His face on ‘Look out, ‘cuz here I come’ gets its own post!!!!



Credit: the lovely and amazing Tina

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I’m grateful for these 3 sisters, my mom, my grandma, and the amazing women I get to work with like my road manager Kari (and my manager Gina who doesn’t like having photos posted of her. Haha) along with my other grandma, stepsisters, aunts, cousins, relatives and friends that have been impactful women in my life. There’s a nurturing, compassionate, supportive, and consistent nature women have. I’ve observed that in general women aren’t afraid to be faithful—faithful to God, to their families, their spouses, kids, friends and to those in need. I’m forever grateful for those examples of women in my life. Thank you women for not being afraid to serve diligently, to love deeply, and to shine your light to warm other hearts even when things in this world seem to get cold and dim. Never underestimate that light within that you carry. Happy International Women’s Day. #internationalwomensday

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1 Response to His face on ‘Look out, ‘cuz here I come’ gets its own post!!!!

  1. Pepper says:

    ‘Look out, ‘cuz here I come’ is great! Great video too, thanks to Tina. Did love David’s words for International Women’s Day (and his Instagrams). Muchos Gracias. 🙂
    I’m sure there will be another stellar concert tonight…..of course there will be!

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