Serious @DavidArchie Face Off

I almost don’t recognize David here. SO. VERY. SERIOUS.

Is that an actual FURROW in his brow?

What could he possibly be talking about so earnestly?ย 

Place your best bets here*:

If you clicked “Other,” please share your suggestions in the comments.

(Gif source: The wonderful 1FootFrontTheeOther tumblr)

*Yes, I do know what he’s actually talking about but if I need to specify “I’m just kidding,” I will drop by and personally deliver multiple noogies.

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18 Responses to Serious @DavidArchie Face Off

  1. tawna21 says:

    He’s talking about ‘Meet the Mormons’ and how he hopes it informs people about the LDS people.

  2. justvisiting says:

    When I saw that on tumblr, I had the same thought: wow, he looks so serious! And the furrow in his brow! Man! I have never seen David this serious — except when he was acting all angry in “Nandito Ako.”

    David all grown up!

    Also, his eyes look fab in these gifs!

  3. dangitdavid says:

    Lolol I’m going with collar button rash!!! It must hurt like heck with all those shirts choking that lovely neck of his ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amber beat him in the new Zelda game.

  5. missbianca says:

    Guess David hasn’t had botox after all.

    I wish I could “like” some of these responses. They made me giggle as much as the original post!

    Oh, and for the record, I did NOT know what he was talking about so seriously. Do I get noogies or something worse?

    • Refnaf says:

      Serious David FTW!
      Hilarious as per usual TOfan!
      I do believe he is sharing how desperately he wants to tour Canada, especially southern Ontario!

  6. archugeezer says:

    I think David is expressing his concern about the victims in the Tinder scandal. (And then he bats his eyes in the last gif and 38 more girls sign up.)

  7. marin says:

    LMBO! At the post & all your responses, like Miss Bianca said, chuckling away. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Perhaps he’s heard the price of haircuts is going up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I don’t know but it’s hot. ha ha

  9. roxfox says:

    His B grade in his Music Business 101 class and now he has to do extra credit.

  10. Jani says:

    Food. He can’t believe they didn’t have chips and salsa at the premier.

  11. peppertara says:

    Just stopping in to say how funny this is, thanks for the lighthearted post TOfan and some of the comments….haha. David does look rather serious and yes…he is all grown up!

    On a more serious note…much light and prayers to the situation in Ottawa and to all involved and for the young soldier who was killed. Peace to his family and peace to all and yes, we all have to be on guard it seems, sad it is so but certainly is the case. Peace, light, protection to Canada and its citizens and to all around the world. โค

  12. peppertara says:

    That really is a lovely gesture, what a nice tribute. RIP Nathan Cirillo

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