Happy 2015: It’s time to flip the page

I saw this on Instagram, posted by the lovely Ana Feleo (“Chit” on Nandito Ako & David’s NA acting coach). It perfectly sums up how I’m feeling right now as a David fan. Maybe some of you are, too.

Waaaaaay back in 2011, I think I was so floored by D’s Announcement because I sensed it signalled the end of an era. A really really really fun era. I had the feeling that nothing was ever going to be quite the same.

I never doubted David would always make music. But even he had no way of knowing how his mission experience … and two solid years of growing up… would take him to a new place in his life. A new place that’s still evolving. After all, we’re all works in progress, right?

But when I saw this post from Ana, it felt like a message, somehow. I don’t mean I’m letting go of being a fan. As long as there’s David music in this world, I’ll be listening to it like no other. But letting go of OTT ODD. I mean, it’s time, don’t you think? 🙂

He’s writing songs and singing when it feels right and says he’s excited for what the future brings, and so am I. He’s in a new place and I feel like I need to let go of what was and let him be where he’s at now … to stop living in the David past.

Sure, I loved the random tweets and vlogs of days gone by… what’s not to love? So it made me sad to hear David say he’s never liked doing vlogs.

I don’t want him to suffer period, but definitely not just to please fans. And it looks like he’s done doing that. All good. For in taking back his life, he’s giving us back ours. Time to flip the page.

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41 Responses to Happy 2015: It’s time to flip the page

  1. oliveoil says:

    Hi Tofan. Lately I haven’t been commenting much, but I still visit the fan sites. I have always appreciated your humor and perspective on things. What you said today is exactly how I feel . Time to let go of the old and move on. By not communicating like before going on a mission, I am getting his message loud and clear. Its kind of like the feeling I had when my kids went off to college and got married. I miss them, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will always love David, but I’m not going to hold on to the past. I can only wish him the best in all that he does. I’m sure it will include music, so I will keep my ear out for that !! Happy New Year, Tofan !! 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      Happy New Year to you too, oliveoil!

      • oliveoil says:

        Clarification. I don’t plan to no longer be a fan. I’ve only ” moved on ” in the sense that my expectations have changed. I will always be a huge fan of David because he is just all around awesome in every way. I’m looking forward to new music, and will continue to follow the fan sites. 🙂

    • roxfox says:

      ❤️ You tofan for this post, for keeping it real, down-right hilarious, and to everyone here for keeping it civil and upbeat. Oliveoil I appreciate your comment; well said! All comments below are fantastic. I am so excited for what lies ahead for David with his re-focus on life! I hope he continues to find love, happiness, and progress in his life pursuits. This is my wish for all here too! If any friends visit Utah, sneaky 😉 or otherwise, I hope our paths cross again.

  2. karenkid says:

    I’ve felt this way for a while now. In all honesty it’s SnowAngez (plural) I come here for – not David. Nothing against David at all, but it’s you that made me laugh and smile over the years. I’ll always love and appreciate the way you touched my life. Happy 2015!

  3. Canarchaudry says:

    Thank you TOfan for voicing how you feel. I felt this for a while now that it is time to let go. David will always have a place in our heart but like any others, we all continue to evolve and move on to other things, meet others that will touch our lives same way as David did. I think that is what life is about. Nothing stay the same, we all grow and learn from each other as each of us continue the path we are intended to walk on. Someday, we will all meet again perhaps with a different interest and perspective in life. I will always treasure the good old days when we were in the ODD mode haha…Thankful to David for the amazing ride and the gift he shared with us. I will continue to silently follow his twitter and be amazed by the beauty of his music. Lastly, Thank you for your warm welcome to me and for all the funny blogs. You are a very talented writer👍❤️❤️❤️ May I add also to take this opportunity to thank all the US and Canadian David fans for their warm welcoming and friendship. Happy 2015 and
    God Bless You All!👼

  4. refnaf says:

    Thank you for this TOfan! I am so ready to flip the page as well…. my ODD days are done, I guess they have been for a while now. For me it seems that this is what David wants and needs as well…. a career that moves at his speed and develops his gifts the way he believes is right. I am so happy for him and thankful for the experiences he has brought into my life, but I just can’t mark every anniversary and follow everyone who mentions him etc. I am so ready to hear any music he comes out with though, that’s a given!
    (((((TOfan))))) you can not be thanked enough for sharing your gift in writing and humour!!!!!! I just adore everything you write…. you are def in my brain!!!

  5. awestruck says:

    This resonates deeply with me TOfan – I have to gather my thoughts. I’ll be back

  6. tawna21 says:

    So well stated, TOfan. I think this is where a lot of us are at. I will always be thankful for what David has given to me with his music and his personality. He gave his life to us for so many years, and we need to let him have it back while he moves into what he sees as his good place. With patience, we will see a new David and hear new music. The new David will still be ‘just David’, but it will be ‘him’, and not someone the industry has created. The new music will be his because he has created it, with his heart and soul that has seen other parts of life.
    Hugs to all, and wishes for a wonderful 2015! And, hopefully, we can all meet at a concert (yes, I will go to concerts and buy music!) down the road. ♥♥

  7. Zededvcroz says:

    I’m not saying goodbye, but I’m also flipping the pages and start moving on. I’ll be forever a fan. One thing I truly appreciate from all of these was that through DA, I’ve discovered how beautiful the land of Utah is. Over the years, I’ve spent several trips just to spend vacation on this very special place.

    • tawna21 says:

      You are so welcome to come to beautiful Utah any time you want!!!! Thank you for your appreciation of what this part of God’s creation has to offer. 🙂

  8. missbianca says:

    I have felt for years that this has really not been about David for me–it’s been about the many wonderful people I’ve gotten to know during my “ODD” period.

    It is sad, but the page has turned for most. I look at my twitter–once a very fun place to be. Now all I see is ads and angst. I cry a tear for each web site that closes but I go on. I come across things on my hard drive and sigh from the memories.

    I think being an involved fan takes a certain minimum number of other involved fans as well as the support of the star. I think David still supports us in theory but every interaction seems like such a hardship to him. In finding himself, it seems to me he lost his childlike zeal for life.

    Well, I haven’t lost my zeal. Dunno where it will find expression next but it’s not lost!

    Love you all!

  9. peppertara says:

    Happy 2015 to you too TOfan, and everyone. I really like this post, not only because there is a lot of truth in it for me but also because it is refreshing….refreshing in the way that a new year is beginning and and there are always changes to embrace in life, think I turned the page a while ago as well….still reading the book though. Maybe fans will just be re-defining their “ODD”. It was sure a great time…those ODD years, what fun! Maybe D doesn’t want his fans to be “OTT ODD”. Maybe he just wants those who are willing to listen to appreciate his music if they so choose…when he is able and willing to produce music…while he balances his life in other areas.
    Have a feeling though that something just might burst on the scene eventually and we”ll be jumping right in, haha. Like others, I’ll always be a fan and will appreciate anything that stellar voice brings in future. My ears and my heart are ready and willing.
    p.s. Good comments from everyone and I have to agree wholeheartedly TOfan….part of the enjoyment of this site is your fabulous writing and ridiculously good humour. 🙂

  10. dangitdavid says:

    Perfectly said…and I totally agree!! Will always be ready to hear new music and will be first in line if there’s ever another tour but I’ve already stepped back from my ODD for a while now…he’s ready to live life his way and I’m going to let him do that 🙂 Kinda feels like we broke up tho lol

  11. Well turning the page is what we will do. But the truly sad part is not just about David but the possibility of not seeing such great friends in all of those familiar places. For that reason we will have to keep in touch. It isn’t that often that you meet people who have something great to share with each other. It was truly unique and very special.

    Take care,

    SB 🍁

  12. archugeezer says:

    Been thinking about this post off and on all day. As a David fan—and I will always be one—I think I flipped the page a while ago. Oh, I still enjoy the fan talk because I have come to enjoy so many of the fans. I also continue to read and appreciate my favorite fan blogs, with particular relish for the wit and wisdom of TOfan who is exactly on target here.

    NOTE: I just deleted two additional rambling paragraphs about how I feel. “Ditto” will suffice.

    You’re welcome.

  13. Spirit says:

    TOfan…..As usual, you have perfectly expressed what many of us feel. Serious or zany, your thoughts are always right on the money! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your insights with us, and for providing this wonderful site. Although I don’t comment often, SnowAngelz is always one of my favorite places to visit.

    I, too, will always have a special place in my heart for David and will forever be a fan, but it is time to turn the page. Just as David has grown and matured, my feelings as a fan have changed. I’ve enjoyed the journey. Although I miss the exuberance of the younger David, I’m happy to see him maturing into such a grounded young man who is striving to live a meaningful life. I’ll continue to look forward to any music that he shares and will hope that there will be future concerts that I will be able to attend. I still feel that there is no one who brings out the true spirit of a song like David.

  14. lynnella says:

    I don’t feel so much like I’m flipping a page as I’m changing gears. They say the only thing in life that stays the same is change. We’re always going to have it. I said goodbye to my grandson today, who is leaving in the morning to go back to Germany, where he is stationed in the Air Force. I remember when he was a little boy, and in high school, and now, he is a grown man, although it’s hard to realize it at times. No one stays the same. In David’s case, he’s no longer a boy, and is growing into the man God intended him to be. And, I must say, I think he’s doing a fine job of it. As charming as his vlogs were, they were the ramblings of a boy. I loved hearing them too. Now, I’m ready to hear the words and thoughts of a man. They may come only in his music, but they will still be his, and I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

    I also have to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading this blog. I don’t always comment, but I have spent many times laughing out loud at the humor and creativity found here. I hope you’re not shutting down, but just taking a break.


  15. awestruck says:

    Hey TOfan – what started as a place to come ‘for all things David’ is still that, but it has also become a place of comfort in the knowledge that we are here to support each other with our ‘New View’ outlook and more balanced ODD, lol. Truly, though, I have grown immensely in the two year David hiatus and not only look forward to the new music that is to come, but have been reminded of the music we have already been blessed with. In answer to the question I asked of my Mom ‘what is your favorite Christmas Carol’ she replied The Little Drummer Boy. Well I listened to the ‘Dapo’ version when I got home and promptly made a CD (yeah I know, old technology – but CD’s tend to NOT get lost at the seniors home where Mom is) and took it in to her the next day. Needless to say she got lost in his voice, as usual, and said that it was one of the most beautiful versions she had ever heard. David’s Christmas/Religious music has brought great comfort and joy to her.

    The things I will ‘let go’ will be the negative things that drag me down – to make room for the joy of new music to come from David, the concerts shared with others, meals in airports…

  16. TOfan says:

    I will say this… I’ll always and forever be a fan of David’s impeccable punctuation. 🙂

  17. peppertara says:

    awestruck, really like what you wrote (and what others wrote) and I think it is wonderful that you made a CD of Drummer Boy with David’s music for your Mom. My Mom used to love listening to David’s Christmas music too.
    Hey, I still make CDs (and buy them) and still prefer them (a little bit old school here I guess).
    I’ll always be ready for any future music from David too.
    TOfan, noticed David’s punctuation too, think he must take great care to do that. 🙂

  18. Guess David is setting sail!

    The original quote David quoted actually belongs to Christopher Columbus and rightfully so being the ocean crossing sailor that he was. Now he is an interesting person to read about centuries later.

    SB 🍁

  19. GrammyJ says:

    I want to thank-you for running this fan-site. I know the time has come for you to step away. I loved the fun and humor of this site, and I will miss it. A lot of the fun of being an ODD David fan has been the wonderful fan-sites he has had. Like everyone here has said – I will always be a fan of David and will listen to whatever music he puts out. Nothing stays the same, but it seems that David is happy. He will always sing…

    • TOfan says:

      aww, thanks, grammyJ, not closing up shop, sorry if I gave that impression, just not the manic pace of days gone by… feels like we’re in a new phase, following the lead of the D-Man himself.

      I always only posted when the mood struck me (or something tickled my twisted sense of humour) and I suspect that will always be the case (even if it’s more back-burner than front). Appreciate yours (and everyone’s!) great comments… love hearing your take on things and, as SB said so well: “It is good to hear people’s thoughts. It quite possibly helps us with our own.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Comment at the voice:

        ‘David broke my heart yesterday. My granddaughter’s friend met him while getting his oil changed. There they were, stuck in each other’s company for the duration of the station’s serving their vehicles. David was kind enough to say he remembered me after being prompted. Haha. He said to tell me he was moving to Nashville to do some writing. I realize this is good news for many fans, but I am needing some happy thoughts for myself.’


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