@DavidArchie soundcheck love

What the heck is it about David soundcheck vids? I wish we had more of them… lots more.

It’s like seeing his alter-ego or something.

Check out this vid starting at 3:50 (to 5:20)… the Vietnam soundcheck for STR… unflippingbelievable … I don’t know who shot this video but if they could please post the entire thing I will personally come to their house and unclog their drains … seriously.

And this one… sheesh. I’m not even a big TMH fan but this version is a different story. He’s just so loose and relaxed and all “no big deal that I sound this incredible *yawn*” … I don’t even miss the hunkerdown on the big note, in fact, good riddance. He seems, idek, older? wiser? Can’t really explain it, can you?

Love this blast from the past too …

This David needs no swagger coach… he could BE one.

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8 Responses to @DavidArchie soundcheck love

  1. Anonymous says:

    This will always be a favorite of mine :

  2. tammi says:

    I haven’t ever watched that Vietnam soundcheck, WOW~! Is he relaxed like that in vip’s?

  3. Swagger indeed! I LOVE watching him stroll around the stage like this! He is so laid back and confident and completely in his element while he freestyles with the melodies. He acts as if he’s simply taking a walk in the park. I’m waiting for squirrels and fuzzy woodland creatures to pop out of nowhere. He’s so COOL that he sizzles. He’s Captain Chile pepper, commander of the Starship Archuleta, taking us where no man has gone before. Now, if we can just get Scotty to beam him back to us! 😆

  4. emmegirl14 says:

    Soundcheck, one of my favorite subjects. And while doing my homework I found this, don’t remember seeing it before:

    Malaysia, a soundcheck goldmine:

    STR Grand Rapids, because I love this song and everything about Grand Rapids:

    jonerz, “He’s Captain Chile pepper, commander of the Starship Archuleta, taking us where no man has gone before.”…..you got dat right!

    • TOfan says:

      emme, you get an A++++++++ on your homework! 🙂 I hadn’t seen the Pat-A-Pan one either, when it first started I thought the vocal were from the CD, who the heck sounds like that in soundcheck?!? (Love the whistling!)

  5. searay says:

    Deb, replying late ’cause this popped up in my Google alert today. I love the soundcheck vids too. I feel like he’s more at ease and natural. He might feel self-imposed pressure to “give them their money’s worth” during concerts, adding in what’s less natural to him? I don’t know, that’s my take on it anyway haha.

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