I blame my cold medicine for this post

A lovely David-friend suggested recently that perhaps D. has gone AWOL because he wants to grow a full, thick beard before filming his next music vid.

We fans are nothing if not accommodating, so here are some helpful accessories to get David in front of that camera ASAP!

So many to choose from, which is your fave??


The “I don’t wanna feel Nuuuuumb”



The “Dude, will this get me a seat in the Emergency Exit aisle??”



The “I’m Reaaaaadyyyy … for a Shave”



The “Travel Buddy”



The classic camo “Entertaining the Troops while your tour-mate buys special equipment to document the whole trip but never ends up sharing any footage” edition



The “Helmet Slash Coat Rack” (50% off at Vikings R Us)



The “Mellow Yellow” … perfect for a video about staying calm while donating at a blood donor clinic staffed by Nandito Ako fans



Ideal for wearing with cardigans, hoodies & Mexico jackets (hat doubles as snack bag)



“Only Me, Only You & The Band”



The “Even Betty Won’t Recognize Me”



The “A Little Too Not Over You” (one size fits all heartbreaks)



The “Hipster-Beanie Dusting-Hardwood-Floors Mashup” (lemon oil not included)



The “Ed Sheeran”



So, which one should we send him, guys??

@rhiminee’s last post forced me to watch this… so I’m forcing you 🙂

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7 Responses to I blame my cold medicine for this post

  1. Abrra says:



  2. oliveoil says:

    The one that doubles as a snack bag, of course lol.

  3. Grammyj says:

    I’m picking the double one for David and his travel buddy. I’m blaming the delay on romance! Maybe that is because I just got home from a wedding. Love is in the air – maybe?

  4. peppertara says:

    I laughed so hard at this post! Well, somehow I don’t ever see David wearing long braided beards, LOL. I think we should wait on the “A Little Too Not Over You” beard, at least until we know he has found his MKOP. Hilarious, don’t know how you come up with these things, thanks for the laughs.
    “The Helmet Slash Coat Rack” LOL. Love your humour!
    p.s. Hope you get over your cold soon TOfan but if this is a side effect, then something good came out of it, haha.

  5. missbianca says:

    I like the Betty. Sorry to hear your cold is still hanging on. I’m hoping these mind-altering drugs wipe out your germs ASAP.

    I’m sick, too, and could really really really use a drop of Davidness.

  6. TwoCents says:

    has anyone else seen this?


    Our program promotes and enhances self-confidence, creativity and self-expression through music. Pre-registration begins January 2017 for kids ages 3 – 18. ARCHULETA PERFORMING ARTS has been designed to encourage learning and development through FUN and STRUCTURED classes. All of our classes offer appropriate music including themes and activities to suit all children’s learning styles and preferences.
    It is widely recognized that singing and creating music with children can help aid in developing many areas other than just musical appreciation. Some of these areas include:
    – Communication and Language
    – Listening Skills
    – Numeracy & Math Skills
    – Physical Development
    – Creativity and Imagination
    – Memory Enhancement
    – Personal, Social, and Emotional Development
    Classes are fun filled, but also teach discipline in music including pitch; tempo, dynamics, timbre, texture, and notation. We look forward to taking this exciting journey with you and your kids.


    Lupe has a very nice voice, seems like a very positive project.

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