Where you lead, I will follooooow….


I am trying to contain myself but alsdkjfalkdfjlakjflkajfalskfjakdsfjalksjdfakjdflkajsdflkajf.

If any of you know me at all you know what a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan I am. I’m talking OGG that matches my ODD.

And today my wildest dreams of a Gilmore Girls reunion with the show’s brilliant original writer were confirmed and my body is currently in Toronto but every other corpuscle of my being is in Stars Hollow.


And then this picture of David in Nashville …..

You know, just my kid hanging out with David Archie in nashville at @citywinerynsh

A photo posted by Crystal Bowersox (@crystalbowersox) on

…..with that sparkly eyed smile and the fluffeh hair* and the cute little guy … plus Crystal’s son #heh …**

I am beside myself, here.

Seriously though, this GG news is about as exciting for me as David music or tour news… yes THAT ENORMOUS.

And to think David’s in Nashville to finish new music for us?!?

Well, I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight tbh. Too much excitement.

I need to mellow out. Breathe. Breathe.

Not working.

Sorry for the nuttiness but you guyyyyyys!!!!

Lavabombs of love all around!!!!!

Group hug!!!!!!

*The hair tho’. It is literally so fluffy it is billowing down on his forehead. Next stop man bun. You heard it here first.

** Also, why does David look like he’s handcuffed? Which one of you finally went through with it??!!

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7 Responses to Where you lead, I will follooooow….

  1. Abrra says:

    Guilty 😉


    • TOfan says:

      Knew it! 🙂

      • Grammyj says:

        Ha! Ha! My daughter will be as thrilled as you are about “Gilmore Girls” and for some reason I’m thrilled that David is in Nashville again. I guess it’s because I’m hoping that new music will be coming soon – crossing my fingers.

    • angelofdja says:

      Ha! Ha! Abrra did it! I am soooo surprised it was you! (Tee hee, not really THAT surprised!)
      David is back in Nashville…LOVE the sound of that!!! 😜

  2. peppertara says:

    Haha, i can feel your excitement TOfan! I did read somewhere that this was going to happen, used to watch all the episodes too, have some of the DVD sets of the series. Yep, I really enjoyed the show too!
    How nice that David is in Nashville and what a great photo. More music, music, music?
    All sounds good.
    “Also, why does David look like he’s handcuffed?” Lol, I think he may be “wrist holding” his water bottle, hence the invisible handcuffs, ha. Love the pic with Crystal’s little guy. Sweet.

  3. missbianca says:

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! The Harv and I binge-watched GG not that long ago, so we are totally ready for the reboot/reunion/rewhatever. What does OGG stand for? Obsessive Gilmore Groupiness? Original Gilmore Girly? Oy with the poodles already?

    GROUP HUG! *squish*

  4. dangitdavid says:

    Still the best Archu-hug in life 😀😀😀

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