Looking for clues

0C8EB40D-EF66-492C-AA12-E4C9F380CBC3Okay, so here’s what we know for sure: David finished filming a music video yesterday.

That’s it.

So we are left to speculate… which is actually one of my favourite things, so thank you, David!

My personal hope is that it’s a video for the Postcards in the Sky title track, because I still love that song so much and want to share the heck out of it.

And he could be in a long coat (ace coat btw, but I digress) and sweater combo because he’s outside looking at the stars.

But there is a spotlight on him, which could point to either Spotlight Down or Shine a Light … let’s face it, most of the songs on the album have the word “light” in there somewhere because David. 😘

Orrrrrrr, he could throw us a total Yuletide curveball (snowball? 😂) and release a Christmas song… coat on for “The weather outside is frightful” or “The First Noel”???

What do you guys think??? Any clues I have missed???


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7 Responses to Looking for clues

  1. TOfan says:


  2. TOfan says:




  3. refnaf says:

    How awesome would a Christmas release be??!!!!!!
    Also would totally vote for a video of PiTS!!!
    Love where this guy is at now!!!!

  4. TOfan says:

    Fun interview in Peru (but a lot of it is in English)… he says Spanish album EARLY next year! 😳

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