Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canuck @DavidArchie fans!

[yes, this is a gif of me hearing Numb for the first time at the Colonial Theatre, in case you were wondering.]
Even though I’m sitting here in a cast with possibly the worst hair of my life for 14 days and counting, there is so much I feel thankful for. There is pie in the house, for one thing.

In terms of David things to be thankful for right now, the list just keeps growing, for me, anyway.

He’s back from his mission and he’s still doing music (despite his Idaho flashback to his “I don’t think I want to do this anymore” moment, which just about gave me — and I bet all of you — a heart attack).

I’ve liked every single song he’s written since he’s gotten back that we’ve heard (Nunca Pense, Son of Man, He Showed Me How, Numb (see gif above)).

His footwear choices have been stellar.

WE ARE GETTING MORE NEW MUSIC, FOLKS!!!!!! (this actually deserves about 23424242 spots on this list)

There’s new technology like Periscope so we get even more chances to enjoy his live performances so we don’t need to travel to Utah so often Canadian Customs & Immigration is flagged and opens a secret file.

These shows he’s been doing are to “warm up”… W.A.R.M..U.P… just let that sink in for a moment.

Kari. I’m thankful for Kari. Short of fangirling but not by much. She puts up with so much from our *ahem* energetic crew and handles it all with grace and kindness and good humour. She once offered me an elastic for a poster (at a MKOC VIP) and then doubled over laughing when she realized I didn’t even have one. These are the kinds of things that will put Kari in the Road Manager Hall of Fame.

After going to the Interfaith concert last December, where David sounded incredible (‘natch) but seemed wary and stiff and not enjoying it much at times, it was a thrill to watch him get back into the swing of things in Idaho Falls and Layton. I’ll never forget that first show in IF, it was truly a special night and you could tell  he felt it too, because he said so. I felt nauseous before the show I was so nervous, which is ridiculous… I actually shook my head and said “Snap out of it! YOU are not the one on stage!” lol … I can’t even imagine how he felt before hand, but to watch him soak up all the love and give it right back in song was pure magic.

When he started the show with song after song, I got worried he wasn’t going to do any talking. I thought “maybe this is his new style.” HA! When he did start to share, boy did he ever. He got emotional talking about how Don’t Give Up helped get him through some tough times before his mission and also about wondering if anyone would be interested in hearing from him when he got back. Really raw, really real. But he was his funny, quirky self too and it struck me how much I’d missed hearing him talk. He doesn’t like doing vlogs. Fine. I get that, I’d hate it too. But even though I always say I’m here for his music (which I am), I realized I really missed hearing his take on things, how he looks at the world, using words like “shindig” to describe doing Nandito Ako, and that he never thought he’d do something like that (classic David pause), but that it was fun. I’m not going to waste time hoping he’ll start doing chatty vlogs again, I’m just going to be thankful I got to be there to hear him share as much as he did in person.

You know what else I’m thankful for? You guys. You make me laugh and are such good people, I hope I get to meet all of you in person some day… especially you, peppertara, we tried and missed and need to try again! lol

So even if you’re not celebrating our most awesome holiday (which thankfully arrives WELL before Christmas, and comes complete with fall colours, mwahaha) … what David-world things are you thankful for??


Also very grateful that professional photographers capture the ArchuPhenomenon of the world being blurry and all blending together but David popping out in sharp focus and a nuclear reactor-like glow.

Also thankful for this picture of David as the filling in a super-sized Cougarette burrito.

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15 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canuck @DavidArchie fans!

  1. peppertara says:

    Happy Thanksgiving TOfan and fellow Canuck @DavidArchie fans! I wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, whatever you do. What a fabulous, joyful post. I am grateful for this site and for your continued good efforts to keep us entertained with information, updates, wonderful writings and lots of smiles and laughter! A lot to be thankful for, David and his music, of course, included.
    I’m grateful too that David continues to do music (bless him)! and grateful for all he has shared thus far. Loving his new music too and looking forward to more. What David shares with his voice, his beautiful artistry and his soulful expression, is really something to be treasured.
    Grateful for the many fans who share their “David” experiences with the rest of us too, so appreciated! Loving the photo and David with his “nuclear reactor-like glow”, ha….yes.
    Oh I do hope we get to meet one day too TOfan, yes we did try but missed. We’ll have to try again sometime for sure!
    p.s. Love the gif of you up top, lol……If I was younger that could be me too (not really) but I think I actually did something like that in my head at first listen. 🙂

  2. tawna21 says:

    TOfan, First of all… Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

    this >>> ” so we don’t need to travel to Utah so often Canadian Customs & Immigration is flagged and opens a secret file.” ROFL!!!

    Seriously though, your list of “thankful for’s” is pretty much what I’d list. I have to add to it, the fact that I was able to be at the BYU Spectacular and see that smile happen! I was able to witness, to me, a rebirth of Crush. It made me a believer in the song (it hasn’t been on my favorites list— /ducks). And Everybody Hurts… OMGosh! He slam dunked that song right into my heart (and about 9500 others) and soul! I don’t know that it can be topped after last night! The acapella of NMGTT was so perfect. I’ve never heard such a perfect acapella from David. He was one with Vocal Point. Long story short…. I loved the show!

    My sincere hope is that there will be some shows next year that take David to many different areas. There are so many that need to witness the man that David brought back. He’s incredible, and, yes, he glows (I had the same reaction to that picture that you did — it’s a beauty!) with a light that touches hearts and souls.

    Thanks for reminding me of the things that I missed and am grateful to have back, or that can just be filed in the memory bank. And, thanks for keeping this site going.

    • tawna21 says:

      Forgot an important item…. the David fans! The world is such a different place in the Archie world. Gotta love it!!! 🙂

  3. Grammyj says:

    I’m thankful that I am still an ODD David fan. It’s been quite a ride, and I’m glad that David is back singing better than ever (how is that even possible?). I believe there is a David tour being planned for March so hopefully he will get to other areas of the U.S and for me he needs to come to the Midwest. I am thankful for all the fan recaps, videos and Periscope so I can see how magical David’s performances has been. I read on an Instagram post from a member of Vocal Point that David said he wants his music to show love and light. I love that goal. So much for fan angst with what David wanted in his music career.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Thankful for all the unexpected joy David’s music has brought into my life these last few years.

    And now his instagrams, lol.

    • Grammyj says:

      Does anyone know who that David look-alike is in the back standing by David’s grandpa? Someone asked in a comment if that was David’s brother which we ODD fans know is not. He looks more like David than Daniel does.

  5. refnaf says:

    This is beautiful (((TOfan))))
    I am so thankful for the gift that David shares…. And being able to hear him live! Thankful for the journey we have been on together…. Following this dude around! What a blessing … The music , the people…. Everything about this experience!!
    (((Hugs)))) to all

  6. collegemom says:

    I am thankful for this blog!! Happy Thanksgiving TOfan!

  7. missbianca says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, TO, Ref, pastel, and all the other fabulous Canadian fans! Special thanks to Deb for articulating beautifully these things to be thankful for. ❤

  8. oliveoil says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Tofan and all other Canadian Archies !!!! I just LOVE your observations about David. You have a way of presenting him in such a loving and lighthearted way. At the same time you are able to express those things about David that make him so unique and wonderful. Sometimes it makes me giggle, cuz I still think he still doesn’t understand why people go so crazy over him.

    • Grammyj says:

      David is so humble that I don’t think he ever will understand why people go so crazy over him. I’m just glad he didn’t give it all up. That would have been a shame. I think he does realize that he has a God given talent that he needs to use. That’s why I think he decided to continue in the crazy, hard music business. I love that he said he wants his music to show love and light.

  9. janetpacker says:

    Love every word of this post, as usual! I’m also grateful for the chance to be in IF that first concert back. It was pure magic for me, and you have captured my feelings perfectly…..and typed them with an arm in a cast, no less!?!!! Thank you! I believe we’ll continue to have much to be thankful for on this ArchuJourney.

    • janetpacker@gmail.com says:

      whoops, that’s me.
      Looking forward to his little “shindig” in Tuacahn. 🙂

      • janetpacker@gmail.com says:

        …ok, this is getting embarrassing. This is Jani, not that it really matters, but WHY doesn’t my screen name appear?lol…trying again….if it doesn’t work, I’ll stop, 🙂

        • TOfan says:

          eek, sorry your screen name isn’t appearing, Jani… not sure why 😦

          also looking forward to the Tuacahn “shindig”! 🙂

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