Rexburg recap from the lovely Taterzen

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A “Moment” in Rexburg

Travel is a bear for me lately, and I tend to avoid it. It’s complicated; but then, so is chronic pain. That said, David Archuleta’s next tour would begin in Rexburg, Idaho, less than five hours by car for me, and for whomever was willing to take me. I purchased tickets and crossed my fingers. Long story short: Rexburg happened. Oh, my goodness, did it ever!

Rexburg is an Idaho college town nestled in the mountains and framed by the Grand Tetons. It is especially beautiful in the late spring and summer, and there is always a gentle mountain breeze to keep things from getting too warm. However, you also need to know that in the winter, it becomes an arctic blast that can flash freeze your contacts to your eyeballs.

The local yokels will tell you that if the wind stops blowing, you will fall down. There was nothing last Friday night to dispel that premise. We walked across campus to get to the venue early, a chance to find fan friends. I used most of that time to let my face thaw.

As people arrived—thousands of people—the buzz of anticipation was louder than I have ever heard it. They love David in Rexburg. I have been to six of his concerts there, and it is worth noting that each time, a few more men attend than before. This time was no different.

Suddenly, there he was, smiling, waving, and singing his opener “Up All Night” to 100% approval from the crowd.

Admittedly, I am from the poodle skirt fashion era. but David’s concert outfit got an A+ from me. Unfortunately, I owe TOfan an apology for not providing an adequate footwear review. Boots? Dress shoes? I’m not sure. Whatever they were, they looked good on dancing feet.

David wore jeans with rolled cuffs, together with a royal blue shirt that was tucked in and secured with a wide, snazzy-looking belt. I assume rolled cuffs comprise a look that is au courant, but the fit of the jeans reminded me of those that made David’s thighs a celebrated topic of fan discussions, circa 2009-2010. (I am prepared to deny I ever wrote that.) A dark jacket with three-quarter length sleeves put the finishing touch on his regular dashing handsomeness.

I quickly noticed there was no keyboardist. Where are you hiding, Chad? Odd, but it later became obvious that some of Chad’s accompaniments had been recorded to use. A few times, there were technical sounds that simply made the background different than what was expected. A couple of times, the technical difficulties resulted in a technical dissonance. It didn’t matter; it passed in a nanosecond. Trust me, nothing took away from the fun on stage or in the crowd.

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Credit: @iteachkidz22

Someone snagged David’s official set list, but his set didn’t exactly end up as written. Toward the end, he announced he was going to change something (I have never seen that before). He consulted with his drummer, and then returned to the mic to perform. Maybe there was a technical change of some kind. All I noticed was that he didn’t sing the planned “Say Me.”

Don’t you just love a concert that has those “moments?” I tend to revisit them often, sometimes via fan video, sometimes just in my head. The venue video police were duty bound and diligent, resulting in a dearth of clandestine videos. Still, this concert was full of moments worth revisiting. Just a few:

• I think 90% of the audience knew all the words to “Something ‘Bout Love.” That song is older and maybe ready for retirement; but the crowd was instantly on their feet and engaged big time. Maybe that was the point.

• The venue made great use of special effect lighting with different colors and a big variety of patterns. It was consistently good and really added to the whole experience.

• As David sang a very moving rendition of “Spotlight Down,” fans gradually took to their cell phones until the entire auditorium was just a quiet sea of lights, almost like a show of respect for David’s point of view. ‘Twas lovely.

• David had his stories, and told them with an accent! It’s slight but southern. It’s real, and it’s completely charming, y’all.

• When “Parachutes and Airplanes” became “Thunder,” 4,600 people were catapulted beyond the decibel safety zone. The sustained applause and collegiate hooting was incredible, and incredibly loud.

• Oh, how I wish for a video of the big guy two rows ahead who was doing country line dance moves to the entirety of “Someone to Love.”

• A few of you already know that when David takes to the piano to do “My Kind of Perfect,” I tend to hold my breath until he gets through a particularly troublesome chord change. I have been more relaxed of late because I thought he had conquered that passage. Nope. He totally blew it Friday night, had to stop, tried to find the right keys, had to stop again. But that wasn’t the “moment” I will remember most. It was when he turned to the audience and calmly announced “I always forget that part,” and I realized he still had them completely in his corner. He continued to sing acapella until he could pick up the accompaniment again. When he finished, he said, “If any of you out there are my kind of perfect, you now have proof that I am not invincible.” I do believe the sound that followed might have been a few dozen coeds who swooned to the floor.

• David’s flashback medley included familiar songs from his first album, but right in the middle, he did eight bars of “I Wanna Know You” from Hannah Montana, and then pretended he had no idea how they got in there. Cute, David. Crowd loved it.

• Whenever David surprises us, it is always a “moment.” He did a singalong medley from The Greatest Showman (“A Million Dreams,” “This is Me,” “Rewrite the Stars”) that rocked the house. No troublesome chords in that number, my friends! By the time he got to the finish, he was bossing that piano like the reincarnation of Jerry Lee Lewis. Very impressive! I’m sure he had practiced with the band, but whatever he did at the performance really got their attention. They were all grinning and applauding. The drummer gave him a congratulatory salute with his drumsticks.

• I love “Postcards in The Sky,” and I really love it live. I envy those who will hear it at future performances throughout the tour because David is already feeling comfortable enough with the live version to add some of his own delicious enhancements.

• David spoke of the Valentine’s Day video release and joined with Nathan Pacheco via the video to make the duet happen in concert. It wasn’t exactly the version of “Perfect” I was hoping for, but he was in the original video by invitation, so it makes sense. David sang his part live. It was especially beautiful and coeds began dropping like flies again.

• A “moment” with Disney and the most powerful version of “He Lives in You” I have heard thus far. Add the extra drumbeats and the venue lights… Wowzer!

• The entire concert offered another upgrade to David’s dancing. There was even more awesomeness with Nunca Pense, which every crowd seems to love. In Rexburg, David not only served us salsa, it was hot salsa.

The evening ended with the traditional encore of “Glorious” and “Crush,” and with the audience singing along.

Where did the time go?

Does anyone want to drive me to Tuacahn?

~ TaterZen

Periscoooopes and videooooos! Thank you, iteachkidz22 & Shirley!!!!


[Invincible, Spotlight Down, I’m Ready, PandA]

Some nice clips if you scroll through…


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26 Responses to Rexburg recap from the lovely Taterzen

  1. TOfan says:

    Taterzen, as always, you made me feel like I was right there in that amazing crowd, thank you!!! ❤️What a show and you can tell David totally felt the love! *sniff* I saw some of the Periscopes and, as much as I love the energy of full band shows, seeing David bounce back and forth to the piano made me dream of an acoustic show someday with just him, the piano, his “story time” and that voice!!!!

  2. searay/Sandy says:

    I always love your recaps, Taterzen! The ‘I Wanna Know You’ part sounded particularly fun. Thank you!

  3. janey79 says:

    To my favorite tater tot, the answer to your last question, YES.

  4. janey79 says:

    In all seriousness, i need to say, David finished up the Great Showman medley with the likes we have never before. it was the first time i felt like his piano playing was an expression of emotion rather than something he felt compelled to do. without a doubt, it was my favorite part of the show and i was thrilled for him. it’s like when you watch sara b.a.r.e.i.l.l.e.s, her piano playing is on equal footing with her voice in terms of artistry, i truly felt that David achieved that level in Rexburg.

  5. emmegirl14 says:

    Taterzen, I love your witty, insightful, charming recaps! Thank you for this one!
    (And so happy you got your ride!)

  6. tawna21 says:

    Love it Taterzen!!! I NEED to get back to Rexburg one of these times!!

    Janey, I was very impressed with his piano on the medley (via video). He’s become very familiar with the keyboard. Who was it during AI(probably Simon) that said it distracted (something like that) from his singing because he wasn’t really good at it. Well. Just look at him now!!

  7. Pepper says:

    Taterzen, love reading your recaps, thanks so much for sharing! I will have to go back and read it again because it really is like being a part of the experience. The details you share along with your wit and excellent observations and feelings shared are so enjoyable to read. Glad you got your ride to this awesome concert and were a part of the wonderful experience. Loved so many things about this concert along with the amazing crowd. Makes me think that I could use a consistent driver to get me all over the place (don’t like long distance driving in my ‘old..,er age’, haha)…..could be a little like driving Miss Daisy…..umm…..Pepper. 🙂
    Thank you again, wonderful recap!

  8. janey79 says:

    i should add that David was very much the piano man in SLC sharing the stage with Maddy singing Seasons. It was excellent.

  9. refnaf says:

    ((((Tater))))) soooooooo happy you were able to get to this show!!!!!
    Wonderful recap…… you have such a gift for helping us feel the entire experience with you!!!!
    Tuachan needs you to be there!!!

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  11. TaterZen says:

    Many thanks for your compliments, and for your comments!

    In my haste to share a recap before taking care of the less-interesting commitments I have this week, I forgot a “moment” in Rexburg that made me laugh out loud. (Tina would describe it as “precious,” and it was.)

    Adding here:

    Near the end of the concert, there was a technical glitch that brought everything to a halt. I suspect it might have been due to getting the proper track going after David made a small change in his set.

    Whatever the cause, there was a scurry to the back of the stage to fix it, but nothing was happening to entertain a puzzled crowd. Dead air, so to speak, one of those things that can make a show lose momentum if it goes on too long.

    David left the techs to do their job, and returned to his audience. “Uh… Well, uh, OK…” he stammered, purposeful stammering I might add. He then grabbed the mic stand, assumed a convincing standup comic stance, flashed a big smile, and asked, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

    It was both hilarious and adorable. The audience laughed of course, couldn’t help it. Just as the sound was fixed, one brave girl shouted her answer, “To get to the other side!”

    David was denied delivery of the punchline and totally feigned grave disappointment, “Ohhh, you knew.”

    More laughter, and more proof of David’s growing comfort and expertise in what he does. We laughed with him because it was so funny, and because we just love him. Can’t help that either.

    The End

    • TOfan says:

      hahaha too funny… “We laughed with him because it was so funny, and because we just love him” … THIS!

      I’ve been to other shows where there’s a technical glitch and more often than not the performer will use it as a chance to plug their new record or ask peeps to follow them etc., but David just keeps doing what he does best… being his endearing self.

  12. TOfan says:


  13. Pepper says:

    I hope he sings “Shine a Light” sometime in concert….and “A Little Goes A Long Way” would be wonderful too, as well as anything else he may choose to sing.
    David and “Why did the chicken cross the road” is too cute, haha. I think he makes me smile more than any other artist I may watch and observe. 🙂

  14. TOfan says:
  15. TOfan says:


  16. Pepper says:

    Looks like such a great concert last night and Shine a Light was perfect! I hope he continues to sing that on tour as well… good. Go David! Love all the feedback and all the smiles from the show. 🙂

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