When will we @DavidArchie fans ever learn? (rhetorical Q)

eeeeeeeep, just saw this and can’t tell you how excited I am that David is working with Cason Cooley, who worked with Ben Rector (another fave of mine that I may have gushed and spammed about, ahem, once or twice before).

Most recently, they worked together on Ben’s latest album, Brand New, which is bloody brilliant (excuse my alliteration).

Sidenote: I recently had a dream that David had deleted all his social media apps from his phone again so he could focus on finishing up his new music. He was also singing a new Spanish song that sounded amazing in my dream. (Which is very interesting considering I don’t speak Spanish, hmm.)

Anywaaaays, I think what prompted the dream was seeing so many tweets to David asking if he was still alive? Sheesh. This again?? No matter how much he shares with us, is it never enough?? Do peeps want him to do another “leave it far behind me, where no one’s going to find me” walkabout again?

Not going to worry about it though, looks like he knows just when to unplug and hit “refresh” … hence my dream, I guess.

Sorry for ranting but typing super fierce and punchy is good therapy for my bum arm. 🙂

here’s my favourite song from Brand New

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11 Responses to When will we @DavidArchie fans ever learn? (rhetorical Q)

  1. Grammyj says:

    i was pretty sure that David was taking a social media break to focus on finishing his music. I’m so glad that I was right! I like Ben Rector too so I am a happy gal that David is working with the same producer as Ben. Can’t wait to hear what David has been working on for two plus years. Since I’m an ODD David fan I am sure I will love it. August 8 will be here before we know it and we will hear the James the Mormon/David collaboration, “Workin”.

  2. nellie83 says:

    Yup, had a feeling he was working hard. I just wonder if he’s chosen to do an LP or an EP. Hope we’ll find out soon. As for the Spanish, anything he’s ever sang I really don’t know what he’s singing, except for hymns I know the English words to, but it doesn’t matter to me. He sounds amazing singing Spanish.

  3. Martha says:

    I think it’s great that people miss him & say so. It’s been a long time since Idol & many people who are not ODD fans still remember. I work with a few who remember him fondly but really haven’t kept up with him. But you mention his name & all these superlatives come out of their mouths: so sweet! what a voice! he should have won!. The other day at work a 20-something young man came into my office. His last name was Archuleta. Jokingly, I asked him if he was related to David Archuleta. He said no and laughed. Then he said: I get asked that a lot! Who are these people asking? I hope his new music gets to them as they probably just remember this wonderful person from idol.

    David is such a kind person that he feels he needs to let us know when he takes a break in such an honest heartfelt way. That is what many of us love about him. Always thinking of others. I hope he read all the beautiful understanding replies to his post. And of course, am happy to know he is finishing up the new music!

    Thank you, Deb, for the beautiful Ben Rector video. And sorry for the lengthy post. ♥

  4. Abrra says:

    It’s healthy for David to unplug from Social Media. Who hasn’t said “today I will not even turn on my computer.” ? We know not much will get accomplished once we dive into the internet. 🙂

    Just about every night I have 2 rituals that I perform on Tweet deck in @DavidArchie and David Archuleta timelines.

    I scroll through and look for “Whatever happened to David Archuleta?” or “What is David Archuleta up to now?” I respond in Quote form with
    @DavidArchie is only a search away.

    SMH that kids can’t use Google or are they simply too lazy?

    As I am scrolling I am noticing lately that porn tweets are showing up tagging his Twitter name and his real name. I am reporting them to twitter and blocking them. Not going to elaborate on the content, but I don’t advise clicking one. It’s almost a sacrilege to use his name like this. I am sure other celebrities suffer the same abuse of their name, but somehow it feels worse seeing his name shamed in such a way.

    /rant off


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