Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. friends!

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Happy thanksgiving everyone! On this day of being grateful I am so grateful for my family! I only have a picture with the siblings here but I am so grateful for everyone in my family. These siblings of mine though (along with Jazzy who's on her mission) know me like no one else does and I'm so glad that they take me as I am for the good, the bad, and the ugly! 😜 I have really learned that my family has been given to me by God as a support system in this life. They keep me in check, they remind me of what to be really grateful for, what weaknesses I still need to work on, how to believe in myself a little more than I do sometimes, how to look at others a little more differently, and how to love people even when we don't see eye to eye and choose different paths of life. They have dealt with how indecisive I am my whole life, how I get impatient and maybe a little overly critical; they've dealt with the drastic changes American Idol and music put us through and the family dynamics that were already changing in the middle of all of it. They each share their perspective on life that help paint a bigger picture of what matters most. At the end of it all it seems we can agree on these 4 things: food, video games, that family is always in the center, and God's hand has been in our lives and we have seen so many of His tender mercies. I'm grateful to be imperfect and how obvious it is, it makes me realize how much I need this team of family and friends that I've been given. It teaches me how to love even when it's hard and doesn't make sense. I'm glad I have people that love me even when I don't feel like I deserve it or have any reason for them to love me. They love me anyway though and in the end teach me why I matter and what my purpose is. For me it's a reminder of God. It's a way he provides His love to me. Through this wonderful family of mine! This morning I was thinking of all the people I'm grateful for and the list just kept going and going. It really lifted my mood. Who are you grateful for? Give yourself time to think about it to explore different parts and times of your life to remember those people! It really does help! #Thanksgiving #family

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How beautiful is this post, huh?




Yet now HOWLING… his laugh though πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I swear, every time David guffaws, a battalion of angels get their wings.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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5 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. friends!

  1. refnaf says:

    Yes! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    Wow….. That is quite an Instagram post from David. You really get a sense of the stuff he and his familu have been through.
    I’m finding it hard to keep up with him tho!! How crazy is that? Mr. IG stories dude!

    • TOfan says:

      I thought the same… so happy to see that it looks like they’ve come out the other side.. still can’t get over how much he’s been sharing lately, must feel good… freeing.

  2. Kizzi says:

    Lol. 2 great Instagrams!!! Love t he insights and the humor.
    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes Deb!

  3. peppertara says:

    Happy Thanksgiving U.S. fans! David’s instagrams are so much fun, lol. Yes, what a super lovely thanksgiving message from David, so appreciative of his family, lots of love there. Haha, his laugh, so good to hear! Love the family photo with his siblings.

  4. TaterZen says:

    I’m doing due diligence with “Numb” at YouTube and saw this comment there, which I love. I especially love how the comment ends with such sincere words of appreciation and encouragement to David. Had to share it.

    In New York City in all kinds of neighborhoods we see the twins in white shirts and black ties, Mormons on their missions. I shout, “David” and they shout back, “Archuleta.” They are so proud of you as I am. I will always be a fan. Numb is growth. You are there.

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