BREAKING NEWS: Imagine snippets!!!!!


and ohmyheck, Dean Kaelin’s latest FB post gave me heart failure:

“Yesterday we got up early and boarded a Chinook helicopter wearing our battle gear and were flown to an FOB (Forward Operating Base) in the central part of Afghanistan. It was about a 30 minute ride. On the way we crossed over hills and the rebels shot at our helicopter. There were two machine guns mounted on either side of the helicopter we were on that fired down on the rebels as the helicopter made defensive maneuvers. ” Rest HERE.

Sidenote: Is it wrong that I’m scared for D., but also want to see a picture of him in battle gear? *hides*

MUST READ: Jason’s latest blog HERE. … We all knew David would not be pleased with that sleeping-on-the-plane pic but I guess now Jason knows that too… sounds like he’s also finding out why we’re all such huge fans of D’Arch… because he’s David.

EXCERPT: “But it drove the nail in the coffin today as we were sitting on a Chinook on our way from one base to another as we sailed the skies above Afghanistan. I was filming everything, as always, taking pictures, capturing the amazing moment to share with everyone later, and when I set my stuff down, over the roar of the engine, David waved over at me and did two signs: SLEEP and NO PHOTO. And he proceeded to pass out from our long day. For David, the most humble, quiet, considerate human being I think I’ve ever met, to have done that I realized Oh Man, What Have I Done?

That’s when I came to the conclusion I owe a real apology, in public and in private, to this great man. He knows little to no privacy. Even when we fly all over this huge world, and arrive at the bases bordering countries all apparently founded by some family with the last name “Stan”: Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan… In Afghanistan there are American and Filipino females standing with full toothed smiles, bright eyes, iPads above their heads with his photo on it, music blaring to “Crush” as David walks into the room unaware he’s about to be ambushed. His giggles of embarrassment ensue as everyone comes toward him like little zombie babies at a Church nursery; arms outstretched, wailing and gnashing of teeth, foaming at the mouth, pink eye dripping, snot flowing, diapers dragging on the floor, marching toward the prison gated door upon the arrival of a recently missing parent. Everyone wants to gobble him up. And yet he’s so gracious, he allows everyone to take photos with him, and he’ll stay until the last person has had their chance to be able to interact with him for a few seconds.

This past week and a half I’ve seen him do a phone greeting for several people, ask a girl to a dance on video from a suitor, hold up a sign for a father for his daughter at home, sign a guitar, do push-ups with a soldier, and even sign a unicorn mask. I mean, if he’s not signing his own CD for an hour following the show, or standing to take 10,607 photos with the same person, then he’s signing the inside of a soldier’s hat, reluctantly, asking them if they’re sure that’s what they really want, and willing to oblige if that makes the fans smile…

He’s the most reluctant superstar I’ve ever seen. Not that he doesn’t want to be successful, that’s an entirely different thing. He’s all about touching people’s hearts and works his tail off to make that a reality, helping them feel moved by music, and takes it very serious. His humility is real. His shyness is well documented, but when called upon to share his ability as a speaker and messenger, even without singing, takes even the best inspirational presenters aback. Few words spoken yet so well chosen. He delivers with the spirit, coupled with song and it leaves a grown man in tears. He’s just a wonderful, caring, helpful, fun, nice, everything you’d expect from afar and more than you could understand from outside kind of person.

In the mornings I hear him in the other room singing. As his Twitter Bio says, “I’m David. I like music”. Yep, that’s true in every sense of the word. He’s rooming with Dan Clark and I’m hanging with Dean Kaelin. I said to Dan, “I think I can hear you snoring through the wall, Dan. I thought there was an air raid in your room, which ended with a fight between Godzilla and a Grizzly Bear! I’m sure if David snored it would be a cantata, or Les Mis….” To which Dan said, “Yeah, he wakes up singing. I thought it was my alarm clock going off too early and I almost threw him across the room!” To which I responded, “I thought I had died and was being welcomed by the heavenly choir but it was just David humming upon waking….”

We laugh about it because he’s just so good at what he does, cares so much to create a powerful, moving moment for his audience, crafts each note of each song with care, and is at the end of the day just such a good human being.

I don’t write this to be anything but honest about what is, and this is the whole truth. I’m sure if David were to read this he’d be embarrassed by my praise of him, but that’s just how we all feel about him, plain and simple.

For that reason I want to publicly apologize to David, and let it be known I was just trying to be cute and tell the story, and that’s just not a good enough excuse to invade someone’s privacy.” Read whole blog HERE.


Dean5317_10152266419205017_4513093756519102172_n(You may be sensing a theme here. 🙂 )

Seriously though, had to chuckle at David’s tweet:

Like he JUST got Internet when Jason and Dan and Dean have been blogging, tweeting and FBing like crazy… oh, David.

And thank goodness they have, otherwise we’d know NADA, if it were up to dear D.

Here’s Dean’s latest FB post… the last lines… *sobs*.

EXCERPT: “…We toured the base and got a special tour of the detention center where Afghan terrorists are detained, tried and sentenced. In the evening we came back and did a show for all of the MPs at the detention center. The concert was under a tent and the wind was really whipping outside. Jason made the comment, “This is the first time I’ve ever done a show in a tent, or a hurricane!” They were really appreciative of the show. It meant a lot to them to have us there and help them escape the stress, uncomfortable weather and occasional boredom of their situation as well as being away from their families. One young man announced that his wife just gave birth to their first child, a son, and he was going to be in Afghanistan for another 10 months. It was a very tender experience. They all stayed after to talk and get pictures. One dad had written “Hi Sarah” on a sign and had David hold it while he got his picture taken with David so that he could send it home to his daughter who was a fan. More when I can.”


New pics!


Click 4 source.

David and the ladieeees. :)

David and the ladieeees. 🙂


Can someone tell me what D's holding?? LOL

Can someone tell me what D’s holding?? LOL

More here.

And Dan Clark update here:

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15 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: Imagine snippets!!!!!

  1. tawna21 says:

    Yes, thank goodness Dean, Dan, and Jason have ‘found’ the internet!! 😀 This is probably such an amazing (and that word is an understatement) and unforgettable, and scary, experience that David is wrapped up in being there and absorbing it. Besides, why should he be worried about what else happens? The others are taking care of us! 😀

    I can’t comprehend this experience.

  2. Kizzi says:

    *sniff, sniff* Pass the tissues please. My heart runneth over….

  3. peppertara says:

    Yes, Dean Kaelin for President along with the others! What a wonderful (and heart wrenchng at the same time) blog he shared. I’m so touched by all they have given and how they can make a difference in the lives of the troops. What an amazing and sobering experience for them all. So nice to receive tweets from dear David too!
    Who knew that David’s first tour post Mission would be this one. Then again, it is so in line with what he does, emanates and gives on an ongoing basis. Kudos to all four of them and many thanks for everything they do and all they share..! May they all be well and safe. ❤

  4. TOfan says:

    Just updated the post with Jason’s latest blog… on one hand, he seems very sincere and contrite about invading David’s privacy with the sleeping-on-the-plane pic, but on the other hand, he goes on to talk about lots of other personal details that I kind of think might also make David cringe a little … ah, the irony.

    brb going to watch Imagine snippets again 🙂

    • missbianca says:

      Jason’s apologizing blog seems to have been taken down–perhaps because of what you mention. I thought it was kind of OTT and it made me cringe a little too. I hope David accepted Jason’s apology.

      That “Imagine”–perfection. I think it will provide the soundtrack to me as I look back a this sad day. In the Imagine world, nobody would be shot at or shot down.

  5. Kizzi says:

    Are you happy Ms TOfan (for Prime Minister btw)….gah, warning signs must be POSTED my dear….sobbing, laughing….so unreal yet soooo very real….my ears, my heart, my soul, my essence is hearing, absorbing, tasting, reveling in “IMAGINE.” So rich, so pure, so sublime that I cannot yet believe it…Thank God it’s in snippets b/c any longer would simply kill me…not a hyperbole even.

    And the setting, the danger, the soldiers, all so over whelming to contemplate…God bless them one and all….Heroes each and every one.

    Blubbering mess (me, lol) is over and out. Love ya’ll at SAz. Miss everyone! Lots!!!

  6. refnaf says:

    All of this is too much to take!
    Everything Kizzi said….. It is unbelievable the good that they are doing over there….. And then the Imagine snippet AND Jason’s apology

    • Grammyj says:

      I agree, and I’m loving it. We need the three of them to go with David on all his tours to blog, take pictures and videos. It’s been great! They are the best PR team.

  7. peppertara says:

    I agree Grammyj, they are the best PR team! Incredible blogs, scary at times (holy moly), guess it is the nature of the territory they are in and the troops are in all the time. Prayers every day.
    So wonderful to have Imagine snippets!!! That beautiful voice and heart in song will always inspire and uplift. Love Dan’s videos he puts together, love seeing snippets of all of them in action on stage too, what a great team. Love Dean’s updates on Facebook, so telling. Jason’s blogs are wonderful, aw…his apology, I’m sure D understands (although would rather not have anymore public pics like that)! So sweet though of him to do a public apology, he is not only a great entertainer but a great writer too.
    So grateful for all that they have shared with us and what they are doing over there…. and the music snippets! Ahhhhh. He sounds as beautiful as ever. So many happy photos of David with the troops. Creates a nice (and necessary) balance between what we worry about over there and the special moments he creates with his heart and spirit.
    ……..Your caption beneath that photo TOfan…..”Can someone tell me what D’s holding?? LOL”
    When I first looked at that pic I thought he was holding little tiny toy soldiers (like my brother used to play with when he was a kid). Haha. Not sure what he is holding.
    Must listen to Imagine snippets again too.

  8. Utahmom says:

    Loved the snippet. Loved the blog excerpts. Loved the tweet. Loved everything! Glad you posted some of Jason’s blog before he took it down. It was probably the best confirmation I’ve seen of what many have suspected all along about David’s career. He simply does not want to be a superstar. Perhaps after Jason reread it, he felt that it was just as intrusive as the original photo he was apologizing for, even though it was from the heart. Or maybe someone else (not necessarily David) mentioned it to him. I’ve seen lots of pics of sleeping celebrities, so I can see why it doesn’t seem like an invasion of privacy and it doesn’t sound like David was making a big deal about it–just ensuring it didn’t happen again. It’s often better to quietly resolve an issue than call more attention to it.

    And as a mom of sons, I can tell you with certainty that David is holding Lego guys. Believe me, I know. I’ve stepped on plenty with bare feet.

  9. Abrra says:

    Thank you for preserving Jason’s blog. Many didn’t have a chance to read the kind words he had for David.

    “on one hand, he seems very sincere and contrite about invading David’s privacy with the sleeping-on-the-plane pic, but on the other hand, he goes on to talk about lots of other personal details that I kind of think might also make David cringe a little …”

    Deb, agree 100000000000000000%

    From Abrra’s Candy Jar
    I took the snippets of David singing Imagine from Dan Clark’s video and put them in MP3 format.

    Imagine snippet.mp3
    Audio (.MP3)
    [audio src="" /]

    I made ringtones from BHH for iPhone and Andriod. Find them in the main Middle East folder.


  10. TOfan says:

    You rock, Abs!!!

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