    That’s kind of where I am and probably more relationship-based songs as well because I always avoided them before, but I feel like I’m ready to write more of those kind of songs this time, moving forward.

    Fasten your seat belts, folks… I’ve been thinking for some time now, that whenever David was ready to write and release love songs… or “relationship” songs, as he calls them… THAT’s when he will rocket into the big time. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if he does or doesn’t, I just have a feeling that he will blow everyone away even more when he tiptoes into that territory.)

  7. emmegirl14 says:

    That This Christmas – might just be my all time fav! Do not know how he does it!
    Lol, love the album idea TOfan! And wholeheartedly agree, should be part of Christmas tour every year!

    Always amazed at his openness, especially from such a private person. Seems he shares if he thinks it can help someone else.

    Fresh sounding new pop music! ReLAtionship songs! Yipee! Gotta say, pretty excited about that news! Jmho, but I think a lot of his fan base has been waiting for this. Can’t wait!!!

  8. janey79 says:

    relationship songs paired with a salsa dance step and i’m toast.

  9. Pepper says:

    Future new music sounds great! Right now I am immersed in the new Christmas album and EP. 🙂
    On a different note:
    If you haven’t seen this GoFundMe page for Claudia, this is her page if you are interested in helping out and are able to. I wish her all the best. ❤

  10. We have all tried to write the words that easily describes what David’s music means to us. The us, are the fortunate ones who came together years ago as if the Pied Piper was walking down the street and we all joined in from everywhere behind him as he sang from city to city. I tried to explain my draw to his voice years ago now when I wrote the article about David “In the Bleak Mid Winter”, sung by the fabulous Sissel. It was haunting to me as I wrote about him and it was bleak outside in a January snowstorm. So to my excitement he is singing the same song with some different lyrics but it is just as haunting. To those going to hear him sing this Christmas, have a fabulous time and cheers to everyone!

    SB 🥂🍁

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