These boots are made for moshin’

photoThese boots. Sigh.

They are on their last legs, so to speak.

The sole is cracked. They leak. The zipper sticks.

But I love them so.

Not just because they’re uber-comfortable and they go with everything I own.

But because of David.

These trusty toe-warmers have accompanied me to some of my favourite David concerts.

They’ve kept me warm in frosty lineups waiting for MoTab to begin.

They’ve bounced me senseless for Zero Gravity.


Yes, this is my key chain… I’m a little too not over using it. 🙂

They’ve pounded the pavement in Times Square before helping me put one foot in front of the other over to Irving Plaza.

I’d like to say I was wearing them when I heard the Announcement but I was at home in my slippers listening to the cell cast… so my boots were spared being salt-stained by my tears. (Sorry, couldn’t resist, hahaha.)

But I think I will cry when I finally have to say goodbye to these babies. Every time I put them on, they transport me right back to those amazing times.

I hope they at least last until 2014.

How about you guys? Do you have favourite David mementos you’d be sad to lose?

P.S. Up to 16,366 18,463 views already btw!

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17 Responses to These boots are made for moshin’

  1. roxfox says:

    Awwww they have seen you through so much! ❤ They will need to be bronzed! I hate to lose ANYTHING comfortable. My memento is a little reversed. David helped me say goodbye to these babies. Sadly I had to retire them because they now hurt my feet. Custom made 29 years ago they have seen me through many the miles of competition and hours of practice. Now I stress of how I can preserve them with my little added gem 🙂 However, they might have to come out of retirement for 'Contigo Crossovers' tour thanks to miss @pastelpastel. :p
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    And ok fine, I'll take one for the team and be view 16,367 *sigh*

  2. refnaf says:

    My Ford day trench coat!!! Purchased at Target in Detroit on my very first road trip with the lovely and hilarious TOfan!!! It has been on many trips as well and I am still wearing it!!!
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  3. annie318 says:

    Around the time David came into my life I discovered a perfume by Thierry Mugler called “Innocent Illusion”. I just loved it and wore it to every concert. Sadly, it was discontinued. I kept the bottle which has about 3 drops left. So now I occasionally take the cap off and it takes me back to those wonderful concerts.

  4. tammi says:

    i almost cried when my invisible children bracelet snapped. but i still have it 🙂

  5. missbianca says:

    Does my hair count? My long thick blonde hard-to-control hair? I always said David could recognize me by my hair. Alas, chemo did it in last year and what has come back is … not my hair: darker, curly and as yet very short. People say it suits me but it doesn’t feel like me. And will David recognize me like he always did before???

  6. peppertara says:

    Love the boots that are made for moshin! Can understand the special connection TOfan. Maybe when the time comes to replace them you can keep them tucked away somewhere and put them on once in a while when listening/dancing to some great D music, haha.
    Don’t really have any significant mementos other than VIP, concert goodies of course and the incredible memories. Do love the stories here though!
    missbianca…..oh I’m sure David would recognize you….he seems to have a remarkable memory for good people and good fans. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    oh dear, I’d have to say my car, both for taking me to David shows and for many full-blast private David concerts! LOL

  8. Grammyj says:

    Missbianca, chemo took my hair last year too. I had light brown, very straight hair and my new hair is dark streaked with gray with a bit of curl. It doesn’t feel like me either so I know how you feel. My daughter says I can color it whatever color I want, but I’ve decided to leave it alone at least for now. I’ve never met David yet so he won’t know the difference.

  9. emmegirl14 says:

    I’d have to say my bookmark, (made by a fabfan we all know and love!)
    Just love seeing that face every time I open/close my books.

    I missed out on the last thread, one of my most favorite DA topics, soulful David – and I couldn’t help myself but to say…….puhleeese, those videos! Lining them up like that, one after another, killer! Stand By Me, holy moly! GGTT, have been in deep love with that performance since day one! Ribbon In The Sky, get out of town! And that WFM, his best ever I think (with the Reno scatting one coming in a close second!) My hope is that soulful, bluesy, jazzy David comes roaring back in 2014! It is his niche, his milieu, his forte, whatever you want to call it….it is his thang!!!

    (just wanted to return the favor for all the other videos posted on that thread)

    (and I hope hope hope Kari has been bombarded with tweets requesting that
    guitar video. I’m thinking, swoon-worthy!)

  10. emmegirl14 says:

    …speaking of jazzy, does anyone else love that little piano interlude followed by the humming in BOTW at the 3:08-3:16 mark….aahhhh, love it!

  11. betsy says:

    Some of my fave momentos are the articles written here and elsewhere. We get to read great stuff and go back to it whenever we want! What could be better?
    Also, there is something in my jewelry box.
    It’s good, but I’m embarrassed to share.
    Ok, I will. (that took no convincing lol)
    David mailed me an autograph., a scrap of paper really. I gave him a card, and I am ashamed to admit that I asked for an autograph. Yes, I was one of those. I’ll never do it again, he’s much too
    busy and I STILL feel bad for doing it but he totally did it. I said “Just a scrap of paper is good, if you could. Or not.”
    He filled out the return address with my name (I forgot) and it’s a mess and so lovely my heart clenches STILL, every time I see it. :))))
    I can’t believe he’s real sometimes.

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