The @DavidArchie Mom Factor

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend to everyone who has a mom, is a mom, or takes care of others like a mom!!!


This article is good news for Mr. David Archuleta for obvious mom-related reasons…. 🙂

mom-musicinfluencer_0129115318306_16x9_620x350What can I say about your mom that hasn’t already been said? Everybody knows that her intelligence won’t allow her to cook Minute Rice in under an hour. And we’ve all heard about her weight and subsequent baptism at Sea World. And let’s not forget about her disqualification from the ugly contest after losing her amateur status.

What you may not know about your mom is that she has become the most powerful person in music. Her tastes and habits, more than anyone else’s, influence the music you hear every day. Here’s how.

I gave up my dream of joining the ballet... dang you, Archuleta!!!

Still love this picture.

1. Your mom doesn’t know how to steal music.

Have you tried to explain torrents to your mom? “I have to download a file and open it, and that lets me download another file that I have to open to hear a song? That sounds complicated!”

Moms would rather just pay for a song from iTunes and have it added to their libraries automatically. Three quarters of iTunes customers are over 25 years old, as of a few years ago. While young people are just as likely to pay for music as the older folks, they’re also way more likely to download or copy music for free.

Contrary to popular belief, your mom is not so poor that she goes to KFC to lick other people’s fingers. She’s more willing to pay for music than you are. That makes her a more appealing audience for record labels.

If you don’t believe me, check out the iTunes charts right now. Capital Cities? Lea Michele? The Frozen soundtrack? That music reeks of your mom.

2. Your mom loves The Voice and/or American Idol and/orThe X Factor and/or Glee and/or Nashville.

The explosion of music-themed TV shows over the past 10 years has seen the creation of a few stars, some memorable performances and a new way to market music. The songs appear on TV and then are immediately available to download. And chances are your mom is way more into these shows than your dad is; the audiences for every single one of these showsskew female.

The best example of this is A Great Big World. Nobody had heard of this band a few months ago, but then their song “Say Something” was featured on So You Think You Can Dance andThe Voice. It immediately became the top song on Billboard’s Digital Songs chart. And you know what? Your mom loves that song. She cries every time she hears it. “No, I don’t. It’s just allergies.” Oh, mom.

3. Your mom loves Facebook and Pinterest.

Have you been on Facebook lately? No, of course not. You had to quit because of too many awkward interactions with your mom. Well, she’s still on there, sharing links and liking brands and not knowing what dubstep is.

Moms are more likely to use Facebook and Pinterest than the average person. They’re more likely to share stuff, to write their own blogs, to own a smartphone or tablet and use it to buy stuff online. In fact, in Canada, moms spend more time on social media than anybody else.

Before a music video goes viral, it has to go through your mom.

4. Your mom is the reason adult alternative exists.

You know how, six or seven years ago, a new radio station started up in your city, and it played music you actually like? You don’t like commercial radio, but this was bearable. They sometimes played bands you love, like Vampire Weekend and Death Cab For Cutie. They often played bands you like, including the Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men. And they always play Florence and the Machine, fun. and that Phillip Phillips song that’s in every commercial.

You may think that radio format is for you, but actually it’s for your mom, who is still hip and wants to hear new music that isn’t bubblegum pop or heavy rock. The radio format is calledadult alternative, but you can call it momcore.

5. Your mom can’t tell the difference between Imagine Dragons, Capital Cities, Bastille and OneRepublic.

So you have that in common.

Moms have proven that they spend money online, so as music has moved online, moms have become the target market. So the next time you hear an annoying song over and over on the radio and in TV commercials, blame your mother. She won’t know why you’re so cranky and will probably offer to make you a sandwich.

posted by Dave Shumka on Jan 30, 2014 — Source.


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5 Responses to The @DavidArchie Mom Factor

  1. Kizzi says:

    Happy Mom’s Day!!!!

    Loved the article…so much truth…lololol

    And, yes, there are tweets that are *sniff* worthy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    interesting article! lol

    Happy Mothers Day everyone!

    so this selfie was taken at this guy’s work… and he works at a guitar center in slc 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:
  4. peppertara says:

    Oh wow, some great pics and great fun reading that article, haha! My Mom never ever used a computer (she was kind of old school) but loved music and always had music playing or would sing around the house. She loved going to concerts and musicals and was a big influence on me growing up with music.
    A very happy Mothers’ Day to the Moms and ‘Mom figures’. I always honour my Mother every Mother’s Day even though she has been gone a few years, so often it is like she is still here. We all know how much D honours his sweet Mom. May all you Moms be appreciated and feel that extra love!
    p.s. A very Happy Birthday to refnaf, hope it is special!

  5. TOfan says:

    He sure makes it hard not to want to stand by him, doesn’t he?

    mother's day

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