D’Arch YouTube Q&A, y’all


Sidenote: Whoever’s house this is, I have table-envy! (Don’t think I see David as a table-runner guy, but who knows? lol)

Check out the Seasons video and all David’s Q&A replies HERE.
But here are some highlights:

Okay, this is all kinds of adorable… totally picturing him at his grandma’s having to stare up at himself… 😆 😆 😆



oooooo, fingers crossed for either one of these! He should TOTALLY do a children’s book. (I volunteer as tribute to be his editor, proofreader and shoe polisher).



*SOBS* He. Is. So. Lovely.



Who else wants outtakes?????






*flails* Nandito Ako The Sequel, please and thank you.



It was so cool to hear his creative process here… and “I saw this a lot in my life and wonder if it’s my own to be honest” #whoah



His smiley face at the end though… he’s just too adorbs sometimes.



Woooot! Woooot!


Can’t argue with that light, people.


.<3 ❤ ❤



This is David’s Canadian friend (from Alberta), I think… #represent … but D. on a diet? say, what?



Bonus answer from David, way to go, Mademoiselle Laura!!!


New medley???? Could it be a Broadway medley with something from The Greatest Showman and Dear Evan Hansen, maybe??!!!


You had me at Ben ♥♥♥



“self-disciplinary purposes” … I cannot.



My hands-down favourite 🙂 🙂 🙂


I lied, this is tied for my favourite:


Or maybe this! Stop the presses!

David must be doing the Ed Sheeran part and Nathan the Andrea Boccelli part (for Perfect)… *flails*


Some pretty cool answers from D’Arch … If I’ve missed any, let me know!!!



How did I miss this classic?! bwahahahaha

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 8.00.17 PM.png

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12 Responses to D’Arch YouTube Q&A, y’all

  1. GrammyJ says:

    Thanks for gathering these altogether in a post for easy reading! I love David’s thoughtful answers. What a guy!

  2. GwenPo says:

    Wow!! You are an angel. Thank you for doin
    g this as I am computer challenged and was getting frustrated trying to find the answers. Thank you so much, really appreciate your efforts. HIs answers are always so much fun. Can Valentine’s Day
    come any quicker!!!!!

  3. Diannia reid says:

    Hello david how are your day? I can question would like to should be cause on YouTube music video caption ? I’m hearing of deaf. I’m left 100% and right zero. With ear. I have hearing aid. I wish meet here Indiana i was twice 2016 and 2017 failes concert 😦 i am hope praying for the by moon i love everyday watch everyday sky. I told many time moon i wish one day meet this years. Your hope wonderful weekend day david fans

  4. GrammyJ says:

    I love that you added your responses to his answers! About the diet answer. I’m sure it must be some sort of special diet for health reasons but not to lose weight, David definitely does not need to lose pounds.

  5. Pepperj says:

    Yes, I would think the diet answer would be in reference to eating certain foods/and or avoiding some for good health reasons.
    Thanks for compiling all the Q&A TOfan! So much easier to read through them. Yes, he is quite a guy, loved his answers and he certainly has many aspirations along with his adventures (and his humour).
    Music, acting, book writing, etc. I hope he accomplishes whatever his heart desires and whatever he can fit in to his busy life!
    How nice that there is another video coming with Nathan. Sounds fabulous and what a sweet Valentine’s treat!

    • rarchiefan says:

      I can’t imagine a skinnier David. Lol but with concert tours coming up I can see him wanting to be in shape for all that Singing!!! And maybe a bit of dancing! His humour slays me, he is sharp!

  6. rarchiefan says:

    And he says….I’m not very creative. Ha

  7. refnaf says:

    Huge ((((hug)))) for putting this together TOfan!!!!
    Love his answers! He is everything good in the world!!!

  8. missbianca says:

    One wonderful surprise after another from David this year! Thanks, Deb and your snag and paste skills, for putting all this together. Lots of grins from the D today.

    But I do have a question I didn’t dare ask: Didn’t your mother teach you it’s rude to wear your hat inside the house? Okay, now I can let that one go.

  9. Pepper says:

    Thanks again Deb for bringing over the Q&A, I did miss several so it’s great to read them here. Can’t help but love and be impressed by his answers (and chuckle at times, love his humour).
    I remember reading another Q&A (can’t find it now) where someone asked if he would come to Korea and he said (not quoting him) that he would love to some day and asked the person if they could suggest a Korean song he could learn. Thought that was pretty awesome too. 🙂

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